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I Was In Portland Recently Where I Visited A Special Blog Mastermind Graduate And We Made This Video

On a recent train trip down from Vancouver to Portland for a conference, I decided to extend my visit an extra day so I could visit with one of my most successful Blog Mastermind coaching clients.

Janea, the founder of Drama Notebook, has an amazing house, which she is slowly renovating into her dream home. I was also lucky enough to make friends with her animal family, including two dogs and two Maine Coon cats, which I absolutely fell in love with (long-term followers of my social channels will know my previous cat housemate back in Australia, Ramses, probably had some Maine Coon in him – I love all the fluffy fur!).

Of course, I wasn’t there just for a social visit. I brought a video crew with me so we could record a new case study video. I’m excited to announce the video is ready for release.

If you enjoyed this video, you can listen to a longer more in-depth case-study podcast I did with Janea recently here – How To Turn Kids Lesson Plans Into A $250,000 A Year Subscription Revenue Online Business

Also, remember Blog Mastermind 2.0 is closing October 1st, 2018, so if you want to follow in Janea’s footsteps, join us today.

Over 150,000 people have already downloaded it!

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