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Fran KerrThis interview is one of the most exciting successful blog case studies I have ever shared with you. This is the story of Fran Kerr, who created HighOnClearSkin.com, a blog about acne treatment, skin care and alternative health.

I met Fran back in 2007 and realized she had the talent to go after the blogging business model. She had passion for a subject (alternative health) and was technically able to get the work done.

Fran as you will hear in the this interview, really experienced a roller coaster of emotions – almost giving up completely at one stage – before finally tasting success. The challenge in the end came down to mindset more than anything else.

Fran has one of the most popular alternative health and skin care blogs in the world. She writes articles for her blog, produces videos which she shares on her YouTube channel and her blog, has a subscriber base of over 15,000 people, sells ebooks, has an e-commerce store where she sells physical products, has a membership site and does affiliate marketing.

I worked very closely with Fran when she went through the early days of her blogging and it’s safe to say that this is one case where having a coach and mentor really made a difference (Fran you could say was my first private coaching client). Fran did the hard work and went way beyond what I taught her, doing things that I haven’t done myself and eventually tasting financial freedom because of that. She’s a hard worker, who followed my systems and advice sometimes, while at other times did things her own way.

Today Fran brings in anywhere from $4,000 to $12,000 a month income thanks to her business, and best of all she’s living the dream of being in charge of how she leads her life and makes money doing something she loves.

Fran Kerr 2

This interview breaks down Fran’s entire story, how she started her HighOnClearSkin.com blog, the challenges she faced along the way both practically and emotionally, how she attracts traffic to her blog, creates videos and how she set up all her different methods of making money.

As you will hear in this interview, Fran comes across as a very down to earth person, who I believe anyone can identify with. There’s nothing about this story you can’t replicate, and in particular I recommend any of my female followers listen to this interview because I consider Fran a real shining star and source of motivation for other female bloggers out there.

Enjoy the interview and if you want to get in touch with Fran and see how she does what she does, visit her blog, HighOnClearSkin.com


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