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If you have ever felt a sense of emotional conflict about building a business or actively pursuing money because you feel it goes against the tenets of your religion, this podcast is for you.

Personally, I’ve never had any issue pursuing money — in fact, I’ve always loved to! — but I was not brought up within the structure of any religious doctrine, which frequently has a lot to say about the pursuit of wealth.

My podcast guest, Sam Hodgett, spent much of his early adult life involved with his church. He has always felt the church as a place he belonged to, and wants to remain a part of, but he also felt a strong desire to do something more.

Sam explains after a recommendation from his father to read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, they decided to get into online business.

Shortly after he discovered my ‘Blog Profits Blueprint‘, which led to him joining my course Blog Mastermind, his first introduction to the world of building authority websites.

Samuel Hodgett on EJ Podcast

From Freelancing To Christian Entrepreneurship

Although Sam never built an authority blog of his own, thanks to the online business skills he acquired, he began offering freelance services in his small hometown.

Fast forward to today and he’s on track to gross over $200,000 from his freelance agency, which offers a range of internet marketing services, from website development to Facebook advertising.

He’s also gone on to partner up in a new project, a membership site focused on Christian entrepreneurs.

His goal is to help other faith-based entrepreneurs marry their faith with their goals to build hugely profitable businesses.

Enjoy the podcast,
EJ Podcast

Topics Sam Covers In This Podcast

  • How he started a freelance marketing business using only the knowledge he gained from Blog Profits Blueprint
  • His struggle with the concept of wanting to build wealth within his religious community and how he dealt with it
  • The reasons and values that drive him to work 80 hours a week

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