I’ve always been of the belief that success begins and ends in the mind.

Techniques and systems work, but if the driver is inefficient and ineffective, failure is more likely than success.

I consider myself a lifelong student of mindset, in particular my own. Ever since I experienced the raw fear of panic attacks I’ve realised just how powerful my mind is.

From those frightful moments of anxiety and panic, and my subsequent efforts to overcome them, dawned a new form of self awareness in me. If I could harness my mind for self improvement rather than self harm, life could be a whole lot better.

Although initially I gained mindset skills in order to just “survive” on a day-to-day basis, once I recovered, I realised that I could take my new abilities even further.

I could use my mind, my atitude and in particular my ability to reframe reality, to go after what I really wanted. I went from surviving to thriving, as cheesy as that might sound.

I’ll leave you with today’s Yaro.TV daily video, one shot in my car after going for a skate. I talk about habits and prioritising one goal in this video.

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