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I’m so excited to publish this interview because it shares a success story of one of the most recent people to go through Blog Mastermind 2.0 (this is a 2019 case study!).

Tien Chiu has a background as a mathematician and previously worked at Google in a job she hated (she makes this very clear during our interview).

After discovering the Blog Mastermind 2.0 course she realized it might be possible to take her hobby craft — color weaving — and turn it into an online teaching business, sharing her knowledge.

The Sub-Niche Of Color Weaving

Before meeting Tien inside the Laptop Lifestyle Academy, where she has maintained a fantastic accountability thread tracking her progress, I had never heard of color weaving.

If you’re curious, I recommend you visit Tien’s website – Warp And Weave – so you can see exactly what she does and teaches.

This is not a large niche, which is why I was so happy to see Tien apply so many of my methods to grow an audience using her blog, attract those people on to her email list, and then successfully launch her first digital teaching product, an online course.

Although her niche is small, it’s full of very passionate people who love their hobby. Tien is a specialist, so has the confidence to know that her knowledge is information her audience wants. Now she knows they will pay for it too.

Tien Chu Color Weaving

The $25,000 First Launch Case Study

We spend much of this interview diving into the recent launch campaign Tien did for her first ever online class on color weaving. She sold a $99 and $300 version of her program, aiming to make $20,000.

After the ten-day campaign was over, she’d blown past her goal to make $25,000!

I asked Tien to break down how she conducted the launch campaign, what emails she sent, what technology she used to deliver her course and much more.

Tien did her launch only to her existing audience of about 3,000 email subscribers. She grew this audience using her blog, but as you will hear her explain, she was only able to publish eight blog posts in about eight months due to some distractions in other aspects of her life.

Despite this light content schedule, thanks to the quality of her posts, she was able to leverage her content to grow enough of an audience that she could make 150 sales of her product — a fantastic first result!

Blog Mastermind Still Works

I want to thank Tien for sharing this story because it demonstrates again that the Blog Mastermind methodology works, if you are willing to put in the effort to implement it. I still use the same system today myself.

Even if it all started back in 2005, fundamental concepts that work online continue to work, despite changes to technology and online tools.

Tien is yet another example in a long line of success stories I’ve been publishing now for many years, and I hope to publish many more.

If you’d like to be next, consider taking the Blog Mastermind 2.0 Self-Study course. It could be the starting point for something amazing, just like Tien experienced.

If nothing else, I hope you walk away inspired from this podcast that your niche could work, if you are willing to learn what your audience wants and give it to them.

Enjoy the interview,

Topics Covered In This Podcast

  • How Tien transitioned into color weaving from working at Google and eventually starting her first own online business (which failed)
  • Why her first business around cultivating their creative process behind crafting failed
  • Her step-by-step process from starting a new blog to generating $25,000 in her first product launch
  • The mistakes she made despite her successful first launch, and what she would do differently next time

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