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If you are currently struggling to find the time to start your blog business, then this story will inspire you.

kim sorgius 3Kim Sorgius was one of those people who ‘checked her email once a week’, so needless to say was not super tech savvy. Pregnant with her fourth child, her husband left her, which led to the decision to start a blog as an attempt to make some extra money.

Her blog, NotConsumed.com, started slowly, then hit a big break when by chance Kim shared a picture on Pinterest that linked to one of her blog post. The picture spread like wildfire and resulted in 100,000 visitors to her blog in just that month.

Unfortunately Kim made no money from the traffic because she had no method to make money yet. She had tried Google AdSense advertising earlier, but was banned from the program possibly when some well meaning friends and family clicked the ads on her blog.

Kim Creates Her First Digital Product

After her success with Pinterest, Kim continued to blog and share pictures on the pinning platform. Her traffic stayed up, so she decided to try selling a product as a means to make money.

She created some bible cards, charged $2.99 for the set and promoted them to her audience. They sold well enough, but at the very low price point she only managed to pay a few bills with the income.

Fast forward in time and Kim looks back on her income reports and realizes that she was making a consistent $500 a month just from her first product.

Although she was a bit all over the place with her focus, this demonstration of consistent income, combined with attending a live event, led to the decision to take her business seriously.

Creating More Products And Hitting $10,000 A Month

Kim explains during the interview how her decision to get serious about her business, meeting Leslie Samuel at a conference, and zeroing in on her email list as a key strategy, led to the big financial breakthrough.

Kims four childrenFrom her second product onwards, Kim started using more focused email marketing campaigns and tapped into the power of affiliates to break the $10,000 a month level. She never dropped below that number again.

As you can imagine doing all this while also home schooling four children is a pretty amazing feat. Kim explains what her average day is like towards the end of the interview, and also explains how she was able to hire a few key contractors to help her release more products rapidly.

Success With Low Priced Products

Besides the fact that Kim did all this as a single mother of four, the other aspect of her story that really impressed me was how much money she is making with low priced products.

Today Kim sells 30 products, all of which are below $30 in price. To make $30,000 a month you have to sell A LOT of product at such low prices, which goes to show how incredibly effective her blog is at attracting a huge and engaged audience.

If you’re not achieving the results you want with your blog and email list, listen to this interview and see what is possible.

Yaro Starak
EJ Podcast

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