Pat Flynn has an inspiring story that you must listen to if you are like many people around the world who recently lost their job and want to transition to making an income online from your own business.

Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome.comPat lost his job as an architect and decided to start an Internet business. His blog was originally set up as a website to store his notes while studying a special type of architecture qualification called the LEED exam. The blog started receiving lots of traffic because of his LEED notes. Some of Pat’s readers emailed him and suggested he create a book on how to pass the exam, which he did simply by compiling his blog posts together in a sequence.

Pat published his ebook and made $8,000 in his first month. After just one year of running his online business, he has made $203,219.04, as reported in his Annual Passive Income Report.

In this interview with Pat, you will hear him break down his entire story, including how he set up his blog, how he created his e-book and sells it online. If you don’t think your life can change in just a few short months thanks to the Internet, this interview will change your mind. Enjoy!

Show Notes

  • How Pat lost his job as an architecture during the economic downturn and started a blog
  • What topic Pat wrote about on his blog that skyrocketed his traffic and led to making his first product
  • How Pat was able to make $8,000 in his first month selling his ebook
  • Pat explains how he managed his business from his iphone while in Hawaii, making $9,000 a week
  • A step-by-step breakdown of how Pat started his blog, wrote his ebook by combining his blog posts, and then started selling it from his blog
  • How Pat created a simple sales page and what shopping cart service he uses to sell his ebook
  • Why Pat believes he is successful selling his first ebook online and others fail
  • How Pat gets targeted traffic to his blog, mostly for free from Google
  • Pat explains what elements of his sales page he tests using Google Optimizer

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