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Alice Seba started out online in 2002, after the birth of her first child. She wanted to figure out a way to avoid working a job so she could spend more time with her son.

It didn’t take long for Alice to discover communities of women in online forums, who were all focused on building work-at-home income streams.

During those very early days, finding anyone who earned a full-time income was rare. Alice was determined to become one of those people who went on to earn enough to support her growing family.

From Freelancer To Private Label Rights Content Marketer

To share stories and chronicle her process to become a stay-at-home mother entrepreneur, Alice created a website called Internetbasedmoms.com (she later sold this website to a friend).

Her website grew in popularity and she used it, and various online communities, to launch her first online business as a self-taught freelance copywriter.

Things went well enough, but Alice like many people wanted to move away from working with clients, to selling her own products.

Although it was a relatively new industry at the time, Alice and a friend decided to get into the world of selling Private Label Rights (PLR) content.

Alice explains exactly what PLR content is, how she launched a membership site around the concept and attracted her first two hundred members in this podcast.

She also explains how she has managed to continue to succeed in the PLR industry for over a decade now, including how her team gets content created, packaged up, and then sells it using email marketing.

Alice Seba with Angela Davis

Email Promotions Every Day

One of the surprising things Alice mentioned towards the end of our interview was how she sends an email every day to her list.

Not only does she mail every day, she sends promotional emails with a product offer in every email.

I asked her how she can do this without ‘burning out’ her list from too many promotions.

Her answer was interesting, and might make you think more about how you do promotions to your own email list.

Listen in to the end of the podcast to hear the whole story.

Enjoy the episode,
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Topics Alice Covers In This Interview

  • The different ways you can use PLR to benefit your business
  • How she attracted her first 200 members for her PLR membership site
  • How she’s managed to succeed in the PLR industry for over a decade
  • The top 3 doubts people have about using PLR content and how to navigate around them
  • How her team gets content created, packaged up, and sold using email marketing

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