There was a time when I was running the live chat interface on the Become A Blogger Premium sales page.

The live chat is a little innovation Gideon and I came up with to help any person who is reviewing our sales page by making ourselves available to answer any questions live.

Being available to answer questions live is a great way to help these people decide whether the program is right for them, but it also gives us valuable feedback on where people are “stuck” in their decision process.

I strongly recommend you consider some kind of live support during a launch campaign or even in general on any sales page. Demonstrating your commitment to your customers and showing your availability at the point of purchase, is a powerful persuasion tool.

What If You Don’t Know What To Blog About?

During the time I spent on the chat there was a common theme of questions.

The biggest “sticking point” people are facing when considering becoming a blogger is what topic to cover. The language used to describe the issue varied and included the following –

  1. I don’t know what topic to write about
  2. I’m not an expert at anything
  3. I don’t know whether my topic can be profitable

I really feel there is a strong insecurity and a general lack of understanding around what makes a profitable topic. This is a unique challenge for bloggers, because we don’t necessarily have a product to sell, especially when you first begin. In essence, your content is your product, and if you choose a product no one wants, then obviously you’re not going to make money.

The Subtle Elements Behind Choosing The Right Subject

I’ve long been a student of niche marketing and the initial choice of topic for a blog is the same as choosing a niche for any business. You’re choosing what market to enter with the hope of success, whatever that success is for you.

In most cases success includes some kind of monetary reward, but with blogging it’s a bit different, because for many bloggers, it’s just as much about creative expression, recognition and reputation as it is about raw dollars. You have to consider your potential to make money and whether you want to immerse yourself in that industry to potentially become an expert.

People don’t always look at blogging as the path to preeminence. Some just create a blog, stick some adsense on it, get some content created through outsourcers, then move on to the next blog. I’ve never been about this method because it lacks a soul. It’s purely about money and not about passion, and I don’t see that as something that will last long term.

It’s worth studying this method however because the people who use it are very good at figuring out where the money is, which unfortunately for those of us who focus on passion, often struggle the most with. There are plenty of struggling bloggers with a lot of passion and no dollars, so you owe it to yourself to use whatever resources you have available to make sure you’re not one of them.

The holy grail of blogging is a mix of what you love and what you can get paid for – and paid really well. Most book authors never make money from their work, yet with a blog you can put in as much effort as you would to write a book, and end up with a very cash positive asset. Best of all you can do this independently, from your home, without the need of distribution from a publishing company, who would take a large chunk of your profits.

I’m Going To Help You Find A Topic

Since I see the issue of topic selection such a major problem for people, especially those entering the blogging game for the first time, I have this free download available to you to help you find a topic.

If that sounds good to you, download it below…

I’ll speak to you soon,

Blog Mentor

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