James Schramko: How To Get Super Fast Results With Your Online Business

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James SchramkoI had the pleasure of joining James Schramko on a panel at Ed Dale’s coming home 2 live event in Melbourne recently.

James and I have known each other for a while, however I hadn’t had a chance to get his full background story, so over dinner in Melbourne he gave me a rundown of how he went from the head of a Mercedes dealership (earning $300,000 a year!) to quitting that job to become a full-time internet marketer, now earning seven figures a year.

Whenever I talk to James I always leave slightly confused, but always impressed with what he manages to do. He runs his business from home, working with a team of contractors from around the world. He has more online income streams than you can count on two hands and two feet combined and is always learning more and doing more. He’s one of the best people I know in terms of speed of implementation – he just gets things done.

In this interview I ask James to explain how he transitioned away from his well-paid, full-time job, to replace that income and then some more, using the internet.

There’s one particular point you should take away from the podcast. James is earning big bucks because he’s leveraging (and his students leverage too) a gap in the marketplace that exists right now and is an opportunity for virtually anyone reading this blog. This is the gap between what we know as online marketers, and what mainstream, offline business don’t know. You can fill this gap, and earn a solid living too, in your area.

If you want clarification of what I am talking about, listen to what James says in the interview. I’m sure you will find his story inspiring and very applicable to you as well.

After you do that, go visit his blog and learn more about how James does what he does and how you can benefit from what he teaches – Internet Marketing Speed

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  • Wow, I had no idea that James is a 7 figure marketer. I came across his stuff a couple of years ago and enjoyed his content, but did not know he was a ultra success. I look forward to listening to the video


  • Jon

    I really love your interviews – any way of having them available on iTunes for automatic download when they come available?

    Thanks for the great content Yaro!

    Jon @ WoodMarvels.com

  • I listened to Jame’s podcast and I have to say it gives some great information. I highly recommend you do as Yaro says as you will not be disappointed.

  • Yaro, that interview was fantastic. James really does walk the walk and talk the talk. It is really good to hear someone who has left a highly successful career to do even better online. Good interview!

  • Wow! This was really inspiring.. Can’t wait to see what the rest of this year holds for those who actually do something with this fantastic information!

  • Hey Yaro

    Do you have an iTunes podcast that we can subscribe to for the podcast updates?


  • Thank you for posting this interview for us. I really got some really great golden nuggets that helps confirms a market need. James has a really diversified business. I was wondering who he decided to learn from at different stages because he progressed very rapidly. Where does he outsource his event services staff?

    This was good and could be followed up with a part 2 or interactive call/webinar.

    Thanks, Yaro

  • This is fantastic, inspirational content and I love the podcast medium for pieces like this. This way I can work on some other stuff as I listen to James. Thanks Yaro!

  • It’s very inspiring to read/hear about people who are successful online. It keeps me motivated. There is a lot to learn from them. Great interview!!!

  • That is amazing that he left a job paying $300k per year. Most people in that position would have little motivation to leave that and take a gamble on their own business. He must have some serious drive to be able to build up a 7 figure income online. It can be tough enough just maintaining a 5 figure online income.

  • Yaro, I just had the chance to listen to this tonight and I really appreciate how you helped him create a timeline and nailed him down as to how he developed his business through time. I’ll be honest, the first half was the best for me because that is the stage I am at right now and it is nice to know how he had gradual success at each step along the way.

  • that is a good source of income and I think that is the way he serve himself

  • This inspires me even further. I make 1/10 of that a year i.e $30,000 online and still have my day job.

  • A Podcast is an MP3 file that has a recording of a radio show or something much like it that you can download and listen to on your iPod.

  • So if I wanted to record a lesson about Superman Comic Books, I could make a podcast about it that other people could listen to on their iPods or computers or other player of MP3.

  • I’ve been freelancing for almost 2 and a half years doing web development. I’ve made a very decent income that helps sustain me. This podcast has helped me realize the potential when outsourcing some of my work. Although I haven’t done marketing to the point where I have so much work that I can’t handle, I’ve tested the waters enough for my services and built a nice portfolio. I think I’m ready to dive in and start managing more accounts. I’ve used Basecamp before with one of my clients. I think it’s a great system to manage several remote workers and projects at the same time.

  • James Schramko is another example for the infiniteness of internet income!

  • I really appreciate that you showed the stages of his business as well. That is the critical step for anyone that wants to start a small business. Sure, you can watch your favorite guru and say “there’s no way I could become that successful,” but once the curtain gets pulled back it’s always possible, even for the underdogs.

    -Joshua Black
    The Underdog Millionaire

  • Great interview you pinned it down. One thing I’ve been wondering that’s not so clear. When u interview ozzies are you talking oz dollars or us?
    Jules. flip video blog. Myflip. Co. Uk

    • @Jules Aussies usually talk about Internet Marketing in USD. (They are very similar at the time of posting).

  • Wow! He really took a big step by quitting his job and becoming an internet marketer!His story is truly inspiring! It just goes to show that if you make the right move at the right time and use all your available resources, you can make money. Thinking outside the box doesn’t hurt either! :p

  • James really has a diversified approach to marketing. I love how he advised that you shouldn’t enter a market where you’re not knowledgeable. Thanks for sharing, Yaro! Very informative and inspiring!!

  • > seven figures a year
    You can almost live off that.

    I think it’s a great reminder that the basics work and that knowing is more than half the battle … but taking action and testing your results … learning and improving … is the key.

  • Entering a market without the knowledge about it is not a wise choice indeed. Very informative Yaro!

  • Yaro. Great interview and insight into James’ world!
    I watched both you and James at Ed Dale’s recent Melbourne seminar.James really does call it like it is and is definitely someone we should all learn from.

  • Great Podcast

    For me, James has an offline business and is the king to leverage it. Real issues, traditional brick and mortar clients, community members = franchisees doing the job locally.

    I wish we could have learned more about its licensing business. Passive income Rocket!

  • Amazing interview. So many streams of online income…I doubt I could handle more than a few. Knowledge is power – as James has proven.

  • Anthony Arias(Internet marketing tips blog)

    Haven’t listened to the podcast, but I look forward to it. I came into contact with James during the launch for arbitrage conspiracy and watched as he interacted with his readers and customers. Can’t wait to learn about all his different streams of income, maybe I can plug a few of those streams into my business : ).

  • I love hearing success stories like that. 300,000 is a nice chunk of change to give up. Now he is making 7 figures doing something he prob truly loves and that is the key to happiness. Sounds like a very smart guy.

  • Gosh these interviews are ALWAYS so inspiring! I have to listen to them with a pen and paper because I always have so many ideas from hearing someone else’s success story 🙂

  • Ron

    Downloading it now and for sure, it will make me work more and want more for myself and my blog.

  • This is interesting stuff, thanks! Will surely help inspire me to start my own Internet marketing business and make it succeed.

  • This is a very infomative interview Yaro. James really laid it all out from start to where he is now. The transition from one job to another appear to blend with ease for him.

    It go to show how great work ethics and skills of one job can make this transition possible.

    One thing he mentioned is that it did take time to get to this level of success.

    What a great interview Yaro. It’s amazing how you can break it all down and get the full picture of the Journey of an internet marketer from birth.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Quite frankly it was kinda hard for me to understand fully his all his businesses and the model behind it but what I was fascinated with the most is on how me managed to really bring his ‘generalist’ attitude offline to his business online. I mean this guy isn’t just some average joe making just average salary for his job, he’s making a killing but still he decided to quit and start his own stuff. i guess that what happens when a general manager starts his own thing.

    • He certainly is no regular corporate cat. They usually enjoy licking the cream with zero risk, so this was the inner entrepreneur that obviously didn’t buy into that mindset. Managing skills acquired whilst working for Mercedes Benz is definitely aiding James in his successful journey, and tempering the entrepreneurial flair with solid business skills is proving to be a recipe for success.

  • Haven’t had a chance to listen to this one yet but thanks for all of your podcasts Yaro – just love these for when I’m driving or walking.

    Really appreciate your down to earth, honest approach to Internet marketing, particularaly the amount of information you give out so willingly for free!


  • I have to say this was really an excellent interview and it’s quite impressive.

    It does open your mind to what’s possible.

    Thanks for that Yaro!


  • What an impressive result to be able to make 7 figures per year!

    I have downloaded the file and will listen to it later today. Thanks for taking the time to produce this interview and share with us.

    Your blog is wonderful and I am a big fan of you.

  • How i wish i would earn that much of money even if just 4 figures I’m OK with it. But if given the chance of 7 figures a year why not…..

  • No one seems to highlight the fact that he seemingly only makes money by telling other people how to make money.

    He’s like a lesser known John Chow

    No one else seems concerned by this?

    • Gee Chris, I thought we thrashed this out on my own blog. I make a lot of my income from non how to make money niches. Love your passion but it is irritating.

      Get to know me first.

    • Chris,

      I agree to some extent with you, the challenge with these discussions about the success stories is transparency and accountability.

      Sadly for every great resource like Yaro there are several con-men, liars and cheats out there peddling rubbish – its so bad that the FTC had to step with new rules like ” you must tell the truth” – and many marketers complained ???

      I say you should question everything and If people want to be in the public light like this they must accept and embrace critical review.

      One of the things that real irks me about IM are people that say they dont want to reveal how they make their money or what their income sources are.

      I don’t think anyone realistically expects url’s I think we all understand that but enough to be able to be” reviewed” for credibility is what markets are you in, how much traffic do you get, what are the sources, what types of products are you selling, what are your conversation rates for different traffic, % of returns / refunds etc –

  • Holy smokes! Listening to James describe the steps he’s taken to build his empire, I was struck by how relaxed and stress-free he appears to be. To me, that is the sign of a true master. He has control of the fundamentals for how to run a business, how to leverage his skills and the skills of other people.

    I practice Brazilian jiu jitsu, a martial art where the fighting takes place primarily on the ground. One way to measure our progress is to see how relaxed and aware we can stay when we’re placed in difficult physical positions.

    James strikes me as a man who is practiced with being in complicated situations, noticing what needs to be done when and being able to “pull off the move” with seemingly little effort.

    I’m going to listen again and visit his site. So much to learn! Thank you!

    • Great I also practice Brazilian and Traditional Jiu-jitsu.

      Martial arts helps you a lot when you start business because you have a lot of patience and as you said, you learned how to get out of difficult situation… and most importantly, you think faster than the average joe, because you know that taking time could be a leg or arm broken (specially in Jiu-jitsu).

      the Body Guard Marketer

  • Great interview. First time I’d heard of James and it really motivated me to get my ass in gear. Nice to hear someone talking about internet marketing and using some specific timelines and figures, rather than the “I started out learning, put up a bunch of sites and now I make a lot of money” approach. Thanks

  • Ron

    Something for me to listen to while taking a jog. Great interview Yaro!

  • This is the first time I’ve heard of James Schranko. Thank you for the introduction, Yaro. I am going to head over to his blog straightaway to go see more of what this man is all about. A recommendation from you is not something to ignore, after all 😉

  • So if I wanted to record a lesson about Superman Comic Books, I could make a podcast about it that other people could listen to on their iPods or computers or other player of MP3s.

  • They are like radio / tv shows you can watch whenever you want. When you open iTunes it checks for the latest podcasts in your list, and downloads them, automatically.

  • Very awesome share.

    Leveraging what you know is a fantastic way to make money within your area. Do a general search on Google Local or open the phone book, how many businesses have websites? If you’re a designer, you’ve got a lot of business potential in your back yard.

    If you offer consulting services about the internet, the same situation arises. My boss always tells me “own your backyard”. This essentially means build business relationships within your area, you’ll be surprised just how much there is to offer.

  • I see James’s blog and himself everything on the web but never really understand how he makes money, haven’t had chance to listen to the podcast yet but I’ve just downloaded it and will listen later in the gym!

    • Karl a lot of my revenue now comes from below the public line. Let me know how you like the interview.


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  • Another brilliant interview with Australia’s favorite internent marketer. A very honest insite into how James makes it happen. Thank you Yaro.

  • Thank you Yaro for this brilliant interview with James. It is honest and full of insite.
    James does not hold back at all. I’ll be listening to this one quite a few times.
    Thanks again.

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  • Thats a brave guy, he obviously has the confidence and business savvy required! It’s refreshing to read about success stories, i hope i’m one soon too!

  • KC

    Inspirational, I’ll pass this on to my readers

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