James Clear: How The Master Of Habitual Self Improvement Became A Writer And Uses His Blog To Reach Over A Million People Per Month

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There are a few people online who I genuinely appreciate as writers.

James Clear is one of them.

James is one of the only bloggers I know who does extensive research for his content and includes footnotes to reference the source of many concepts.

As you will hear in this interview, it’s easy to understand why James does what he does. Research and learning, in particular in neuropsychology and self-improvement through habits, are what motivate him.

From Zero To 100,000 Email Subscribers In Two Years

James has one of the most popular blogs on the planet, which is especially incredible considering he is the only writer. He averages more than a million visitors a month today, but I was interested to learn how he got his start during the early years.

Like many entrepreneur journey stories shared on the EJ podcast, James experienced a slow start building his audience.

During the interview, James explains how his email list subscriber growth began, including a very interesting account of some of the tipping points, for example, taking six months to get to 6,000 subscribers, but then only one month to double that number to 12,000.

James gave a couple of very clear, and very clever techniques he used to grow his traffic. If this is a sticking point for you, make sure you listen to this podcast.

The Power Of Quality Work

If there is one message to take away from this interview, it’s the importance and power of quality work — including the work you put into your writing.

James opens up the interview by calling himself a combination of a scientist and a craftsman. The idea of your blog being not just a vehicle to make money, but your craft, which you work on every day to improve, always with the goal of sharing your best, is compelling.

As the interview continues, you can see that James has enjoyed the success he has because at the heart of everything he does is incredible writing.

All the rewards — the traffic, the ability to operate a profitable business, the impact he has on people’s lives — eventuates from his dedication to sharing great ideas week after week.

If writing is your passion, and the vehicle you plan to use grow an online business, make sure you listen in to this podcast.

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  • Hello Yaro. I´m lovinh hearing this podcast, but the link to James site is not working. I would love to visit his site. Can you send me the link? Thanks.

    • It’s fixed – and the first link in the article to James site was always working.

  • John

    Hello,Yaro,could you tell me the BGM of this radio? I didnt find the sound,it reaally has a soothing effect on my nerves!

    • John

      the one you talked with James Clear

    • Alan Lu

      Hi John, my name is Alan and I produce Yaro’s podcasts. I’m glad you enjoy the music!

      The background music used for this podcast is called “Dynamic Hip Hop” by Bransboynd. You should be able to find it with a quick search on Audio Jungle.

  • John

    thx!Alan,you are so nice! good luck with you!

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