Although this article was first published in 2011 by guest writer Leevi, I leave it here for you to read because it contains solid fundamental marketing lessons that still work today. If you’re new to marketing, this will be helpful. — Yaro

A business built on flimsy foundations will soon crumble.

How do you know if that is your business?

Here are some clues. If your business is built on tactics and not strategies, the newest “push button” software, a “loophole” to exploit Google or Facebook or any dodgy marketing tactic that misleads people, AKA, a shiny object.

The Internet Is Awesome For Start Ups

The great thing about the Internet is that it allows easy and quick set up of a business with relatively low start up costs. The downside is you now have people with no idea of marketing or business trying to make money. That’s a recipe for disaster.

One common issue new people starting out online is distraction by “shiny objects”. Just like a real shiny object distracts the mind of a child off the task at hand, the Internet marketing “shiny object” distracts the would be entrepreneur from proper business foundations.

The problem with shiny objects is that they are not long term solutions. It would be great if you found a way to exploit Google’s algorithm… until they changed it. And then what? You are back to square one and you can start your “business” all over again.

Don’t get me wrong I am not saying all things we buy are shiny objects. My premium wordpress theme has been something that has saved me countless hours and money because it’s ease of use, but it would be worthless if I didn’t know my market and how to effectively communicate with them and establish relationships with them.

Inside The Mind Of A Millionaire Marketer

Recently, a pretty historic event happened on the Internet: Dan Kennedy did a product launch.

For those who don’t know Dan Kennedy is a very famous direct response marketer and is often referenced as an influence by everyone from Frank Kern to John Carlton to Dean Jackson. His marketing teachings and philosophies are legendary and have shaped many a successful marketers mentality.

The funny thing is Dan admits to not having a cell phone, never using email, Facebook or Twitter. If you think he is old school you are right! So why does Dan think that despite the fact he may seem technologically out of touch that he can help online businesses with his marketing principles?

Because solid fundamental marketing is universal in it’s application regardless of the medium you choose to apply it in.

Case In Point

When selling first started taking off on the Internet, master copywriter John Carlton laments how he use to have to argue with clients to remove all the fancy graphics on sales letters and just go back to the tried and true solid text of direct response advertising.

You can still see the same today.

Even though we have crazy capabilities to do fancy graphics and really jazz up a website, you will find most successful online salesletters consist of very little graphics. A product photo, testimonial photos and maybe an author photo or header is all that you will see.

Simple time tested marketing principles still work in today’s whizz bang technological society.

The Basics Of Marketing Are Still The Same

Look at all the successful marketers online – they do time tested formulas. I see pattern interrupt and attention grabbing by Frank Kern on Facebook. I see Ryan Diess with banner ads claiming the Internet is dying and you can steal his business secrets.

These marketers use the secrets of attention and headlines to draw you into the ad. Then they capture leads and deliver value to you and eventually promote a product. It’s not rocket science and once you know how to do it, it isn’t that complicated.

No fancy equipment. No whizz bang software. No secret “loop hole”. Just a great sales funnel.

The time tested formula of getting traffic, capturing leads and converting those leads into customers.

But like I mentioned before beginners get so caught up and distracted with shiny objects that the fundamentals of business and marketing are often overlooked.

Steal Dan’s 7 Golden Keys Of Business Success

During his product launch Dan reveals his 7 golden keys for helping your business. Funnily enough I think I have covered these in previous articles.

Gold Key #l: It’s about the customer – not the product.

I have spoken at length about market research, knowing your prospect and finding a hungry audience.

Gold Key #2: You will NOT win by catering to the majority.

Don’t be afraid to polarize people and not include some people in your marketing message.

Gold Key #3: People want something new, unusual and different.

Once again it is about having a unique selling proposition . It doesn’t always have to be completely new. You can take an old product or service and just do it better.

Gold Key #4: People buy stories, not things.

It is in human nature that we love stories. I have previously written about popular stories to sell and how stories are used in copywriting.

Gold Key #5: Money is the thing.

Deliver something worthwhile, help people on their journey and you will get rewarded.

Gold Key #6: Money and wealth is in the list and the relationship with the list.

Online this boils down to email marketing. Learn about email marketing here and discover how to do email marketing correctly, unlike a majority of marketers out there.

Gold Key #7: Create sustainable assets – don’t merely make money.

Understand that we are in things for the long term. The time and effort you put into some short term money maker could be invested into a more profitable long term business, which then transforms into a more profitable asset that pays you over and over again.

Believe it or not but many of the “secrets” of a master marketer have been shared on this website. They may not be “sexy” and take a bit more effort but think about where you want to be in the longer term. Still chasing shiny objects? Or reaping the benefits of creating a profitable online business built on solid marketing and business principles.