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Kat Loterzo was a successful personal trainer based in Melbourne Australia. She built up a thriving practice and enjoyed her work, but something wasn’t right. She wanted to do more, help more people and gain freedom from the hours-for-dollars business model.

Fast forward to 2007 and Kat came across my blog. She loved how I was able to travel around the world with my laptop and make an income using an online business model. She promptly signed up for my Blog Mastermind program and started her own blog.

Kat continued her personal training practice but slowly began the process to transition towards online business. She used her blog as a platform to build her brand, then launched a health and fitness ebook, which provided her first taste of making money online.

Kat Loterzo

It took some time for Kat to evolve her online business to the subject she cares about – helping woman get the most out of all aspects of life, including health and business.

Today she runs a coaching and digital training business and makes $80,000 a month. She has a membership site, runs online and in-person workshops, has a private coaching program and more.

Kat travels the world with her husband and two children and is able to run her entire business from her laptop.

In this interview, you will hear the story behind the entire transition process Kat went through, how she creates and launches products, and built her audience.

Ready, Fire, Aim

I believe a big part of Kat’s success is her ability to come up with ideas and execute them incredibly quickly.

She will have an idea for a training program one day, spend the night writing the sales page, send an email to her subscribers the following day, make sales and then create the program with her new members.

This rapid product launch process might be stressful at times (and Kat openly states it is), but the pressure leads to performance. When you have paying customers you have to deliver.

While the “ready, fire, aim” methodology might not suit everyone, if you’ve had a product in development for a while, stop developing and start selling.

If you are where Kat was in 2007, running an hours-for-dollars business and you want to break free and build an online business with a better income model, then sign up for the next round of my Blog Mastermind course.

Just as Kat did, I will show you how to create an online platform for selling your own digital products and services. Using just a blog and an email list you can run your business from anywhere on this planet, live the laptop lifestyle, and enjoy helping so many more people than you can working one-on-one.

Talk to you soon,

Yaro Starak
EJ Podcast

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