How I Discovered And Changed One Of My Most Deep Rooted Limiting Beliefs

I currently have two coaches in my life and they both happen to have the name “Tony”. I’m not working with these two Tonys personally, though it feels like it for me as they “talk” to me every day.

One is Tony Horton, who you may know as the leader of the P90X exercise training program. I first discovered P90X on late night TV during one of my visits to Canada, where I dismissed it as something that looked a little more legitimate than those “ab machines”, but still not a product I would consider purchasing.

P90X is a 90 day exercise program focused on muscle confusion. It deliberately varies the exercises so your body never has a chance to get used to one specific routine. There are several weight training sessions, plyometrics (jump training), kenpo, one of the hardest yoga routines I’ve ever done, stretching, an abs workout and more. Each session is roughly an hour long and quite intense. You do something every day for 90 days, so you don’t take it on lightly. It requires real commitment.

I’ve done regular exercise for most of my life, including swimming, bike riding, jogging, skating, tennis, yoga, baseball, weight training and good old fashioned walking. Although I’m consistent over time keeping active, I rarely exercised more than two to four times a week. I had a habit to do something, but definitely not every day (exercise on Sundays – that’s just not right!). My body demands movement, so I did something for the endorphin high. Now I’m well and truly addicted to endorphins thanks to P90X.

Limiting Beliefs Are Not True

It’s amazing how powerful a limiting belief is. For all my life I’ve been a skinny guy. It’s been something that I both love and hate. I love that I can eat as much as I want without ever changing weight, but I’ve hated being a skinny male, especially when I was a teenager as it severely impacted my self confidence, especially when it came to the opposite sex.

I’ve had some terrible assumptions that cemented to limiting beliefs, which stopped me from doing many things. Growing up I believed that most girls didn’t find me attractive because I was thin. Any time I liked a girl and they didn’t reciprocate, I assumed it was for that reason. Given enough experiences that you believe are a result of one factor, you make it true, even if in reality you completely misread the situation in 9 out of 10 times. Of course if you believe it’s true, it becomes true and you will see proof everywhere, so it’s a dangerous pattern to get into.

Although I sulked as a teenager for a long time because of my build, as an adult I realized I might try and do something about it. This led me to some research into weight gain for males. I discovered that given my metabolism where I can eat as much of whatever I want without gaining weight I was known as a “hard gainer”. This meant it would be challenging for me to gain weight.

At one stage while at the doctor for something else I asked what he could suggest regarding putting on weight. He said I was perfectly healthy and then asked me if I’d ever seen a fat old man. His point was that old men are always skinny guys, guys who have my build and people with more weight generally don’t live long enough to become old men. As comforting as that was, I still wanted options. He suggested I start drinking ovaltine (a chocolate milk drink) as an additional meal and then showed me the door.

Later I found a book online specifically targeted at hard gainers, created by a guy who looked like he had transformed from skinny to muscle man. I read the book, started to follow the exercises, then looked at the eating guide and realized it would be very hard to stick to this.

I had conflicting motivations. I didn’t want to eat meat all the time, shove done all kinds of chemical supplements and focus on my diet so much that I had to eat even when I wasn’t hungry. On one hand I was learning about the importance of raw foods for health, and that meat and dairy are killing people, yet if I wanted to gain weight I need to slam down steaks and whey protein (a dairy based protein) in order to build mass.

I recall a news story on one of those sensationalist current affairs shows about a teenage guy who was skinny with a high metabolism (a hard gainer). He was so fed up with being called skinny at school (it’s amazing how being called too skinny is socially acceptable, but being called fat is rude – talk about double standards!) and dealing with the social stigma that he decided to go on an all-KFC diet. He figured if he ate KFC for every meal he’d have to gain weight.

Of course he didn’t, and as the personal trainer who was brought on to help him explained, he might not gain weight as a result of an all-KFC diet, but he would increase his cholesterol levels. He may not show fat on the outside, but it would be building up on the inside, which could lead to all kinds of health problems.

I was left believing that as a hard gainer it would take a ridiculous amount of discipline and training to eat right and work out properly that it was just too hard. Instead I decided to focus on my mindset and self esteem. I decided to believe I was great just the way I was – plus I could eat as much as I wanted!

That’s a simple enough revelation and although the belief structure took a while to take hold, thanks to a few changes to things I could control easily such as clothing and style, I eventually set up a new set of much more positive belief structures about my appearance and what the opposite sex thought of me.

From A Stable Base Comes The Opportunity For Change

To put a long story short, I have a much more positive self esteem when it comes to body image today than I did compared to the previous ten to fifteen years, yet I still believe certain things about my body that I just accept as true.

That was until recently, where once again I became aware that my beliefs were holding me back.

Enter P90X, or to be fair, enter Pat Flynn.

Pat Flynn, who you may know from his blog, who I interviewed in a podcast, recently completed his own 90 days doing P90X. I read his blog post were he reported his result including some fairly impressive before and after photos, and I decided I should give it a shot.

Generally I’m great with follow-through when I really want something and believe it’s possible for me to have it. I can form habits and stick to them, which is why I’ve had success with this blog and other online businesses.

I’ve never committed to an exercise regime that includes a work out every day. I’ve never committed to a program that was 90 days straight. I’ve done small experiments on myself, for example not eating any chocolate for two weeks (that was hard!), cutting out all red meat for six months, but never something this long or this intense.

Pat had thrown down the challenge simply by completing the P90X program (I couldn’t let this upstart achieve something I hadn’t!) and I wanted to do the same.

Strangely enough, I didn’t see this as a chance to finally gain weight, it was just something I wanted to do to prove that I could do it. I knew it would help my all-over fitness and strength, but since it wasn’t designed for hard gainers (there’s a lot of calorie-burn workouts, which benefit those trying to lose weight, not gain weight), and my previous weight training had not really yielded any results, I didn’t have expectations for weight gain from P90X.

Now before you assume I’m about to tell you I’ve become this huge muscle-bound version of Yaro thanks to P90X, let me set the record straight. As I write this I’m about to begin my eighth week of P90X and I’m loving it. I can’t let a day go by without doing the workout or I risk becoming very grumpy, it’s become that much of a habit. I even restructure my entire work day around making sure I can get it done during a peak energy time in my daily rhythms.

I’ve got just a little more than one month to go to complete the first run of the program. I’m eating healthier, drinking green drinks (my other “Tony” mentor had something to say about this), making raw vege smoothies with an organic brown rice based protein so I don’t have to mix dairy (I use oat milk). I haven’t become religious about food, nor do I force feed myself extra protein. I eat regularly, take a multi-vitamin as I’ve done for years and cover my basis, but I haven’t become a supplement junky, nor am I a slave to my diet.

The results so far have been encouraging. Of course I have more energy and strength, and I’ve even gained some weight – about three kilograms in two months so far, which is very pleasing. Being intimately aware of my own body as we all are, I can see the changes, though most people wouldn’t notice (two friends have – thanks guys!). I’m very happy with the progress so far – I’ll take one kilo of muscle gain a month as a great result any day especially compared to my previous results. However I’m more pleased that I’ve been able to do it day in and day out, that’s the real challenge and where most people fail to get the job done.

Smashing My Own Limiting Belief

The really surprising thing is that I became aware of another limiting belief I’ve had for a very long time that P90X helped me smash through.

Many years ago because of having to “defend” myself for being skinny, or being able to eat so much while my other friends gain fat if they do the same, and because of what I had learned about weight gain for people with my “condition”, I simply assumed it was just how things were. I am a hard gainer and I’d have to do unreasonable things to beat it.

It never occurred to me that if I just did certain exercises long enough and often enough that I might actually get a result. If I stuck to a program that worked my body every day that things might actually change. I didn’t think beyond my past results and assumed them to be true because of something largely out of my control – my genetics.

And talk about a bad label – HARD GAIN – that doesn’t sound like fun. Simply using those words was stopping me!

It is strange that I didn’t believe consistency and persistency would make a difference given I teach exactly that when it comes to blogging or building a business. I just never connected the dots with my body and had a belief that was set in stone. I adapted using my mindset, so I wasn’t suffering any more from negative self image as I did when younger, but that hadn’t changed the fact that I still believed certain things about myself that I hadn’t really ever tested properly to prove true.

The new belief is yes, it’s true I have the body build I do, but if I work my body often enough it changes. All it takes is focus on a daily basis, not haphazard effort now and then.

If I believe I’m a hard gainer, then I am, so I decide to do nothing. If I believe that effort produces change, and I focus on completing and enjoying the tasks, not the specific results, then I win and I can change. I give myself the chance by believing in something that I know I can do – I can complete the activities and improve over time. If I focus only on the result then it’s too easy for me to defeat myself before I even start.

Work On What You Believe

That last point in the previous paragraph is really important.

The great thing about mindset is at any point you can simply decide to change it. If I had begun a weight training program specifically to gain weight in a certain time frame and I came from a place of low self esteem about my weight, it would be much easier to “defeat myself” long before I finished because I had weak self belief. If I saw no results or received negative feedback or simply thought badly I would very easily give up and just leave my limiting belief in place.

This is something I did countless times growing up – and it goes way beyond just building muscles. It’s possible to defeat yourself every day if you think negatively and reinforce negative belief patterns, and for a while that was my mindset.

I had to first adjust my self image and be happy with myself regardless of the circumstances – and this is something anyone can do anytime no matter what situation you are in – which gave me a healthy base from which to build on. I could deal with whatever results came my way. Anything positive becomes worth celebrating and spurs you on tremendously. Anything negative is quickly ignored and focus returned to getting the job done.

I’m sure you can see the parrallels if you take this idea beyond body health. Apply this to any aspect of your life and you will benefit.

If you don’t believe your blog or business will take off, it won’t. If you are so tightly focused on achieving a specific result within a certain time frame that you don’t enjoy what you are doing to get there, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Every situation and person is unique. Comparing yourself to others is valuable when you use it as constructive motivation, but if it becomes a tool you use to measure yourself and all you see is failure, you’re making it very hard to succeed. Your negative emotions will stunt your ability to perform and thus will enforce more negativity. You will see failure and that will manifest more failure, in your eyes at least.

Your power comes from choice. You decide to perceive your reality how you want to, so choose the reality in every given moment that gives you what you want. In almost all situations you want to feel happy – positive emotions – or perhaps love. You can choose that all the time if you want to.

If you want to change something about yourself, figure out possible options, decide which you will test first, and then get busy. Do it because you want to prove to yourself that you can do it. Judge only when you have tested completely and then decide if you have what you want or you need to test something different.



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What About The Other Tony?

At the start of this article I mentioned two Tonys but I’ve only talked about Tony Horton.

In my next article I’ll reveal the other Tony and how I am benefiting from his coaching.

Now I have to go and do a legs and back P90X routine. There’s nothing like talking about something publicly on a blog to give you even more accountability. I need to get busy.

And by the way, if you are thinking of improving your health, losing weight and gaining muscle, P90X is a good choice. It’s by no means “easy” – I still can’t keep up with the guys and girls on the DVD, but I’m getting closer every workout. At the moment it definitely seems to be the bloggers choice for exercise, so why not join the crowd? Here’s the link…

If you do decide to start P90X please follow me on Twitter as I often tweet what I am eating and when I do exercises and I’d love to hear what you get up to. Knowing you are working too helps motivate me, and hopefully vice versa.

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  • Man, working on your limiting beliefs is so hard to do, but once it clicks and you realise you can change yourself and your own life, its like seeing the matrix. You can see so many other options in life. You challenge so much more. Your confidence improves. Very powerful stuff.

    I love the book Psycho Cybernetics for this stuff.

    I remember when I first thought about product creation, I used to think I couldn’t do it, but after listening to Psycho Cybernetics I had a free video course on building an online store out in under a week.

    Great post Yaro!

  • Hey Yaro
    Dont know if you follow Tim Ferris on his blog or read his book, but he talks often about fitness and the mind. I find it really interesting, good luck with your training.

  • Yaro, good work! Quite a few of my friends have unraveled there own inability to stay fit by using p90x. They’re addicted. It’s wonderful to watch others find success, especially when it seems to be so difficult to find.

    So many of us neglect the body, while trying to feed the bank account, so that we can feed the body. “I’ll get in shape as soon as I’m done with this project. Then I will lay off the mochas, the lack of sleep; then I will hydrate and meditate; then I will begin to exercise.” It’s the, “When this, then that,” syndrome.

    Way to break through…

  • This is extra interesting to me because I’m also very thin, always have been. I’m currently 4kg under the weight at which I’d fall into the “normal” range, and have been much thinner in the past.

    I’m doing the 100 Pushups challenge, and have put on a couple of kg of muscle so far – and without taking any stupid supplements or anything either (those mostly vary from useless to dangerous). But as you say, the point is not to gain X amount of weight or achieve any other specific numeric goal (even doing 100 pushups), but to challenge myself, follow through and prove to myself that I can change and improve.

  • Excellent post Yaro.

    I’ve been working with a coach myself to help with my own limiting beliefs and it’s amazing when someone shows you how you have been limiting yourself how things start to shift in your mind.

    Thanks so much for this candid post.



    I did that last year and it made a HUGE difference. I didn’t do it everyday, but I did it 3 to 5 times a week. Glad to see you are into P90X bro.

    I hate it . . . But I LOVE IT!

    • Oh yeah, Ab Ripper X, I definitely have a love hate with that one!

  • Hi Yaro,

    I especially gained benefit from the emphasized point of needing to focus on enjoying the process to achieve the desired result and not the result itself. As I continue to progress as a blogger, I take joy in seeing the various fruition of my efforts which adds to the overall enjoyment. Earlier in life I also had to deal with issues concerning lack of self confidence but was able to shake those demons off. I made it a point to give my children praise at every opportunity during their upbringing and I can see how it makes such a difference!

    Thank you for sharing a post with such meaningful content!


  • Nice post! I’ve heard about p90x but thought it was mainly for loosing weight. If I lost anymore weight id proabbly float away! I’ve always been thin so maybe I’ll have to give this a try.

  • Very inspirational, Yaro! Your success comes in great part from enjoying the process—something applicable across the board.

    When it comes to our appeal to women, limiting beliefs are very common, when in reality there are things even a skinny guy (I was one too!) can do to be plenty attractive to the opposite sex. (Being fatalistic isn’t one of those things.)

    And you’ve discovered the secret to physical fitness: it can be highly addictive if you have a good plan and throw yourself into it wholeheartedly (i.e., commitment and intensity). And physical fitness helps the mind too. Just stay off the ‘roids, man, don’t want you looking like Carrot Top.

  • Wow Yaro, that post had me going, but then it just kept going and going. Maybe it is time for you to write a novel. Still love your work though mate!

  • Mark 11:23: That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.

  • It comes through quite clearly that you are positively motivated to do something about your weight. Admirable. Because many people identify the need to do something but never shift the gear to act. I enjoyed the write-up. May you achieve your goal.

  • Great story Yaro. I’m not about to dissuade anyone from exercise, since it’s something I recommend in my own book. But what about that limiting belief that most girls didn’t find you attractive because you were thin? That one deserves more exploration too: Girls (and women) are attracted to guys who have confidence, rather than a particular body shape.

    Sure, looks are the first thing women see, but they tend to be less visual than guys and once they actually start talking to us, it’s personality, humour and confidence that are the attractors. Our shape is much less important.

    Besides, in an increasingly obese population, thin is highly desirable and has huge health benefits. Your Dr was right! 🙂

    • Quite right Graham, though my limiting belief was what it was back then, which stopped me from having that confidence, so it’s a catch 22 in many ways.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Congratulations on transcending your limiting belief and your success with your fitness/health program. The commitment, good information, strategy, tactics, and the correct mental conditioning do indeed impact both on creating and maintaining a successful business and creating and maintaining a fit/healthy body (been at every week for last 19 years of my total 34).

    I’m personal trainer so it was interesting to hear what you had to say. On the back of a lot of content I have consumed on your blog (plus membership mastermind subscription) I have just launched my new fitness sites that answers a lot of questions you pose. Actually – “beliefs” make up part of “3 mental aspects” that make up “My Three Pillars Health Temple”. Physical Pillars and Mental foundations make up our “Temple of Health”.

    I think you would like my concepts.

    PS. Three Body types: Ectomorph – naturally skinny – “hard to put on weight” (you)
    Mesomorph- muscular- can put on muscle and fat (me) – most common (but I’m not fat!;)
    Endomorph – fat/”big boned” – basically. These people struggle to keep the weight down, however there are not many people that are this type naturally – without eating loads of crap food and being a couch potato.

    On my video sales page I detail a middle aged guy (light frame) who had let himself go. Changing his diet and increasing his exercise resulted in 16.95kg of fat (I was measuring) loss in around 12 weeks and he put on 10kg of muscle! It was scary. He was actually malnourished before with 49kg in muscle mass. He bumped that up to 59kg muscle mass (measured with electric body assessment scales)

    What is your blood type? If your an A or AB the vege diet is the way to go – keep doing it, but if you are an O or a B it can be very dangerous to your health.

    You can check out my site at:

    Keep your Temple strong!


  • […] program too. Yaro Starak, one of my heroes and people I respect the most online, talks about the influence my results had on him to start the program as […]

  • Yes, we all need to work on our limiting beliefs. Practicing sports is a great tool for that.
    What I see with these kind of programs though, is the individualization of our society.

    Practicing sports in a group has so much more value. Instead of sweating by yourself, reading, listening and looking dvd’s by yourself, why not do this same system in the gym, with 20 fellow “believers”….?

    Sports is so much more fun, if you do it with others!

  • Yaro,

    Congrats on improving your physique…

    I’ve been involved in the fitness industry for well over 10 years now and changing one’s body is one of the toughest things to do, mainly because it takes consistent effort and let’s face it, most people aren’t willing to stick the whole thing out.

    On a similar note, it’s unreal how similar changing your body and earning a living online can be, as both require unparalleled effort, consistency, persistency, etc. I’d say 99% of people are not willing to put forth the effort in either and that’s why most people fail when it comes to making money with an online business and why most people are overweight (at least they are here in America).

    All it usually takes to achieve success in every area of one’s life is success in one aspect that comes with many difficulties, such as with losing weight/gaining muscle.

    I’ve been there where you’re at and I know how much work goes into those physical results, so many congratulations to you and it would be great to see a post with your ‘before and after’ photos.

    Cheers Yaro,


  • Great article Yaro. Many years ago I read the book “Awaken the Giant With” by Tony Robbins; it was my first exposure to limiting beliefs and the impact they make on our lives. Once I learned to knock the legs out from under the table, ie the belief being the table top and the legs all the assumptions I had made/created to support that belief my life began to change.

    It is still a constant battle to stay aware and analyze my thoughts – living consciously is easier said than done for me; I find that sometimes I get so busy and miss such obvious things!

    Your article really reminded me of the importance of staying on top of this!


  • Hi Yaro,
    Congrats on working on your limiting beliefs. I am happy that you realized that having the belief that you are a “hard gainer” was also limiting. Limiting and dogmatic beliefs are what prevents our growth. I was once asked what enlightenment is and my response was “clearing and transmuting dogmatic beliefs”.

  • I respect you for working on your limiting believes. I work each day with people as the Consulting Hypnotist at the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex in Montreal to help them do just that. What a difference it makes in someone’s life.

    A proven, safe and fairly quick way to do just that on your own is to use self hypnosis. You may download a free self hypnosis mp3 with full instructions at my site if you would like to experience this for yourself. There are no “catches” to this.

    Here’s to your continuing success,
    Stephen Gruber MA

    • Stephen, thank you for suggesting hypnosis. I myself am a certified hypnotist helping individuals to lose weight, quit smoking, and to deal with stress and anxiety. Changing limiting beliefs being the key focus. NLP and hypnosis has tremendously helped me to bring about positive changes in people.

  • Great post, Yaro. We all need a reminder about improving our mindset and building self-confidence to get things done.

  • Meat and Dairy are killing people? That is hopelessly wrong information.

    It’s now very widely acknowledged that saturated fat has positive effects on health, the human body evolved eating lean red meat, nuts and grains and berries.

    You need to pre-order Tim Ferris’ new book ‘the 4 hour body’.

  • I have been planning to start body building again to put on some weight. It’s either that or start eating fast food and drinking – since that how I put on weight in the past.

    It’s also a false belief that we are hard gainers. If you really look at it, you are not eating what your friends are eating. My friends are finally coming around to my way of eating, and they are losing the weight.

    That belief that some people are just natually skinny stops people from even trying to lose weight. They just think that’s the way it is.

    Eat like the skinny person eats, and be as active as they are and you’ll be skinny too. I finally developed a website to help people eat like I do – and it’s certainly not spinach and tofu. You eat way cleaner than I do.

    Now I’m moving on to the next step in my journey – and that will be getting back to body building. Good job with your progress. I think you’ll be very happy with the outcome.

  • Great post Yaro and a reminder using something most of us relate to.

    As someone once said ( Abraham I Think )

    A belief is just a thought you keep thinking. Just stop thinking it and think something else. Somedays easier than others.!!
    Best Wishes


  • Thank You for your recent post. I have been allowing myself to become discouraged from a parallel yet different version of your story. I am a female with a muscled athletic build. I had been teased about being a body builder most of my young life. I watched my diet, stretched, did yoga etc. etc. etc. Next thing I know, new muscles popping out all over the place. I have recently committed to a new exercise and eating routine and I am actually physically becoming a smaller person. Not as quickly as I would like but I am seeing results. Your post was a reminder that in consistency lays the key to lasting change. Thank You

  • Yaro,
    You make a lot of good points. I just have to tell you — A LOT of women find your slim body type VERY sexy, so no worries at all. Please believe me. In your case, your huge heart and great personality complete a wonderful package.

    I hardly every comment, but this just NEEDED TO BE SAID!

    Thanks for all you do!


    • Haha, thanks Diane and thanks every other woman who has said something similar. As I wrote to Rita above, and I explained in my article, several years ago I changed my self image beliefs about body size and became very happy with my appearance. I started to believe what you said about woman as well, which was helped a lot when I started having experiences to back up my new more positive beliefs.

      I appreciate your reassurance though, I’m sure other guys will like to hear it too.

      One interesting thing is when I did make the self image change in my mindset, I rarely received any comments about being thin anymore. Because I stopped caring the universe did too. It’s like when I had the limiting belief I was radiating it and people would make comments, especially my highschool friends when I was younger. It’s amazing how powerful changes like this can be.

  • What an honest and open post. Limiting beliefs (or anything that isn’t positive belief) holds so many of us back.

    In business and personal life. It’s the “I am not sure I can do this” thought we get when looking down the road at something new.

    The more we can be “in the present” the less these limiting beliefs happen. When I hear myself say “Err, I don’t think I can do this” then I try and pretend I am giving advice to a friend.

    In Yaro’s case, I would say “Dude, of course you can put on muscle, you might not look like a Gladiator but you will put on muscle and get the body you want”. Note – What we tend to want now is different to what we want later.

    In my case I want to lose body fat to look like a Gladiator! When I do lose body fat I actually get happy with something not as hard core as I thought I wanted. This isn’t cheating, it’s just we tend to over goal set.

    So when I give advice to myself as a friend I am not thinking about whether I can do it. I am just saying “Dude, you can!”.

    Great stuff as usual Yaro.


  • Yaro, I am all for changing negative beliefs about oneself, but I have to disagree with the idea that women will be attracted to you only if you have a muscular physique. I feel, (from the female perspective), that the most attractive men are the ones that can make me laugh. A good sense of humor goes a long way!!!

    • Hi Rita, as I said, that was my limiting belief back then when I was a teenager about woman, well girls back then ;-). You could have come up to my face and said no no, girls like guys with confidence, or who are funny, or who have motivation in life, or anything and I would have agreed with you with a nod of my head, but inside until I experienced proof myself I wouldn’t have cemented that new belief. It was easy to see proof that girls like guys with a certain physique or look about them. I totally blame the backstreet boys 😉

      Today I know different – well to be fair I BELIEVE different. The challenge is that you can see proof of whatever belief you want. Whether that belief empowers you or restricts you is the important question.

      It’s important also to note that maybe a limiting belief like girls only like guys who are fit is sometimes beneficial, because that may motivate an overweight guy to get in shape and improve their health.

      Of course my main point is that the belief is the first decision made and you can always decide whatever you like and then get out there and make it permanent through experience.

  • P90X Rocks! I am going to go out on a limb and say the next tony is Tony Robbins. Wishing you success as you conquer limiting beliefs.

  • Jon

    Great post! Indeed I believe you are saying that the limits are never set, but just in our mind, so if we want to overcome limits we have to do so first in our minds… and I will have a look at this P90X workout, off course!

  • Some cultures as my own will strip you confidence and self esteem straight away for as long as you are thin.i grew up thin and still in my 40s I’m still thin and yet my community don’t get used to my body.So whenever I go to my village, i develop defense mechanism.Elders now know.

    Thanks for your valuable advice as

  • I did P90X for 58 days straight last year and it was great. I made the mistake of taking a break and then one excuse led to another and I never went back.

    I blamed my busy work schedule, but really it was just excuses.

    One thing I would also recommend looking into is Power 90. It’s the predecessor to P90X. I used to think Power 90 (or P90) was for wimps which is why I started out with P90X right from the get-go, but now that I tried Power 90 I really like it!

    It’s just like P90X but requires less time and is not as intense for people who aren’t already in great shape.

    Just as an example, in Power 90 you start off the Ab exercises with Ab Ripper 100 which is 10 reps x 10 different exercises. If I remember correctly, the Ab Ripper X is like 350 total reps?

    I couldn’t even do all 350 in Ab Ripper X when I first started so really I think for people who aren’t already in awesome shape Power 90 is a better choice to start with.

    If you’ve already survived 8 weeks of P90X though, just keep going with it, but for anyone who hasn’t started yet and they’re not sure if they can hack P90X I *highly* recommend checking out Power 90 first.


    • Yeah I think David Risley started with P90, which is no doubt a good place to start if you haven’t exercised in a long time.

      I’d played tennis, skated, bicycled and done some basic weight training on a regular basis so I came into P90X with a base to begin with. Plus given my no body fat build there’s less weight to throw around so that made it easier. Not that P90X is easy, but I can see if some of my friends went straight into P90X I think they would die.

  • BTW, could the other Tony’s last name possibly rhyme with “Wobbins” ?



  • Yaro,
    Great post. I too can admit P90X has changed my mindset about a lot of things. My first time thru it I too couldn’t get thru each workout, but I did see results. However, because I did see results I realized it I put just a bit more effort in I’ll even see greater results. Like you point out this concept holds thru to everything in life…..

    Keep the great posts coming!

  • I love P90X as well – have been at it for a month already and am seeing first results! I have the videos on my iPad and play them whenever I travel as well – which is a lot. If you cannot do the videos for whatever reason, another great resource is – a laundry list of similar exercises from a former soldier trainer. It’s great if you want to keep a workout routine going but only have a floor, gravity, and 20 minutes. Proper nutrition is of course the other 90%…

  • Hi Yaro! I was a hard gainer all my life as well… until I had my second child. Then I gained too much. It took me a couple of years, but I completely transformed my skinny-fat self into a lean muscle machine. All with heavy weights, a healthy diet, and the right mindset. Glad you made this discovery, too.

    And, yes, it does carry over into all aspects of life. Our minds can be so self-limiting. We never realize how much power we hold until we let go.

  • Limiting beliefs are as “beneficial” as overconfidence, no doubt about that. Equilibrium is what is required in all aspects of life to keep most of things you can control on the way you want to, or even better the way they should be (what you like is not always what is good for you).

    If you want to gain weight, the first thing you have to do is to increase your physical effort, daily, progressively, preferably with a combination of two types of exercises bodybuilding type – weights which is considered a non-aerobic exercise and aerobic exercises like running, though for best time/efficiency ratio I recommend using a bicycle. After a few months you can stop for a while the physical exercises and you might experience an increase in weight. Sweets can significantly speed up your gaining weight. chocolate and sweet drinks will increase your insulin level, which stimulates anabolic metabolism.

    You don’t necessarily need to eat lots of meat to gain weight or muscle. The right combination of beans and rice might prove a close substitute for meat. You can develop your own meat substitute recipes by studying the amino-acid composition of various cereals and vegetables and find the right mix for you with the best essential amino-acid composition. However this might be boring enough to quit even before reaching the middle of it, even if the benefits are not to be neglected.

    Just like the body and the muscles in our bodies can get used to a certain type of activity, the same way the mind can get used to stay in a certain “template” designed by our closest environment: the family as well as society and culture. Leaving aside many of the things (beliefs) that don’t really serve you well, you can really gain a lot in life (self tested) The number one benefit: you’ll be less stressed out by details, your “freedom degree” will increase. The second benefit: less time used on thinking about limitations equals more time used making the best of the current perspectives. And the third: well-balanced and down to earth self-confidence.

    This is my point, as for your point Yaro, a pretty good and elaborate one.

  • Limiting Self beliefs are powerful to overcome just because you have been programming yourself to believe it for so long. Positive affirmations and a positive state help to combat self beliefs when they come up. I’ve been working on these myself.

    Good to see another blogger taking up P90X and I did see Pat’s little writeup on as well.

    Where’s the before pics Yaro? Heh Heh.

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog dot Com

  • Congratulations on your success, Yaro, and congratulations on your new limiting belief “I can’t let a day go by without doing the workout or I risk becoming very grumpy”. I’m sure there is a way you can let yourself off the hook and not cement this belief in your head.
    May I suggest that you choose a picture of what you want to look like and place this healthy figure in your mind as if it is yours.
    Perhaps an affirmation could be “I love my healthy shape which I easily maintain as I continue to eat the foods that I love”.
    All the best with your continued success!

  • Yaro,

    I really enjoyed your post! It spoke to me on two things I am very passionate about, fitness and health, and mindset fitness and health. Given the very stressful world we live in today, I believe that we can (and unfortunately too many people do) become so consumed with negativity that we end up destroying ourselves, WHY? If only more people would realize that they have the ability to control their daily (negative) beliefs, perhaps we would see more productive, happy, caring, fit and healthy people making this world a better place for all of us to live. Thank you!

  • Thanks for this post Yaro. It resonated with me deeply as I spent 25 years thinking that I wasn’t creative. Others in my family were visual artists and I was the academic one. Good at exams but not creating anything original.
    A few years ago I looked at what I wanted for my life, and becoming an author was always my deepest dream. That day I started with an affirmation “I am creative. I am an author.” I know you appreciate affirmations!
    A few months later I started a blog ‘The Creative Penn’ (thanks to your wonderful Blog Mastermind course!) and have just reached my 2 year anniversary. I have also written 3 non-fiction books and have just finished my first thriller novel (coming out Feb 2011). So that limiting belief became the basis of my new life, turned around by affirmations, mindset change and action. It’s brilliant to hear you talk about the same things. These deep beliefs can hold us so tightly but it only takes commitment to break out of them.
    “We are large. We contain multitudes.” (paraphrased Walt Whitman)
    Thanks Yaro.

  • lmp

    You sound like the great Napoleon Hill, I guess that is much better than looking and acting like Napoleon Dynamite!

  • Hi Yaro,

    this post is so relevant, I only this week began your blog mastermind and I intend
    to be like the “student” you interviewed who blew you away with what he had achieved in such a short time.

    About 10 years ago my husband and I went to see Robert Kiyosaki and started in property, we both got into Tony Robbins and decided we wanted to live in Italy so we packed up the kids and went for it. Two years later we came back started a business got a fantastic business coach who also told us to go and do the Landmark Forum before we killed each other, completed the curriculum and see so clearly who I am and how I created myself… got to give up some major “limiting beliefs” that I didn’t even see which made the difference to my marriage, our children and who I now know myself to be.

    And so here I am, about to start another adventure (we bought the place in Italy and leave again in May) have found my absolute passion which brings in writing and photography (bonus) and people ask us all the time how we did it???

    A Paradigm Shift (love that phrase) my life completely shifted and it can never shift back… you want to get rid of that story about your weight for good go do the Forum.

    ciao for now

    • Hi Lisa, thanks for your comments.

      I went to the Landmark forum and as much as I love the message, I don’t like the medium. I don’t find long weekend workshops my preferred learning style. It’s too much all at once.

      At the end of the day Landmark, Tony Robbins, Steve Pavlina – any form of personal development including what I write on this blog all has the same message. You are what you decide you are. Your existence has no meaning except the meaning you give it. Obviously there’s endless derivatives of this concept that can be applied to all aspects of life, but in terms of conscious reality, that one concept is pretty much the base of it as far as I can tell.

      • I’d put it more as “what you pay attention to changes your experience of life”, but – essentially, yes.

  • I have been hearing from P90X (actually from Pat’s site as well) and Kettle ball exercise too. I have also heard about beach body and its coaching program but will have to look in to it to make sure it is not a fad.

    Are you going to post your progress and pictures with this program like others?

    • Jan


      Saw your reply about P90X. No it is not a fad. I use to sell for a company that took infomercial calls. I sold a great deal of the P90X. Everyone wants it. I work with a girl that swears by it. She and her husband do the exercises. She is very slim but is as strong as an ox. Every one I have talked to who bought it says it is great. Of course you cannot get it let it sit in your closet and expect it to work. Believe it or not some people think because you buy it you are going to be slimmer and trimmer. Not so.
      My advice to you is get it while you are young. Remember when you get older you cannot do the exercises like that; unless you have done them all your life.

      Go on now man and get the thing. Let us all know how it does. Get it all too. A little pricey but; worth the expense. Take us a pic.

      • Hi Jan,
        I like your comment to Mike, but I also wanted to make a comment about getting to old to do some of the exercises in p90x.

        First I want to clarify that I am a trainer and have been exercising at a high intensity my entire life! I am in my 40’s and although I don’t do P90X many of my exercises and workouts are as high as intensity. Not sure if in your 40’s is your idea of getting ‘old’!!
        However, I have trained many clients who were in their 40’s and 50’s and even 60’s when just starting and it was amazing what they could do. I was known to push my clients beyond what they thought they could do. All survived and had only positive results with NO injuries. Depending on your health, limbs and lungs if you work up to it there are many exercises that you can do even in you’re ‘older’ using P90X.

        Now, that being said, what exactly is ‘older’ BTW? I think I might even be in that category. You can click on over to my website and take a gander!!

        One of my former clients who is 72 just bought p90x. He has been a runner most of his life and is off and on at the gym. Although he might not be able to do all of the exercises, if done correctly, and possibly with some guidance at first,he, as well as most people, will be able to do a lot of the exercises and get results.

        @Mike, definitely don’t wait! You are not getting any younger! HA HA. Not that you can’t start when you are older, but just think of the progress you’ll make by starting NOW.

        Kettle Bells are great and actually increase your Vo2 max as much as running in less time, but make sure you have been trained with correct form. It’s very easy to injure yourself. And the TRX and Ultimate Sandbag Training are both great too.

        I better hurry and get my blog affiliate links up!!

  • I’ve just finished a book about overcoming self defeating beliefs called Change Your Thinking and I’m amazed that after all the years of ‘self help’ books, I hadn’t ever really got in touch with the root cause of my negative responses to external cirucmstances, which was ‘faulty thinking’.

    You might have guessed already that Change Your Thinking is about Cognitive Behaviour Technique and how to apply it in your daily life – essentially to minimise negative emotions and lead a more balanced, happier life (no matter WHAT your circumstances – or muscle to fat ratio, for that matter). 😉

    You can actually read a review of the book here – – in it I give a sneak peak at the types of ‘faulty thinking’ most of us engage in at some point or other in our lives – exactly as you’ve described above Yaro, when you write about negative thought patterns regarding how other people perceive your physical appearance. I’ve never been a fan of psychological doctrine, preferring to believe that people can’t be ‘classified’ (we’re all entirely unique, after all!)- however, I have to say I’ve come around a little after taking a look at CBT and how it helps you to transform your limiting beliefs, simply through rational analysis of your thought patterns.

    For the first time I’ve come across something from the world of clinical psychology that resonates with me) – much like you’ve come across something in the world of fitness that works for you Yaro! 😉 I’ve also read a lot of Tony Robbins work and find the concepts certain dovetail with the prinicples of CBT, however what I DID really like about Change Your Thinking was that for a listing on Borders’ self help shelves, it was blessedly free of ‘hype’ – without being too clinical. Definitely worth a look if you’ve never checked out CBT and how it can help you deal with limiting beliefs that in some cases, you might not even have realised you had.

    P.S – if you’re getting into raw food Yaro (def the way of the future!) Google ‘Russell James’ – the UK’s Raw food chef – he has heaps of free recipes on his blog. He’s kinda the gourmet raw food dude. I like. 🙂 I’ve been having fun with his creations since I got my brand spanking new dehydrator last month – woop!

  • Hi Yaro,
    I suggest you can take a look on this website
    They have a whole set of technique that could handle your beliefs(not NLP).
    I have been using those technique to handle my beliefs and it is very effective.

  • I can relate to your situation when you were younger, although I had a different condition.

    I managed to overcome my limiting beliefs by seeing my limitations as opportunities to focus and do good in other aspects. I like your point about celebrating the positive events and accomplishments and ignoring the negative things happening in your life.

  • Hi Yaro, What a timely article indeed!

    I joined the Blog Mastermind a few days ago. As stoked as I am going through the lessons and mindset audios, this article reinforces that it’s focusing on the daily tasks we know we can do that will lead to the overall success of the long term results we envision.

    I’ll be running a health related blog. This article is also timely in that I hit a plateau in my progress in my workouts at the gym and have been considering P90X for a while now. After having read this article and viewing a couple dozen YouTube videos, I’m ready to give it a shot. I will focus solely on each of the daily workouts – and see what results I experience after 90 days.

  • As a former swim coach congratulations on your commitment , on your workout, and on your success!
    Personally , I still swim several mornings a week and it really keeps me sharp. Believe me the workouts are a lot more of a benefit that allows you to do a lot more of what you want do physically and mentally than just looking good. Also, you WILL look good if you do the work outs long enough. But really …staying in shape gives you a reserve if you go through some trauma like a car accident like me or get sick like my friend who got a bad case of pneumonia a while ago. I had very minor injuries from my accident which was a very violent very high speed incident and my friend would have probably died if he had not been in shape from a lot bicycling leading up to his illness.
    All the Best!!

  • The “skinny” L B certainly resonates with me. Started out with “snake hips” and stayed there. Still eat anything and everything … tho’ I’ve been vegetarian for roughly the past 15 years…. and using Vitamins c & E for 20-odd.

    Interestingly I commenced the Five Tibetan exercises a couple of years ago, because when i read the book I was most impressed by the “Fountain of Youth” aspect. Have always believed I could expect a long and healthy life … tho’ in later years my exercise regime has been a “mirage”!.

    Whilst I was anticipating my well being to expand, (and it has) I have been pleasantly surprised by the improved “tone” of my body.

    Whilst I’m not the least conscious of my chronological age, it keeps coming along, and I’ll be 78 next Jan .. I mention it because I’m unlikely to parade this “toned body on the beach any time soon ( or later).

    The salient point here is that there are always “side benefits” in the areas where we set our intention and focus our attention.

    I’ve been following you for some years now (along with some others) and have enjoyed noticing your development. Am at last launching my (overdue) blog and the excitement is building. Cheers from Toronto …Aus.


    • Doug, you have 30 years on me, and I have to admit your enthusiasm for life and your excitement for the impending launch of your blog inspires me as much as Yaro does.

      • Your Message Werner .. thank you for your kind remarks. i have a passion for life,and a “sunny”outlook….I notice you’re about to launch into the blogosphere so I wish you good fortune. .. i’ll keep an eye out for you along the way… Cheers …. Doug …

  • HI Yaro,
    What a great post. I’m a trainer/wellness coach/former bodybuilder/triathlete/etc… I was always athletic but then in high school and through the first 3 years at University of Michigan I battled an eating disorder, was super skinny, while still competing in athletics. Then I simply woke up one morning and said to all 98lbs of myself, ‘today I am a bodybuilder’. And from that day on that is who I became .As well as an artist, and a few other things. And now a blogger, thanks to the help of your good friend Paul Piotrowski. In fact now I am training/coaching Paul in his body transformation challenge and beyond.
    Long story short I moved to CA, competed as a bodybuilder, fitness competitor, triathlete, and have been in the fitness biz for 30 yrs. I have never missed a day of workout in my life, except if I had the flu, which is never, or some debilitating infection, which did happen once. In terms of fitness and reaching YOUR goals I call it the Fitness Karma Bank. Every day adds to the bank. It’s just like building wealth – you have to add to your bank account each paycheck or it will never add up. Finding something you like to do everyday is the key. And if one day you wake up and the p90x is an emotional struggle and you’re not jazzed to do it anymore, then you’ll find something else. Your body really doesn’t know the name of the program you are using. It just needs high intensity vigorous training. Isn’t it amazing how addicted your body gets to that feeling when you get into the flow of your workout? And how about the afterglow that you feel? I can’t think of anything else that compares…well….!
    Isn’t is nice to be fit and feel fit?
    I am so glad you are in the habit. I recently did a post on Fitness as a habit and how I inherited the gene! You can find it on my blog if you wish.

    I look forward to following your success and hope you will inspire others to take up the challenge too.


  • I have an exercise bike at home. I have started a programe to build my leg muscles. I can follow or use most of the exercises for all parts of the leg except the calf muscles – because I don’t have access to gym equipment like leg presses etc..

  • great post Yaro. It’s definitely true that we can limit ourselves with our self-talk, and just as easily turn it around once we start changing that negative chatter to to self belief.

  • Another article to read again and again until gets a lot more compared to the available words in this post, and I think each and every post here at entrepreneurs journey gives feeling of reading a whole holy books to consume and follow in the day to day life.

  • Being skinny myself, your article has a great appeal on me. Though I put more importance on exercises, I never gained any weight nor muzzles. But I am happy as I am since my body structure never interfered with my functionality. However a good article to read.

  • Congratulations, Yaro! I love P90X – I did that workout completely a couple of years ago before I got married, and I loved the results. Because I kept talking about it all of the time, my sister started up with it, and hasn’t stopped.

    I love your story, too, about how it helped you break through some of your limiting beliefs. In my own life, I’ve found that committing to a fitness goal like completing P90X, or training for a triathlon or for a 3 day, 350 mile bike ride from New York to Boston really helped me break through not just my limiting beliefs about what I could do physically, but also what I could accomplish in other areas of my life. Completing them has led me to take on what I used to think were even bigger challenges – i.e., becoming a public speaker, starting my own business. Thanks for sharing your own experience – I’m sure you’ve inspired many others to think bigger and do more.

  • Bev

    Thanks again Yaro for a wonderful, insightul post.

    I agree with your strategy of working on the outside, the body, but I also think you could include working on the inside as well. If you look at yourself in the mirror and around your environment, you can see what you truly believe about yourself.

    I’m a big believer in changing my life by changing my thoughts using positive affirmations. Used in conjunction with bodybuilding, strength training, etc. retraining our subconscious minds is probably the most important of the two. You can work out forever, but if your still believe you’re not good enough (for any reason) you limit the greater outcome.

    I agree with several others above that affirming new ideas will change your mind which is where it all starts anyway! How about, “My body is fit and fabulous and I’m happy with me.” Short and to the point.

    Thanks for being so candid about your life and times.

    A real fan!


  • Hi Yaro,

    I was always skinny growing up. I was the same way;I didn’t like how skinny I was. But when I turned 28 that began to change. My metabolism began to slow down which means I started gaining weight. So between the ages of 18-28, my weight was between 135-145lbs standing 5’9. After the age of 28 my weight was around 175, now I my weight is reduced to 165lbs. And as you get older you will find it is difficult to lose the weight than to gain it. I remember when I was skinny I tried to gain muscle mass, so I started drinking shakes. After drinking shakes for awhile, I started losing weight because I gradually started drinking the shakes as my meals and not as a supplement. I think focusing too much on a solution can become more of a problem if you’re not careful. Right now in your life, it’s alright to be skinny.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  • I think it happens everyone sometimes. We are limited by our beliefs and we think that we are right.. In the end after a long time, we change our minds with the experience.

  • Its very much a process of living in the moment, going with what your gut tells you will work and never giving up.
    It as always been my belief that all things are possible, that includes health, life, goals, happiness and that we truly are responsible for the outcomes we receive.
    I was always a rather timid person feeling very self conscious about myself, one day I realised that most people feel the same way, if someone got angry at me it was because they were angry at themselves in some way, if someone judged me in any way (including my appearance) it was because they judged themselves far more harshly than they ever could judge me.
    It was a very liberating moment and one I always carry with me.I am free to do whatever I want and there’s no reason I won’t accomplish it.

  • Great post Yaro!

    My AHA! moment is right here – If I focus only on the result then it’s too easy for me to defeat myself before I even start.

    I didn’t realise until right now that that’s why I don’t follow through because I immediately project to the end goal and judge myself based on the other person’s experience and ability before I even start! I change my thinking from “want to” to “have to”.

    WHereas if there’s something that really interests me or that I want to do because it will get me to x step then there’s no problem.

    I have found the why of my biggest stumbling block Yaro! I’m keeping that particular paragraph as a reminder.
    Thank you

  • Everyone who wants to succeed in whatever he/she is doing needs a coach.

  • Yaro I can see you’re clearly passionate about this latest breakthrough as you should do and I’m keen to go try out this ever-changing exercise program myself.

    6 years back I decided to change up my exercise routine to by training for a bodyscultping competition. Like you I have played sports all my life and while I was fit and healthy and strong I had always remained the same body shape and I wanted to really change it up.

    I trained my ass off for 9 months including hugely disciplined eating and I won the Regional Body Sculpting Championship and went on to compete at Nationals, I lost 15 kgs and was at 10% body fat and found the whole process of watching my body transform over time fascinating.

    More than anything it did wonders for my confidence, I felt I could achieve anything. I too was motivated by a Tony at that time – Tony Robbins `Get the Edge’ CDs actually. I’ve held many of the lessons learned from that time, with me since so you’ve made me want to change it up again and do the next challenge.

    Thanks Yaro


  • Your Message
    Thanks Yaro for sharing your story. It takes courage to be so open but we can all relate to it and learn from it. I run a blog on mindsets and this week I am just going to direct my readres to your post because it ties in so well with what we have been discussing on my blog. Thanks again.

  • Hello everyone,
    I appreciate Yaro’s article as well as the stories from everyone else who has commented. It is timely for me as I decided on Thanksgiving day to train for a gymnastics competition in January (the ‘Rocky Mountain Open’ is an annual collegiate competition which is open to non-collegiate athletes also). My wife had given me a set of rings for father’s day this year and I got them installed in the garage in October, but until Thanksgiving I was just letting the kids play on them and not doing much myself.

    When I was 8 and I saw the Olympics for the first time I wrote down on a piece of paper that I wanted to win 8 gold medals at the Olympics – I think I still have that paper, I remember seeing it recently. That year I started gymnastics and did it for about 16 years (through college), but in 2001 I began working full time as an engineer and thought I was done (i.e. ‘Limiting Belief’). Almost 3 years ago I left my job as an engineer to create my own business developing internet software applications and automating data analysis for small companies all over the world (working at home on a project/contract basis).

    Because my limiting belief was that working full time would not allow me to pursue my dream of being in the Olympics, once I left my 8-5 job for a more flexible arrangement I began thinking about the Olympics again. However I had 5 small children (0-6 years old at the time) and found that I had developed other limiting beliefs about what I could do based on my family commitments (lack of sleep, changing diapers, etc.) Nevertheless, soon after becoming self employed I purchased a mushroom, my first piece of gymnastics equipment. Since then I’ve added a rebounder trampoline (the small kind for indoors), a chinup bar with handles, parallettes, and the rings.

    I think what changed for me on Thanksgiving was a decision I came to after meditation with affirmations (“Getting into the Vortex” – yes I pre-ordered it from amazon) that I could take a step in the direction of my dreams for the pure enjoyment of it without attaching too much importance to the end result (like winning 1st place on rings at the competition or something). I also had been using the potty training of our youngest child as a reason to feel good for several weeks. Though I had used changing diapers (and everything else that goes along with that) as a reason to not pursue my dreams before, it served to help me feel freedom by thinking to myself – “so what if that was a limitation – it’s gone now!”

    It’s been about 10 years since my last gymnastics competition, but I’m excited to go to a gym tomorrow and practice with the college team I was a part of in order to put a routine together. In the last 2 weeks I’ve gotten almost to the point where I can do a front lever and an iron cross again, and I have a list of other strength moves I want to develop at home. But I need to be on a standard size set of rings to work on swinging moves and dismounts, and I need to learn what the latest routine requirements are (a lot has changed in 10 years). I look forward to taking video of my routine at the competition next month and sharing about it on my blog.


    • Hi Robert,
      I’m a fitness trainer/wellness coach in Oakland Ca. I’d love to follow your blog and your progress. How would I do that?

      • Hi Debbie,
        Thanks for asking. My blog is at You may notice that I had intentions of competing this year (on pommel horse, see for that story) but I got discouraged after getting the current Arizona State team psyched for a circle contest after doing 74 on my mushroom at home but was only able to do 46 on the pommel horse when I got there. This time will be different because I have a real set of rings I’m working on at home, and I’m working on a much shorter time-frame than before. 🙂

  • I always think I am a positive person but I realise I have been stagnating and being negative without really even realising it – so read every word – think also I have been believing I have been wasting time on certain of my blogs – instead of truly believing and enjoying what I am doing – as you suggest we must do. Thanks Yaro!

  • Yaro.
    As a blogger, I am TOTALLY a scanner. I read every word of this blog post on self-limiting beliefs. I was totally engaged from the first word to the very last one.

    I am recently divorced and I lost everything in the mess except for a few thousand dollars I used to….OMG I just did it…the more I read and listen to that small voice inside my heart/brain, I am uncovering self-limiting beliefs. I did NOT lose everything! I have my health, my hockey gear, my guitars, and most importantly my children (albeit on a limited basis).

    I really needed to read this blog. Thanks, Yaro.


  • “Your power comes from choice. You decide to perceive your reality how you want to, so choose the reality in every given moment that gives you what you want.” Well said and an important reminder. Thank you, Yaro. As Gautama Buddha put it “The mind is everything; what you think, you become.” Also, in an earlier post, Fran pointed out that our growth is prevented by limiting and dogmatic beliefs. How true! We are too easily the servants of negative and limiting thoughts denying our real potential. Keep spurring us on to better things and may P90X inspire you to do this and more.

  • I completely agree with you. Thanks.

  • Jan

    Your last two post have been great. I discovered Tony Robbins years ago. Of course I am a bit older than you. I feel sure it is almost the same ideas and motivation I heard from him. I have ordered the New Psycho-Cybernetics. Tried to get it for the iPad but they do not have it in ebook. I am going to look for the ‘Conversations with God.’ I don’t know why though because he and I talk a lot.

    I agree that humans can love and fear at the same time. However; we cannot be so angry and ready to boil over; then say ‘what would love do?’ without stopping to think about what is going on in our head.

    I have been listening and reading self-help books for years. I was really glad to see these last two articles. I have a website I joined tonight I will be back to you with.

    By the way. I am building a blog with the videos on BecomeABlogger and you guys are awesome. You make it so simple. Believe me it is not easy to me. But; as I said I have learned so much just following along with you. I am off all next week so I plan to really get going with it.
    I would also like to take this time to tell you. Of all the blogs, websites, and coaches you are the most realistic and down to earth, but; the one I would like to learn from.

    Thank you for all your reports and encouragement.

    Great Post with the two Tony’s. Your friend Jan

    • hi Jan,
      I have also been building a blog following Yaro and it is suprising how quickly I am learning.
      Will keep an eye out for your blog

  • Aloha Yaro, amazing personal story and such a battle with weight issues, except yours is the reverse of most of trying to lose it and you;re trying to gain muscle. I suppose we all have some type of body issues, but able to resolve if we are determine enough to tackle it. You must show some photos of the near results and final, I curious to see how it turn out.

    Thanks for sharing. Mahalo! Lani 🙂

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  • Took me time to read all the comments, but I really enjoyed the article. It proved to be Very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commenters here! It’s always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained! I’m sure you had fun writing this article.

  • Great Blog Yaro, enjoyed reading.

    To anyone (which means all of us!) with limiting subconscious beliefs I strongly recommend Mind Yoga. This is an evolutionary system of simple mind disciplines which will get you get past your conscious feelings of stress, anxiety & negative mind chatter to get the root of recurring success inhibiting patterns to start the process of re-patterning forever.

    8) xx

  • Hey Hey,

    I’m a fan of changing core beliefs that don’t serve us anymore..thanks for your honest vulnerability Yaro but may I point out your ‘other’ assumption. Some of us ladies like our fellas on the long and lean side just fine ..hh

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  • Hi Yaro,

    Great article!
    It’s funny … with all the women I am currently coaching the biggest barrier to them achieving what they want is actually themselves! It amazes me.
    Time and time again I see people gaining new skills and knowledge, devouring every new piece of training out there only to stand firmly in their own way and not see the issue.

    I even had someone say to me the other day ‘Don’t worry. Everyone’s first product launch is always a failure’. Wow!! Why would you even bother starting anything if that’s your attitude!

    Similarly … right here on your awesome website is absolutely everything people need to launch a successful online business yet many still struggle.
    Limiting beliefs are so powerful it’s my new area of research and fascination!!

    • Thanks Barbara!

      I believe much of the problem with limited beliefs is about choosing what you focus on. Your thoughts are always your own choice, so why not use positive reinforcement to help yourself?

      Of course thoughts are not a guarantee of results, but at the very least you should be the leader of your own personal cheer squad!


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