Tim Ferriss: Entrepreneur, Global Traveler, Guinness World Record Holder (In Tango!) And Author Of The 4-Hour Workweek Explains How You Can Retire Today

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You have likely heard this name circulating all over the web – Timothy Ferriss, author of the 4-Hour-Workweek – who I had a chance to interview and I deliver today in podcast format for your listening pleasure.


Tim has been popping up on interviews at many blogs and websites, and his book and name are fast becoming standard reference points for anyone looking to break out of the 9-5 working grind and build a flexible and fun lifestyle.

Tim explains how people can live a life of freedom, spend time traveling and doing what they enjoy, and live like a millionaire while earning only a standard salary. Of course Tim didn’t just make this stuff up – he’s been living what his book teaches for years, traveling around the planet and achieving some amazing feats, including:

  • First American in history to hold a Guinness World Record in tango
  • National Chinese kickboxing champion
  • MTV breakdancer in Taiwan
  • Hurling competitor in Ireland
  • Actor on hit TV series in mainland China and Hong Kong

Timothy FerrissTim has done a lot in his 35+ years, but what will interest the readers of Entrepreneurs-Journey.com is how he has progressed from working as an employee (and getting fired multiple times), to a true business owner, working ON the business a few hours a week, and not working IN the business for 60 hours a week.

I recently finished reading Tim’s book, The 4-Hour Workweek, and I have to say it’s a fantastic manifesto, especially for entrepreneurs who need to be shown how it is possible to let go and allow others take over aspects of your business, or for employees, who need to learn how to take more control and negotiate an arrangement with your employer where you can provide greater value for the company you work for, but also increase the amount of freedom you have to do other things.

This podcast interview provides a nice introduction to Tim and his concepts, I hope you enjoy it.

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  • Great podcast. Tim has some good ideas and strategies. I have used some of them in my own businesses.

  • I really admire to him,I hope I will got the benefit from his idea.

  • It’s a very good book, lots of great tips and ideas. The readers of this blog will probably know more sophisticated marketing techniques than thoese mentioned in the book.

    What Tim has done is set his business up so it is not reliant on him, I think lots of people in the internet marketing world like to keep themself busy rather than invest in creating a business that can run without them. IN order to do that you need to build a team whether locally or virtually.

    GAvin Allinson

  • Kunal


    Great cast.

    Quick question, I’m new to podcasting, where do you put your mp3 files so that it can be read, and multiply shared by users? I have an mp3 on my server, but find that it can only be listened on one player at a time. (ie if I close one instance, the other window that has the player as well, will finally start playing the music)


    Thanks Yaro


  • Yaro, this is absolute *gold*. I’m a huge fan of Tim’s book and it is great to see a podcast like this that shares so many great ideas. Will

  • Hi Kunal,

    I suspect your problem is your computer not being able to play two audios at once. If you have an MP3 on your webserver and you make it available for download and/or streaming, as long as you have bandwidth available you can serve it to many people at once.

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  • Tim’s really an expert in the lifestyle-creation niche. I’ve read his book, all his articles and everything available on his site.

    In the meantime I’ve been enjoying the cut down of my workweek from 5 to 3 days, from 10 hours to 5 hours a day and lots more freedom of place. I can now do business everywhere I want, and the whole thing keeps running without me.

    Thanks Tim! (And Yaro for doing a great interview)


  • Hi, here’s one more interesting interview of Tim by a Stanford b-school student at iinnovate, a podcast on innovation and entrepreneurship.



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  • Great interview with Tim. I loved his book and held a contest several months giving away a copy of it. It is a life changer!

  • This book is getting passed around the office. I am really looking forward to reading it! Enjoyed the podcast.

  • I hope it’s OK to comment on an older post … I’ve been looking around your blog, soaking up some of the posts that caught my eye.

    I just finished Tim Ferriss’ book, and was very impressed. In terms of lifestyle, I’m not sure that it scales to a life of family, marriage, kids, etc. but his general concepts of freeing up personal bandwidth to concentrate on the important things for your business make a lot of sense.

  • I’m big fans for Tim, I rally enjoy reading his book. thank you very much Yaro for your audio interview!

  • Brilliant book, and the lessons are still just as relevant 5 years after the original edition came out. I’ve read the book a few times (original and the 2nd edition). Highly recommend it for EVERYONE involved in any type of online business… and actually everyone not involved in online business too 🙂

  • Wow..
    Great Podcast..

    I just want to say thanks to you,because you provided us really great podcasts that can lead us to get more money online..

    I wish you always luck,,
    and your new start-up,Crankyads, grow faster and reach more customers..

  • Really interesting views – I would think a lot of entrepreneurs could take advice from him, as so many are working far more than is healthy for mind and body.

  • Yaro, thank you so much for interviewing Tim Ferriss who is really one of the very few successful entrepreneurs on this planet who energetically inspired me to remind myself of my greatest passions and just go for it.

    When I first read the book “Four Hour Work Week”, I really and truly felt as if Tim had written it exactly for helping me reach my ever desired millionaire luxury playboy lifestyle. Why?

    Well, as both you and I know if you really want to achieve and most importantly, to fully enjoy your own dream lifestyle full of a plenty of free time for you to do things that you really love and that really make you excite and allive, then the 9 to 5 model of working won’t be very helpful.

    What I would like to emphasize as potentially the three most important points in Tim Ferriss’s book “Four Hour Work Week” are:

    1. Think BIG and never give up and never postpone or delay wholeheartedly going for your greatest passions and dreams

    2. Practice facing your daily fears that’s overcoming your daily comfort zones because that way you’ll definitely become much mentally stronger to successfully overcome any barriers on your journey to achieving your dreams.

    This way you’ll actually get to truly love and be extremely proud of yourself so that you’ll feel that you’ll want to unstoppably go and overcome that same fear immediately again, because you’ve realized that no disaster has happend as the result of you facing your fear.

    And, this is exactly where the famous Friedrich Nietzsche’s quote is coming from. To remind you, it says:

    “What doesn’t destroy you makes you even stronger”

    And, this is exactly what we need to focus on thus not letting anything or anybody aside to prevent us from thinking BIG as well as from achieving BIG things that are related to our dreams.

    3. Always strive to be the best or the winner in whatever you do based on being super productive that’s never wasting your time

    Now, what thinking BIG does is quite simply it keeps you much more closely aligned with following and living your greatest passions that are that very important ingredients to keep you on the right track to achieving all your dreams while at the same time keeping up a high level of your motivation and focus on your journey to success.

    To help you stay very closely aligned with living your passions in order to achieve your dreams as effortlessly and as quickly as possible, I’d like to share with you something that has recently helped me re-gain my focus on my passions after many years of my painful life agony and stress. And, this is as follows:

    “What you put your attention on grows stronger and stronger in your life”

    What this actually means in terms of achieving your BIGGEST dreams is that if you every day focus your attention on the things that are in one way or another closely related to your passions and dreams, you will not only become more focused and productive but also unbelievably, by doing so you’ll unexpectedly and magically draw those extra necessary resources and contacts that will help you get much closer to making it happen.

    By the way, the book I have learned about this quote “What you put your attention on grows stronger and stronger in your life” that is actually praised by the most successful people in the world as their key ingredient to success is called “The Passion Test: The Effortless Path To Discovering Your Destiny” by Janet and Chris Attwood.

    When it comes to productivity and not wasting your time, personally I have learned most likely one of my most hurting and shocking lessons in life thanks to the fact that I was paying my attention to the wrong things during my 7 year long painful and agonizing struggles and failures to start making money online that also very badly affected my private life.

    To sum up, all I can encourage you to do is think BIG, learn to love overcoming your daily fears and respect your own time by spending it productively because let’s face it, as both you and I know life is too short to be wasted.

    Yaro, once again, thank you very much for sharing this awesome interview with Tim Ferriss in hope that you are going to introduce me to Tim and refer him to also visit my blog soon. You see I never stop thinking BIG. heheh 🙂

    Please, feel free and welcome to share your comments about your own experience with striving to achieve your BIGGEST dreams on my blog. In advance thanks a lot.

    To your success on your journey of achieving all your greatest and wildest dreams!!

    Bruno Babic

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