If you have read my blog posts previously you must already know that I am not a fan of quitting your job to work online full time, at least not immediately.

With the number of internet marketers who promise the world overnight, it is easy to get caught up in the hype to pursue a dream that has been falsified to begin with the way it’s presented.

While you can certainly make money online, and a lot of time, the process takes time to develop into a steady income stream you can rely on before calling it quits with The Man.

While each of our earning requirements or thresholds to quit may be different, one thing is for certain, and that’s the earnings have to be stable.

I started side gigging while fully employed years ago, and I did not initially quit my career until my side gigs were generating more than I was making at work. I am not suggesting this applies to you as well, but I wanted to ensure that income from my side gigs were certain, stable and steady enough for me to rely on.

Aside from triumphing over the uncertainty involved in the process, there are several other compelling reasons why you shouldn’t quit your full time job to pursue making money online immediately.

1. Today It Takes Longer To Do Well On The Internet

Saturation online has made it more difficult today to earn money online relative to just a few years ago. Thanks to the hype discussed earlier, everyone wants a piece of the profit pie online. A steady income from employment helps ease anxiety, as well as provides for the day-to-day basic needs throughout the duration it takes to establish yourself in the online space.

2. Discipline

Most people don’t have the discipline it takes to achieve their goals in the time frame initially targeted. Things come up, laziness sets in and burn out happens. You may have saved for three months estimating you’d be making enough money online to replace your salary. But what if it takes four or five months?

3. Learn And Experiment For Free

There is a steep learning curve when initially embarking on the online journey. Why would you want to give up a steady paycheck just to experiment and make mistakes? You can easily do that during evenings and weekends. Take your spare time and invest in your education. With a steady cash flow coming in, you will also be able to purchase the tools and services available to make your work easy. Prepare yourself for your next life while living in the current one. There is no rush is there?

4. Confidence And Peace Of Mind

Making money online is not for the desperate. When you have a steady job, you have a stable flow of cash coming in that you can rely on. Without that certainty, your anxiety level will be naturally higher and potentially cause you to eventually quit and give up when results don’t materialize according to your expectations.

5. You Can’t Control Search Engines

There are certain things that are just plain beyond our control, such as search engine behavior. There is no saying how long it takes engines to get to know you, start trusting you and then start sending traffic your way. Similarly, there are other things in the online realm beyond our control, so what sense does it make to plan on concrete results within a concrete timeline when not all variables are predictable?

The internet by its very nature is ever evolving and dynamic. Though you can estimate, it is difficult, if not impossible, to predict cause and effect relationships with precise results and timeline.

There are many who have succeeded online, and more have failed. Because of the volatility and uncertainty factors that inherently increase the risk exposure of attempting to make money online, quitting your full time job to work on your business is not the route I recommend.

Remember, life is not short. Life is long, very long, so take it easy, enjoy the journey and transition only when the time is right (if you must that is).

Readers: Did you quit your full time job to pursue a passion full time? Why did or didn’t you do it and how have the results panned out? What do you recommend to our readers?

All the best,