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John Jonas and I spent several months trying to connect to get this interview done, but it was worth the wait.

I was referred to him via Adam Short from Niche Profit Classroom as a guy who has a unique insight into a particular type of outsourcing online – in this case, hiring people specifically from the Philippines.

Why the Philippines? Well, there are many reasons, most of which John outlines in this interview, and by the end of it, I’m sure you will be rushing to look into this method yourself.

This is a really, really good podcast interview. It’s one of those discussions where the person being interviewed is willing to share the exact steps used to get something done. If you have ever considered doing any outsourcing online to help grow your business, listen to this call.

John Jonas and partner

Outsourcing Is Not Always Easy

I’ve been telling people to “outsource” for many years, and unfortunately, a lot of people come back to me with stories about how difficult it is to find quality contractors.

Common wisdom with outsourcing is that you go to a site like upwork.com, guru.com or freelancer.com, submit a job and then attempt to find the best person to get the project done. This can work, but it’s hit and miss and in most cases, you have to go through some “bad” experiences before you get to the good people.

John Jonas has a different system, one that focuses on hiring people full time at very affordable rates, and then establishing a long-term relationship that’s more like an outsourced employee than an odd job contractor, who only works with you when you have a project on.

When I say a relationship with his outsourcers, John well and truly trusts his people. He’s willing to give them access to his hosting accounts and even his Paypal account. There’s a lot of trust required to be that comfortable letting other people, especially people in another country far away, have control over pretty much everything in your business.

If you’re curious how John can do this, listen to the interview and you will find out how.

Show Notes

  • How John started off and was able to quit his job thanks to online marketing
  • How he first found out about outsourcing to the Philippines
  • Why John stopped using elance type sites and instead started hiring full time
  • John explains an entire case study of how he had his outsourcers set up an entire income stream that they manage without him
  • Why John is able to trust his outsourcers with every aspect of his business
  • What website options are available for outsourcing to the Philippines
  • John takes us through an example of how to locate a Philippino worker using the website he uses to find good people
  • We discuss the ethical concerns of hiring a full time worker for as little as $200 a month
  • What John teaches in his ReplaceMyself.com website

Want To Outsource To The Philippines?

If you’re interested in doing what John does, and getting access to more training materials and his system you can use to train your outsourcers once you hire them, check out John’s site, ReplaceMyself.com.

John spends much of his time helping to outsource the way he does because he enjoys it, and since so much of his business is outsourced already, he has the time to do so. If you want his help, check out –



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