This is a topic I’ve wanted to chime in on for a long time now. Many bloggers, some well known, others not so well know, have been talking money. In particular how much can you earn from blogging.

Combining all my income sources outside of my business, the total for March 2007 comes to $6549.52 – and most of that comes from this blog you are reading now. Note that is a gross profit figure, there are people who work with me that I pay and other related expenses, but about 90% of that is pure profit.

I wish I could tell you I spend that money on fun things – and some of it will go to leisure activities and living expenses – but much of it goes right back into my online ventures to pay for outsourcing and growing web assets that produce income. I am in business afterall and you can’t spend your profits frivolously if you want to be in business for the long haul.

Blogging Part Time For A Full Time Income

The reason I disclose my income for last month is because I want to show you that it is possible to blog part time and earn a full time income. If you read my blog regularly you know that while my posts are often lengthy and of high quality, I’m far from the most prolific blogger online.

I aim for a new post around once per day and I rarely publish multiple articles a day, certainly not full sized articles. In fact I frequently go a day or two without posting new content. This is a deliberate choice I make because I want to spend my time doing many different things, some work related (business building), some health related (exercise) and some for fun (seeing friends, family, eating out, etc). I really enjoy blogging, but my main goal is to live with the freedom to blog only when I want to, not because I have to earn a certain amount of money or I’ve placed pressures on myself to meet certain quotas.

You have to do something of course – I wouldn’t expect you to keep reading my blog if I didn’t provide regular value to you – but you can blog and earn good money without being a slave to the blogging career. You set realistic expectations and then match your activities to meet those expectations and hopefully, like I have managed to do, you can create a pretty fantastic lifestyle built around blogging.

How Hard Do You Want To Work?

I have noticed that most bloggers who report four figure or more incomes from blogging are very active, posting many articles each day and need to maintain the pace to keep earning.

Some professional bloggers might rely on delivering a certain number of pageviews each month to keep the AdSense or other contextual income coming, or perhaps take on every single paid review that comes their way. There’s nothing wrong with that, and many of these bloggers earn more money than I do from blogging, but I do not advocate or wish to replicate the level of work required to sustain that monetization strategy. The pay might be good, but the labor, in my mind, is too high a price to pay in hours taken from your life, which you could spend in other ways.

I aim for balance, financial stability and time freedom, and blogging is the vehicle at the moment I use to help meet those goals. I believe you can do the same, if you follow certain patterns, work diligently but not excessively, and stay focused.

If you know me and/or have read this blog for a while, you know that I promote methods of building passive income and passion driven businesses. In the case of blogging, my series on blogging business models outlined models that use blogs to derive income that don’t rely on one person for the income stream – this is the formula for building passive income from blogging.

I’m working on the passive blog business model myself right now with a couple of other blogs, but for the moment at this blog,, it’s a showcase of my writing and teachings, not something I plan to outsource since it would no longer be my blog. That may one day change if I decide I no longer want to write to this blog, but for the moment it’s all Yaro, with the occasional guest article now and then.

The passion model, means you blog because you enjoy it, you get paid well for doing it, but you are not a slave, and preferably, you are using passive income streams to monetize your blog, so when you do stop blogging the money doesn’t dry up completely. That’s exactly what I do now at this blog. I love blogging because I enjoy communicating and helping others. To make money from it, and good money, grants me the holy grail of doing something I love and getting paid well for it.

Yaro Starak
Blog Mentor