Dr. John Demartini is somewhat of a legend in the world of personal development.

I first came across his wisdom during the mid-2000s when he was one of the featured experts in the viral-hit documentary, The Secret.

However, Dr Demartini’s career began long before this. He’s been teaching since back in the 70s when a 23-year-old John would hold in-person classes teaching whatever he was learning at the time, from yoga, to meditation to mathematics.

He began charging $2.50 to attend his hour-long classes and before long John was earning over $100,000 a year as a teacher of workshops. Considering his early-childhood with dyslexia and difficulty speaking, this turnaround is truly inspiring.

John Becomes A Chiropractor And Learns An Important Lesson On Running A Business

Later John turned his focus to chiropractic studies, becoming a doctor and launching his own practice. It was during this time that Dr Demartini came across a pivotal book, The Time Trap by Alec Mackenzie.

This book taught Dr Demartini that he was not running his business as effectively as he could. In particular, an exercise he completed that helped him to value his time, dramatically shifted his business — and launched it on a huge growth curve.

During this podcast John takes us through the exact exercise he went through, which every Entrepreneur should complete, so listen in very carefully and have a pen and paper handy!

Understanding Your Current Financial Position, Saving Money And Thriving During A Crisis

The second half of this podcast features some great business advice from Dr Demartini, in particular, a ten-step process he went through to assess his financial position and set goals that lead to financial freedom.

This basically means he did the numbers, figured out his assets, liabilities, his true financial position, then his numbers for financial freedom, and then looked at the gap between the two.

The key change he made as a result of this process — which he repeated again and again for us listeners to do as well — was to save money, no matter what position you are in.

This is so important, because when you do hit crisis time, like we are going through now in 2020 when this podcast was released during the Covid-19 lockdown period, you have cash reserves.

This money in the bank means you don’t make irrational decisions due to scarcity thinking, plus you have the capital to pounce on the opportunities that come your way, which basically means you can do what Warren Buffett famously states –

“Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy only when others are fearful.”

Needless to say, Dr Demartini offers plenty of wisdom in this podcast and tells some great stories from his own life. I know you will enjoy it.


Topics Covered In This Podcast

  • John’s struggle growing up with a physical deformity and speech impediment, and how that shaped him into who he is today
  • John’s first entrepreneurial success as a 9-year-old employing the neighborhood kids to help him run a gardening business, and paying his father for rent (he made the equivalent of $500/day today!)
  • The transition from being believed that he was not going to go far in life to generating over $100,000 a year tutoring 100-150 people a day about mathematics at the age of 23
  • Lessons John learned from Donald Trump about how to build momentum and a personal brand, that helped him become an internationally acclaimed speaker
  • 6 powerful questions John used to grow his chiropractor business from 1 person to 5 doctors, 12 staff members and a ten-fold increase in income in 18 months, landing him speaking opportunities in front of other doctors
  • The 10 questions taught by John’s financial planner that gave him clarity on what exactly he needed to achieve financial independence
  • What Warren Buffet taught John about keeping cash reserves to protect his business and take advantage of market crashes (much like the recent coronavirus market crash)
  • John’s system of “forced savings” that got him from saving $200 a month to eventually saving $256,000 a month
  • How John shifts his mindset from seeing the hiring of someone as cost, to seeing hiring as never costing him money
  • John’s philosophy about micromanagement and how you know if you’ve hired the right person to delegate to
  • How to re-frame crises like the coronavirus into something positive you can take advantage of – with examples provided

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