The sun is shining here in Melbourne as the cold weather is leaving us down under and no doubt making its way slowly back up to you guys in the northern hemisphere (sorry about that).

Don’t worry however as I have a resource that will keep you busy if you end up trapped inside for long hours due to mother nature.

As part of the recent redesign of my blog, we also updated my “How You Can Start” mega resource page.

How You Can Start: A Step-By-Step Guide to Set Up A Profitable Website


This page has one purpose, to collect and guide you through the best content in my blog, in a sequence designed to help you set up a profitable website.

There’s a lot of content in a blog that is more than a decade years old like mine, which is why I compiled this page.

The mega-resource page is broken down into modules from A to E, covering the following topics –

  1. Topic Selection And Website Set Up
  2. Content Creation
  3. Traffic
  4. Monetization
  5. Automation

There’s also a bonus module on mindset.

Did I mention all of this is free?

All I ask is that if you do decide to start down the path of building a money making website that you buy hosting through my affiliate link for Bluehost and you start your email newsletter by buying autoresponder services from AWeber, also through my affiliate link.

Or if you can’t do that, at least please share my page using one of the social media buttons to Tweet or like it on Facebook.

Go check out my How You Can Start Page now

How About This Magazine Cover?

Last issue I asked you to tell me which cover design you liked best for my new Blogology magazine coming to the Apple Newsstand very soon.

Blogology Yaro CoverI have to thank you so much for the 160+ feedback comments I received to my blog post – Which Blogology Magazine Cover Do You Like Best?

It sure was interesting to read all the varying opinions of why you liked or disliked the three designs we came up with.

Carly my magazine designer and I have continued to work on a layout and for a bit of fun we grabbed one of my press photos to use for a cover template.

What do you think?

I don’t plan on being on the cover as I would prefer to feature other bloggers and experts, but for the demo version I get to be famous :-).

I have to get back to work now on my latest e-guide I hope to release to you soon. I’ll let you know more details when it gets closer to the launch date.

Enjoy your weekend and I’ll talk to you soon, 

Yaro Starak