In late 2019 on my LinkedIn news feed, an article popped up with the following title –

Finder co-founder Fred Schebesta has debuted on the Young Rich List with a $193 million fortune

I immediately thought — I know this guy!

Fred was someone I briefly connected with way back in the mid-2000s when he was running a web dev agency and I was in the early years of my blogging business.

Having left Australia in 2015, I wasn’t around to see the meteoric rise of Fred’s next company — — a website that provides information to help you make decisions about credit cards, home loans, personal loans, insurance and many other important life choices.

I immediately got in touch with Fred, we reconnected, and of course, I asked if he was willing to share his story on my podcast.

From Niche Content Sites To

What I love about Fred’s journey is how he and his co-founders started out like many of us – by creating niche content websites.

During the interview, Fred explains how he learned about internet marketing techniques, then proceeded to build several niche content sites.

Most of them failed, but one —, succeeded.

At the time Fred was still running his agency, Freestyle Media, but eventually, he exited the company in a $1.2 million dollar sale and after a three-year earn-out period, was free to pursue his next project.

That next project started with his credit card finder site, then expanded into other financial finder sites, which eventually merged into

Then, of course, the day came when they decided to go after to become a true global company. It cost $300,000 USD, but a deal was done (I had to laugh when I heard what was previously!).

From Niche Content To Millions Of Dollars

I was especially interested to learn how Fred and his team were able to go from small niches to one big multi-million dollar company, with a global team.

I know many people who’ve made a few thousand to even a couple of million dollars with content websites — I am one of them!

Taking the content model to the level that Fred has with Finder, that’s unique.

I’ll let you listen in to the podcast to hear Fred explain what it takes to reach the level Finder is at.

It’s also important to note that Finder has only really begun its expansion outside of Australia. They’ve got a proven model, and they plan to help people around the world make better financial decisions.

One way they are doing that is with a new app, which based on Fred’s description sounds exciting. You can plug the app into your bank accounts and it will show you ways to save money.

Fred and Finder’s venture arm have recently dipped their toes into the cryptocurrency world too, launching an exchange,

If you do anything with content online, this interview will inspire you. It will also make you look for business models that can lead to bigger outcomes, unlocking potential you already have simply by changing how you do what you do.

Enjoy the podcast,

Topics Covered In This Podcast

  • Fred’s end-to-end entrepreneurial journey, starting from his university days and leading up to today
  • What made Fred decide to undertake the path of entrepreneurship
  • His first 3 niche content websites, and what made him decide to head in the direction of what would eventually become
  • The decisions that led to becoming a global brand operating in over 10 countries
  • The different challenges that come with scaling a simple business to the scale that Fred has, and the number of variables involved

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