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Marcel Herz Co-Founder And CEO Tiliter, Computer Vision Startup Disrupting Retail Checkout (VC EP13)

Marcel Herz is co-founder and CEO of Tiliter, a company that is accelerating the democratization of computer vision.

Presently they are focused on the grocery store industry, offering a device used at checkout to scan and identify fruits, vegetables, baked goods – anything that is loose without a barcode.

This is just the tip of the iceberg however, as you can imagine being able to scan and identify real world objects will have countless applications, especially as the software gets better and quicker.

I made a small angel investment in Tiliter via the AngelList platform led by Brendan Hill, a previous guest on my podcast. I’m excited by the traction Tiliter already has – currently in hundreds of stores around the world – and also where this technology is heading.

You can listen in to this interview to learn how Marcel and his co-founders built the prototype of the Tiliter checkout, then began approaching large grocery store chains to test it out.

Enjoy the interview.