What If There Was Only One Right Thing To Do In Any Given Moment?

What If There Was Only One Right Thing To Do In Any Given Moment?

Timing is everything.

In my Blog Traffic Fundamentals trilogy (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3) you learned that focusing on ONE traffic technique is the smart first step.

Master one thing rather than fail at many.

The reason why this is the case comes down to timing.

There’s a right time to execute a certain technique to grow your blog business.

However the real skill here is somewhat counterintuitive – you have to know why it’s the wrong time to do everything else.

If you think about it, if there is only ONE best action for you to take right now then EVERYTHING else is the WRONG thing to do.

No wonder people struggle to get results – it’s so easy to do the wrong thing because the timing is wrong for so many things.

You Need A Map

In order to identify what you should NOT do, you need to see the big picture strategy.

A strategy is like a map. You have a starting point, a destination and all the steps in a sequence to get you there.

Once you know the sequence, then you have the power to literally choose good timing.

This is because you know what has to be in place before you decide to do something, and you know what happens next after you do it.

You can see where you are in the sequence and make the right choice for your next action.

Here’s My Map (The Yaro Method)

There are literally thousands of ways to go about making money with a blog.

I’m pretty confident however no one else will teach you the method I use because it’s so rarely taught specifically for bloggers (it’s a bread and butter strategy for information marketers however).

My method is not for everyone, but if you’re planning to sell digital products and services, you want to make sales sooner rather than later, and you resonate with my concept of having a small group of buyers so you don’t need huge amounts of traffic, this is for you.

This is also a great idea validation process. You can make sure there is actually money to be made in a market before spending months and months creating content for your blog and email newsletters.

Here’s my strategic map, the very basic overview version –

  1. Research and select a “hungry” audience who spend money, which is large enough to meet your business objectives, whom you can realistically serve.
  2. Buy a domain name, web hosting, install WordPress to run your blog with a theme that has focus, and set up email list optin forms.
  3. Decide a first test product or service to offer (if you don’t have a product, offer phone coaching or some kind of freelance service you can deliver immediately, or create the product as soon as you find your first customer).
  4. Execute a traffic testing strategy to bring in your initial audience.
  5. Present offers to your audience and convert your first ten buyers so you know you have the right market.(At this point you may have to go back to previous steps if you struggle to make ten sales. However, once you communicate with ten customers, you have a much clearer understanding of what your people want, so you can progress to the final two steps.)
  6. Create front end products (low priced entry level products to serve specific segments within your market) and back end products (higher priced products for people who want a deeper level of support, personal training or quality of product).
  7. Expand your reach using more traffic methods, foster a community, and ramp up your income as far as you want it to go.

That’s it in a nutshell.

There are many actions for each step above of course, but that’s an overview of my strategy.



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Where Most People Go Wrong

In my experience coaching thousands of bloggers, I see people struggle with two areas of this process…

They either have the wrong topic to begin with, or they struggle to get traffic.

There’s a bit of a catch-22 here.

You can’t confirm IF you have the right topic, without having traffic.

Things become so much easier when you know whom you serve and they are willing to buy from you.

Hence traffic is the answer, or at least the tool you use to find out the answers.

Everything you do before you reach step five (making 10 sales) are based on assumptions.

You assume your potential audience have a certain problem, are feeling certain emotions, know certain things, and most important – you assume they are willing to spend money.

Assumptions are not proven accurate or false until you drive traffic and make an offer.

…and you can’t progress until these assumptions become concrete facts.

Steps six and seven, where you build out your product funnel and expand your reach, are much more straight forward because you have a market.

Things become so much easier when you know whom you serve and they are willing to buy from you.

As you now see, there is only one area you must learn how to do or the entire system breaks down – traffic generation.

What Is Your Best Action For Today?

You can look through my strategy map steps above and see where you currently sit.

My assumption is that you are lost somewhere in the first five steps, probably bouncing around feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by poor results.

There are many nuances to each step, but at the very least you should be able to answer one important question:

Do you have a market of people who buy from you?

If you don’t know this yet, get some traffic and present an offer of something for sale.

It’s as simple as that.

Your only job until you have cashflow is to do things that get you cashflow.

Cashflow can’t happen without sales, sales can’t happen without offers, and offers don’t convert unless you have people to make them to.

The answer simply put, is traffic.

Here’s My Offer To Help You Get Traffic

I can help solve your traffic problem and give you the most powerful toolset you will ever have as an online entrepreneur – the ability to reach an audience whenever you need it.

I’m not offering an overnight solution or a quick-fix. This is a skillset you can learn.

I will give you a permanent advantage, something you can use again and again, until you are making the kind of money you desire.

To coin a perhaps cliche phrase –

I’m not just giving you a fish that will only feed you once, I’m teaching you how to catch as many fish as you want and how to cook a meal, so you will never starve.

It took me years and years to learn these concepts and techniques, but you can absorb it all within the next 24 hours by downloading my latest guide on blog traffic.

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In the guide I hold your hand and take you through the following key concepts:

  • A complete review of my “content marketing” formula, so you can confidently produce blog posts, podcasts, videos, emails or any form of content, that grabs attention, keeps your audience enthralled right to the end, and compels them to share so you benefit from the power of word of mouth and social distribution (pages 9 to 28)
  • On pages 29 to 38 you will learn all you need to know about Google and search engine optimisation for bloggers. It’s not a big chapter, nor a complex one, but it will give you all the foundation you need to know so your blog automatically attracts traffic from the biggest search engine on the planet.
  • Chapter four lays out the only structural elements of your blog you need to worry about. People get so caught up with plugins and scripts, but there are only a handful of elements of your blog’s structure to set up right from day one, which you will know once you complete this chapter (pages 38 to 45).
  • Pages 46 through to 97 is the big traffic chapter, complete with 100 proven traffic techniques, broken down into various categories like social media, press and publicity, buying traffic, repurposing content, relationship marketing, epic resources, and more.While you might feel overwhelmed initially when you review all these techniques, I make it clear that your job is NOT to use them all, but to select one at a time and test until you find the one that works. This is a traffic database you can tap into whenever you need ideas.
  • The final two chapters of the guide explain how you can gain leverage to expand your results over time, building on each success until you have all the traffic you will ever need.

I also introduce you to three concepts that will literally define the success of your blog – the “Daily Habit“, the “Tipping Point” and the “Fly Wheel” – all proven ideas from leading business and productivity books.

On top of the guide itself, there are two bonuses that come with the package, but I will let you find out what they are when you go to the order page.

Download Blog Traffic For Beginners

When you go through the order process make sure you keep an eye out for the option to take a free trial of my Exclusive Interviews Club and also something brand new – my Laptop Lifestyle Academy – where you can communicate directly with me to solve any problems you are experiencing.

All of these training programs are on special as a thank you as you order my traffic guide, so if you’re keen to work closer with me, you have the chance to do so.

Here’s the order link –

The New Way To Blog

I hope your eyes are starting to open up to this new process I recommend bloggers focus on today, designed especially for the much more crowded internet we are all competing in.

There’s a lot to do, and a lot to learn, but as you become more familiar with it, you will see how much smarter a model it is.

Yaro Starak
Blogging Strategically

About Yaro

Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint, a report you can download instantly to learn how to make $10,000 a month, from only blogging 2 hours per day. You can find Yaro on Facebook, Twitter and .

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  • I have stopped blogging all together (+ Facebook and Twitter). I just use an one page landing page and get most of my traffic through commenting on other people blogs. After the first few sales I start investing in Adwords, and other ppc.

    • I have to say it’s great to see someone devoting themselves to a comment marketing approach Jay, you don’t see that happen much anymore!


    • I like that strategy too.

      Paid search is very fast. You get to find out if there’s anyone searching, what your likely cost-per-click and cost-per-subscriber are, and can use the data to “fail fast” if needs be.

  • WOW! This post has just opened my eyes to a heck of a lot! I love your strategy map you listed above, makes so much sense.

    I recently picked up again with my blog after a few months of nothing. Its at the forefront of my focus, and I really need to master traffic generation. I have definitely suffered from the above where I focus on too many traffic methods at one time instead of mastering one at a time.

    I snapped up your Blog Traffic For beginners without hesitation. I have been following your blog for a while now, and its one of a select few which I check back each day hoping to see a new blog post!

    Thanks Yaro, cannot wait to get stuck into the Blog traffic for beginners and implement your strategies.


    • That’s great to hear Thomas. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately as I go through a reinvention process myself as a blog trainer. I’ve had to be very careful to not do certain things as I spent a huge chunk of time and money on the wrong activities last year. Practice what you preach as they say!

      Let me know what you think of my traffic guide and also share which technique you start with once you start taking action.


  • If we can do one right thing we cancel out a series of wrong thing Yaro. Being present at the start of your MMO journey helps you make the right choice, namely, deciding who you want to serve. Then you build everything you do online around this ideal person, from your blog, to social sites, newsletters, everything. Hey, it’s taken me years to get some clarity about the serving crowd, but I’ve seen greater success as I’ve done this. Awesome take dude, and I’ll Kingg it to boost your traffic 🙂

  • Again, a thought provoking article by Yaro! I like the concept- mater one thing than fail at many. The same way, instead of wasting time doing the wrong stuff, dedicate it towards doing the right thing!

    I went through the ‘map’ given. I’m impressed by the strategy of not depending much on high traffic and making the most out of the existing traffic. It is something that I’m planning to work on.

    I found the link to this article on Kingged. I’ll upvote it for sure, over there.


  • Really inspired by your blogs and your way of thinking. I am currently in search of the correct topic to start my blogging career and by reading your blogs and blogs profit blueprint, I got an extra edge to start off. If I could achieve 1% of what you have already achieved, will consider myself truly satisfied. Anyways thaks for your superhelp.

  • Hi Yaro
    I have been following your blog for some time now but what I really want to know is how to go from 1,000 targeted visitors a day to say 5,000 targeted visitors a day. Do you have an advanced ebook for guys like me to to arrive at that score. Many thanks

    • Hi Grahame,

      Doing more of what is working already will get you there, depending on your niche of course. If there is capacity to reach 5000 daily visitors, then you simply magnify what you are already doing or add new channels of traffic (or both).

      The list of 100 techniques in the beginners guide is just as relevant for any level of blogger – in fact there won’t be a single blogger who does all 100, so there is always room to expand if you have capacity.


  • Greetings Yaro,

    I have been a regular reader of your emails. I have always found them to be great value – both strategic and tactical.

    Just a thought: We do need a post/section/video having your thoughts on knowing the affiliate potential of a niche….The approach and tools for the same.
    However, if I have missed an email on the same, would much appreciate the link to it…


    • I’m not sure what you mean on the affiliate potential of a niche – do you mean affiliates to sell your product or you to sell affiliate products?

      There’s plenty of content in this blog about selling affiliate products to earn commissions, which I used to do a lot of, but my own direction is heading away from affiliate marketing, as I have written about in my most recent blog traffic articles.


      • Hi,

        I meant my site “selling affiliate products”…..Would you happen to have (and if ok to share) a process or a methodical approach for product research/selection?


  • Hi Yaro, I’d call this a great coincidence – I posted about how to stay focused on my blog only yesterday. So, focus being the common theme, I agree with your strategy of picking the best traffic technique and not risking multitasking in that aspect. Though it worked for me, but it comes at a price.

    The Yaro method strategy map is great and so important, and timing is crucial too. Honestly, your posts have ignited lot of new ideas and gave a push or wake up call to many dormant ones.

    I still believe blog commenting is one strategy that builds you a small but more potential community. That’s worked for me. And you know what, I came up with my first product, a free mini guide of my interview with you! 🙂

    I’m convinced with your strategy and methodology and I highly recommend your latest guide on blog traffic.

    Thanks for everything and have a great weekend ahead!

    ~ Harleena

    • Hi Again Harleena,

      I think you are one of the great examples of a person choosing to follow their strengths. Comments work for you because it matches your personality and you clearly have the resources (time) to grow a community. It also fuels your motivation, the more you interact with people the more you want to create for them.

      That makes it a great strategy for you 🙂


  • Yaro, I must say you are a great person as a whole! I have joined your mailing list just recently and I spend hours reading your blog posts.
    I have my own blog on Freelancing and Web design tips, but I am really struggling with the newer ideas (new post ideas). I am willing to launch personal training for freelance web designers through offering a monthly membership on my website. Do you think this will work for me?


    • Don’t ask me that question Hamza, ask your audience and see what they say. I’m not your target customer, but assuming you have something that people want because it solves a problem or helps them or meets a need, then you will have a product that sells.


  • I love making strategy maps, they are useful for every task. I would be lost without my maps and would probably never get anything done. Thanks for sharing!

  • awesome post Yaro
    thanks for putting everything simple and clear to understand

  • I think a GPS is even better than a map because when you divert from your destination or take a wrong turn there is a helpful voice saying “recalculating!”

    It means that when we hit a block we have to recalculate our plans whatever they may be. And if we do so sensibly we can find a new route that provides fresh opportunities and another way to a successful destination. Sometimes an unexpected hitch in our plans presents opportunities that we would never have explored while travelling the same old route as before.

  • I got unstuck when I heard someone say:

    “Stop looking for an audience, and go teach someone something … this week”

  • You have to decide the path you will take, you can’t just do everything.

  • Its great that someone like Yaro who has had proven success in selling and marketing online is willing to share his techniques. I like your work Yaro. Damon

  • Ruthmarie Hicks

    Hi Yaro,

    Love reading your blog. It is the real deal and very informative. I also want to express my condolences for your mother. I think I may have left a note before. I’m a good deal older than you are but lost my own mother at your age and spent the last few years of her life taking care of her and things for her. So I went down the same road as you at the same age.

    In any case, I know that this is specific to the US, but could you at some point help address the pending loss of net-neutrality here and how it will impact our ability to penetrate the market. As you know, it may be “pay to play” and that will give large companies or startups flush with VC an enormous edge as other blogs are forced into the “slow lane”. This could spell devastation to many an internet startup. I am watching and waiting to see what happens with respect to the FCC.

    I thought that we were safe until at least 2017 with Barack Obama in the White House. Ending net-neutrality has been the wet dream of the right wing for a long time, but Obama really pulled the rug out from under use with his FCC appointment of an ISP insider.

    • Hi Ruthmarie,

      Net Neutrality is not a subject I am fully clued up on. I see the news posts about it but until something passes into law and the public feels the impact, I don’t think I have anything to add to it.

      Thanks for your support regarding my mother as well, I appreciate it.


  • The 100 techniques you are talking about are they worth it. Do you really think you can get 5000 thousand visitors by just reading an ebook?

    • Just reading a book is not the answer. Implementing what you learn is how you get the result. It’s awareness then action then learning from action that works.


      • Thats true and agreed, It is integral to the implementation of everything you read.

  • Hey Yaro, I found you at just the right time and have to say… I think I like your hair bushy rather then short. K now that I got that off my chest, I can’t wait to read your book. I feel like I’ve skipped steps and have take the shortest path to success, which doesn’t work. I’m located at http://www.endtheanxietyprogram.com and http://www.anxietykey.com your input on my blogs would be like winning the lottery, all the best Yaro!


    • Great to see you drop by Dennis – and great topic for your sites. I used to have panic attacks and I know how challenging that can be.

      I’m sorry to tell you that the long hair is not coming back any time soon 🙂


  • Thanks for your response Yaro, and saddened about the hair 😉 I just had two questions if you had the time to answer. The first question is at what point do you throw in the towel and simply say, this blog doesn’t have it (been a year for me). Also as a tennis pro myself I was wondering how does Fuzzy Yellow Balls make suck great income online? I can’t seem to find any products they offer, advertising space? Thanks so much as always,


    • Hi Dennis,

      The decision to quite is mostly a personal one I believe. If you don’t have the motivation to do the work, or you don’t see a path forward that excites you, that’s the clearest sign.

      That being said, sometimes success is just around the corner. Many of my previous students went at it for years before they finally made a full time income from their project.

      If you don’t see signs of encouragement, and you aren’t prepared to do the work and try new things, that’s when it’s time to change.

      As for Will’s tennis site – when I interviewed him he had a membership site with 1500 paying members, where he delivered teaching videos. I’m not sure if that’s still his monetization model though because it was a few years ago.

      I interviewed Jeff Salzenstein for my Exclusive Interviews Club and he makes solid money selling training products on basically every stroke in tennis – video products for the forehand, backhand, serve, volleys, etc. When I interviewed him he was well over a six figure income and that was last year.



  • Making people aware of your product or service is essential. Thanks for the reminder!

  • So simple but so effective. Like you’ve said in other comments though. it’s only effective if you take action. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  • Hi Yaro,

    nice post. Selling something needs buyers. And buyers are seeking solutions. Add “how to” articles will increase trust and more chances to get conversions by a competitive blog funnel.

    have a good day!

  • Yaro, You always guide in best way. I learnt a lot from your sharing. I was member of your Facebook group, but I don’t know what happened, I am not able to access that group. Please solve my issue.

    • Hi Ahmed,

      We have strict rules in the community promotion, which you did broke many times, so you were removed from the group.

      Sorry Amhed, that’s not how the community is supposed to be used and the rules are very clear about it.


  • Valentine

    Thanks for sharing. I have recently subscribe to your newsletter. After l came across your blog posts on google search when l was searching how to start a blog and it has been interesting to read posts. I just hope l will to start my own blog soon.


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