Interview With Katie Freiling On How Your Mindset Impacts Your Business

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Katie Freiling is an up and coming internet marketer who currently focuses on social media and blogging, however she came to my attention after watching a video she did about Eckhart Tolle.

She’s only been on the internet marketing scene for a couple of years but is already earning six figures and just recently did a blog related launch and made $30,000 in a couple of hours.

I’m a big fan of personal development and how important YOU are to your business, which is why I asked Katie to feature in my first video interview.

In this interview, Katie explains how important changing her mindset has been to finally find success online after some rough patches in the past, and also some of the common mindset challenges that her students have faced and how to overcome them.

If you’re currently experiencing any kind of fear regarding your Internet business, this video is worth a watch.

You can find out more about Katie at


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  • Awesome! the next interview from Yaro. and a video at that as well. Thanks for this one Yaro, I always look forward to the latest podcasts, in fact I have been biting at the bit waiting for the next one to come out. Thanks again.

    • Fan

      I am wondering where Katie is? She does not answer her blog and has not been on her facebook page since may 5th/14. Did the FTC close her down? I have emailed her, and tried to contact her and she will not answer, from her facebook page I gather she is on a feminist retreat in austen texas. I will not know ? hope she has fun in texas!

      • Check her Youtube channel – I know Katie is still active, she just has a different focus now.


  • Alright!!!!
    WOO HOO!! The next new podcast, I can’t wait to listen to it Yaro. thanks for this I am sure it will be a good one. and a video even! Make sure you let us all know when the membership site mastermind opens up again, my wife and i intend on joining the next session, thanks Yaro.

  • Strategic choice on getting one of the more beautiful Internet marketers for the first video interview? Well, it’s working and Katie also knows a whole lot about the things she talks about, so this has not only been an entertaining interview but there’s something to learn here too.

    I liked how you talked about being yourself and making a business by being yourself. I think that’s an important point for those who a re having fears or doubts about the “I” in the business.

    Mindset change is not easy, but like how you talked about being yourself and building relationships. In the end, it comes down to what you are truely passionate about and what you want. Not easy questions to answer I’d say, but when you do, it all comes clear.

    Thank you both Yaro and Katie, this was a superb start for my day. All the best to both of you.

  • Yep, Katie is amazing.

    She, Jason and Jonathan Budd are a very powerful trio. Say hi to Jodie for me, Yaro.


  • Love your podcasts, and it’s always motivating to find yet another person making their fortune online 🙂 thanks Yaro

  • It’s time to move to San Diego, there are some beautiful girls there

  • Very interesting interview Yaro

  • Hey Yaro,

    Glad to see you making video interviews now. That’s awesome. Katie is 100% right! Mindset is KEY to success. I find that many people do not succeed because they really and truly don’t believe they can succeed.

    Yes, it’s human to have doubts, but when we can see beyond our doubts and temporary failures, we are indeed setting ourselves up for success. One of my favorite quotes is one from Henry Ford:

    “If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t. Either way you’re right!”

    That’s something I live by and it has made a huge difference in my online business. Thanks for the awesome interview as usual 😀

  • Way the go Yaro. The interview was very good. I am starting to wait more and more new posts on this blog 🙂

  • It is AMAZING how similar the beginning of Katie’s journey is to mine. Just the other day I was having a similar discussion with a friend of mine that is less involved with the life as an entrepreneur.

    Mindset seems like such a minimal aspect of achieving success in any endeavor. However, when ever anyone from any industry does an interview, AFTER they have achieved significant success, is when we discover that their journey was not an easy one.

    Most people would like to believe that the one who achieved the success was “lucky” or had some natural skill that enable them to make great strides with very little effort.

    Thanks Katie for being a great example of how a change of mindset can provide inspiration to impact a multitude of people and thank you Yaro for sharing your discover of her to the community.

  • Great interview Yaro!! I think motivation has to be one the things that wake up with us every morning.

    Greetings from Peru!

  • Hey Yaro!

    Great video… awesome stuff on using
    skype and recording it:)

    Great interview, Katie Freiling ROCKS
    and has been adding so much VALUE
    to the world.

    Looking forward to more of your stuff
    buddy…. Keep shining your light:)

  • Sweet and lovely young woman. Pleasure to watch but next to no content, however. Generic rambling on spiritual development and authenticity. If you have zero background in such matters then watch. Otherwise, you can put the 45 minutes to far better use in other ways!

    • Hey Tony,

      I think you must have missed a lot of the points in this video buddy.

      Because if you had this mindset already, and had progressed far enough down the path of personal development as Katie has…

      Then you wouldn’t leave comments like the one you just did above.

      Truly developed people take value out of every piece of knowledge, and unless you have built a 6 figure business, done a $30,000 launch in under a few hours, and all in less then 2years on the Internet as a 27 year old…

      You might want to pay more attention next time and stop looking for flaws and instead dig deeper into the message.

      because there’s clearly things you don’t get…

      Good luck to you buddy,

      • Dear Jonathan,

        Your response to my post is curious. You seem angry. Strange emotion from someone who seems to claim to be a “developed” person. You assert I missed a lot of points in this video. Please tell what, say, three of them were. Tell me, really, what didn’t I get?


  • Hi Yaro, I really enjoyed the interview with Katie, I think you should do more of these Skype Phone interviews, they are really a blast to watch, and much more enjoyable than just a regular phone call =D

    Katie will have a new follower to her website now! Me =D hehe

    Till then,


  • Great podcast Yaro,

    Although i can’t watch it for full because of my super lazy lame internet connection. But i agree with the Mindset in achieving our goals. But i prefer to use the Mind Mapping in order to fulfill my dreams.

    Thanks again,
    Daniel Prihanto Likin

  • Truly inspiring and very well presented. Thanks.

  • Katie,

    What an inspiring story! Yaro thanks so much for sharing this with you.

    I’ve had a crushing month and this really has been the boost I needed!!!

    Leslie, The Freebie Guy – thanks for this quote. I just wrote it down on a 3 x 5 card and it’s sitting at the base on my flat screen to help me on those days that are a bit harder.

    I will now live by Henry Ford’s words:

    “If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t. Either way you’re right!

  • Thanks for providing the mp3 version Yaro. I can listen to it in my player during my commute.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Yaro,
    you should learn from Katie and take a bit more care of the visuals. It seems you are just lazy laying in sofa. your camera perspective is too low, it should be at your eyes height. Also would be nice that you take care of the background like Katie does.

    • Haha, what’s going to happen if I don’t Laura?

      • Nothing, that it will seem that you care of details, and that gives better image.
        Just my opinion 🙂

  • Yaro – you talk about “finding a niche/your purpose/your business model” – BINGO! That’s the most important question.

    I had written that in the testimonial I had written last month.

    I spent the first 18 months online working 500 times ideas/business models/stuff/noise and I was frustrated and I never felt like I was moving forward. I was also not all that motivated or even passionate about many of the niches I was working in.

    It’s really when I landed on your site (and your Blog Master Mind program) and understood your business model that I was finally able to focus on one niche and just take it as far as I can. I’m so happy that I did find you and that I was able to understand that you don’t have to “be all over the place” to succeed.

    Thanks to this focus, I’m now actively pursuing speaking engagement.

    I think that Katie is extremely lucky that she was able to learn all the concepts she shares in this video at such a young age. I wish I had been that smart at her age.



    • I really enjoyed your testimonial, and your passion for your subject really shines through. Determining one’s niche & taking it as far as you can definitely seems the way to go.

  • Dez

    It’s great to hear that more female entrepreneurial success in the IM field.

    Can you provide some details & specifics regarding what tools & resources exactly do you use to create the style of video you have done?
    I understand you use Skype, but it obviously is more to it than just Skype.
    Can you provide a breakdown & detail what is exactly done?

    • It’s just skype with “call recorder” a little software program you can use on Mac to record skype calls, including video.

  • Thank you Katie, this is a lifesaver!

  • If you want to earn full time income or create real wealth with Internet marketing, the best place to start is in discovering how and why the top marketers generate such massive income. it makes perfect sense to study them and find out what they’re doing so you can do it too…thanks for the great video.

  • Katie rocks!

  • Inspiring Story…. an awesome post

  • Yaro just what I needed yet again…you are inside my head right? lol!

    I was relieved to hear Katie acknowledge that putting yourself out there on the Internet can be intimidating, it’s not just me then. 🙂

    Her tips about staying on the path and not running away are good to have in my ‘positive mindset’ arsenal, along with the points around being courageous and going outside my comfort zone.

    Thank you.

  • at first , I thought she was a little talkative, but ,anyway, her story is a real encouragement and MP3 is good to listen to on my way school, thanks!

  • Great interview Yaro. I always believe that the internet is the best source of income. As one of the commenters explained, mindset is hard to change. It’s in human nature… to be stubborn and all. That’s one great example of how you change for the better. Cheers to Katie and Yaro for this podcast.

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  • Bet it doesn’t hurt that she’s hot.

    OH NO I D’INT…

  • Kudos to both Yaro and Katie for the insightful and inspirational interview!

    I totally agree that a person’s mindset is a powerful tool and one which needs daily attention. It’s hard being an entrepreneur and/or blogger which is why you need to develop your self and your mindset to help you work through those times when it seems nothing is going your way.

    Hope these video interviews become a regular feature on your blog, Yaro!

    Wesley Craig Green
    The Geek Entrepreneur

  • Doesn’t sound easy to get in the right mindset to work at home. Katie Freiling have some important points here.

  • Excellent interview, thanks. From Katie much can be learned.

  • She’s purdy. But I was looking for information.

  • I could watch this all da….what was she saying? Oh yeah, who cares!

  • Yaro and Katie you guys have submitted a great video. This has really made me take another look at my situation to conquer the fear “maybe I’m not good enough.

    Thank you again
    I will follow Katie on twitter

  • Freebie Guy thanks for Henry Fords quote. I wrote it down, and will live by it.

  • This is a good video. I will have a new look at conquering my fear.

    Developing the mindset is not easy. A lot can be learned from this interview.

  • Yaro, I forgot to ask in my earlier comment. How do you make these videos?

    I am just starting with video marketing and would love to make a video like this with PIP.

  • Thanks for sharing the video Mr. Yaro. Also, appreciate you providing the mp3 link. Your effort are appreciated Sir.

  • In this interview Katie explains how important changing her mindset has been to finally finding success online after some rough patches in the past, and also some of the common mindset challenges that her students have faced and how to overcome them.

  • Yaro,
    This is one of the best blogs, I’ve come across. Thanks for sharing your information. Personal development is definitely what’s help me succeed in my businesses, both as a real estate investor and now online marketer. I look forward to learning more from you and Katie.


  • Here’s today’s podcast for my walk. I always enjoy my walks more when i listen to your podcasts Yaro. I wish I had a good radio voice so I could do podcasts. maybe i will have to develop mine.

  • Great idea to do video interviews. You guys do a great job of delivering your content in all media forms available.

    $30K in a few hours is very impressive. It is amazing that a new comer to internet marketing can have such success. I am truly jealous.

  • A $30,000 is impressive, but I’ve seen million dollar launches, so….

  • Katie hit this topic right on the head a lot of great advice to anyone. Looks like I found yet another great person that is activily sharing and helping others. What is important to remember from this is that one of her keys was networking and connecting with other like minded individuals.

    Social Media, blogs and the internet has evolved in such a what that anyone can do this it they develope or have that right mindset and they put forth the effort.

    Awesome interview Yaro thanks.

  • Thank you for the interview Yaro and Kaite.
    One of the points you made in this interview is that there are so many ways to make money on the internet it sure can be confusing. Where do you turn? Start with what you are passionate about. That passion with create the energy and momentum for success. Also, knowing who you are be it your strengths or weaknesses is the foundation in which to begin a successful enterprise. The better you become in your chosen field, the better you become as a person, the more value you will offer to others. I have seen old videos of Katie (Only two years ago) and she is an example of someone who has transformed herself into an up and coming leader in social media. Thanks for your example of what can happen when you are passionate about something and committed to making a difference in your life and the lives of others.

  • an awesome post, Keep it up.

  • Haven’t heard this interview, and it’s really filled with gold nuggets.

    Thanks for making it available 🙂


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  • Yaro~
    I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all you do online! It’s amazing to see how you fabulous bloggers all work together! I have learned so much from all of you! Like Katie, I have insecurities, unlike Katie, it started just before I started here online.

    I have successfully raised 8 children and about the time I was ready to get out to the workplace, I was diagnosed with MS. My health has limited me yet I’m extremely grateful to have found the internet! I learn many, many things from you, Katie and others.

    My blog is no longer embarrassing and I’m almost ready to join you in your coaching program! One more trip to visit my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter and in October I’ll be signing up!

    I believe you’ll be able to teach this GenXer to succeed online!

  • Well, despite all of the interesting controversy on here, I think this was a pretty good interview overall.

    All the Best

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