This is a good interview. Trust me. You’re not going to want to miss this. Just hit play now. Then grab a copy of Tim’s latest book – The 4-Hour Chef.

Timothy Ferriss needs no introduction. I interviewed him previously about his 4-Hour Workweek book, a runaway success that virtually every person I talk to has read. Today he joined me on my podcast to talk about his latest book, The 4-Hour Chef.4 Hour Chef Book Cover

To be clear, this is NOT an interview about cooking.

Tim has cleverly used his own quest to become good at something he’s struggled with before – in this case cooking – and recorded his learning process as a tool teach us what is ultimately the most valuable insight: How we can learn to do anything.

Tim’s a genius at acquiring skills and knowledge quickly. Anyone who has read his books, his blog, chatted with him, or seen him talk at an event, will know that this is a guy who wants to squeeze every ounce from life. He’s mastered sports, dancing, his body, business and money, languages – pretty much whatever he decides to become good at. He always figures out a better way to learn and does so much quicker than most people do.

The most common question Tim has been asked, which is in fact one of the very first questions I asked him in this interview, is how can he cram so much into his life? How does he do so much and learn so much when he has just as much time available to himself as the rest of us? In fact he has much less time than a lot of people due his rising star of celebrity, which no doubt creates many extra demands as people vie for his attention.

With the 4-Hour Chef, Tim has attempted to teach us his concept of “meta-learning”, which he uses to acquire any skill he puts his mind to.

During the interview Tim explained that his quest with the book is to show people how you can master the big life skills you have always dreamed about – like learning another language, or a musical instrument – and do it in one year, instead of the typical three to five years of hard work.

Tim Ferriss Cooking

What I Asked Tim

This was a fun interview for me because I was very curious about a lot of things in Tim’s life. Here’s a sample of the questions and topics we covered –

  • I asked Tim to explain what a typical day in his life is like.
  • How Tim got invited to Sniper School and why it was such a no-brainer to say yes.
  • I was curious to know how Tim became a writer and how his latest book came together. This question opened up a door to some interesting insights into his process, including how he does research, what people he has working with him, how long the book took to create and why this book in particular almost led him to breaking point.
  • While answering the previous question about writing the book Tim mentioned he had people who helped him. Since he’s known for outsourcing, I wanted to know exactly what these people did for him.
  • At the start of the interview I asked Tim how he gets so much done in his life. He then surprised me and said he actually procrastinates a lot, but he knows what is important to get done using habits. This is a great answer to an important question, which really backs up many of the principles like the 80/20 Rule and Theory of Constraints.

Tim Ferris fans, people who have loved his first two books, anyone interested in productivity, lifestyle design or just curious what exactly the 4-Hour Chef is about, will enjoy this interview.

Claim Your Invite To A Live Call With Tim

As Tim mentioned on the interview, he’s doing a special for the upcoming holidays where you can get invited to an exclusive live 1-2-hour Q&A with Tim after launch week, if you purchase three print copies of The 4-Hour Chef and email the Amazon receipt to

This book would make a pretty good gift for the readers in your family or friendship circle.

Enjoy the episode,

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