It was painful to hear, and to make matters worse, it wasn’t the first time…

I’m going to quit

I just can’t make this work

It’s too hard and I feel even more lost than when I started!

These were the phrases uttered to me in desperation from Helen, my coaching client.

Things started off well. Her enthusiasm was there. I knew Helen wasn’t happy with her current financial situation and wanted to break free. She’d hired me to guide her through the process, to help her build a money-making blog business.

As is often the case, Helen wanted to make money on her terms and not be a slave to the ‘dollar-per-hour’ earning model. She wanted to make money helping others, using the skills and knowledge she already had.

Most of all she wanted a better way — a better business model that could support her lifestyle and create freedom, not trap her to a desk.

I knew the potential was there for her to build a lifestyle business through blogging, if she could just tap into the audience that was perfect for her. The people who would love everything she did and pay her well for what she knew.

I’m overwhelmed. There is too much to do, I don’t know where to start, and my progress seems incredibly slow. I’m going to have to go back to my job.

That was the final straw.

Hearing Helen explain that she was not only considering giving up on her blog, but she felt that returning to a job she hated was her only option.

I decided to once and for all solve this problem.

I knew most people failed at making money with a blog because they gave up long before they had a chance to succeed.

The problem as I saw it stemmed from a lack of clarity about her topic. Without clarity, every step feels random, and results are hard to come by.

Without some kind of positive feedback, that early motivation quickly wanes, leading to more poor choices, more confusion and eventually the end game — giving up!

What Do The Winners Have In Common?

To make sure I was on the right track I decided to go back and do some very important research.

I wanted to review every big blog success story I helped create.

After more than eight years as a blog coach, I have a large pool of success stories to draw on. I could review all of my previous blogging clients and see what they did right.

Having helped dozens of bloggers create online businesses that make at least $100,000 a year all the way up to millions of dollars, and also running my own million dollar blog, meant I had all the data I needed.

I've listened to all these interviews

I dove in head first, re-listening to all the interviews I had ever done with successful bloggers. I looked for commonalities, and also the key differentiators that led to success.

I also referred back to all the other case studies I had conducted with online entrepreneurs (over 150 in total!), taking my research beyond just bloggers to see what exactly makes an online business work.

Having had two other successful online businesses before I started blogging (an online card game shop, and later an online editing service), I thought back to what made them work. Why did I succeed where so many other would-be entrepreneurs around me fail.

I also thought back to my own failures, those early years where I personally experienced the same frustrations Helen was going through now.

I spent a good number of my first entrepreneur years angry at my poor results. I felt I had potential, if I could just put the pieces of the puzzle together.

A Pattern Emerges…

It didn’t take long for me to spot the pattern.

My research brought up some clear commonalities. What made it interesting was the diversity of people and subjects.

I heard success stories from men and woman of all ages. Some had come from entrepreneurial families, while some had zero business experience before they started blogging.

The subjects varied from treating acne, to tennis, BMX bikes, to curing ADHD, to business advice for women, online dating, book publishing, penny stock trading, eliminating debt, skiing, homeschooling children — these subjects were VERY diverse!

Diverse Subjects for making money blogging

However despite all these differences, the reason these people succeeded when they first started online was clear.

The rules, as far as I could tell, were universal.

I went back to Helen with the intention of convincing her to put in one more attempt to make her business work. I was confident she would listen to me…

I told her that I could hand over the secret — the one big revelation that came from my research — and if she focused on it, all her current problems would be solved.

I also said this secret is so simple she probably would laugh at me.

Needless to say, she was intrigued.

However before I revealed to her the path forward, I had to prepare her. I needed to be certain she understood what was at the heart of all her frustration and failure so far.

She had to know what she was doing wrong…

Where People Go Wrong When They First Make The Decision To Start Their Blog Business

You have to be careful when you first start a new blog business.

The big mistake stems from human nature. We are actually wired to think in a way that leads to failure. To do otherwise is counterintuitive.

The problem? We focus on ourselves.

Everything comes from our own perspective. WE want to make money. WE want to help people with what WE know. WE believe they will really love what WE have to say.

It’s not that you have poor intentions — you genuinely do want to help people — but the lens you view the world through is so inwardly focused you can’t see the mistake.

This reason we think like this comes down to human evolution. We needed to be self-centered for our own survival and continuation of our genes.

human evolution

Unfortunately, when it comes to starting a blog business, this internal viewpoint blindsides us.

To make matters even worse, often one of the first pieces of advice you will receive about starting a blog, is to think about your passions — to turn what you love into a money-making business.

Once again the perceived answer is INSIDE YOU, when in truth, IT’S NOT.

You’re Passionate About Something With Little Idea How To Turn It Into Something Tangible… A.K.A. Money

Here’s the big issue…

Passion is the wrong answer to where the money is.

I’m going to give you the right answer in a moment, but there’s something I need you to understand first.

I’ve had three big successes when it comes to online business –

my online success

  1. ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Card Game Shop (I was a competitive gamer myself, and had been for 5 years prior to starting my web business)
  2. Editing Business For Students (I was a student myself and collaborated with other students every semester who needed academic editing services)
  3. Entrepreneurship Blog (I was an online entrepreneur and had been for seven years already when I started my blog)

In everything I had ever done that was successful, I could step into the shoes of my target audience, and truly understand where they were coming from.

The projects I started that failed were ideas with potential, things I got excited about, but quickly gave up on because I had no idea where the money was to be made in that market.

My blog business took things to a whole new level.

It took me ten years of trial and error as an entrepreneur to finally learn this lesson:

My business was not about me, it was about my customer and audience.arrowarrow

Yes I could use my stories, share my experiences and teach, but these had to be born from a knowledge of what my audience wanted, and a desire to serve them.

This is the lesson I applied with my blog. This is why my blogging business surpassed all my other businesses. This is how I became a millionaire blogger.

You’re most likely feeling the same way if you’re passionate about your topic and building a business around it. However there is a difference between being passionate yourself and understanding your customer enough to actually know where the money is to be made.

Unfortunately, most people lack the necessary clarity (there is that word again!) about their target customer, which leads to big mistakes.

Here’s where literally EVERYONE gets it WRONG at the start:

It’s devilishly difficult to specialize and understand how to REALLY serve your audience because right now you don’t actually know them well enough (even if you think you do!).

As a result of this gap in your understanding, these kinds of common mistakes occur:

  • You end up targeting everyone and appeal to nobody
  • Your solution makes complete sense in your head, but you have no idea how to translate it into something your audience actually wants to purchase
  • You lack the confidence to stand up and say you are the best solution to a specific group of people
  • You make all your decisions about your audience based just on feelings and assumptions, never any true data
  • You copy others in the market because they seem to be doing well (thus you become mostly invisible)
  • Your message is scattered because you jump from one topic to another
  • You tackle a market too huge to comprehend (leading to paralysis)…

And many, MANY more. I’ve seen it ALL.

So How DO You Find The Money In Blogging… Without Unnecessary Spending Of Time, Money Or Nerves

After nearly twenty years as an online entrepreneur, ten years as a blogger, and helping thousands of bloggers to make money in their market, I’ve cracked the code.

The answer to finally find the money in your market is a concept I call True Empathy.

True Empathy means you know where the money is in your market. You know this because you have a genuine understanding — a true empathy — with the people in that market.

It helps you zero in on the psychological makeup of your market, find the specialization that works for YOU, and generates the data to give you the confidence to make smart decisions.

check this outUnderstand this: Right now you DO NOT have a deep enough level of True Empathy. If you did, you would be making money.

The cornerstone of the True Empathy concept is about turning the lens around.

No longer do you focus inward at your passions, at what you think you know about your market. Instead, you flip it around and analyze your audience on a level you have never done so before. You must get inside their head and learn what really matters to them.

When you go through this process, you will learn –

  • The core emotional drive that leads your target customer to make a purchase.
  • The exact words and phrases that your audience uses to describe their problem (HINT: when your words match your audiences words, they treat you like a trusted friend who gets them – it builds genuine rapport).
  • The slice of your market that is perfect for YOU. Find the subset within a market who are ideally suited to LOVE what you offer (thus buy everything you sell!).
  • What currently sells. No guessing, this is where the money is because you can see empirical proof of cash leaving wallets.
  • Your ideal offer. The exact first product or service you should sell so you can start making money now.

How do I know this is the problem and that my solution works?

Because not only have I gone through the process several times over my 10+ years of blogging at a high level to refine my own True Empathy, I’ve helped thousands of bloggers do so, in all kinds of niches.

In every single circumstance, the breakthrough always comes from a deepening of True Empathy. Until this exists, it is impossible to succeed because you do not know who you are selling to, why they buy, or what to sell to them (even if you think you do!).

Just on my last group mastermind coaching call, I heard several permutations of this same exact problem from my current clients. Each of them solved the problem using the process I’m now making public.

…And don’t think I’m the exception, either! My very own blog succeeded ONLY after ‘getting’ True Empathy.

I spent more time on True Empathy than anything else. It’s responsible for taking my business over the million dollar level.

It’s even responsible for this page you are reading now. I couldn’t write this if I didn’t have a deep understanding of where you are coming from.

Start With These Two Very Important Questions…

I’ll give you a hint to start this process in your market:

Take a close look at what motivated you when you just started out in your industry… AND… What people are actually motivated enough to purchase right now. arrow

This is where it all begins. You don’t guess, you dive in and look at two key areas –

  1. What is the emotional motivation behind an action?
  2. What currently sells in your market now?

These two questions will guide you down a rabbit hole, leading to some incredible insights, a narrowing of focus and ultimately that CLARITY you need so badly.

In fact — stay with me here — completing this process myself made me realize that I needed to put together some kind of formal training around True Empathy.

I spent a month researching my market, including an hour-long one-on-one coaching call with twenty people, which led to an incredible breakthrough…

While doing True Empathy analysis, I discovered that this was in fact the biggest problem in my market. From my True Empathy, arose the realization that I had to teach True Empathy to others.

How meta is that!

Introducing ‘The Blog Money Finder’, A Powerful New Tool For Discovering The Money In Your Market

This big ah-hah moment with True Empathy lead to the decision to create a new training program.

People need a starting point. A place to finally get an answer to the question:

Where is the money in your market?

For me, the answer was simple. I had a three-step process to figure this out. Just three steps and you would never have to guess whether you can make money online.

I call this process, The Blog Money Finder.

To start, I taught the Blog Money Finder system to my existing blogging clients.

I made it mandatory training.

You can’t take the rest of my flagship blogging course Blog Mastermind until you complete this research process. You have to know where the money is before you build a business.

Blog Money FinderThe results have been impressive. I’ve never seen people gain so much clarity. It’s like they have finally seen the light!

For some of my blogging members, going through the Blog Money Finder helped narrow in on the true money in their market.

For others they discovered they were going after a market with no money (no wonder they were so frustrated!) and with just a slight adjustment — a pivot — they found a source of hungry buyers they could serve.

Often it is the subtle awareness change that makes a difference. The realization that how you talk to your market, what words you write and the swap in focus from looking inside yourself, to looking at your audience and what they want, that makes the difference.

Now I want to share this system with you.

For the first time, The Blog Money Finder is available to the public.

So my simple question to you is…

Would You Like To Use The Same Exact Tool Used To Repeatedly Pinpoint The Money Angle For Countless Blog Based Entrepreneurs?

If you just mouthed ‘yes’ to yourself, you’re definitely in the right place.

Before I go on about what the Blog Money Finder really is, let me tell you a few things you’ll be able to do with it:

  • Easily discover your ‘MONEY TOPIC’ without a shadow of a doubt… EVEN if you’re currently convinced nothing will work for you
  • Finally leverage ALL of the knowledge, tactics and technology you may have amassed for your online business… which in all honesty was useless until NOW!
  • Succeed online on your own terms… EVEN if your market seems totally full of big competition and looks like it’s definitely ‘taken’
  • Gain the confidence that comes from serving your ideal customer… nothing feels so good as making money helping people who are eager to pay you because they receive ten times the value in return (this can only happen when you find your ‘perfect’ audience)
  • Pre-battle-test your ideas, your product, your business… BEFORE you ever go to work to creating a full business around it! (saves you TONS of time, money and effort)

…and much MUCH more you’ll only see once you enter the Blog Money Finder insider process.

But first, let’s see what’s exactly inside the Blog Money Finder…

Five Comprehensive Training Modules On Video, Audio AND Print – All Designed To Speed You Along Towards Profits

As I created this course for you, I went to great lengths to make sure it’s extremely easy to follow, easy to digest and easy to implement.

We’ve all seen enough courses thrown together that only give you a headache as you try to find any morsels of useful information in there, which seem like a bunch of random blog posts and other content hastily combined into a ‘course’.

The Blog Money Finder is the polar opposite of that.

The core of the training is broken down into five video modules, all brand new. You can zoom through these all at once, or take one per day over a week — it’s up to you.

Since I realize not everyone likes video, I made sure to produce every module as an audio MP3 for those who prefer to listen (I like to study audio at 2xSpeed for quicker absorption).

I also paid top dollar for high quality transcripts with editing, so you can read though the Blog Money Finder in text PDFs if you prefer.

All of these materials are digital, so you can take them with you on your smartphone, in the car, flying on a plane, when you are out for a jog or sitting at a cafe on your laptop. You can also print the PDFs if you like to read on paper.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll be getting inside each course module:

empathyModule 1: True Empathy

Discover The Shortcut To Your Market’s Subconscious And Use It To Relate, Engage And Profit!

Module 1 VideoText Audio Video

True empathy is a term I use to help you develop genuine empathy for the problems that your target audience is experiencing, or the need or the passion they have for a subject.

In other words – walk a mile in their shoes, so you know how to write and sell to them.

Everything depends on getting this right FIRST, so you’ll learn this first.

In this module, you will learn:

  • The 8 Big Mistakes New Online Entrepreneurs Make That Kill Their Business Before They Even Start And How You Can Identify And Eliminate Them From Your Business
  • How To Break Down To The True Emotional Motivation That Drives Your Target Customer To Buy Things
  • Why Deciding NOT To Target Certain People Is The Key To Making Money

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sweetspotModule 2: Convergence (The ‘Sweet Spot’)

A Hidden Formula To Find Your Natural Talent, Credibility Or Advantage That Leads To A Sweet Spot Irresistible to Buyers!

Module 2 VideoText Audio Video

If you play tennis like I do, you know it’s all just waving hands around on a court while fuzzy yellow balls fly past you… IF you don’t know how to hit the exact Sweet Spot in your racket.

…Which is a fair metaphor – it’s actually not unlike that in online business!

Everyone has different strengths, backgrounds — stories to tell — that can be translated into an advantage. By that I mean a BUSINESS advantage.

Inside module two, I’ll walk you through the process that just about FORCES you to see your ‘money topic’ – where your strengths and what people pay for, meet.

This Module Will Reveal:

  • How To Stand Out And Dominate In The Very Crowded Online Market That Exists Today
  • 8 Key Areas Where You Can Tap Into A Strength To Base Your Business On That Will Make People Choose You Over The Competition
  • The Final Ingredient Necessary To Turn You From Just Good, To Great – Meaning You Earn The Lion-share Of Sales In Your Industry

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ResearchModule 3: Research (Three Layers Deep)

These Three Rarely-Practiced Layers Of Research Reveal Exactly Where The Money Lurks!

Module 3 VideoText Audio Video

Think of money as water – it’s always flowing somewhere. Just place yourself under the right current and place a bucket right under it.

In the third module, you will get to see where it flows, and place your hand right underneath that stream. It really is that simple. There’s no reason to overly complicate it.

It’s time to stop guessing, second-guessing and doubting yourself… all you need to do is ask the three key questions outlined, and a light bulb will go on inside your mind!

This stage also involves a particular skill that made guys like Quentin Tarantino and M. Night Shyamalan rise to the top of their movie director careers: Observation!

While screenwriters observe people coming and going in coffee shops, you will observe people in their designated hangouts online. I will list a total of twelve (12!) ways to do this, so no matter how obscure your niche, you WILL have your answers.

After that you’ll be able to interact with your audiences (I’ll list 6 different ways) and make a quick ‘conversion test’ to verify that they’re true buyers.

Module 3 covers…

  • How To Find Where Money Flows Online And Then Position Your Blog Business To Stand Directly ‘Under The Stream’ Of That Income Stream
  • The ‘3 Layers Of Research’ I Advise All My Clients To Work Through — In The Correct Order — To Search, Discover And Refine A Money Making Blog Topic.
  • The Most Important Question You Need To Ask Your Potential Market BEFORE You Build A Business Around That Topic

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mega nicheModule 4: Mega Niches

How To Avoid Passive Markets And Find Active Buyers… Hidden Inside 4 Mega Niches!

Module 4 VideoText Audio Video

This module is all about showing you where the money REALLY is online.

There’s no sense dabbling in tiny niches in hopes that you’ll be the exception to the rule and actually make some money.

Instead, I will reveal to you three absolutely massive mega niches that ALWAYS exhibit outrageously active buyer behavior, whether we’re in a boom period or recession.

Choose a sub niche from one of these and there may be no limit to your ability to attract people irrationally interested in what you have to say and sell inside that particular topic.

Actually, there is even a fourth mega niche which is a kind of ‘vertical niche’. I’ll list proven markets and sub markets and their characteristics for you, leaving no stone unturned!

You Will Learn The Following:

  • What Exactly An ‘Active Buyer’ Is And How To Find Them In Your Industry
  • 30 Examples Of Money-Making Topics Inside The 3 Mega-Niches (Your Topic Will Be ‘Within’ One Of These)
  • What Exactly An ‘Irrational Passion’ Is And How They Can Lead To A Wildly Profitable Blog Topic

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your visionModule 5: Potential (Your Vision)

How Far Can You Go? — Let’s Dream Big And Map Out Your Entire ‘Blog Sales Funnel’ So You Have A Map To Follow

Module 5 VideoText Audio Video

Finally, we dive DEEP into your topic and find out exactly how far it can take you.

You’ll discover the different kinds of products you can create, what needs you can meet, how big can you really scale your topic. In short, just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

I’ll walk you through eight different Product Platforms which you can then chain up into a funnel that guides your audience through big breakthroughs – and maximizes profit for you.

You’ll discover a way to think of your competition the RIGHT way that’ll actually HELP build your business (this isn’t typically taught this way, so you may be in for a big surprise!)

By the end, you’ll be able to connect the dots and see the Big Picture that shows the way to Big Money specifically for YOUR business.

This Module Reveals –

  • How To Map Out An Entire ‘Product Funnel’ To Make Over $100,000 A Year With Your Business
  • Why Your Competition Holds The Answer To How You Will Make Money With Your Blog
  • 8 Different Product Types You Can Use To Create A Vision For Your Future Company

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Once You Emerge From Your ‘Blog Money Finder’ Experience The Way You View Your Business And The People You Serve Will Be Changed Forever

I know what you might be thinking, all this sounds good — very promising — but you’ve been burned before.

This might be the big breakthrough you’ve been looking for, but how can you be certain this is what you need?

It’s easy for me to be confident. I knew this was the answer for my coaching client because I had the experience hearing the same frustrations repeated over many years from hundred of my blog students.

I’m confident this is the answer to your situation too, but just in case, I’ve broken every key outcome this training delivers.

Here is what you will learn once you complete the Blog Money Finder

  • How To Tap Into Your Innate Ability To Empathize With Other People And Apply That Skill To Understand Exactly Why People Spend Money Online (Module 1)
  • What Exactly ‘True Empathy’ Is And Why Without It You Will Struggle To Ever Find A Money-Making Topic (Module 1)
  • The 8 Most Common Reasons Why People Fail And How You Can Avoid Making These Mistakes (Module 1)
  • How To Find Your Perfect Customer By Deliberating NOT Servicing Certain People (Module 1)
  • Why You Will Never Succeed Unless You Learn To Do A Certain Type Of Research (Module 1)
  • How To Overcome Any Concerns You Are ‘Too Late’ Or Your Industry Is ‘Too Crowded’ For You To Make Money (Module 2)
  • How To Translate A Passion Into An Advantage So People Choose To Buy From You (Module 2)
  • The 8 Characteristics That Lead To Market Dominance (You Will Have At Least One Of These Already) (Module 2)
  • The Simple But Counterintuitive Idea You Must Learn Otherwise You Will Continue To Hold Yourself Back (Module 2)
  • How To Tap Into Other People’s Success To Get Customers (Module 2)
  • A Type Of Number You Need To Include In All Your Marketing That Will Result In People Choosing To Buy From You (Module 2)
  • The 3 Most Important Questions To Answer About Yourself When It Comes To Finding A Money Making Topic (Module 2)
  • Do Not Do Anything Else Until You Complete The 3 Layers Of Research That Validate Your Market (Module 3)
  • The 3 Key Questions You MUST Know About Your Audience Before You Will Ever Make Money (Module 3)
  • 12 Different Methods For Discovering Exactly Where Money Can Be Made Just Using Your Computer And An Internet Browser (Module 3)
  • 6 Specific Questioning Tools That Will Result In People Telling You Exactly What Information They Will Buy From You (Module 3)
  • How To Know When To Stop Researching Your Topic (How Much Is Enough Information?) (Module 3)
  • The Final And Most Important Test That Will Finally Give You A Conclusive Answer To The Question ‘Is There Money To Be Made In This Market?’ (Module 3)
  • How To Tap Into Certain Markets That Result In Customers Coming To You Rather Than You Having To Find Them (Module 4)
  • Why The Secret To Building A Hugely Popular Blog Rests In Understanding The 5 Layers Of Human Needs (Module 4)
  • The 3 Niche Topics Online That Make More Money Than Any Other Subjects (Module 4)
  • 36 Examples Of Topics That People Currently Make Big Money In (Module 4)
  • Why You Will Never Need To ‘Guess’ What Makes Money Online, Instead Your Goal Is To ‘Narrow In’ On Your Specific Money Source (Module 4)
  • How To Take Things To The Next Level And See Your Topic As The Pathway To A Million Dollar Business (Module 5)
  • 8 Different Types Of Products You Can Create To Help People Solve The Problem You Build Your Business To Solve (Module 5)
  • How To Use Competition To Figure Out How To Make Money And Even Grow Your Business Through Their Audience (Module 5)
  • Why Solving The ‘Topic’ Problem Makes Selling So Much Easier (You Will Never Struggle To Convince People To Buy From You Again!) (Module 5)

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I know you’re eager to dive in and learn all of this, but there’s one more thing I’ve left out… and it’s really juicy…

Here’s The ‘Juice’ Inside Blog Money Finder: The Blog Profit Test Confirms Beyond Any Doubt That You Have – At Last – Found ‘It’!

This is where rubber meets road, my friend. Your hard work WILL finally pay off.

The Blog Profit Test is the final training in this program. It’s where you actually get to validate and prove your chosen blog topic will make you money (or not – which is just as important to find out!).

The Blog Profit Test

A Step-By-Step Real Life Test To Validate If Your Blog Topic Will Make Money

The Blog Profit Test

After you’ve gone through the five-module video course itself, this final additional training will bring everything you have learned so far, and put it to the test.

You’ll see me take you through a 7-step process that’s designed to get you some actual paying customers.

It’s all very simple, easy to follow and fast to do: just round up the outcomes you got from Blog Money Finder, and come up with a working assumption to test.

This is where the payoff really flies off the pages!

Finally, you’ll have clarity about ‘what to do for money’. No small matter. Everything you do after this, will have a different ‘vibe’ to it. A ‘scent of money’ if you will.

In the Blog Profit Test you will learn:

  • How To Create A Minimum Viable Product To Get Your First Paying Customers And Learn More About What They REALLY Want From You
  • What Exactly Is A ‘Conversion Test’ And What Questions You Need To Find The Answers To
  • A 4-Step Formula To Create Your Own Powerful Headline That You Will Use To Invite People To Join Your Email List
  • What Initial Traffic Sources You Can Tap Into To Get Your First ‘Test’ Customers
  • The Email Followup Process To Use In Order To Sell Your Test Product Offer
  • How To Start With A Free Offer Then Seamlessly Transition Into A Paid Offer To Get Paying Customers
  • A Fix-And-Refine Process You Can Repeat Until You Have Your First 10 Paying Customers And Confirmation You Have Found Your Money Making Topic

This Sounds Great, But It’s Not Just About The Money You Do Have To Enjoy Your Topic Right?

Good question!

Passion, as I stated earlier, is not where you can ‘find the money’, but it is a key ingredient to making money.

You need to offer value to people, especially as a blogger. It’s much easier to make this work when you care about your topic.

This is why I have an entire module in the Blog Money Finder about finding your sweet spot — that magical place where people spend money and you are perfectly built to deliver what they want.

However for many people discovering your strength, your advantage, what makes you unique that can translate into a business is difficult.

This is why I decided to add a very unique bonus to your Blog Money Finder package.

You’re not going to find this anywhere else…

Bonus 1: Personality Profiler

How To Unlock Your Unique Gifts And Tap Your Talents To Build A $10,000 A Month Blogging Business

personality profiler reports

The two things you need to figure out…

  1. Where people spend money
  2. What you are good at

For a lot of people these questions are equally difficult to answer. This is why I put together a very unique bonus for you.

The ‘Personality Profiler’ bonus combines a test you complete to learn about your personality, and an interpretation guidebook that tells you exactly what strengths and weaknesses you possess as it relates to your online business.

Certain people struggle with some things — like computer technology, or interacting with other people, or writing — while they excel in other areas — like following a system, tracking numbers, or coming up with new ideas.

It’s absolutely vital you know what your strengths are, so you can tap into them, and what your weaknesses are, so you can avoid them and get other people to do these things for you.

This test + guidebook will tell you things about yourself you’ve never known before. You might just unearth something that’s been holding you back your entire life, and now, with the awareness this special bonus brings, you won’t ever be held back again.

You will find the bonus Personality Profiler report and instructions to complete your personality profile immediately available in the members portal after you join the Blog Money Finder.

  • Complete a short test to discover exactly what your unique strengths are based on your personality type, and how you can apply them to your business
  • Learn what your weaknesses are so you can stop wasting your time on things you are not good at (you might be surprised what these are)
  • Plus a guidebook to interpret your results as they relate to the tasks you need to complete to succeed with an online business (for example: technology, work environment, marketing – learn how you should approach these and other issues based on your personality type)

Bonus 2: Money Makers Report

Research Done For You — 1,001 Proven Money Making Topics You Can Tap Into Today

Market Research
As you learn inside the Blog Money Finder: Module 4, there are certain proven money making topics that fall into what are called ‘Mega Niches’.

If you’re still at the point where you have no idea what topic to go into, this bonus research report is going to be absolute GOLD for you.

Here’s what I did: I asked my project manager to conduct a study with the aid of some online researchers to dig up best selling products.

No guessing here. These are products that sell online already and we know are best sellers because they are in top ten lists, or have been selling online for years.

You can use this list of over 1,000 topics as a brainstorming tool for your own topic. It’s also incredibly helpful to see how granular subjects sell better.

The devil, as they say, is in the details…

In this report you will see how two products might be in the same industry, but appear to very different sub-groups of people in the market.

This is the kind of specific targeting you need in your topic — and this report is going to show you how it’s currently being done.

You can download this 120-page niche research report immediately after you sign up for the Blog Money Finder.

  • A list of over 1,000 different products that are proven bestsellers (we researched online stores for their top ten best selling products in various categories so you know these products sell by the truckloads)
  • You can tap into this list to see whether your topic idea is already making money online, or if you have no ideas, use this list as a starting point to discover your money making angle
  • If you’re not sure exactly where you fit into a market, this list will help you see how it is possible to make money with very specific ‘niches within niches’, so there is definitely a place for you!

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It Works — And It’s Not Just Me Saying That! Here’s Feedback People Have Sent In After Following My Blog Training…

As one of the longest serving blog coaches on the internet, I’ve enjoyed watching my clients succeed over many years, and then sending me kind feedback to explain how I helped them.

A Mastermind

Dr Janet HallYaro is an excellent coach who helped lead me out of chaos to clarity in just one hour. He exudes integrity and instills confidence. I now feel that I have the focus and direction that I needed having wallowed in overwhelm and too much to do for far too long. I commend Yaro wholeheartedly and you should let yourself be guided by his masterful net-mind as soon as you can!

— Dr Janet Hall (Melbourne) –

You Helped Me Find My Focus

Hey Yaro, Thank you, your thoughts and guidance have helped me re-focus (actually just “focus”) my direction for this year. I had too many irons in the fire and your perspective to help me find the right direction.

There’s a quote I like, “You can have excuses or results.” I made a decision to divest myself of all activities which don’t get me closer to where I want to be.

Because of your wisdom and perspective, this year I’ve narrowed my focus to my areas of interest and expertise: Fiction story and writing, movies, WordPress and SEO.

That’s still too many areas but it’s about 100 fewer than it was. Thank you again Yaro, for helping me focus and get a grip on what’s important.

— Christopher

Please allow me to express my deepest gratitude…

…And appreciation to Yaro for helping Bloggers like me who have no marketing budget to join training or to purchase materials online to improve my Blog in every aspect. His teachings have slowly evolved and have inspired my team who have sincerely and deeply immersed into creating a successful Blog.

Thank you Yaro for your Blog which represents a holistic, integrated approach to personal and interpersonal effectiveness. Now we have the opportunity to share our Blog deeply, meaningfully with higher number of readers. Do continue your good work!

— Jonathan Quek

Blessedly Free Of Hype

EvanI am quite new to Blogging. Yaro’s advice helped me get started. After spending many hours searching for advice on Blogging it is his Blog that I came back to and make sure to check regularly. His advice is hands on and immediately useful. He speaks personally and practically, about what he has done and what he has learned from it. He is also blessedly free of hype. To help you get started and for advice on what works and what doesn’t in Blogging I recommend Yaro and his site unreservedly.

— Evan Hadkins (Sydney)

Loving It

I do not feel overwhelmed (which has been the biggest road block) because of the “step by step” format of everything. Busy with the Blog Money Finder now, doing my research and making sure I start everything off on the right foot. It really is an amazing program so far and I have a feeling that this might just change my life.

— Carel van Wyk

Inspiring and Realistic

I really like your balance of inspiration and realism. I feel inspired to act, while being realistic about what I need to do to make a blogging business – and I need to do this right now in my life.

— John Barnabas

I Am Very Surprised…

Erwin TanWhen it comes to teaching people how to make money online, there are a *LOT* of scam-artists on the Internet! I’ve been ripped off by heaps of them and I really feel the pain that others have gone through – just like me.

But my life changed ever since I came upon Yaro’s and it has became my daily hangout. I started out from a non-Blogger to a passionate Blogger because of what I’ve learnt from Yaro’s tips and advices he taught. They are simply INCREDIBLE! There’s NO HYPE, NO CRAP and they are really STRAIGHT TO THE POINT and HONEST. Most of my Blogging techniques were learnt just from reading his articles.

Personally, I am very surprised that Yaro has shared so many of his profit-pulling ideas. If you are looking to increase your profits online or if you haven’t started out, listen to Yaro and I’m sure you will love his secret techniques.

— Erwin Tan (Singapore)

The Smart Track

You took the obvious and pulled it together into a simple, easy to follow instruction set. Well, obvious may be the wrong word. We knew we should have been doing this stuff and just refused to. Now we can see that it really is the right stuff to be doing.

Thanks Yaro for getting back on the smart track.

— John Stone

Great Resource

Thank you for the opportunity to grab such a great resource. There is so much in there that I hadn’t thought about. I can now plan a whole strategy and know what I am doing.

— Anne Maybus

I was Stumped with How to Handle Everything…

Tony DiOrioYaro – Thanks! I’ve been struggling with then next step in the process and was told about your program.

It really brought together and consolidated so many of the questions that I’ve had.

I been receiving so many emails through my site and now requests to advertise. I’ve been stumped with how to handle everything – your program is just the ticket.

— Tony DiOrio

You Don’t Get Invited On To Live Television If You’re Not The Real Deal…

One of the wonderful benefits you can enjoy once you build your online profile through a blog, is to get featured in mainstream media.

As you no doubt realize, you don’t get invited to appear on live television, radio or featured in the big media publications unless you’re at the top of your field and have the credentials to back up your claims.

Here’s a clip from my appearance on live television in Australia, as part of the SkyNews Business program, where I talked about how you can make money through a blog.

Press play to watch –

Business Insider ArticleI’ve also been featured as an expert blogger in big publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Age, as well as countless other top blogs and podcasts like Problogger, Smart Passive Income, Flying Solo, Entrepreneur On Fire, and Eventual Millionaire.

I’ve also been a featured speaker at events like The Hive, was a winner of the 30 under 30 Anthill Competition, and appeared in magazines like Virgin Australia (on all their planes) and Internet Marketing Magazine.

as seen in

But I understand you may still have some concerns, let me gently remove those…

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Find Your Blog Money In Complete Confidence — Fully Guaranteed So You Can Start With Ease

Look. Of course you have the customary 30-day money back guarantee on my training. I have no interest in keeping your money if you don’t experience a true breakthrough.

(That’s the way I stay in business year after year and people keep coming to me.)

So go ahead, take your time, take the full training and if after going through the whole course and every exercise you still don’t know exactly where the money is for you… send me an email ( and ask for your money back.

If that happens I don’t want your money, so you can feel 100% safe here.

However that’s not the outcome I want for you. I want you to complete the Blog Money Finder and feel you took a giant leap forward and finally understand why you haven’t made money in the past, and now where your ‘money-pot’ actually exists online.

So, I’d like to above and beyond your standard money-back promise — I want to promise that you will find your money making topic.

To make this a realty, I’m offering to get on a Skype call with you and privately coach you until you have the breakthrough and identify your money making market.

Go through the Blog Money Finder, do the research and activities, and if you still don’t find your topic, let’s talk it out. Let’s discover it together.

That’s my ‘No Blogger Left Behind’ policy.

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No Looking Back Now: Now That I’ve Removed ALL The Obstacles Will You ‘Keep Looking’ Or Start Making Serious Money?

Enough words. It’s time for you to FLY!

Up until this day, you probably had no ACTION PLAN for arriving at a place where you can make money.

Now after reading this letter, you HAVE that plan.

Find your strength… find the spenders… combine the two. BOOM!

If you’re really hungry for change, you can go through this training in about two hours and be ready to take on the world TOMORROW.

If you’re a trainer, a teacher, or a coach of any kind… this puts the air beneath your wings… And by ‘wings’, I mean money flowing to your account on a regular basis.

Why This Is Vastly Better Than The $2,000 Dollar Training Product You Already Have Gathering Dust

One thing you may have concerns about is whether the Blog Money Finder is really the best product you can buy to find your money angle for an information product (teaching) business?

You could be fooled into thinking there are other products out there that seem ‘bigger’. Take any comprehensive $2,000 dollar info product, and it will likely contain a tiny introductory section somewhere that supposedly covers ‘market research’ or ‘market selection’.

However, those huge expensive products that take weeks to wade through, only very superficially gloss over this ALL-IMPORTANT topic of content monetization. Which is a HUGE MISTAKE if you intend to finally make any money!

Blog Money Finder on the other hand, is designed for FAST consumption, FAST results and FAST implementation. If you’re even a little excited about this, you can be on your way to a repeatable-profits business model in a matter of HOURS.

So all that’s left is for you to ask yourself…

How Soon Will You Be Blogging… Knowing That Every Single Word Contributes To Your Income?

You KNOW this is what you’ve always fantasized about: putting your knowledge to work for you, to help other people and make money doing it!

I invite you to take Blog Money Finder out for a serious spin — find your blog money Sweet Spot, and quickly acid test it using the unique Blog Profit Test process.

Honestly, it’s one of the best feelings in the world: knowing you’re actually helping people with your knowledge, tapping into an audience more than happy to pay for the privilege.

Frankly, I can’t wait to hear about your results AND your profits!
(I’m getting used to it by now but I never get tired of hearing your success stories!)

But first, let’s recap what you’re getting in this product:

Blog Money Finder

  1. The Blog Money Finder training finds your unique blog money angle
  2. The Blog Profit Test training validates your findings in real life
  3. The Task Sheets & Checklists help you through everything methodically
  4. All resources in Video, Audio MP3 and Text Transcript so you can study in the method you prefer
  5. BONUS: The Personality Profiler test to identify your unique strengths and weaknesses and how to apply them to your blog business
  6. BONUS: The Money-Makers 1001 Niche Topics Research Report, a huge list of already proven money-making topics online.
  7. Everything available as Instant Downloads after you login with your unique members account

That in itself is more than enough to launch you from me-too blogger to having a healthy blog based business.

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As One Of The Longest-Serving Blog Teachers I’ve Enjoyed Mentoring And Working With Some Amazing People

Here’s what some people you probably know have to say…

Darren Rowse“I wish there was something like this around when I first started out in making money from Blogs”

Yaro Rocks! – What more can I say?

I’ve been watching Yaro’s Blogging profile and expertise grow over the last couple of years and have had the pleasure to meet and work with him on a number of occasions.

Yaro knows what he’s talking about and has built his Blog into an authority on the topics that he writes about. Bloggers can learn a lot from him!

Darren Rowse – Melbourne

Brian Clark“It’s nice to have everything neatly organized and tied in directly with a strategy for making money that goes well beyond just producing content and AdSense”

When I first collaborated with Yaro Starak, he struck me as someone who would make it. But at the time, Yaro was only making about $1,000 a month from his online marketing efforts after a year of hard work. He seemed resolved to take things to the next level, but I could tell he was a bit frustrated. What a difference a couple of years makes! Now, Yaro makes a good living from Blogging, working part-time.

He’s not promising to make you a dot-com millionaire, but you can get out of your day job. That’s the first step.

Brian Clark

Pat FlynnPat Flynn says…

“Yaro has made a huge impact on my life and in my business. Before I got into blogging and online entrepreneurship, it was he and a handful of others who inspired me to go down this path, not only because of the incredible content he provided, but because of the kind of person I could tell he was.”

Kate Freiling“Yaro is a true blogging genius! He’s absolutely brilliant at making money with the most minimal time investment possible. I’ve learned so much from him over the last couple of years and he’s played such a HUGE role in the success of my business.

Yaro is real, genuine, and has such a big heart. I give anything he creates my highest recommendation! Thank you for everything that you do Yaro!”

Katie Frieling –

David Jenyns“While others work 60-70 hour weeks, Yaro has perfected an amazing work life balance enviable to even the most successful internet entrepreneurs. Even more importantly, Yaro has the ability to teach others to do the same.

I’ve loved Yaro’s material for a long time now – his integrity, generosity and genuine desire to help people always shines through. He only offers advice on areas where he’s an expert and this new report is no exception. Follow every word Yaro shares in this report and it’ll be one of the best business decisions you’ll ever make.”

Dave Jenyns –

James Schramko“If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional ‘career’ path then Yaro has the answers. Yaro Starak is a supreme blogger, lifestyle engineer and full of integrity. Yaro’s insights were a key influence for my own journey from being stuck behind a desk in corporate hell to funding a rich and full lifestyle from the Internet.

When you implement the ideas Yaro mentions your life will never be the same. Read every word in this report. Yaro has nailed it yet again!”

James Schramko –

Some Answers To Commonly Asked Questions

1. Is this for beginners or more advanced people?
2. Can’t you get all this information for free already online?
3. Is this information drip-released or do I get all the modules/bonuses immediately?
4. If I already have a topic, can this help me figure out how to make money with it?”
5. Do I have to do keyword research to make this work?
6. What tech skills do I need to use this program?
7. Does this training include any direct coaching from Yaro?
8. I already have a blog, can I use it with this training?
9. What if I’m not a blogger, can I still take this course?
10. How quickly can I expect results?

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Now Let Me Introduce You To Some Of My Shining-Star Graduates

Natalie Macneil
Natalie MacNeil

Yaro’s program was the first I ever purchased online. I made the mindset shift to turn my blog into a scalable business, so I decided to go PRO.

“At the time I did Blog Mastermind with Yaro, I wasn’t even close to ready to create a product, but I knew one day I would, so I followed people like him. But as soon as I started studying his content I decided why not – I am going to do this now! You don’t have to have tens years of experience, you can always share what you are learning.“

Lance Nelson
Lance Nelson

Yaro does such a good job at keeping you motivated with his program. He sets realistic expectations, it’s credible and it works.

“I honestly think the biggest thing that Blog Mastermind helped me with was the motivation. Without motivation, nothing happens. Yaro does such a good job at keeping you motivated with his program. He sets realistic expectations, it’s credible and it works.”

Morgan Brown
Morgan Brown

My blog started with no one reading it. I didn’t have a strategic approach to it. My success is because 1) I followed Yaro’s plan 2) I was consistent day in and day out and 3) I had a strategy.

“Everything Yaro had recommended had worked, so I kept going with his advice. I added an email newsletter to my blog article pages and I was getting 500 sign-ups a month just from my existing traffic. I put together an email sequence to help with loan modifications and offered an affiliate product. That single product became 65% of my income – about $4,000 a month. I also made $2,000 a month from ad revenue.“

It took me two years before I hired a coach. Can you get there by yourself? Some people can, but a coach can get you there faster. Maybe don’t buy so many shoes or something else frivolous and put that money into education instead!

“When I first came across Yaro’s website I had no clue what I was going to do. I kinda knew I wanted to run my own business one day, but I never considered being a blogger. I thought bloggers were time wasters!

I didn’t understand the beauty of the front end blog and the back end business that can be born out of it.

It really opened my eyes to this new world. I found these people who really can sit by the pool and earn a lot of money at the same time. That really lit me up inside. I decided I had to figure out what I could do to start my own blog.”

Nicola lees
Nicola Lees

I started completely from scratch, I didn’t know anything, so I completely followed your process. I work better online, rather then having to turn up to a class in person, so it was perfect for me.

Mitch Wilson
Mitch Wilson

It hasn’t been luck, it was by following the steps that Yaro provided for me (he’s not paying me to say that!). I’m so grateful to have actual people who read my stuff.

Jules Watkins
Jules Watkins

If you’re sitting at home right now and all you have are just theories and ideas, you need to just go for it. Make a decision, create something, get it out there, get a buy button on it, experiment, never give up. It’s incredible how it can change your outlook, about how you can live and what ideas about money.

Get the Blog Money Finder today, and in just a few short hours you will know precisely what topic to write about, who your audience is, and what they’re willing to buy from you.

This is a secret perhaps only 3 in 1000 bloggers know, if that! This instantly lifts You among the rarefied air of top bloggers who make a VERY comfortable living doing what they love.

There’s nothing that gets you there faster. Not even my own high-priced coaching programs. That’s why I must insist all my clients start with the Blog Money Finder.

Don’t waste your time, this is the most important first step you will ever take…



Blog Money Finder Starter Pack


Blog Money Finder

What’s Included?


Blog Money Finder Super-Bundle

$296 SAVE $50

BMF and Bonuses

What’s Included?

To Your Blog Profits,

Yaro Starak

Yaro Starak

P.S. Just in case it didn’t sink in yet, here’s the deal I don’t think you could possibly pass up: for the same amount of money you will spend on coffee this month (or chocolate if you are like me!), you get a proven process that shows you exactly how to make money through your blog… and then how to actually do it!

I will raise the price eventually, but right now you get ‘early-bird’ access at this low, low price because the Blog Money Finder is brand new. I highly recommend you take me up on that offer. It may be gone the next time you refresh your browser.

P.P.S. You know that feeling of frustration that comes from watching all these other people succeed online, while you sit there toiling away at your computer with no results.

You are angry, or jealous, or just plain tired and would like to for once get your big breakthrough.

What if I told you that your breakthrough is one day away if you take the Blog Money Finder and for the first time tap into a topic where people actually buy things.

Don’t waste more time trying to pull money from a ‘dry well’ – go where the land is fertile already!

It’s time you got your reward. Do this, and you’ll never look back! Take action today, it’s fully guaranteed so there’s no risk whatsoever.

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