How To Master The Inner Game Of Business And Life

Master Your Inner GameI remember a year or so ago I was trawling a popular Internet marketing forum. This particular forum has some successful marketers, but mostly the members are opportunity seeking newbies, including lots of young guys who are looking to make money online quick and care little for hard work.

I did an “ego” search in this particular forum for my name (market feedback I swear!), and came across a thread from some people discussing my Blog Profits Blueprint free report. Someone had asked how to make money blogging and my report was referenced by another member.

Some of the feedback was positive, but there was also a few replies that were along the lines of…

It’s full of too much fluff… Just show me how to make money!

My report talked too much about things you control with your mind, like being consistent and persistent, finding passion and then narrowing down to a focus, and not enough about specific techniques that just make money flow like mana from heaven.

Put in other terms, these particular people wanted to know the “how” without really knowing the “why”. Unfortunately, you can make a little money by implementing certain techniques, but if you don’t know why you are doing something and how it fits into the big picture, and most importantly, how you as the owner of your business impact your results, then any success you have will be short lived.

I wasn’t really upset about these comments, rather I felt bad for people who wanted a quick fix and weren’t seeing what they were doing online as building a long term sustainable asset. They preferred to flutter from technique to technique hoping to strike it rich one day, just like miners digging for gold.

Impatient people rarely have time for “mindset” lessons, thus they will stop reading an article like this after the first few paragraphs. Discussing things like the inner game seems useless to them. In their opinion all you need to do is figure out what works and do it, there’s no need to worry about much more than that. That might work if we were all robots, but we’re not, so you do need to pay attention to your fallible human characteristics, like your thoughts and your feelings.

The Inner Game of Business

What the people in the forums were neglecting is the importance of your “inner game”. The concept of the inner game is widely used in fields like personal development, in the seduction community and is talked about in business circles as well, yet I find people often have trouble grasping exactly what the inner game is, since it’s such an intangible aspect of life.

Some people, particularly men of course, don’t like to talk about things like feelings and thoughts, when they consider what really matters are actions and outcomes. That’s true, but behind every action and the resulting outcome is a thought and a feeling. Doesn’t it make sense to track back all the way to the origin of something to make sure we have all aspects of the process congruent? Of course it does if we want success, and that’s exactly what the inner game is about.

Are You Tired Of Failure?

One of the most popular articles I’ve ever published on this blog is – How To Remain Productive When You Feel Like Giving Up.

Why is it popular? Because everyone feels like giving up at some point and goes through periods of downturn where aspects of your life just plain suck. This is especially true when you are working through a time of change, where your focus is on learning something new that has the potential to have a profound positive impact on your life.

When you want something really bad, but your results are mixed and the goal seems very far away, it’s common to feel like giving up. This is no doubt why a more recent article I published has quickly become one of the most popular ever on this blog – How To Find The Courage To Change By Raising Your Awareness – since we all look for some form of “courage” in order to push through the bad times.

Walk The Path Regardless Of Conditions

In my nearly ten years working online I’ve had plenty of highs and lows. Most of the early years were periods of lack of focus, of questioning and trying new things. I wasn’t sure how to do things, I was learning a lot and experimenting a lot, but my position online wasn’t that well defined. As a result of ambiguity of purpose, I felt lost too, which no doubt contributed to the variable actions I took at the time.

I would pour hours into new website projects only to quickly abandon them shortly after launch (,, are three such projects) because no one was visiting my site and I had lost interest since I was no longer in the “creating” stage of the project (a typical problem for entrepreneurs).

In the background, and sometimes in focus, were my cashflow websites that made money, although my interests were going elsewhere. I did what I had to do keep these sites going, but it was like keeping a job you don’t like because you need the money (well, not quite that bad).

Although I felt lost during this time, I was beginning to learn what worked and what didn’t. I was also learning a lot about myself as a person and how I like to work. The 80/20 rule played a big part in my development at this stage, because it gave me permission to be “lazy” at times, without adversely affecting my output.

The most important lesson I learned during this time, which became a permanent part of my inner game and was the inspiration for the article I wrote about remaining productive when you feel like giving up, is the concept that once you know certain actions get certain results, if you just do them even when you don’t feel like it, that act alone and the resulting positive outcome, helps to alleviate the “bad mood”.

This is actually a very profound lesson for all aspects of life. When I’m feeling depressed, regardless of the reasoning for why, I force myself to remain active to keep my life going. This can be as simple as doing the dishes or cleaning your house, which is something you definitely don’t feel like doing when in a bad mood.

The act of finishing a chore gives you a sense of completion, which is a form of momentum – a movement forward – which can trigger more actions and begin to create a positive feeling within, further enhancing your ability to build on that momentum. The opposite of this – seeing that you have to do the dishes, but choosing not to – serves to enhance your bad mood. Your brain says “we need to do this” but your mood says “no thanks”, which creates an incongruity and enhances your stress.

Stress will not make you feel better, so task completion rather than task avoidance, is the right medicine when you feel bad, even if the act of willpower required to create the initial inertia to get something done, feels monumental at the time.

I’m using household chores as an example here, but it can be something business related like clearing your email inbox, or doing some work on a project, or other aspects from your life like getting a haircut or paying a bill. Anything that gives you a sense of moving forward.

Find Your Flow-State

If you look more deeply at what is going on when you feel bad and how the act of completing even small tasks can make you feel better, you start to realize how important your inner game is. It’s the conversations going on inside your head, impacted significantly by the feelings you have (and vice versa) that dictates everything in your life.

I’m not going to attempt to establish a cause and effect relationship between thoughts and feelings. Let’s just be comfortable stating we know that how we think affects our mood and how we feel affects our thoughts. One thing is for sure though, it’s MUCH easier to control how you think than it is how you feel, but of course as a result of controlling how you think, you can impact how you feel. Ultimately both the mind and emotions are important when working on your inner game.

When you feel motivated and congruent with the job you are working on, your energy is vibrant. It’s easy to stay on task and results flow naturally. This is especially true when you enter what has been termed “flow-state”, that period where immersion in your task is so complete that the world around you disappears and time no longer has meaning. Flow-state is when your best work is done and it’s during this time that your core passions align perfectly with the task you have in front of you.

Painters, musicians, writers (that includes bloggers too!) and other creative types enjoy flow-state periods frequently. Many times while writing this article I have entered flow-state. Authors and spiritual leaders like Eckhart Tolle and Paulo Coelho would tell us that when you are in flow-state you are actually tapping into the soul of the universe and it’s not in fact your brain producing the output, it’s divine inspiration, or something similar.

I’m not going to debate the source of creative inspiration, but one thing is clear, being in flow-state is immensely pleasurable and results in the most wonderful gifts you can give to the world. As humans we should seek out activities that generate flow-state at all times – it is when this happens that you know you are doing what you are “meant” to do.

Make Externalities Inconsequential

Once you become aware of the connection between thoughts, feelings and actions you begin to analyze why exactly you let yourself get into a bad mood in the first place. In almost all situations, when you are feeling negative about something you realize it’s the reaction you’ve had on the inside, in response to some kind of external stimulation you perceived, that is the cause. Your inner game is hooked on what is going on “outside”, which is not good.

Awareness is a powerful thing. Taking that very first step to ask yourself why you are feeling depressed or sad or unmotivated can lead to all kinds of powerful insights. Take this awareness I went through early on during my blogging career as an example –

Inside Yaro’s head –

Yaro: I’ve been blogging for six months now and I just tried to make some money by selling an affiliate product and I didn’t get a single sale.

Yaro: I’m going to give up blogging, it’s a waste of time and I’m not getting anything in return. I feel like such a failure.

Awareness: Hold on. Why are you blogging again? Are you doing it just for the money?

Yaro: Umm, no, I’m not.

Awareness: So why are you hinging your happiness on whether you make money?

Yaro: Good question.

Awareness: Didn’t you enjoy the process of blogging for the past six months? Isn’t it the act of expressing yourself, helping others and enjoying many flow-states that offer real benefits for putting in this effort?

Yaro: Well yes of course, but eventually I’d like be rewarded financially too. It’s not the only reason I blog, those other benefits count too, but money is part of the equation – it can’t be ignored.

Awareness: Fair enough. I know you believe you will make money eventually based on your current trajectory. You know persistence and patience will get you there, but why are you letting one outcome dictate your entire emotional state?

Yaro: That’s another good question.

Awareness: Focus on what is delivering value today, use that as motivation to keep working and stop letting your inner state be impacted so significantly by what does or doesn’t happen as a result of your actions.

This sort of “discussion” goes on all the time within me, especially when I don’t get the outcome I want or something I perceive negatively impacts me. It’s important I have this awareness otherwise my inner state would always hinge on the outer reality I perceive.

Reality is rarely what you want it to be, and this is always true during a time when you are working to make changes to your life. Until that change is realized, what you perceive in the real world and what you want are incongruent, so you need to carefully monitor your inner game so you keep working towards making the real world meet your desires.



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Barack Obama Doesn’t Ride Rollercoasters

I found it profound to listen to Barack Obama respond to questions during the election campaign whenever something perceived as good or bad happened.

His response always came from the same place and went along the lines of this (my words, not his) –

I maintain a stable balance, an eternal equilibrium where I don’t really feel extremely high or low. When something bad happens, it doesn’t crush me, nor do I feel like a king when something good occurs.

In other words, Barack has managed to get off the roller coaster of life. He’s no longer riding up and down, rather coasting along smoothly regardless of what happens in the “real world”. This is obviously a powerful state to be in and especially important for someone in his role.

Many, many years ago I heard this from Bart and Lisa Simpson when Homer asked them a question –

Lisa: Dad, we’re the MTV generation. We feel neither highs nor lows.
Homer: Really? What’s that like?
Bart and Lisa: meh.

I don’t think the intention here is to make a powerful philosophical statement of course, and I’m not sure that responding with “meh” is that inspirational, but the concept is still relevant. When “meh” is your response to any external stimulation, whether good or bad, you can remain on focus for whatever is giving you purpose in that moment.

Using Your Inner State To Affect Your Outer Reality

We’re all aware that people have a “vibe”, as can places and even objects. Steve Pavlina calls this your vibrational/energy frequency and discusses the idea of changing your vibration to manifest what you want in life.

This is an extremely intangible subject matter and as such, if you are very pragmatic or scientific, you may have trouble grasping or even believing the idea.

Whether you believe changing how you “vibrate” can impact your reality on some kind of energetic, spiritual or universal level doesn’t really matter. What is obvious is how you feel impacts how you perform, so it’s worth trying to change your inner state.

Steve suggests two very practical ways to shift your vibration

  1. You can use techniques like visualization to help change your vibration (first become aware of your current vibration, then project into the vibration you want to be in).
  2. Control aspects of your external environment to bring influences into your life that will adjust your internal vibration (associate with people who have characteristics you want to develop, stop watching TV, go to places that have “good” energy, etc).

I personally find the best way to change my vibration is option two, with some positive reinforcement from option one. I take certain steps to alter my current situation, which creates an external stimulus that triggers a new state of vibration (a higher state of emotion – or just plain feeling good!), and use my mind to help assimilate and provide positive reinforcement of what I am doing to make it a permanent part of who I am.

The mind is especially important when you face setbacks as a result of the environment you entered. You don’t always get the result you want when you change your environment/people you associate with, so you need to be prepared for that. By having a strong internal state, you can reframe any situation so it is at worst a learning experience, and thus doesn’t have a negative impact on your vibration (easier said than done of course!).

Throughout all of this you must be aware of your emotions. Your emotion is your compass to assess your current vibration. When you are happy, excited, motivated, fun, energetic, positive, and experiencing similar emotions, it’s much easier to take steps that lead to positive reinforcement – more doors open for you as you open doors yourself. When you are feeling weak, sad, insecure, negative, lost and confused, the opposite happens, and things stand in your way and reinforce the negativity you feel.

Detach From Outcomes, Ignore History And Seek Experience

I’ve found that two things have negatively impacted my performance in all aspects of life, including business –

  1. Being extremely goal orientated
  2. Basing your current state solely on your past results

Don’t get me wrong, goals are great, the problem arises when you attach a specific outcome to a specific action. This is a recipe for internal conflict and disappointment because there’s no such thing as a sure bet. If you attach your ego to an expectation of getting something in return, when you don’t get it, self doubt enters the equation and things can spiral downward from there.

Having a goal in mind is great, but realize it’s the sum of lots of different ingredients, some you can control and some you can’t, so don’t tie your happiness to an expectation.

The other major flaw in human thinking is basing how you feel in a moment and what you expect in the future, entirely on what has come before. Reading this as words makes complete sense, but I’m confident that if you look in your life you will make assumptions on what you can and can’t do based on what has happened to you in the past. This is a seriously limiting attitude, and while it’s completely natural, it can’t exist if you are to change your inner state to reflect what you want in the physical world – it’s a contradiction.

If you look at every day as a clean slate and seek only to experience something new and honestly believe that is an attainable outcome (and let’s face it, experiencing something new is easy – go buy a different type of cereal!) and don’t attach yourself to a specific outcome when doing new things, then you can only benefit positively from the result. Obviously there are a few exceptions, but almost all experiences you have can be reframed as positive steps towards a goal, it’s all down to perception (are you naturally optimistic or pessimistic?)



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Living In The Moment

If you can take everything I’ve written about in this article and go one step further, the ideal “perfect” state is pure oneness with the now.

When in flow-state, it’s no coincidence that time has no meaning. The activity you are doing is pleasurable because there are no external factors influencing you. Your mind is completely engaged with controlling your body so you can manifest whatever creativity is flowing from you at that moment. There is no “what am I having for dinner tonight” or “I can’t possibly do this because I’ve never been able to do it before”. It’s timeless and not limited by any beliefs you’ve created based on your personal history.

Being in the now encompasses all the concepts I’ve talked about in this article because it excludes all that is irrelevant – thought and perceived reality – and offers a state of pure clarity of purpose. I personally have only experienced being in the now for short glimpses, and it’s clear to me this state of being is quite powerful if you can experience it.

Start With Awareness

As with all change, the first step is to become aware of what you need to change. Use this article as inspiration to start watching how you feel and how you react throughout your day to day activities. Become aware of your inner state at all time and you will begin to harness your greatest asset – you as a source of energy.

Understand that your feelings are there to inspire you and steer you in the right direction. By detaching yourself from external influences and focusing on creating a strong inner game, no outcome will master you and your journey forward will be unencumbered by whatever baggage you used to carry along with you.

This is not something that can happen overnight and like most human beings on this planet, most of our lives are spent trying to realize many of the concepts I’ve discussed in this article, and I’m no different. As long as you are moving forward, you are evolving, and ultimately that’s all you are meant to do.

Yaro Starak

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  • Extremely awesome post. I like the term ‘flow state’.

    I also like how you mention, ‘changing the way we vibrate’. This is great and a reminder that we are so powerful we can actually change the way we vibrate. Very cool!

    The ‘inner’ game is very strange at times. Becoming more aware is the key but it can be a scary process. Ignorance is bliss as they say. But if we want to be successful we just cannot be ignorant and cannot give up.

    Thanks again!

  • Awesome article Yaro, I really appreciate how you bring the psychological/emotional/spiritual side of things into the equation. We are our own worst enemies, our only competitor, when we remember that we’re so much better off.

  • Really inspiring post.

    I was blogging for about a year and had made $30 in adsense. I was recovering from illness during this time and wasn’t too obsessed about the money.

    Late last year I sat down and thought about why I wanted to blog. I was socially isolated due to my anxiety disorder and decided I wanted to make some really solid friendships.

    As I’ve started getting back into the blogosphere, the time I invested into those friendships is paying off. I say ‘invested’ because there are times when I’m so ill I can barely move, let alone tweet a friend or comment on a blog/

    Now people are seeking out my work, mentoring me and providing support.

    I do want to clarify that my mental illness is quite severe and profoundly affects my day to day living.

    This brings me to another point – being in a state of momentum instead of avoidance.

    I know its probably going to take years to get a viable internet business off the ground. Some days I can only work a couple of hours. Sometimes I’m bed ridden for weeks. But being active will get me to my goal quicker than just listening to all the reasons why I’ll fail. Yes, I haven’t posted to my own blog in a month.

    Yes, I haven’t posted to my own blog in a month. That hasn’t stopped me from connecting with other high profile bloggers. Yes, I’m not making any money from freelancing currently. That hasn’t stopped me from putting my work out there as much as possible and researching the heck out of the web writing industry.

    As I have anxiety, I’m obviously very aware of external influences and can detach from them quite easily. I guess my goal is using that to create, as you said, a strong inner game.

    Thank you for a very, very inspiring blog post. Its certainly made me think. I’ve been going through the depressive cycle of my illness and the negativity was making me want to stop pushing forward.

    – Jade

    • I have been struggling with general anxiety and depression for almost a decade. I initially got into internet marketing because my brother was already doing it with some measure of success. Also, since I tend to avoid people and I find it it easier to work from home.

      However, I made a feeble attempt when I started and after putting in hours and hours of work (while having a day job) and making no sales and getting very little traffic, I just quit.

      Then I worked for 6 months for my brother doing web graphic design work like headers, footers and e-book covers. I wasn’t very successful at it, and now I am trying my hand at article marketing and blogging. No sales yet and poor Adsense earnings. But then I realize that it is a learning process and not a money press.

      Just the act of writing a blog post, reading my emails or writing an article helps to keep the darkness of depression and despair from pinning me down. I am now becoming aware that being creative and doing something even when I feel like crap and a failure helps to lift my mood. Gives me a sense of control and movement instead of feelings of helplessness.

      By the way, I bookmarked your blog for a future visit. Good luck with your writing, Jade.

  • Hey Yaro

    Great post!

    While I was reading about the bit where you talked about “Detaching from outcomes…” I was reminded of my trading days…

    While trading, the mantra that we used was:

    “Be strict with the rules of your success system,
    But flexible with your expectations…”

    In other words, while trading, we would come up with some really kick arse trading systems. And all you had to do, was trust the system, and just follow the rules of the system. Overall, if you followed the system, success was pretty much guaranteed.

    And I’m talking here ROI values of up to 1000% – no kidding.

    The problem was that most people let their expectations of what they thought should happen ruin their results.

    Instead of just having faith in their system, and sticking to the rules, they would end up breaking all the rules of the system and then lose all their money.

    It was 90% a game of the mind, and 10% strategy and systems.

    It seems to be the same deal in other areas of life and business. If you can find a system that works, just have faith in it, stick to the rules of that system, but be flexible with the outcomes. In the end success WILL happen.

    My 2c worth in any case 🙂

    Gideon Shalwick

  • AB

    Thank you for such a carefully crafted and well written blog post Yaro. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now, but have never commented before. This post has inspired me to do so! I use to be a very negative person, in my outlook and behaviour but I have been working very hard over the past few years on my inner game, trying to raise my awareness and turn my negativity around. I have had some success at this, but it can be a real struggle at times. Reading your post has reminded me why the struggle is worth it. Thanks again!

  • A lengthy but really interesting and positive article full of interesting points. I especially like the Barack quote. This is worth reading again later. : )

  • Very profound post Yaro and it comes at the right time for me.

    I have been investing all my energy in a project which almost stubbornly refuses to finish…with no money coming in or almost no money coming in for a year!

    There have been some dark and difficult days. :Luckily I have had support from my business partner but it has been an extraordinary trial.

    Simply by working on the project tho’ has accelerated my personal development

    The inner game and the outer game cross fertilise in unpredictable ways.

    Thanks for the conversation between Yaro and Awareness -we all have similar conversations!

    All The Best


  • Thank you for sharing yet another great part of your personal ‘entrepreneurs journey’. So much of what you have described, and the solutions you give, are part of a coaching process – in your case very effective self-coaching!

    What I would like to add is that for anyone who has been diagnosed with clinical depression, it may not be possible for them to work through it in the way you suggest – at least not alone. However working with a qualified counsellor, as well as by themselves should yield results that will help enormously.

    It’s important that people don’t get discouraged if what they do doesn’t work first time around. As you’ve identified, to take action, no matter how small, will build a momentum of achievement which will lead to results.

    Thank you Yaro for another thought-provoking post.

  • Definitely one of my favorite posts I’ve read on this blog. I’m a huge fan of the mindset side of things because all of the great successes have been very powerful in their mind which in turn powers their motivation and actions.

  • Inspiring stuff Yaro.

    I’m increasingly aware of how important the inner game is to achieving almost any significant outcome in life.

    I look forward to hearing more of your personal experiences in this area so that we may all continue to benefit from them.

    Regards, James.

  • I have found the best thing to do when I feel like I’m not getting enough back is to give more. But give value where it matters, where it will do some good.

    The other thing I have found is that money and time spent building socially healthy relationships is never wasted. In the end, we have friends and family, and that’s about it. And by family, I don’t just mean those people you’re related to. Family is something you build.

    Overnight success usually takes about 20 years. A lesson a very large number of people are about to learn… the hard way.

  • Zsolt

    Hi Yaro,

    This is just the kind of post I need so bad right now. At my current stage it’s not the lack of knowledge of how to do certain things to get results. It’s how I change my inner state so that I sit down and actually do those things. I find your mindset articles the most powerful for nudging me toward taking the right kind of actions.
    So thanks a lot and I’m looking forward to reading more articles like this by you.

    By the way, for those who wonder, the concept of the “flow-state” was proposed by psychology professor Mihály Csíkszentmihályi. The reason for the funny name is that he’s Hungarian ( like myself – I am proud 🙂 ) though he’s been working in the States for quite a long time now. He’s a finder of the science of positive psychology, along with professor Martin Seligman. Csíkszentmihályi wrote some book on the concept of flow and positive psychology. Highly recommended reading. Just do a search on Amazon.

    • Pat

      Mihály Csíkszentmihályi is a master…in his book Flow, he talks about how the flow state occurs..and how to set up the conditions to encourage yourself to enter into flow. Anyone who has been there knows how much more you can get done..and at a deeper more meaningful level…Get the book. It is a life changer…


  • Rudolf Orsag

    Great post Yaro. I also really liked Steve’s vibrational article you are referring to, it is a powerful combo, when we work to change our inner game and externalities at the same time. Properly focused 20 minute visualization early in the morning and attracting more people into our lives who are passionate and enthusiastic about growth and serve others can be miraculous. There is lots of other useful stuff out there that can move us in the right direction, I found out that neuro-associative conditioning helps quite a lot when trying to control our emotions and all of these techniques are pretty simple.

  • Oh my, I just READ a 4032 word blog post! [grin]

    It’s strange but true. The more you master yourself, the more you walk as a master through the world…

  • Yaro,

    Well done! I think nearly all of us are guilty of wanting a “quick fix” – not having to engage our whole being into what we want.

    You know, “How to Remain Productive when Your Feel Like Giving Up” is the first article of yours I ever read. In fact, I printed it out and tacked it to the wall behind my desk. I think this one may go right next to it.

    I can’t really add anything to this excellent article, except that it reminds me of a quote that’s been in my head recently:

    “Yesterday is history;
    Tomorrow is a mystery;
    Today is a gift.
    That is why it is called the present.”

    Author unknown (to me, anyway)

    • Do we really want the “quick fix” or do we just want ebooks to get to the meat of the matter?

      • Interesting question, Dean.

        I suppose I should have clarified that statement. What I think many of us have done when downloading an ebook like Yaro’s is to somehow expect that it will contain a foolproof, paint-by-numbers system that we can plug in and just start making $10k+ per month.

        The “quick-fix” mentality is indeed pervasive, or there wouldn’t be thousands of shady marketers out there peddling Explosive Traffic Systems Guaranteed to Bring You One Million *Hungry* Visitors in the Next 14 Seconds or I’ll Put My Favorite Cat Through a Meat Grinder. There just wouldn’t be a market for it.

        There’s nothing wrong for wanting an ebook to get to the “meat” of the matter, as you say. And there are certainly many ebooks that are pure fluff. But I don’t equate Yaro’s advice with fluff. Simply put, the things he talks about are essential to blogging success – but they don’t fit neatly into a “do this, next do that” formula. Blogging successfully just isn’t that easy. If it was, we’d all be lounging at our beach/pool/spa of choice, laptops in hand and money coming out of our bums.

        Instead, it’s a sometimes messy affair, like any business (online or offline), and it takes a certain level of personal development and business savvy to get to the level you want. I think Yaro, and several others around the internet, do a good job of helping readres learn those skills and traits.

        Now, Dean, I don’t want you to think I’m suggesting that *you* are just looking for a quick fix. I was just saying that many of us slip into that mentality from time to time. I certainly have, as have most marketers I know personally and professionally.

        I apologize for not being clear on that point. I hope this response clarified things a bit.

  • This has stopped me in my tracks again today and just at the right time too.

    I read with interest what the other commentators have written and can identify with most of them.

    I reallly must read Eckhart yet again because like you, to actually stay in the NOW is not always easy.

    For months now I have been stretching and learning the rules and variables of the interent as a non-techie and this has been the hardest thing I have ever undertaken.

    But with my personal development and mindset I have been able to keep going and achieve unbelievable things – money not being oone of them yet.

    This has been a journey to discover the inner me and where I want my life to lead now. I have certainly discovered some inner strengths.

    As a teacher by profession I now know that my passion is to help other new non techie people gain access and knowledge of the internet and realise their dreams and goals.

    We need more articles like this becuase you are relating them to business and life not in isolation.

    Dr Wayne Dyer has also been an inspiration to me. “Being in Balance”.


  • How did someone so young get so smart? ;-> The Inner Game is like a building’s foundation. If it’s not in good shape, neither is the building.

    Momentum, liking what you’re doing and maintaining a positive mindset make for a much nicer life.

    Have you heard of the Fifteen Minute Rule? When you’re facing a dull chore, set a timer for 15 minutes. You can stop cold at 15. Odds are, once you get going, you realize that you’ve hit sort of a flow and you continue.

  • This post is one of the examples why I consider you to be one of the best mentors there are. There’s too much buzz and too much focus on what to do, but people keep failing because there is no congruency between their actions and their desires.

    In the end, people just keep on looking the the next shiny new thing. They spend to much money trying to make money! It’s like trying to grab water: instead of embracing it, people close their hands and the water goes out through their fingers. They always feel close to the subject, but they are never satisfied.

    Great, GREAT stuff. It took me 90 minutes to read it all because I decided to do my laundry and fold my clothes while I would read the next section. Haha! It’s 10:30pm in Japan and I am doing my laundry. You certainly provoke crazy reactions with those posts.

    Cheers, D.

  • I really like the direction you have been taking lately with your posts, Yaro.

    I totally agree with what you said about taking some form of action whenever one feels down, frustrated, or any other negative feeling. Sometimes just doing something mundane like taking a walk around the block or cleaning can “break” the train of thoughts which got you into that negative state.

    Thanks for another inspiring post, Yaro!

    The Geek Entrepreneur

  • Very good article…
    Yaro, for me to get the continous of blogging is passion.
    We must have a strong passion to enjoy the online activity like write article, blog or internet marketing.

  • Oh my, I just READ a a 4032 word blog post!

    Spot on, though. The more you master yourself, the more you walk through the world as a master. Trying to master the world without the foundation of self-mastery, on the other hand, is an exercise in frustration.

  • […] Yaro’s post is called How To Master The Inner Game Of Business And Life, and it is essentially focused on the importance of ‘mindset’ when it comes to business […]

  • Hi Yaro,

    Great post and lots of great inspiration. I am very encouraged and definitely will not be giving up when times are tough. It’s all about persistence and consistency I’ve found.

    Just wondering, which famous Internet Marketing Forum did you visit? Please share?


    • That was actually the Wicked Fire forum Tyrone, although I never go there anymore. There’s a lot of “black hat” discussion in that forum.

  • Sam


    Sounds like it’s time for you to take an education in living that is called the Landmark Forum. This course takes place in 22 countries and 6 languages. Find out more on I could not recommend it more highly.

    All the best

    from Sam

  • Excellent article! This is the deeper working of how the law of attraction can work in your life. Great balance between spiritual concepts and business. When it really comes down to it, in order for us to do what we love and with passion we have to be connected to our inner self. The law of attraction does work. This article came just when I needed it. Thank Yaro

  • I like how you’ve framed goal setting. I write and speak about the Yin and Yang of Success. Goal methodology is yang and being in the moment, in the flow, in the zone (also called heuristic) is yin.

    We need balance but for millenia now we’ve over-valued yang metrics and compromised the yin. This article is a wonderful call for balance.

  • Yaro, thanks for inspiring me with this post. My motto is “Life is like a dictionary, define yourself”. Essentially stopping the flow of life for a moment to define who you are, is simply experiencing the moment. It can be a great morale booster. Reminding yourself why you’re doing things.

  • You’ve nailed it Yaro! There are so many things and people in life that slow some people down and cause others to give up on their dreams and goals.
    If you can’t get off the roller coaster, then realize you’re on one and expect the ups and downs and push through it. An emotional decision is never a good thing.
    Keep the great content coming Yaro!

    All the best,

  • Yaro,

    You are a real inspiration! When I first discovered your site about a month ago, I said to myself, “Here is a very together guy who is about discovery and sharing.” How right I was.

    What you describe is a very Buddhist concept, staying in the here and now, flowing with it. Many years ago (I’m talking about 40 or so), I discovered a book called The Inner Game of Tennis (don’t remember the author). In it, he described tennis as a game that you essentially play against yourself, but that as you learn to give yourself over to the flow of the game, you became much more one with the movement, with the ball, with your racket, etc. I remember using those thoughts and philosophy when I used to play squash, and my most incredible games were when I could actually feel the flow because I had surrendered to it.

    You are so right that those who take away the greatest satisfaction, and who are ultimately the most successful, are the ones who surrender to whatever it is that they are involved with (a business, a project, a partner). Become one with your work and you will never work another day in your life.

    I don’t fault the nuts and bolts people; I want to know, and look to sites like becomeablogger for the “how to” information. But I hope that everyone realizes that success is a mindset, and you must surrender ego to have true success at anything.

    Thank you so much for bringing this to everyone.


  • Dennis

    Yaro: I love the B/S you put I don’t know which it reminds me more of Moses coming off the Mount are the little Monk out of Tibet anyway keep it up!

  • Oscar


    The thing I love about you is that you are growing quickly but keeping your wits about you and have such wisdom for one so young.

    I believe marketers are quickly realizing that we’re entering a period when it’s even more crucial that we understand the power of being of service to others first, realizing profits secondly.

    Too often, that process is reversed.

    Love what you do. Give of yourself. Then reap.

  • Brilliant article Yaro… I would love to learn more about how to get into the flow and smoothing out the highs and the lows…

  • Francois

    Great post ….
    The ONLY place were life happens is in THIS moment….
    Set your goals..Have your aspirations…but THIS moment is the ONLY moment that sets the pace for the future…So stay here …what has passed has passed ..what’s to come… is a surprise…
    But how does one life in the NOW?
    First one must realize that past and future ONLY reside in the mind..
    Living in the past recreates the past …It doesn’t exist only ONCE was..
    Living in the future is a an going journey….
    When you’ve accomplished what you set out to do…you automatically want more…so the future never comes…It’s always NOW !!..
    So get out of mind…see ALL for what it is…

    No names,fragrance,colour…just see WITHOUT labeling….

    The only way to truly LIVE LIFE is by dis-identification with mind…
    Which is the ONLY way for collective dis-identification to take place…

    …..The ONLY way to change the world as we know it ..


  • What a massive post! Good one… For a few second I thought I am reading Bill Harris’ blog .. Nah, it’s still our Yaro…

    With everything is now practically instant, everybody also demand an instant gratification of anything… The problem is: some got it dramatically, then the other expect it as a norm…

    Keep persist and exist !

  • Wow, I’m loving this new Yaro. 🙂

  • By the way it was your Feb 16th article that lead me to watching the Secret. Had never heard of it. But just wanted to say thanks for that.

    And now I’m surrounded by related material and I’m not even looking for it. It has confirmed many old beliefs that I had just forgotten about.

    Anyhow, more like this please. 🙂

  • You have presented an important key to becoming a master rather than a victim of the Information Revolution.

    I first came across the concept of flow, back in the 1970’s, when I read “Beyond Boredom and Anxiety: Experiencing Flow in Work and Play”, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (You can buy it at Amazon)

    He says our relationship with our environment is a spectrum of levels of external stimulation. Boredom results from too little stimulation and anxiety/stress results from too much. Flow results from a “just right” level of external challenges; just outside our comfort zone.

    I was helped a lot by your insight that we can control our level of external complexity by doing the washing up, learning to say no, etc. The poet Robert Frost used to say, “each morning, I make up my bed and I make up my mind.”

    As an aside, the internet is a wonderful source of stimulation and inspiration, but we need to use it in a disciplined way which allows us to stay in the flow. I agree with you that it is wise to use the internet for the experience of self-expression it offers; and let the money appear if it will. Remember what happened to Solomon in the Bible, when he asked God for wisdom. Everything else then just fell into place.

    Thanks for a really worthwhile post.

  • Ray


    Thanks for the great post. Reminds me of some teachings of Anthony Robbins.

    I’ve experience this myself when I was writing my children’s book. My mind just gets into that “focus” mood in short term and in long term until the time I finished the book (and I’ve never wrote anything before). But I’ve also noticed a certain type of “flow-state” that I have observe specially now that I live alone, there are certain task that I hate to do but needs to be done anyway,—I noticed a certain flow-state is triggered like I’m hypnotized that my mind lingers about something else and I would snap out of it as soon as I am done with my task. I feel like it’s my brain’s defensive mechanism to protect me from boredom.

    There’s definitely a lot of things to learn on how our brain works. And to know this is to use it to our advantage.

    Your desription about Obama’s demeanor is right on the money. This has been dicussed here in the US in several shows about his life and roots. And they said he is what he is now (cool) is because he grew up in Hawaii where life is laid back.

    Thanks again for the post.


  • I would only like to mention that I agree that when people get in a rut they need to get active whether through exercise or manual labor. Manual labor is good for the soul. Both exercise and completing some type of chore or task provide immediate gratification and hence a sense of accomplishment as you mentioned. One of my favorites is mowing the lawn.

    By the way Yaro, I have listened to several of your podcasts over the past three days and I think you have a great talent as a interviewer. I thoroughly enjoy listening to them. I am just waiting for some of my own success stories before I ask you to interview me.

  • Yaro, I found the NOW a place that exists between the past and present. The past is nothing more then the memories, real or imagined, of our experience. The future consists of our hopes and fears. Now is that point in space/time separating the two.

    It is not difficult to be in the now when the task at hand is all that you are aware of. No thought to what brought you to the moment, and no thought to the outcome. This is when you are in the moment, or now. This is where you exist. You do not exist in the past other then as memory. you do not exist in the future other then as a hope or a fear.

    Thank you for your effort to bring clarity to a confused world.

    How do I get my picture to appear on the post?

  • Hello Yaro i’m John Wesley from the Philippines. Great article. This is my first time to read an article this long and i may say, this article is worth reading. I even read it using my mobile phone and never missed reading any single word. I even left the convention that i’ve atended just to read it.

    This is the first comment that i will post on all blogs and articles that i’ve read. I do believe on what you have said about positive reinforcement. We have to set our mind on positive things to get positive results. If i can’t get positive results right away, i do try to find other ways which will lead me to the attainment of my goal. It took me years to develop the attitude of being optimistic and now, i reap what i have planted. Whatever negative outcomes on every decision i make, i take it as challenges to make good decisions and would never sulk or feel frustrated. It’s just simply saying that i can be good at all things but i have to try to be the best in what i do.

    Eight months ago, i started my blog with just 5 to 10 visitors per month. Now, it reached 500 unique visitors for the month of february. I was too lazy to read your articles before due to my full time work as an employee, but now, i always try to find time reading your articles and comments and it just changes my attitude towards life. Although i haven’t earned anything from my blog yet, i feel glad that i impart what i feel and know to other people not just to my countrymen but also to people across nations.

    Well anyway, thanks for sharing with us your articles because you really touched the lives of your readers.

    Thumbs up for you.

    John Wesley Calagui

    • Thanks for taking the time out from your convention to leave a comment John and keep up the blogging.

  • If you’ve never experienced “being in the now”, here are some suggestions:

    * visit an operating room (if you can) and watch a team during surgery
    * go to a drawing class and watch artists painting on their canvas
    * attend an opera or concert and watch the maestro perform

    All these are ‘flow states’ where, to the artist, the Universe distills
    down to what they are doing – to the point that the two become ONE.

    I’ve often discovered, after a crucial part of an operation was done,
    that I had been putting all my weight on one leg which was now badly
    cramping and in agony – but until just a few moments back, I had been
    completely unaware!

    GREAT article, Yaro. Your world-tour has made you deeply reflective
    and given you a wide new perspective, huh? 🙂

    All success

    • Dr Mani – I wish I could say my world tour had more to do with it, but I think the biggest cause of any questioning along these lines came about the first moment, and every moment since, that I have faced my own mortality, which I’m sure as a doctor your appreciate more than most.

  • Awesome! This is an awesome post of motivation of success. I love the way you speak directly and honestly straight to every single Internet Marketer’s heart about success in life.

    Thanks Yarok! Your blog post always inspired me.

    All the best,

  • Hello Yaro,
    I have never heard of the “inner game” before until you brought it up in this post, but I’m very aware of “the flow state” because I’m an artist and I can spend hours on top of hours doing something creatively and I’m totally consumed by the action. I loose time and forget everything around me when I’m drawing or writing while listening to good music. I work best at night when I’m more inclined at that time to think better and my thoughts are more clearer.
    Have a great day.

    Best regards,
    Rick Resch

  • Yaro, You have all the qualities to become a spiritual guru.
    Living humdrum routines can interfere with Life!
    The stage where you get affected by no highs or lows is what Hindu’s call reaching equilibrium.
    That is supposed to be your salvation from the cycle of Karma.
    Great post as usual.

  • Thank you for sharing your insights, Yaro. Very inspiring. I thought your readers, especially those who learn visually, may like to know there is an interesting TED talk by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi where he explains Flow. Search the TED site you’ll find it.

  • Tsanso

    Yaro, I see that your success lies in the spirit of unselfishness. There are people like you makes the world go happy. They discover something new and wanted to let people know and enjoy. Hats off to you and bless your soul.

  • I really enjoyed this post and I like the direction you are heading in by introducing more and more of this type of content. Although as I was reading it I thought that you may lose some of your readers who aren’t quite into this sort of thinking. But from the number of comments it doesn’t appear to be affecting you in any way.

    Perhaps you will start to attract a different type of audience. I know that it has encouraged me to read more and more of your blog posts.

  • Thanks Yaro for such a great article. So many things to learn from it,to acquire knowledge from it. We all know “Knowledge is power” but what we miss is the essence that “Applied knowledge is power”. And there comes the role of Awareness, to become aware of what we need to change, the change required to apply the knowledge and act according to it for getting the desired results. The 80/20 rule is universal. We must play all our cards till the game is over. Sometimes the king or queen might pop up earlier than expected, or at the end till we have played all the 49 cards. We don’t know when it will happen. So we must play till the game is over. You have rightly pointed out, “Walk the path regardless of conditions” and “Make externatilies inconsequential”. Barack Obama is Barack Obama because of his thoughts. Thoughts are the things. You are a great leader Yaro. You lead by your example.You lead people where they ought to be but they don’t want to be. Thanks once again.

  • Hi Yaro.Thanks for a wonderful post,I find your words inspirational.

  • Awesome article Yaro, I really appreciate how you bring the psychological/emotional/spiritual side of things into the equation. We are our own worst enemies, our only competitor, when we remember that we’re so much better off.

  • Its always encouraging to be reminded that it can take a long time but that doesn’t mean its a waste of time. I was active online for over 1 1/2 years before I started making even a few hundred a month. Granted I was not spending a whole lot of time on it and I was learning as I went, so most time I did spend was spent making mistakes LOL. But I didn’t stop. Partially because it was recreational for me! You make some good points here.

    What you say about mindset and vibrations and all – it isn’t new to me, I just use different words for these things I suppose.

  • Thank you for this great post, Yaro – in a nutshell you summarize everything I am trying to do and often don’t manage to follow through.

    This reminder gets me back on track.

  • Hello Yaro,

    This is my first comment here and I want to say that I appreciate you’re wise words.

    I started my own blog for 1,5 years ago to keep track of how I do in one of my personal projects. I don’t remember how I found your blogg and your “Blog Profits Blueprint”, but reading it made me take a closer look at the opportunities Internet is offering. So now I have three ideas about what I would like to do. The key word here is “LIKE”. Of course I would appreciate making some money on the Internet but more important for me it is that I really like what I do. This blogpost was a confirmation that I’m probably on the right path. The first questions I need to answer for myself are “What do I want to do?” and “Why?”. When I know that I can start working on the “How?”

    I also believe that in the following quote you give away a very important “secret” of life (I kow this sounds corky), not only of bloging or business:

    ‘…once you know certain actions get certain results, if you just do them even when you don’t feel like it, that act alone and the resulting positive outcome, helps to alleviate the “bad mood”.’

    So thank you for this post :).


  • This is a pretty heavy article i guess, but i believe it is true. “The Inner Game” you talked about is essencial because i think that is all we need if we are about to be successful in …hmmm…EVERYTHING!

    Thanks Yaro, i know being your subscriber is the right thing to do… 🙂

  • Dr Helen Harrison

    Yaro, you clearly touch your readers, many of whom appear to need expert guidance in their lives. A word of warning. (Okay, lots of words!)

    The internet, especially the blogoshpere, has spawned an ocean of “instant experts”. In fact, anyone can aspire to be an expert by virtue of posting an opinion, on anything.

    But some opinions should never be expressed in the first place and, once expressed, they certainly should not be heeded. That is, we all have opinions but we are not all experts. Some opinions are wrong and/or dangerous (think fundamentalism that gives rise to terrorism).

    As well, expertise is not the same as experience. When we describe our personal experiences–our “stories”–we are offering ourselves as individual case studies, nothing more. It is fallacious to generalise from a sample of one. Individual humans are notoriously poor at intuiting or estimating what some/many/most/all other humans think, feel, and do.

    Despite its limitations, and because of its many strengths, science is the best and only method we have at this time in human history for discovering facts about anything and everything.

    Your advice on how to monetize a blog and how to be an e-entrepreneur is excellent and you are surely deserving of your own monetary success. However, when you stray into what you call “the inner game” your commentary borders on psychobabble and metaphyscial mumbo jumbo.

    Now, as it turns out, there is a huge market for such commentary, as the responses to today’s blog show. But you might think about how you want to position yourself in relation to this market. You have, perhaps unwittingly, assumed the roles of educator and psychologist, which are both time-honoured and regulated professions requiring years of dedicated tertiary study.

    Why not train as one or other, or both? I think you would be an asset to either profession. And you might find yourself more reluctant to postulate about the inner (or outer) workings of human experience as you learn the principles of empiricism and grasp the importance of evidence. What’s more, you would actually learn the proper theories and assocated evidence-based practices for the areas of human experience that you stray into.

    Which leads to my final point. The so-called “laws” and “secrets” purported by “spiritual gurus” are sometimes an inferior rip-off of well-founded principles from proper disciplines, like psychology and education, and let’s not forget philosophy. At other times these laws and secrets are just made-up nonsense, however ‘right’ they might seem.

    Have you ever asked yourself how come you and I and most other people do not possess the seemingly divine or miraculous insights of the self-proclaimed gurus? Do we lack some critical brainware that is peculiar to these individuals? If so, why hasn’t science discovered that differentiating brainware? Nothing is sacred to science; if it is there to find, it will be found, without prejudice.

    So far, all members of the species homo sapiens are known to be the proud possessors of the same general grey matter, albeit with variations in neural wiring, depending on a range of factors like gender, social conditioning, exposure to toxins, and genetic mutations. But, there is NO evidence that humans have the ability to predict the future from crystal balls, taro cards, tea leaves, and star signs, or to read the minds of other people, or to command the universe to do their bidding. But, for some, it sure does FEEL good to imagine the existense of these supernatural powers.

    It IS quite simple, really. To quote our own Professor Jim Bright, a career specialist at ANU, “science is the ONLY game in town”. I would add: it’s just that your average, uneducated brain does not understand that.

    Still, having said all this, I wish to congratulate you on your dedication to supporting your fellow entrepreneurs and to the many wonderful and fact-based blogs you have produced.



    • Hi Dr Helen,

      Thanks for adding your point to the discussion. I should clarify I have no intention of becoming a spiritual guru, I’d be a fraud if I did as I have a ways to go myself yet.

      The purpose of this article is to simply share ideas. Whether I’m qualified or certified in any profession is a moot point in my opinion, unless of course I was purporting to be such a person, which I am not. If my readers benefit from what I write, that’s wonderful. If they are harmed in any way, that’s unfortunate, but I expect they will learn something from the experience no matter what.

      I write about my experiences on this blog, both external and internal, so this article is no different to what I write about when it comes to making money (it is related to the subject in fact). I’ve experienced these ideas in as true a form as I have experienced techniques to make money, so they are equally valid to me.

      As my good friend Gideon Shalwick likes to say, the real discussion here is the nature of “truth” and I infer based on your comment (correct me if I’m wrong), that the only truth you see in our world at this time is science.

      As I wrote in my other article, I’m open to most ideas and what resonates with me I take on board. I’m not going to discriminate or prejudge anything, although that’s not always easy – just having a friend recommend something tends to create bias.

      Science to me is the creation of a fallible creature – a human – so I’m not giving it any extra weight than any other human idea. It’s an extremely useful concept of course – there’s no doubt about that – and like you say, it’s certainly perceived as the closest thing we have created so far that represents a “truth”, but I don’t consider science the only answer.

      I’ll continue to sit on the fence and work with what’s available to me at any given moment in time that can help deliver a positive outcome to how I feel and what I experience. That includes benefiting from what we would call traditional science every single day of my life in countless ways (like this computer I’m typing on right now for example).

      Until I figure out what the true nature of truth is (and I’m not counting any chickens here), that’s the best I can do with my human mind.

      • rex

        There is no absolute in science, time cannot be accurately measured since it is a concept of humans. Most of the universe is dark matter of which scientists don’t have a clue. The more scientists try to understand and attach finality to anything, the more evasive that anything becomes. We have to move inward and discover truths about ourselves, our motivations and to reach a greater understanding of living in the moment and not acting out of fear and greed. Your article was relevent, current and will help many of your readers in these challenging times.


  • Hi Yaro,
    What a great article. It covers so much of how we can all take steps every day to live a great life under any circumstances. Sometimes you only need to take one small step to get the momentum going.
    Fantastic blog! I’ll be back.

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  • What a terrific and motivating post. I must admit, I have practiced ‘living in the now’ at various times during my life, due to a very negative childhood. However, I need to be reminded more often than I cared to admit, and this post did that. Thank you.

    It did make me ‘vibrant’ with positivity, I would like to invite that feeling in everyday. Your mention of the ‘oneness with the now’ and how important it is to detach from external influences is indeed powerful.

    I will certainly keep this email and try to read it weekly to remind myself of the many powerful statements in this post.

    Thanks for making my day brighter.


  • Hey Yaro,

    Thanks for this beautiful post. Yet, I am halfway and have not finished the whole post but sure will come and finish it. Your illustration on people having misconceptions and how to work on it with examples indeed teaches a lot to people like me. I am happy stumbling upon your post and will do here on.


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  • Yaro, If I try to explain how good was this article… I’ll be writing for hours.. Really, I’m my worst enemy..
    Excellent post!! Amigo…

  • A brilliant and profound article which explains exactly the rollercoaster ride I am on.
    A friend passed me this link and I am so grateful for that.

    I really needed to read this right now – thank you!

  • Yaro, you captured the essence of the entrepreneurship mindset and your article is really profound and inspirational. Thanks a lot 🙂

  • Good post Yaro, I have been working on me for a long time now and I am really ready to make the plunge into the entrepreneurial world. I have been at it for a month now on my own, I have my bills paid until next month so I am happy.

    Competitively for me I want a lot more already. The inner talk you were having with yourself hits it right on the head for me. Thanks for making me more aware of staying focused and just doing what I know I can do. Good post. Hope it helps others to.

  • […] I can only hope my future articles on this topic will be a fraction as useful to others as this one was for me.  Click here to check it out. […]

  • Scott Mayers

    In certain fields of quantum physics scientist believe mankind is experiencing a second evolution – an intellectual one. Your article was very well researched, and I was inpressed with the Echart Tolle reference. I have been spending the last week researching your ideas and publishing works and I will admit to being impressed on all levels. There is real substance to your work. I also work “in the Now” and do enjoy catching the flow. I’m currently trying to find my niche following your tips.
    Thank you for the help and direction.

  • Hi Yaro,

    This is an excellent article and very timely. It’s so profound. A lot of people out there that I talked to are only looking for quick fixes, quick anything, without having the patience and the willingness to actually do the hard work. I’ll definitely share this article with my friends. I’m new to your blog, since early this month, but now I become a frequent reader. Thanks.

    Dan Random

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  • I listened to Barack Obama’s inauguration speech and just happened to have a pen behind my ear at the time. Lucky I did, for the line that resonated in my heart was:

    “A parent’s willingness to nurture a child will define our fate.”

    If you have t(w)eenage kids, like I do, you have to learn to get off the emotional roller coaster or you spend your whole life feeling overwhelmed, dizzy and sick. You have to learn to clarify what’s important and LIVE it and lead bravely, with integrity, or else your courage deserts you. Barack Obama will inspire millions because he’s got that kind of bravery; he knows that how we love and lead and support our kids, our vulnerable people and those we want to reach out to is the kind of society we get.

    Blogging’s the same.

    People so often forget that we need to excavate who we are, why we are and who we’re here to serve before we even attempt to write or blog or make money. Most folk have authenticity-ometers and integrity-ometers and run a mile from blogs, businesses and people that scream “Give me your money – I wanna have loads of cash!!”

  • Are you reading my mind, or what? This is exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you.

  • Debbie

    Yaro, thanks for bringing some “balance” to the entrepreneurial world. It is good to be reminded every now and then, of the personal or human side in us, when were so focused on obtaining success in the business world. It is so easy to “forget” who we are and what makes us happy, while struggling with the stresses of today’s world. At the beginning of this week, I was feeling depressed about nothing and everything. Got out of if after talking to my sister and friends, kicking myself in the behind, and then I saw your post. Good to know that I’m not alone on the occasional “rollercoaster” ride (I’m usually the balanced-one and I hate rollercoasters).

    I read the entire post and most of the comments (can you believe that?!), and I was glad to see that you are a true person (like many of us), who is not only focused on facts and making money. To think that “science is the only game in town” (like Dr. Hellen mentioned in her comment) is such a limiting believe, because there is more between heaven and earth that we can’t explain or touch. Just because you wrote about it would not make your readers believe that you suddenly turned into a spiritual guru or psychologist. Not once did I think anything else than that you were expressing your own experience.

    We can all use our own brains and apply what works for us (if we want to). We know we are not Yaro, and what works for you doesn’t mean it works for everyone. To assume that we cannot figure that out ourself is totally ignorant. But I guess a not so average, over-educated brain could not understand that! Just my 5-cents …

    Yaro, thanks for sharing the different sides of your life!

  • It is so nice to see people coming into realisation about what life really is.

    So many try to take action out of frustration, and that never works. Firstly you should make sure that your mind state is positive and only then take action. Only action resulting from the positive state of mind will produce great results.

    Btw, it is Eckhart Tolle, you made a spelling error on your link.

  • rex

    This was relevent, current and a welcome commentary on our attitudes and feelings and their effect on desires and outcomes. Science fails in understanding human motivation.

    Time is a human invention and can’t be measured accurately. Dark matter makes up a large portion of the Universe, we can’t see it and don’t have a clue as to it’s make up. Scientists may have an understanding of what they observe, but that observation is skewed in that the observation affects that being observed(Uncertainty Principle). Science exists to disprove itself.

    We are moving into a new era of inner awareness. Enable that with Internet social networking and a new era of self and relationship understanding emerges. Science has it’s place, but is out of place in inner development.

    Great article and very relevent judging from the responses.

  • Liz

    To Dr. Helen:

    Yaro has never claimed to be a guru or a know it all. He actually comes across as a humble person but I consider Yaro my guru. This post has lifted me up and from reading the other comments, everyone else seems to agree.

    Yaro delivers the goods, he talks from real personal experience and from having walked through this difficult journey for about a decade now.

    He is a well-rounded, balanced person and this post is exactly what I needed to read yesterday.

    Suze Orman is not a psychologist neither is T. Harv Eker from but they both talk about the importance of having the right mindset and proper attitudes about money. Suze also talks about congruency, harmony and balance and the spiritual laws of money so maybe you should go to her site and leave a post for her as well.

    “More than ever before, having the right mindset and tools is key to financial success”. (T. Harv Eker)

    This is what Yaro is talking about. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger says: “The Mind is the Limit”.


  • That was a good post Yaro, I know I do stuff when I’m upset just to keep myself busy and off that topic. I wasn’t sure what point you were trying to get across on how looking at the past was a negative, you should learn from your mistakes and adapt to grow.
    Being aware is another great attribute to have, I know that I could become better aware of my surroundings but I also know that I am more aware of than many others. My work philosophy is “keep it simple” I have heard of many “simple” quotes but this link has some that I haven’t heard of before.

    I’m not saying go be lazy but work smarter, not harder.

  • Skylr


    This is my first time commenting, but I felt that I wanted to congratulate you. I hope to be as open minded and diplomatic when I get comments on my blog from people that in my opinion are short sighted or ignorant. I love the way you handle yourself – like a true pro and a human being.

    My friend and I were discussing something that stuck with him that he heard sometime ago… about Ducks & Eagles – and it will now stick with me forever. If you have never heard it – it goes something along the lines that most people out in the world are ducks – they go thru life QUACKING ALL DAY… where as Eagles soar above all that nonsense.

    Whatever your opinion – or your insight – you should feel proud to share it with those that wish to read it and like you said – if they benefit from it somehow – then AWESOME! If they get hurt from it – it is unfortunate but we ALL have the power of choice – choose what you want to do with the information you are given and find the best way to put it to use (or not) in your own life and always try to learn something from your choices – that is where the real growth comes into play – IMHO.

    Great article!


  • Seb

    10 out of 10………………wow

  • After a bad fall during my recovery and healing I realized that adverse events have the power to create change. Because I was unable to work on my Web business more than an hour a day, and some days not at all, I gradually stopped obsessing about it. I believe letting go helped me heal faster. Learning about my body and what my injuries did to it and what it would take to “get fixed” was a much more rewarding activity than grinding my teeth about the day’s cash flow. Additionally, new learnings keep one’s brain healthy. Dont get me wrong, there were many times I fought depression, fear, and isolation. My mantra was “one hour at a time” and it got me to the other side. So did the support and love of my daughter and granddaughter. Focusing on my creative skills helped me develop new approaches.

  • Ria

    Yaro, loved the article. Have you seen this video of Elizabeth Gilbert at the TED conference this month? … reminded me of your “flow-state” and your reference to Tolle and Coelho’s Soul of the Universe. Sounds like we have the same reading list!!! 🙂

  • Great article…for those who are financially secure, but there are few enlightened people who’d take time to smell the flowers while being chased by a tiger – at least not too many who care about living.

    I completely understand the forum dwellers’ attitude.

    I love to write. I love to blog, but what I do, I have to do for money. I do it to support my family. I do it to prevent my little girl from being homeless. I am more concerned with the outcome than the joy of the work. I, like most people, have to be. And I must expect tangible results from my efforts. When I reach your level of success, I’ll burn some incense.

    Wise men say that if the path is as pleasurable as the destination, you have already reached your destination, but I think they’d make an exception for the guys who are shivering in the rain while crawling onward.

    You wrote a beautiful article. I’d enjoy it more were it not raining so hard for so many and the sound of a tiger in the bush, not so clearly audible.

  • Dear Yaro,

    I am making around $200 a month from Clickbank sales by writing articles and was about to give up.

    I don’t know how but I found this Blog. You’ve inspired me to keep going. I just want to say thank you.


    Jim Cassa

  • It is the most readable article I ever come across…thanks Yaro

  • Yaro,

    Excellent post, and very timely for many people in these times. I would fully agree with what you stated, and add the following:

    – When I feel down or powerless, I come up with three things that I can do in the next 20 mins, and carry them out – success guaranteed;
    – You may be inclined at times to write some of this off as overly optimistic self-delusion, but ask yourself: what was ever accomplished by doing nothing ?
    – Look back at your life for the past five years, and really think about this question: ” If you told me five years this was going to happen, would I have believed you ?”

    In my experience of 10 years experimenting with my own “inner game”, I can honestly say that it is a road of ups and downs. You can experience amazing breakthroughs, and go through deep valleys of self-doubt and criticism. But, at the same time, every time you push on, you will reach new levels of understanding and insight.

  • Hi Yaro,
    That was so inspiring and much needed for me today.

    Love these 2 sentences

    “Having a goal in mind is great, but realize it’s the sum of lots of different ingredients, some you can control and some you can’t, so don’t tie your happiness to an expectation.”

    “I maintain a stable balance, an eternal equilibrium where I don’t really feel extremely high or low. When something bad happens, it doesn’t crush me, nor do I feel like a king when something good occurs.”

    Thank you

  • Excellent article! I find it hard to find a balance between blogging (work) and free time.

  • Whenever I talk or write about Yaro I have to express how genuinely sincere he is about helping others succeed…This article only solidifies my point!

    I have been studying this subject matter for some time now and believe this article was specifically intended for me, and the thousands of other individuals in my current mental state, to read at a key point in time when it would provide the greatest possible benefit. Now it sits here waiting for the world so that others who are ready to understand this information can stumble upon it at a time when THEY need it most.

    Thus Yaro has achieved a method of providing the greatest benefit to the greatest number of people. THAT IS THE KEY to Yaro’s continued success!

    This Flow-State he speaks of is generally fueled by that higher purpose. As individuals who are all connected by a divine source of energy, we each have the ability to plug into that state allowing us to fulfill our role in our collective and individual evolution. Getting there as Yaro mentioned is certainly easier said than done!

    ~ Excellent work Yaro! Thank you for your assistance, yet again!

  • Burton Ellis

    Hi, you have a high level of “name recognition” with me but this is the first time I ventured into your business world…sorry I’ve missed out on so much. Your post is, as they say, “awesome” and just begged a response.
    I’m an underachiever of annoying proportions…that’s a story in itself…but I really think it’s important to throw out the bait regarding people who have varying degrees of that mysterious “mental affliction” known as ADHD. I haven’t been “officially” diagnosed and I really don’t care if I ever am… but I think it’s important to be aware that more and more evidence seems to be surfacing that a major portion of the adult population does indeed show quite major signs of the characteristics attributed to ADHD.
    And I have a theory that many of the “wannabe millionaire MLM junkies” and a very large proportion of the “wannabe internet entrepreneurs” are very possibly “ADHD Oriented” (my term) because of their chasing around trying to find a program that works for them…trying this one, then that one, all with impatience and a derth of worthwhile results….unable to understand and focus on the program long enough to get results.
    I felt totally elated when I learned an “obvious truth” some time ago. That is, persons who are categorized as ADHD also tend to be categorized as “above average intelligence”, very industrious, and as having a host of other “desirable” work ethic characteristics. So I think folks like you in the mainstream of “internet entrepreneurship training” might find it useful to think of this when putting together your programs. I, for instance, can “spot the flycrap in the pepper” but an explanation of something that isn’t logical (to me, anyway) probably eludes me no matter how hard I try. A misused word can totally change the meaning of an explanation for me and an “aha” moment that brings up the “lightbulb” for many people brings up an image of a burning “sparkler” for me….I don’t see one light, I see many, many lights! Such is my life!
    Enjoyed your post immensely and passed it on to several family members…I’m now a Yaro “desciple”. And I truly enjoyed the humour of your spelling your name wrong in the signature line…or didn’t you notice? (It’s that old flycrap in the pepper problem again!)

    Burt Ellis

  • Extremly useful article. Caught me at the right time. The one thing that really got me is how I kept thinking how long this peice was and that no one would read all this information and that this Yaro guy must be nuts to think anyone has time to read all this information in one sitting and then I finished reading all that information in one sitting. Now I feel like I accomplished something!

  • Yaro, you did an excellent job of consolidating how to manifest.

    You wrote –
    Your mind is completely engaged with controlling your body so you can manifest whatever creativity is flowing from you at that moment.

    Our unconscious mind, if not in control every moment, is at least capable of controlling our experience. Our unconscious directly linked to our body and our emotions is the interface between the two. When we are in the moment, our unconscious is open and relaxed. We shift from reacting to survive to responding to live life.

    As a Rolfer for 30 years, I want to say that the converse of your statement is true; our bodies can control our emotions. Simply, a tense body will produce thoughts that are tense and limiting through our unconscious mind. Releasing the chronic tension from the body opens the unconscious, our emotions and our conscious mind. I saw with thousands of Rolfing clients and Mindfulness Stress Reduction students when their bodies relaxed, the mind had no choice but to go along.

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  • This post really speaks to me…I’ve tried to teach others the same thing as I believe it’s one of the most important lessons in life.

    Once you achieve this, everything else is cake.

  • Nash

    Hi Yaro,

    Great Article. Inspiring and depth in your thought process.

    I must admit that this is the only article that I have read from top to bottom. You know how we skim the articles when we are overloaded with information and with very less time now a days.

    One thing that it resonates to me is that your entrepreneurial spirits, authenticity and words of expression that comes straight from your heart. I have been following so many internet gurus who were focused only “how to” and not “why”. That “how to” techniques never attracted me until I find out “Why” I should do the things that I have to do.

    It’s amazing to see how those pieces of puzzles start coming togather once you find your own “why”.

    Wishing all the best to everyone to find their “Why” first before “How to”.



  • Thank you Yaro
    I too have the same experience of failure in life again and again. This article really gonna help anyone who wants to find the truth meaning in life and also success. Maybe too much concentration is spent on something that are not really matter. Some of your points here really opened up my eyes. Why I start something like blogging or a business and most of the time I ended up not making it.
    Once again Thanks Yaro

  • Excellent post!!! You’re right about not riding the rollercoaster of life as being an incredibly powerful mindstate. It’s also so true about needing to know the why along with the how for long-term success. I really enjoyed reading this post!

  • Thanks for another great post Yaro. Its your introspective posts that I enjoy the most. They really make me stop and think about how I can be not just more successful, but a better person too.

  • BloggieWoggieDoodle

    Measuring outcome is helpful but the inner state along with balance and focus are critical to success. It’s true that when you get into the zone, someone else does the writing – it just flows.

    I think that success involves study, research, planning, implementation, monitoring, and tweaking as well. Sure, outer measures such as X number of visitors, X number of conversions, and X dollars help as partial indicators. But success is mostly a mindset.

    I see and live the value of this article. I feel very sorry for anyone who doesn’t at least think that it may have value. Nice article, Yaro.

  • Knowing psychology is always helpful in becoming successful. I’ve understood that while learning some stuff from NLP. That really give great results now.

  • Really strong article Yaro. Thank you.
    One of the most inspiring books I’ve read about inner game is ‘The Path of Least Resistance.’ It is about the creative process and the necessary tension between the present state of things and the desired state. If you can maintain that tension while you work, the tension will eventually resolve into the creation you want.
    The other thing that is important is the one you mentioned about divorcing actions from outcomes emotionally. The best illustration of this that I’ve seen is pitching a baseball. Bowling to you, I guess. All we can really do is ensure that our pitch is perfect in every way we can control. Whether it results in a hit or a strike is NOT up to us. All we can do is throw to the best of our ability and watch what the universe does with it.
    Thanks again, Yaro.

    • Thanks for the book recommendation (The Path of Least Resistance). I’m going to hit up Barnes and Noble (online of course lol) and look into picking up a copy!

  • Yaro,
    Your description of “flow-state” reminded me of the story of my favorite author, Og Mandino. When trying to finish his first novel, “The Greatest Saleman In The World,” he struggled writing the Ten Scrolls which were the point of the whole novel. He came home one night and sat down at his typewriter (yes, pre-computer) to write again. He didn’t stop until sometime the next morning as all ten scrolls seemed to flow magically onto the typed page and he was afraid to stop before they were complete.

  • Great Post. Definitely made me think. I completely agree that there is a lot of stress when we procrastinate, and relief when we take action on something.

    I have also noticed how President Obama has that constant state of calm. Very important-especially now!! I would love to be able to achieve that kind of calm, focus!!

  • This is a fantastic article. I have read the article with pleasure, I became really wiser. Thank you.

  • Thank you Yaro for this article
    The “quick-fix” mentality is what I am fighting since I am in USA,
    this is why there are so many Diet Pill out there and in the last 20 year American become so obese that is now out of control nobody want to hear that if they just cut in 1/2 what ever they eat or drink will bring immediate result
    And for that reason there are out there so many people that take advantage of that weakness
    Thank you are teaching to a large audience that the mindset is the only power that we have to control our life and BUSUNESS
    Good job

  • Nice comments, on general well being and following your bliss. I spent a whole life doing something for money, and it finally betrayed me in the end. I am having fun again, after twenty-five years of anguish. You can make a living in anguish, but it is so much easier to be happy and let life be your reward.

    I like that you have realized the inner voice. Most people think that it is crazy to admit to that. I have three voices one is the outer voice that all of us admit to, and then there is the inner voice of the outer me, he tries to fool me into thinking that I am less than what I am. Then there is the inner being and it actually comes from a part of my brain that I never used before. That is the truth Sayer; the guide that tunes my feelings to my happiness.

    Enjoying your comments and newsletter. Great job! best

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  • Errol

    I just read “How to master the Inner Game of Life and business” I can really identify with it as an artist. While working time reaaly stops. I’m fully in “the zone. ” I recently listened to a series of interviews of Eckhart Tolle by Oprah and can identify fully with being in the “now”. Your blogs are very interesting, I got to your link on JohnChowdot com and found your articles and videos jam-packed with important information. After reading Blog Profits Blueprint and a few others I’ll be raring to get started. Thanks for the guidance. Errol.

  • Very insightful article. You are right on the money when you discuss the important of why we do things and what role consistency has in that. Although I am very good at understanding the power of consistency I can easily lose heart when the external results aren’t doing as well as I wish they were.

    Your comments on taking productive action to perpetuate ourselves out of this state was a point well taken. Thanks Yaro!

  • I am new to IM. There are interesting differences between the personalities that spend time on different platforms. I enjoy blogging because I don’t appreciate a static sales page. However, I don’t intend for my blog to simply be my catharsis or the means by which to make friends as an alternative approach to doing so in person. As such, I can understand the frustration of determining the appropriate gauge by which to measure interim success. Should I measure early success in terms of traffic, meaningful comments, conversions, volume of valuable content that I produce or enjoyment of the process? I would like to use all of the metrics.

    • As long as you are not interested in making money. These are noble reasons for a purely personal blog used as an outlet to blog for the sheer pleasure of it.

  • Internet Age

    Wow is all I can say, Yaro! And Wow again! What a post. Zen and the art of blogging indeed. You are inspirational and got a way with words that absolutely blows me away.

  • Thanks for sharing Yaro… it was a deeply insightful and struck a cord with me. It’s nice to learn that other bloggers struggle with some of the same things I do. Some of the points you mention reminded me of a little pearl of wisdom I picked up earlier this week:
    …Actions come from Feelings
    …Feelings come from Self Talk
    …Self Talk comes from Beliefs
    What I took from this is that if you want to create or change your actions you need to work on your beliefs. Its beneficial to look inwards.
    Thanks once again for sharing your insights with us, it is truly the gift that keeps on giving 🙂

  • Yaro, you have great insight and thank you for taking the time to add this great piece to our learning and to our thought processes.

    I firmly believe that mindset is at the core of who we are.I read a great book ‘How Would Love Respond’ by Kurek Ashley. Kurek teaches much about empowerment and dis-empowerment – and in particular that we have the ‘power’ of choice.

    He says in his book that ‘Life Isn’t Always Fair’ and that if we want to make God laugh we should tell him our plans – because not always do things turn out the way we plan. …….’ It is what we do with our lives that makes life what it is’.

  • Aside from the fact that this is a great article, I’d just like to point out that I can remember reading the Blueprint e-book in my car while waiting to see a client I couldn’t stand. It helped me decide to give blogging a try.

    No, the book doesn’t give you a fool-proof formula that instantly translates into profit, but the fundamentals are spot-on.

  • Yaro,

    Wow this is great! You have great posts! Am also happy about your blue print report on blogging for money. Keep up the good work! Cheerz!

  • Donna

    Hi Yaro, It was interesting to read that your early years as a blogger didn’t pay off… I have recently had an experience that lasted years and now that I have let go of it, the resulting failure I feel that I didn’t get my desired ‘pay off’ can at times be overwhelming. I’m currently reading ‘The Power of Now’ by you know who, and I’m seeing that there is other ways to look at my life other than how I look at it now – but I must admit – it gets to me at times that I put all the effort I thought possible into believing that I could work towards my dreams and get what I wanted if I just stuck at it – that now I feel I can’t believe in myself anymore. It didn’t work out before… so why bother ‘trying’ again – ever?

  • Thanks, Yaro!
    I appreciate your steadfastness and self-awareness.

  • Nice post Yaro. I feel that if you want to keep blogging you need to do it out of passion and not for money or “fame”. Only when you love doing it, you’ll be able to continue updating your site and feel good about it.

  • We live in a world of instant everything. Starting from instant Coffee to Instant Nirvana, the hoi polloi wants success and money too on an instant basis. I am not surprised. Such instant money making attempts by big shot yuppies is what has resulted in the present global mess. We never seem to learn.

  • Yaro, thank you so much for this great article. I will keep it on hand to refer to at different times. One question: In the article you refer to feeling neither highs nor lows as a desirable state of being. I have at times wondered how it would feel to be really high, or really low, as I have never seemed to attain either of those states. There was a time several years ago when someone I know was in deep depression, and I tried to understand how she felt, and why she couldn’t simply ‘talk’ herself out of it, since I was aware she had no physical or mental problems. I couldn’t help her at that time, because I didn’t understand. Later, I made it a point to learn more about depression, so I could offer my friendship by listening and helping wherever possible, without judging. Since then, I’ve come to understand that most people experience lows and highs at various times in their lives. I don’t envy anyone the ‘lows,’ but the ‘highs’ do fascinate me. Yet, I have often heard it said, like in your article, that being neither ‘high’ nor ‘low’ is worth seeking. Somehow, I wonder…

    Note to Dr. Helen Harrison and her quote from Professor Jim Bright that “science is the ONLY game in town.” Well said! Let us not forget that ‘science,’ as well as ‘metaphysics,’ and everything else we humans delve into is, indeed, a ‘game.’ May the best players come up with the best, and most reasonable, answers!


  • Wow! This is a great article and it’s one that I really needed today. You always overdeliver, Yaro, and I’m learning a lot from you as a member of Keep up the great work!


  • This is my first comment to you. I have run a marathon and just went through (and will continue to go through) the process of losing 40 pounds. I am now focusing on using those multitudes of lessons from my inner state to propel me forward to complete, expand and make a living off of my blogg. Typically I have run from learning “internet stuff” but with your lessons and with learning more and more about this business I realize that it really is only my inner voices that have slowed me down (along of course with moving) which is always a set back, but I am off and running again and thank you for your inspiration and ability to teach others. I have enjoyed building my site, now off to writing and learning how to make money!

  • First of all – great lengthy post but really interesting and positive article full of interesting points. I especially like the Barack quote. This is worth reading again later. : ) I wish you broke some of the points down into smaller chunks..

  • Hey Yaro,

    A gem of an article. Although I must confess that it’s so intense, I couldn’t digest it completely. Will re-read it tomorrow.

    You are gifted. And I do hope you continue to inspire thousands of entrepreneurs in their journey towards their goals.


    Milind Jadhav (your student on BecomeABlogger Premium)

  • I believe the terms for wanting/expecting everything now is “entitlement” and that is the age in which we live.

    Thanks Yaro for this article. I have many many thoughts on the matter and reading your ideas helps me to organize my own. I appreciate your realness and integrity and ability to share some of the stuff that is sometimes thought to be “woo-woo” in a not so intimidating (to society) way. Great article.


  • information on marketing is the inner game of business success. You cannot divorce a life of inspiration from business success.

  • I really agree with Shelia, every word!

  • Wow Yaro, In the section “Walk The Path Regardless Of Conditions”, that really spoke to me in this Article, made me realize how smart you really are. I actually experienced that the other week, when I was feeling down about working, and was actualy not getting any done, even though in the back of my mind I needed and wanted to do work. So… I just out of the blue started doing the work since I forced myself to do it, and you know what? Yup as soon as I started doing it, I felt feeling good, and got some positive out of that, and kept working until I had to go to sleep. So you are definitely right, if we find the will to push ourselves no matter how far we’ve fallen, we will definitely be better off.

    Till then,


  • I think some people are into “get rich quick”. Of course, that might be possible sometimes. However, a person can acheive a lot (with a higher probability of success) thru consistent effort plowing thru good and bad times. This philosophy is also true in bodybuilding or any other pursuit. One can acheive many things more quickly than one might think via this method. The key to success is the mental state.

  • Great and powerful post! I have learned a lot from this. I agree that mind and emotions are important when working on your inner game.

  • Eckhart Tolle is one of my favorite autors! Therfore, I totally agree with everything you said in this article. I loved the way you summed it all up. This is always my quest: to bring in more awareness of my thoughts and feelings and live in the NOW. Glad we’re on the same page! Your article was inspiring and motivating. Thank You Yaro!

  • Hi Yaro,

    A brilliant post – I especially love the fact that you externalised the internal dialogue that went on in your head when you tried to make your first affiliate sale. I’ve hit that situation many times in life and I must admit I have given up. In future, I know have a reference point to push through it – I also like the fact that you look at different reasons for why you enter a new venture, ie: in the case of blogging it wasn’t just money. It was to grow and learn and contribute as well which are invariable greater emotions to feel than the feeling of “having money”. I realise from this that “entering a new business venture just to make money is a bad idea”… and this will now force me to look at my various internet ventures and restructure myself so I’m doing what I love. And I’m sure I’ll experience more success as a result.

    Thank you Yarak – this will really help me going forwards.

    Yours in gratitude,


  • I completely agree with what you wrote here. Probably everyone knows the popular saying ‘carpe diem’. This is my favourite maxim.

  • Great Post. Especially love the conversation within your head and the Simpsons reference. Love the Simpsons. Often, I find myself in the same place. Questioning my motivation for doing things. I keep telling myself that I am not a millionaire because I am just not greedy enough. Then I ask myself, is it because I am just not that greedy, or because I am just too lazy. I battle with that constantly.

    Good to see that I am not the only one who talks to themselves. 🙂

  • I think it’s important that everything you do should be a learning experience. If you’re in it just to get rich quick without the “fluff” you’re really gimping yourself for true success.

    Sure a blueprint may work today but you’re not able to repeat your success if you don’t understand how you got there.

  • Great article Yaro. I’m loving this site.
    What I’ve found sometimes help keep the calm, is picturing the earth as it is seen from space. Just imagine the round planet with all that blue and green.
    It kinda puts everything in perspective for me and reminds me that our daily problems are so small in the grand scheme of things.

    Another trick I use is to remind myself of all the people that have already lived on this planet. Imagine guys living between 1721 and 1788 for example. All the issues they had then really don’t matter now do they? Life is so short and 150 years from now, every single person alive today will be gone, so what is the point of worrying about anything,
    Thanks for the post
    All the best
    Bill Jenkins

  • Learn from the best that has been successful, on top. Follow his path and you’ll be the best.

  • I had to share this with all my networks because it is so beautifully written, so detailed, and so aligned with what I’m learning heading into my 6th year of business. Thank you for these clear reminders of the connection between strategy and soul. I pulled so many gems from this article, and I will use them to keep me focused on my “why” and my “what”. I’ve definitely been on the roller coaster ride of web marketing and tribe building, and I definitely get frustrated with high give/low get. I wondered for the longest why I kept attracting people who saw the value in my work, but weren’t willing to pay for it. When I shifted my focus to more of my “why”, the quality of my clientele shifted as well. I have more work to do, but I know I’m on the right track. Keep showing up as yourself in these wonderful ways, Yaro!

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