I recently released a new E-Guide called –

“Master Your Mindset: Productivity And Mindset
Training For Professional Bloggers”

Master Your Mindset: Mindset And Productivity Training For Professional Bloggers

You can purchase the guide from here –

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For a long time I’ve wanted to have a resource like this available. I am very excited to finally publish it.

My writing here on Yaro.Blog is very mindset-centric. While techniques are great, and I know a lot of people read other blogs specifically to learn about practical things you can do using the latest web tools, I tend to focus more on the thought process and the strategy behind your decisions.

It’s in my nature to constantly reflect on what I am doing and why I do it. I may even go too far sometimes, enjoying the contemplation and self-analysis process more than actually implementing. I am my own most interesting subject after all, as you are no doubt for yourself.

I believe raising your awareness is critical to find success online as an entrepreneur. Unfortunately most people who start online have such little awareness of what they are trying to do or how anyone else does it, they assume it’s just a handful of “tricks” that lead to making an income.

This often leads to bitterness and resentment when they fail — and a whole lot of distrust of others who do have success — because they believe there are forces outside of their control that conspire to stop them from succeeding. It’s as if there are secrets or advantages that other people have and you don’t.

My belief is that the only “secret” or advantage you really gain is from developing your inner mindset.

Since what happens on the outside is born from what is going on inside your head, you really need to work on the source of all your results first.

Mindset As A Productivity Tool

The more I studied the activities of successful people, the more I began to realise that productivity isn’t anything to do with using tools or techniques, it’s actually an aspect of your mindset.

Productivity is a very simple thing in principle. You do the smartest activities for what you want, in the right order, at the right time.

The problem is that we spend so much time doing the wrong activities in the wrong order at the wrong times.

All of this comes down to choice.

Most of us want certain things and have at least some idea of how we might get them, but we make decisions that are not congruent with these goals.

The motivation behind poor choices often stems from emotional issues, or poor energy management patterns, or bad influences around us that create conditions for failure if we make them our source of guidance (for example an unsuccessful peer group).

These things can be overcome if you have a rock solid mindset. Like all skills though, we are not naturally born with super-strong mindset, we have to work on it and build the muscle.

When your mindset is strong, you will make better choices and reap rewards, which will feed you with positive reinforcement, further supporting more good decisions.

The most challenging time is right at the start. You haven’t built up the mindset muscle yet and you don’t have any results that can give you positive reinforcement.

Positive reinforcement is vital. You can only go so far on willpower alone. At some point you need to see results, which will make your mindset stronger.

The fact is, early on you are mostly alone. You will face constant setbacks, you don’t have resources built up or a track record to fall back on – it’s not easy!

Mindset 101

I strongly recommend mindset training as one of the very first areas you focus on when starting out online.

Actually I think it should be the NUMBER ONE area you focus on first.

Forget about techniques, or systems or strategies or anything practical.

You have to turn inside, figure out how to make sure you are tuned for success and ready to take the battering that is going to come your way.

By studying mindset first you will also have a huge advantage when it comes to productivity.

You will be better able to spot the best activities for you to begin with. You will know your own strengths and weaknesses and understand what you need to improve first.

Knowing what you need to do, what order you should do it in and developing quality personal productivity habits, will manifest positive business results sooner rather than never.

I honestly wish someone had said this to me when I started.

I spent so much time focusing all my energy on figuring out what kind of business I wanted to run. I looked at techniques and systems and believed that the secret was in them.

That’s just not true.

Systems and techniques are tools that work in the hands of a person who is ready to use them and does so for long enough to get a result.

Unfortunately most people bring a poor mindset into the equation and focus more on just “making money” as really the only mindset.

That is not a strong attitude to have because as soon as you see there is work involved, and work you don’t want to do, you won’t last long, especially when you don’t see any money coming in.

Mindset Plus Action

Of course balance is needed. Studying yourself can become addictive.

People who are into personal development can sometimes fall into a world where you spend all day running personality tests or reading up on why you are the way you are, but fail to translate all of that inner work to outer results.

This is why I believe mindset training should be linked to desired outcomes.

Think of it like niche marketing. You don’t want to go too broad or it can become difficult to see how to apply what you are learning.

What you need is mindset training that is closely linked to what you are trying to do. Yes there are good sound general principles, but there is always a more granular interpretation of them specific to what you are working on today.

For example, the 80/20 Rule is a fantastic all around principle to apply to you entire life. However if you are attempting to use a blog to build a following online, then sell a training product to make money, doesn’t it make sense to look at how the 80/20 rule can be applied to that activity?

You can probably guess where I am heading with this…

The whole point of creating my new Mindset E-Guide was to focus on this aspect of your online success, but specifically apply it to building a profitable blog.

By focusing on this niche area of professional blogging mindset I can better serve you, since I have spent more than the last decade studying and practicing it myself and working with thousands of other bloggers.

It also means I can make it much more actionable for you. I can translate the mindset concepts into techniques you can apply as you grow your online blogging business.

Of course it is still mindset training. You are not going to find me talking about the latest Facebook marketing techniques, or how to effectively guest post for traffic, etc, in this guide.

It’s all about how to think better and get more results, yet work fewer hours.

I know by reading my guide and listening to the audios you will have a collection of the most powerful mindset concepts that are directly applicable to blogging and selling information products online. If that is what you are attempting to do, then this is a must-have training package.

For more details head to the information page you will be able to read all about the guide, purchase it and download it immediately afterwards.

Master Your Mindset: Mindset And Productivity Training For Professional BloggersMaster Your Mindset Order Page

On that page in the sidebar I’ve also placed some sample training audios I created for this package and some sample pages from the guide itself. These are completely free and a good taste of what the full package offers.

I look forward to hearing what you think of the guide. If you have any questions about it before purchasing, feel free to ask me as comment replies to this article.

Yaro Starak
Mastering Mindset

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