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Reflections On My 30th Birthday

As I type this I just turned 30 years old and if you’re reading this and it’s still Sunday July 19 where you are, make sure you wish me a happy birthday πŸ™‚ .

I had a conversation leading up to my 30th birthday with a fellow 29 year old who was heading towards her 30th with a little trepidation. She had just divorced her husband, so needless to say she was experiencing significant changes in her life.

Personally I don’t look at 30 as a big deal, although there was one comment this particular girl made that caught my attention…

She said as people turn 30 they usually are in one of two places – they have their “shit” together or they don’t.

I told her I was about as happy as I could remember in my life as I turned 30, so her conclusion was I was one of those people who has their “shit together”.

Yay for me.

It Was The Worst Of Times

It’s natural to reflect on your life as you get older, especially at milestone ages. If I look over my twenties I can certainly say it has been a wild ride, full of highs and lows.

I left my teenage years and entered my twenties while I was at university, not really enjoying my studies, not very motivated by much and just uncomfortable in my own skin.

The problem when your own self worth is low, is that you have great difficulty digging yourself out. You generally attract experiences to enhance your low self esteem because you view the world in “sad” glasses. Until you can switch the conversation going on inside your head from negative to positive, your experiences in the outside world will reflect this, further enhancing your negative belief structure.

In order to truly become confident, you need to have experiences that have a positive impact on you. There’s only so far re-framing your interpretation of events and thinking positive can take you, eventually you have to actually have the positive experiences to build your confidence.

As a result of my dogged determination to remain unhappy, I experienced many low-points. I’d have to say my time with panic attacks and anxiety during my early twenties was one of my least-favorite periods.

As always, thanks to the wonderful world of polarities that we exist in, the trauma caused by these experiences forced me to seek out answers to big questions. If I didn’t suffer the pain, I wouldn’t have gone looking for answers to certain questions either – you need the ying in order to see the contrast and thus fully experience the yang.

I won’t go into detail here, but if you want to read more about my experience with panic and the resultant search for happiness, you can read this –

The Key To Happiness

During my early twenties I had a few part time jobs and experimented with different web projects. My most successful at this time was my Magic: The Gathering card game website, which I grew to the largest site of its kind in Australia and then later sold for $13,000, the first big website deal I made.

I also started my proofreading business in my early twenties, which I would invest serious time into growing, including trips to university campuses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hawaii, Vancouver and Toronto to promote using posters.

From 20 to 25 years old I spent a lot of time playing with different projects and gained a lot of experience. I also began my study of Internet marketing during this time, and delved into more philosophical and spiritual studies too, as a means to figure out why the world is the way it is and what I could do to be happier in it.

I don’t look back on my first five years in my twenties as the most fun of times. Sure there were good times in there, but much of the experience was sabotaged by my attitude. I’m glad to have gone through that period for the growth it provided for me as a person, but I wouldn’t want to go back there again.

It Was The Best Of Times

A clear contrast to my first five years in my twenties, from 25 to 30 my life went from good to better to great, and thankfully, it’s still going!

It’s funny how as you get your “shit” together, people start to look at you as if you have answers to a question that has been bugging them for a long time – what to do with their life.

The answer to what to do with your life is simple – you need to experience. Your purpose is to gravitate towards activities that manifest joy for you, those around you and any person or living thing who is impacted by what you do. However, you won’t know what these things are by spending all your time wondering what to do.

Surrendering to the process of living is the only answer, but if you don’t at least commit to participating in the process, you don’t get anywhere.

I’ve read a lot of books that presented this wisdom as direct teachings from “god’s” mouth, or through the use of parables to explain ideas so you can more readily absorb them. Regardless of the source, reading about this is never enough, you need to BE it.

Creating awareness is definitely helpful, but until you experience the belief, it will remain only a truth as long as you have faith. If you really want to cement a concept you need to have lived it.

This is why the first five years of my twenties were so important. I needed to be lost in order to be capable of understanding what it feels like to find a purpose. The second five years were all about further refining and building upon the clarity I was discovering.

From 25 to today, the day after my 30th birthday, I achieved many milestones. I bought and sold websites, including selling my main business for six figures. I bought my first house, paid off the home loan within two years, traveled the world and just a few days before my 30th birthday, moved into a dream apartment in my ideal living location.

Most of this wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t conduct one crucial experiment – I started a blog. Although it seems strange to give so much credit to one event, I guess I really need to thank my friend Ed Chalmers, because it was him who first uttered the word “blog” and suggest I investigate it.

Starting a blog was just an experiment, but it led me to discover that I was capable of writing words that people wanted to read. It also allowed me to focus on activities that helped me to grow in so many ways.

I realized I could forge a specialty by combining my experience growing a blog and studies of Internet marketing. Becoming clear on my purpose as a blogger meant that I could devote more time to what I wanted to do, sell off what I wasn’t interested in, and build a lifestyle business, which was ultimately my main goal (the freedom to choose lifestyle over work or money).

During this time I further refined my attitude and it is this that I am most grateful for. Mindset is, and always will be, the key to everything.

As humans we have freewill, which means we have the power to make the ultimate decision – how we perceive every moment and every event in our life. If you truly understand this, then nothing in your life can impact you in a way that you don’t want it to.

Living this idea is harder than stating it, but during the last five years I’ve become a lot better at it. Just as my “ugly and sad” glasses made me think in negatives, see negatives and thus experience negatives in my life, by changing the colour of my glasses, I started to think in positives, see the beauty and live the wonder, regardless of the external reality.

This switch in attitude helped every aspect of my business life too. When facing set-backs, if you just see them for what they are and then let them go so you can move on, your life is so much simpler.

Dealing with jealousy, depression and loneliness, were emotions that plagued me many times growing my business in the last ten years. By seeing them for what they are (false judgments I’d made and thus decided to see as real), letting them go and then moving back on focus towards what I wanted, has made the road to success a lot more smooth.

Business can be relatively easy when you just get out of your own way, learn some fundamentals about people and then put your head down and get stuff done. This is what I did during the last five years. I pushed myself to launch new projects, I learned what the key parts of my business are and what I should work to grow, and discovered my place in the business as it functions like a machine.

The result of this was the creation of three fantastic products, Blog Mastermind, Become A Blogger (in partnership with Gideon Shalwick, a great new friend and business partner I met in the last five years as well) and Membership Site Mastermind.

I owe a great deal of thanks to the pioneers in our industry. Without people like Jeff Walker, Mike Filsaime, Rich Schefren, John Reese, Frank Kern, Eben Pagan and countless others, who I learn a lot from by simply watching what they do, I wouldn’t have grown as an Internet marketer.

Seeing what is possible by watching others do it is incredibly powerful because it makes what might be possible become a reality. When you see someone do something and get a result, then you know that’s attainable as an outcome for you too. That’s why it’s critical to participate in your marketplace and find people you can model.

That, in many ways, is why this blog you are reading now is successful. That is very likely the reason why you have read this article up to this point. You know what is possible because I’ve done it. I’ve explained it right here in this article. You can model me, take parts of what I say and do and apply it to what you say and do.



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The Journey Continues

If you go back to the very first blog post I made to this blog and read every word I have published up to today, you will take in almost five years of my life, five years that happen to be the most successful years of my life too.

The entries in this blog are reflective of the journey I’ve been on in my life, particularly my business life, which is why I named it the Entrepreneurs Journey. It’s a chronicle of what I’ve done, what I’m doing and what I’m thinking as I live it. It’s my experiences in written form.

More importantly though, this blog is a reflection of the key successes and failures I’ve had along the way. You can find the moment I learned how important it is to build an email list, the first time I used a squeeze page, how I launched my first product, my thoughts and experiments on profiting from a blog, how I bought and sold websites for profit, what I learned about the importance of my own thoughts as a key to success, my interviews with amazing people from around the world, and so much more.

Ultimately though, none of this really matters because it’s about what has been. What’s important to me, and just as important to you, is what you are doing and thinking right now and how you have changed as a person as a result of the path you have walked.

I hope as you have read any article in this blog at any point in time, if it has done nothing else, it has helped you to think and take actions that have lead you to become a better person, even if it was in just a tiny little way. I couldn’t ask for more than that.

…And of course, the journey continues, we’re not done yet!

Here’s to more adventures, success stories and even greater milestone achievements in the coming years.

Yaro Starak

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  • Good post Yaro,
    Been great knowing you the last five or so years πŸ˜€ To another 70 years of good living!

    • that great experience for 30th age, happy bithday Yaro

    • Happy belated B-day Yaro! I enjoyed reading the article and your success is my inspiration to do better. Re-framing the mind and looking at problems and seeing them as an opportunity to experience something life changing sure is true.

    • You are a true inspiration Yaro!
      I only wish I had known you when I lived in South Queensland.
      Your wisdom and marketing advice has been invaluable; & tech savvy second to none in my opinion.

      May you enjoy many more fruitful years and accrue the happiest of memories!

      Yours sincerely,
      David I. Braybrooke. ‘Fatherspirit’.

      P.S. Please follow me on Twitter – Fatherspirit69. Africa needs your help, thanks.

  • Happy birthday for yesterday! (from the uk!).

    It’s an amazing story you tell, Yaro. You have crammed in so much into your short life, so far and your writing is inspirational.

    It takes us several ‘go’s” to find our ‘place’ and it looks like you have definitely found yours and I know one thing you do enjoy is teaching and helping others – so thank you.


  • Great and inspiring post, Yaro – and happy birthday (yesterday).

    I completely agree with you about mindset being important. After all, the mind is probably one of the most powerful weapons we humans have – we can imagine anything from good to bad, so it’s just a matter of turning bad stuff into good stuff.

    Example: In the past I often found myself becoming easily annoyed at work when I was told to re-do something or add something that would mean a huge workload on my shoulders. I hated that I got so easily annoyed by it. It was easy to solve though – I simply promised myself to look positive at *every* task I was assigned and never say “no” or “I can’t” to anything. After all, I love my work and I couldn’t think of anything else I would rather do, so why not enjoy every minute of it – even the tasks that might seem boring or annoying at first, after all, they are all a part of the big picture πŸ™‚

  • Yaro,

    I love your reflective posts. I will tell you I watched a video from a couple years ago on YouTube from your Blog Mastermind launch. It was interesting to watch you doing the ‘talking head’ in front of the webcam with your crisp button up shirt on. You looked a bit nervous to me during that take. Then, fast forward to the Membership Site Mastermind sales video. You actually, said something like, ‘scarcity, urgency, blah, blah’ and I was rolling laughing. I’m glad you kept that in the video. Then, so see you in a screenprint T-shirt on the last BAB sales video was just so exciting to me because I thought to myself – That’s Yaro! No frills, laid back dude. I don’t know if Frank Kern had anything to do with that or not. But, I mention that to say, that I was so proud to see that you were just being yourself. What a Journey! It’s been nice to watch! Thanks for helping me.

  • Yaro, how awesome. I think back through my 20s (a few years left yet) and what amazing things I have learnt. It also reminded me of the time I spent working for you at BetterEdit, and how much I enjoyed it!

    I hope that in a few year’s time when I hit the ‘big 3-oh’ that I can look back on my own journey with such clarity. And I can only hope for a tenth of the success with my blog that you have achieved!

    Best of luck for the next decade!


  • Your Message nice post Yaro
    its true, the things we learn as we are ‘growing up’ are to be celebrated as occurrences that teach us that we can survive anything. Going through the hard times are opportunities to learn and grow.
    Its so nice to hear you have learned these things so young.
    well done,
    your mum must be proud
    happy birthday, sounds like you had a good one

  • Happy 30th birthday Yaro. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself, you’re truly an inspiration and a fantastic role model for me.

    I’m glad to hear the journey continues and look forward to following your continued success. πŸ™‚

  • Happy 30th! I talk a lot on my blog about happiness as well since it’s always a struggle. The whole reason I even named it instead of something unhelpful like BeHappyForever or something is because you really have to work towards your happiness, and you’ll always be pursuing it. But mindset is really key, as you say.

  • Di

    Happy Birthday, Yaro! And, to think, you are still just a baby!

    Good luck on your future journey and never stop learning.

  • Happy Birthday Yaro, a true inspiration whom I will always refer to as one of the most successful people I know.

    Best wishes and what a great post!

  • Your Message
    Hi, Wish you very very Happy birth day it was the day when i started my blogging career but no one were there to teach me how to get success in the blogging but i visited you blog and amassing now i am earning and enjoying the blogging. Very very thanks for sharing your experience.

    Again Wish you very Happy Birthday

  • First of all… Happy 30th birthday Yaro πŸ™‚

    For the past few months 30’s has become a topic when having coffe with friends of mine. I really dont make a big deal about it and there is a reason for that.

    If you take a good look… until you are 22 you get yourself some good education and than you enter the jungle. πŸ™‚ By the age of 30, I read in your article, some girl said “…they have their β€œshit” together or they don’t”. I couldn’t agree more. By the age of 30 you keep buying tips and tricks, reality checks πŸ™‚ and God know what else, you might need to build you own empire.

    You are there Yaro, with all the tips and tricks you might have bought… You already sold some of them and thats ok… but the best things are yet to come.

    Wish you great journey and thank you for making us part of it.

    Once again,
    Happy birthday… “old man” πŸ™‚

  • What you said near the end of your post is so true. Everything we have done up to this point made us what we are today: all of our failures and triumphs. The important thing is to learn from those and move on to bigger and better things.

    And here’s the BIG LESSON:

    If what we have been doing for the past few years made us what we are today, then starting today we need to act in a way that will produce the kind of person we want to be years from now!

    Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday, Yaro.

    Your post was interesting to read and very appropriate. Good luck with your future endeavours. I agree with your comment that mindset is the key to everything. I am in the process of reading your Blog Profits Blueprint document and hope to be able to apply a lot of what you recommend to my own blog at

    Thanks for your regular inspiration.


  • Nice post Yaro. If you loved the end of your twenties wait until your fifties! Truly a great time if one allows life to unfold and simply enjoys the journey.

    Happy birthday!

    Kathleen Gage
    The Street Smarts Marketer

  • Happy Birthday Yaro!

    I am new to your site, but your name seems to keep popping up in my email – and after reading your wonderful sagacious reflections, I understand why. I am starting a business with my identical twin boys – 24 years old, and I know now I have found the person who can help us! My son Shane actually spent 6 months in Australia as a teacher. I’ve traveled all over the world, and I am now about to begin my training for my Pilot’s license. So I recognized your adventuous spirit! Once again, many many happy birthdays to come!

  • Belated birthday greetings (still very warm though)!

    That was a nice and motivational post. We all go through highs and lows and our handling makes them better or worse.

    As someone said – “the world remains the same, whether we see red or green depends on what color glasses we are wearing!”

    Best wishes!

  • Belated Happy Birthday to you!

    I have been following you off and on for over a year. Anything and everything you write has always been incredibly helpful towards my understanding of the blogging life. However, as you put it-it’s not worth anything unless it is applied to further our experience. The more I read and learn, the more my passion grows.

    It is amazing how attitude affects everything we do in life. My attitude towards the teaching profession began to fizzle for various reasons. Ironically, my attitude towards the future has not. I know there’s something beyond the classroom that I can profit from using what I have learned as a teacher.

    Thank you for sharing words of encouragement and persistence. I hope I can share a similar experience with others in 5 years.

  • Congratulations Yaro.

    Sseeing you achieve your goals is what keeps me and probably many others coming back over and over. Plus you’re a pretty genuine, and normal guy, but with a kickass attitude that’s to be admired.

    Here’s to your success and looking forward to the next milestone.

  • I always wonder about those older people who go on about how good it would be to be young and carefree again. Carefree?? When I was in my 20s, the world didn’t feel safe – and that had little to do with the Cold War back in the day.

    I wouldn’t have felt safe in a rubber room in Switzerland. I spent a lot of energy being anxious and paranoid because I felt that my destiny was based on the approval of others.

    Anyway, not to make this the July version of “It’s a Wonderful Life,” but our friend Yaro has helped a lot of people while he’s traveled his own personal journey. He got a bunch of people blogging about their passions. We all reach other people through our blogs, people who we can inform or entertain and maybe even influence.

    But I’m just happy to have the company of people who Get It. And it all starts with a blog.

  • Happy birthday Yaro, Thank you for sharing, Great and inspiring post and lets the journey Continues

  • Yaro,

    Happy 30th year!

    Thank you for doing what you know and sharing it with others. You have your shit together!
    You are such a big part of our blog.

    Grab hold and celebrate life today,
    Flip Kick Listen

  • Happy Birthday Yaro! The big 30..ahhh your still a pup. I remember when I turned 30 I kind of thought it was a big deal at the time..but looking back now, 30 is pretty darn young.

    I really enjoyed this post, and can see a lot of myself in it. I can totally relate to what you are saying about what you were experiencing in your early 20’s, and how you moved on from there.

    It’s great to see it comes from your gut Yaro, and a lot of people will gain some great insight from this post I’m sure.

    Thanx once again…stay real…

    Happy 30th Birthday!


  • Thanks for your blogging encouragement.

    Each of us have much to share from our life’s experiences.
    Places we have lived, what we have done, people we know and follow.

    Your story is great. It is an encouragement for others to press on and to move forward.

  • Happy birthday man. Who knew, your birthday is actually a day before my mother’s?
    Thanks for the last five years as well, you pretty much got me started on all I know about IM, podcasting, outsourcing etc etc and without you wouldn’t have had the career or successes I have had to this point.
    I am still not at Yaro-level, but I expect to reach a place where I can reflect as you do very soon.


  • Great post Yaro.
    First of all, I would like to wish you a fantastic 30th birthday!! and Congratulations for all your achievements, I have recently this year started reading your blog, and I can truly say that, you are a great mentor for many people, walking the talk and the amazing thing is that, by writing from your heart, what you have learned in the path since you made that decision, from changing your mindset to being happy as a mental choice, which then reflects in everything that one does, its truly very inspirational!!! Well done Yaro.
    I recently took and joined your’s and Gideon’s Become a blogger premium, and so far I’m applying everything that you and Gideon teach up to this point, and there is still another 5 months more of unique teachings and information, thank you, and I really appreciate all of your guy’s hard work.
    I am looking forward in this exiting journey as a blogger and keep on learning and applying everything that is in line with me and experience the life that most fulfills me as a person and keep on growing in all aspect of my life and in the way maybe teach others how to connect with their higher self and unlock their potential in the mission in their lives.

    Thank you. Yaro.

    P>S>(Sorry, 1 question….. How can I add a pic in this post and in future posts comments??)

    • Hi Paulo,

      You may sign up an account at and then upload your picture by clicking on “My Account > Add an Image”. Remember to use the same email add as you’re using when leaving comments on blogs cos’ Gravatar will only recognise your email add. If you use a different email add, your picture won’t show up.



  • Your Message Happy Birthday Yaro, I will be 70 next month. I am fairly new
    at blogging and the internet, You have a great program and inspire me very
    much,,,Thanks very much…Until next Time John

  • Happy Birthday Yaro,

    Please take this comment as a true message from my heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you for what you have done on this blog. It REALLY played a huge part in LITERALLY changing my life. I believe that a person’s value is not only determined by what they have accomplished, but also by who they have helped, and you have helped me immensely.

    You helped me start my blog, and my blog has TRULY been the foundation of my success online. Not only that, but by looking at what you have done, just like you looked at those other guys, I’ve been able to learn so much.

    So, the last 5 years of your life have been extremely successful, because I know that you’ve helped a lot of people like you have helped me. Keep doing what you do, and I will keep reading and keep learning.

    Once again, Happy Birthday Yaro!


  • ian

    Just wanted to let you know your “Print This Article” button is not working. Hopefully you see this comment πŸ™‚

  • Hi Yaro,

    Happy Birthday Yaro, sorry I am a day late.

    Yaro, after reading your post, my first thought was “WOW” what a journey. Thank you for showing use that success is possible. Your life’s journey is an awesome story that is inspiring to all bloggers and network marketers.

    Thanks Yaro,


  • Yaro,
    Happy 30th birthday to you. I enjoyed this post because of its insightfulness and it shows depth and that you are wise beyond your years. I agree that in life we have to accept the good with the bad, because both experiences shape who we are. If we learn from the darkest moments in life, we move leaps and bounds and have so much more to offer, and become better because of it. I know that for me, because of the challenges that I have experienced in the past five years, my writing now has more depth, and layers and I have grown wiser. I also have more insight into people, who they are and what their motivations are. I have also learned the importance of reflecting on your life.

    I am older than you are, but I can say that I have learned a lot from this post and appreciate that you took the time to write it. I have also started a blog The Invisible Mentor and I get extreme joy from writing the posts and I notice how I improve each week, and the best thing is that the darkest periods in my life have helped me to put things into perspective. Thank you!

  • Hi Yaro,pretty cool Blog Post,thank you for your reflections.I am 20 years old now,i have some experience with Internet Marketing,Forex trading and i know that if i will believe in my goals – i can achieve them.It is a matter of time and work on your part.Sometimes it is really hard,sometimes it is much better but i want my life should be a wonderful ride.

  • Happy birthday Yaro! I can see that your journey has been very creative so far and I wish for you even greater success in the future. Turning 30 is nothing by the way… You’re still a baby, and you’ll realize this after another decade or so…

  • Hi Yaro

    Happy Birthday!

    Keep up the good work, I have followed your blog for several years now ( although not religiously sorry) and when ever I check it out I always leave with a positive mind set, to inspire is a great gift.

    Keep on being inspirational.


  • You definitely seem to have made the best out of your twenties. No doubt your thirties will follow the same direction. Happy birthday Yaro and keep on writing!

  • Yaro — wishing you the best of Birthday Wishes. Hope the day is a fantastic one. And you’ll have many more ahead. The best thing about being 30 is that you have so many wonderful years ahead. Look at all you’ve accomplished so far — this is just the beginning. I look forward to supporting you in any way that I can as your journey ahead, spreading the word far and wide, about all that you’re doing.

    It’s been wonderful to get to know you over the years.

    Kind Regards,
    Tara Kachaturoff

  • Fantastic post Yaro. I turn 30 next week myself so I can relate to a lot of what you said in this post.

    Hope you have a great birthday. I might be heading to Australia at the end of the year for a holiday. If I do I’ll give you a buzz πŸ™‚


  • Your Message Nice post Yaro. I agree with Kathleen above. I am early 50’s and have had many ups and downs over the years. My bottom line has always been that my life ‘rocks’, no matter what! I am certain that a positive mindset has gotten me to where I am today. Continue to enjoy your journey.

    Happy birthday!

  • Hi Yaro,

    Interesting blog. I just have to say this – it is much harder to get on the “positive” track after you have been beaten around by life when you are much older – say, in your 50s or 60s. Then changing your mindset is really, really tough.

    I do agree with the basic tenet though – it is the mindset that is everything.

  • happy birthday yaro! best wishes always.
    im very lucky to be able to read this story. I hope, someday i can follow your success
    happy to be successful πŸ˜€

  • Happy belated birthday, Yaro. Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

  • Happy Belated Birthday Yaro! Although I do believe in honoring yourself for at least a Birthday-week!

    I have learned so much from you. I always read what you write! It’s obvious you are the real deal and care about your readers not only in their financial success, but more importantly in who they (we) are in that process.

    I am going through the Become A Blogger videos again and continue to learn something new.

    Thanks for following your heart and in so doing help us to follow ours!

    The best to you,

  • Hey Yaro

    Happy Belated Birthday..

    Hope you have a fantastic and wonderful birthday.

    You have just rewritten a very meaningful and thoughtful post on your 30th birthday and it actually inspire to me. Always enjoyed reading from your blog.


  • Feliz Cumpleanos, Yaro!

    What an incredibly insightful post! Those milestone birthdays can be rough. Being in a position that inspires an inspirational blog is proof of your comfortableness with yourself. My thirties: I was mothering, and on an intense spiritual journey. I learned the discipline of spiritual hearing. The lessons of those years continue to keep me emotionally steady and on-course when life seems stormy.

    In my forties and a single mom, I am continuing my journey as a full time IT student. In connection with that, I have been exploring e-commerces. One I have decided to do is blogging; right now, I am only brainstorming. As it is new to me(just a few weeks), I want to avoid wasting resources by having a clear vision. For me, that will eliminate blindly fumbling when I start.

    Halfway around the world from you, I poured my first coffee, opened my email, and feel blessed that this blog was the first one I read.

    Muchas gracias,
    Debra Contreras

  • Happy belated birthday Yaro!
    Your post was amazing. So inspiring and so true. Life is a journey. Each age has its highs and lows. The path we follow isn’t set or straight. Sometimes it takes us places we don’t want to be but it’s a path and we can move on. You are so right when you talk about the negatives and the glasses. I have been in that place but today I took a small step along my path and put on the positive glasses. My journey is not over, I am hoping it’s still just beginning. I haven’t been following you for long but the short while I’ve known you I’ve found you truly inspiring. Thank you!

  • Happy Birthday Yaro! Glad I discovered you and your training – you have made a great difference in my life.

    May your next 30 years be all that you dream and more.


  • Happy Birthday Yaro! I want to echo what a lot of other people have already said – you have and are playing a big role in the way I’m shaping my business. As I read your post, I realized that it took you a good decade to buy your dream apartment and I am reminded that this is a marathon, not a sprint. That in itself keeps me motivated.

    Thanks for your inspiring and informative blog, Yaro!

  • Nice post as always Birthdays are a great time to reflect going thought something similar myself I turned 35 this year and have had a bunch of sucess but ready to take it to a whole nother level. Setting some pretty crazy but realistic goals for 40. Love your site.

  • Congratulations Yaro – on everything. And thanks, for everything. Keep up the inspiring words, and supportive work. It gets better and better πŸ™‚

    kind regards,

  • A great message, and a great reminder to everyone. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your experiences with us.


  • C K

    Hey Yaro, am late by a day but nevertheless a very Happy Birthday!

    Having just passed the 30 mark myself, I can relate to some points you made in your post. Well, they say that life begins only after 40. Hey, we got a couple of years to to prepare for that, don’t we?

    Hears to more great posts! Cheers.

  • Haey yaro happy birthday,
    yaa know i am late to wish you.
    You are my Guru.
    Nice story man, and best of luck for rest of your life

  • Hi Yaro,

    Happy Birthday!
    It is a wonderful reflection.
    It is inspirational.
    Thanks for sharing.


  • Happy birthday!

    It is ALL about mindset. I turned 50 this year and am very excited about life. I’ve had my “shit” together for quite a long time and the most pain and thus growth happened to me during my 30’s so you have had a headstart. You have many exciting adventures ahead of you.

    Because of you I have just started my blog called Cutting the Crap. The good thing about growing older is that you don’t care what people think anymore and just enjoy life. So enjoy the 30’s!


  • Congrats Yaro – As you know, I am following your entrepreneurs journey for a while now. What inspires me the most is, that you take action and get things done. It is the most obvious thing to do in order to achieve success. But just knowing that doesn’t get your a… of the ground. In those moments, when I am not focused, I often end up reading an article or two on this site. After reading I ask myself what would Yaro do? – Answer: He would probably push himself over the hill and get this task done or that post written … Thanx a lot. I wish you all the best for your upcoming years!

  • Hi Yaro,

    Happy birthday. You are one of those people that we feel we could be friends with without having met before. You have great writing skills and you are hnoest about yourself and what you do, that’s what it is.

    Happy Birthday,

  • Turning 30 wasn’t really a big deal for me. I was still young, full of life and adventure. Turning 40 (on the other hand) was a big deal for me. turning 40 started a slow, emotional toll on me that seems to just get worse as time goes on.

    Happy Birthday, Yaro! If I could offer you just one tip for the future, it would be to take care of your joints. Especially your knees! They take the most abuse, and they don’t last as long as you need them to.

  • Happy 30th Birthday. I’m really amazed by the life journey that you have went through. Looking at my life when I was in my 30s I was like any other executive pursuing my career in the office, it never really occurs to me to search for what life is all about.

    And as of now the 40 years old I’m still not much wiser than you. But my life is beginning to feel more interesting as I started your Blog Mastermind program.

    Love your ‘The key to happiness’ post, its awesome! And thanks for sharing your life experience.

    Wishing you all the best and many great achievements ahead!

  • Of course, Happy Birthday

    I enjoyed your reference as to Where someone is “supposed to be”
    at certain Milestones in Life.

    That is just so Bogus

    In my over 6 1/2 decades of enjoying the Daily
    Ritual of Life, I never really cared where I was in
    anyone else’s eyes…

    Just My Own.

    Still having Fun and doing New things Daily

    I appreciate your shared wisdom on
    Blogging and other “deep” subjects

  • Ahhh, I remember turning 30 and thinking wow, I’ve just lived the happiest years of my life it’s all down hill from here. I thought I’d traveled enough, dated enough and experienced life to its fullest. Boy was I wrong. Your 30’s will be better as you learn from mistakes in your 20’s, understand yourself even more, and become more insightful about your future.

  • Yarrow. I have recently moved over the 40th birthday milestone! I really appreciate you sharing with all your readers. You have the ability to make a difference through your success. Good on ya.

    I laughed when I read your bit about outlook on life. “You generally attract experiences to enhance your low self esteem because you view the world in β€œsad” glasses.” I had a professor in University that said some people have ‘analoculosis’; he went on to explain that’s when you get your eyes crossed with your ass and develop a shitty outlook on life! Too funny.

    It really is all about our outlook and our energy. I really love the topic and you inspired me to blog about this very thing. Thanks for all your influence.

  • Happy Birthday to a fellow Cancerian….my birthday was July 17th….but I’m quite a bit older than you. I remember my 30’s as the best decade of my life. Your energy and zest for life will be at its peak! Enjoy!

  • Yaro,
    As always, a great post, full of confidence and enlightenment.

    FYI, this new format loads slower than the old one. I am on dialup and it takes forever–maybe it takes longer from down under. lol

    Have a great day.

  • Happy birthday “young” one. As I read your posts, I realize that the age factor has a lot to do with your hunger for knowledge, ambition and determination. It certainly is gratifying to see this. I am blessed with two children who also are determined to succeed in their lives. I myself, am getting ready to turn 60. Wow, it’s even hard to write it down much less say it. I’ve spent almost 10 years trying to figure out the secret to making money online. To make money, you have to spend money, something I don’t have. I do have a decent blog and 2 books that have come of it though. Hearing your determination gives me hope, even at this age.

    Yaro, know that you are blessed with your life. Congratualtions my young friend. And, thank you for this wonderful post.

  • I’m too late to wish you a happy birthday, but I’ll congratulate you instead. Birthdays are good for you; statistics show that people who have the most birthdays tend to live the longest.

  • Happy birthday Yaro – glad to see that you’ve been enjoying great success. Keep up the great work and hope you have a great day!

  • Heya Yaro! Being 30 is like a whole new ballgame eh? I’m reaching the mid-20s mark. And I’m sure hoping that I too could go from good to better and then to great through the next half of the decade. πŸ™‚

    You will have an awesome year ahead man. Cheers!

  • Happy Belated Birthday, Yaro!

    Thank you for sharing your very inspiring life journey. I can really relate when you say, “I needed to be lost in order to be capable of understanding what it feels like to find a purpose. ” Just like you, I’d been lost and I was scared shitless not knowing what to do with my life. That was the most depressing moment in my life, not to mention the most frightening too. I’m glad I’ve since found my purpose and my direction in life.

    I still have some way to go before I reach my very first major milestone, but I know I’m slowly moving towards it. And like you, I will also share my story on my blog so that hopefully it will inspire others.

    Keep rocking!



  • Happy 30th Yaro!

    Sorry it is a day late, I was up in the mountains of Oregon camping…anyway I remember my transition into 30. I am now 38 getting ready to make the transition into 40 and all I can say is that I have lived a great life and have enjoyed my journey.

    Great post Yaro..and as always thanks for the great content. We bloggers really learn a lot from you and it is much appreciated!

    David Foster

  • Happy Birthday Yaro!

    WOW you’re achieving success at such a relatively young age. Congratulations!

    A lot of people want to achieve the success you’re currently enjoying without realizing that it is a JOURNEY, not something that can be achieved overnight.

    I think this post is great at educating these people (which is the majority of people) that you really need to believe in yourself and take action, learn from your mistakes, and keep moving forward.

    Cheers and may success follows you always Yaro πŸ™‚
    Welly Mulia

  • Belated birthday greetings Yaro and best wishes for many happy returns.

  • yaro – You’ve learned something by age 30 that many people take a lifetime to learn: it’s the keystone of my philosophy: if you think you can, you will. If you think you can’t, you won’t. Happy birthday – may you make it to 80 – like me.

  • Great insights Yaro.
    i deal with people on the other end of the living scale Zoomers & Super Zoomers.
    all of what you said applies and out time horizon is shorter & so more urgent to create joy, health and abundance in our lives.

  • Happy belated birthday, I remember turning 30 (just a couple years ago) and I also reflected back on my life at that point, I think turning 30 is a milestone and that society puts a lot of pressure on people at that time to “be” a certain way or place in your life.

    Life is indeed a journey, I’m glad to see yours is going the direction you want and that you are happy with yourself and your success and “learning experiences” because there are no failures, just events we can learn from and use to improve ourselves. I wish you continued success in the years to come πŸ™‚

  • Happy belated birthday Yaro!!!! I wish you many, many more. I echo the sentiments all the other comments before me. You are truly an inspiration to me as a mentor and a teacher (and you don’t even know me). I love that you are so honest and transparent in everything you do. I know that in order for me to be successful I am going to have to do the same, I just have to get over how “I think” others will view me. Thanks again!!!

  • Congratulations, Yaro, on attaining the wisdom that eludes so many people.

    I founded and managed a successful New York ad agency, and often found it rough going in a highly competitive business. There were times during the 18 years I ran the agency until I sold it, when I was exhausted keeping up with deadlines, while smiling for my clients and trying to keep my staff on the right track. When problems seemed insurmountable, I had a sort of mantra I would say to myself to stay focused, and to work through the troubles:

    “I will not be defeated.”

    It’s not enough merely to say it. You have to believe it.

  • Hi Yaro, it’s been a while.
    Happy birthday to you! And thanks for this message! =)

  • PS.. I just checked out and I see they are 7 days away from launching a new site design.. seems they are still going strong, so good for them too. I looked over the site, very interesting business model but I tell ya what, I hate proof reading my own stuff let alone doing someone elses lol…

  • Happy belated birthday Yaro! Found this from your email, very inspirational article, i noticed a lot of mutuality in some parts of your article about how your life has been, good luck with whatever lies from this point!

  • Hi Yaro,
    So good to know that at 30 years you have made such giant strides in your life and I wish much more reaping of your sown seeds.Plus more fruitful adventures. Hey! at my more than 35 years am nowhere near where you are, can you mentor me?
    Thanks in advance and WELDONE!!!

  • Happy birthday Yaro. I joined blog mastermind a few months back and I have to say it has been a great learning experience. It’s caused me to reflect on my own life since I run a personal development blog. In my experience life only gets better as you get older. Although there are ups and downs, with age we become more adept at handling the ups and downs.

  • Happy Birthday Yaro! (albeit, a day late).

    I so enjoy the clarity, honesty and energy of your writing. (and perfect editing!)

    Even at 62, I too am a ‘work in progress’.

    You are one of my ‘blog models’; thank you for sharing who you are and what you do.

    May your birthdays last…forever.


  • Ian

    Hi Yaro
    You’re a deep thinking spiritual man mate, and I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you Happy Birthday; and, I couldn’t agree with you more about “getting your shit together”. You really are very lucky that your epiphany occured at the age it did, in your life journey. Most men are still trying to get their shit together long after their thirties. Unfortunately, for some of them, they never ever succeed in doing so!

    In one of my profiles somewhere, I remember saying that I’ve been inside the great pyramid at Giza, I’ve stuck in the ice at the arctic circle, I’ve been shot at, shafted, and shipwrecked. My life has been too eventful to cover in this post, but it’s been an eventful ride, and with so many twists and turns it would make your head spin!

    My own epiphany occured much, (much) later in life than yours did, as I’m now seventy years old; when, nine years ago, I married my beautiful Slovak wife, and at last, I have the luxury of being able to be “comfortable”, to have the time to reflect on just what my life, and the lives of others, are all about.

    I now have the time to be who I really want to be, and be with who I really want to be with, and to do what I really want to do. I’m not so driven nowadays, and if I feel like dabbling, then I dabble: if I don’t, I don’t!

    Reading your posts and listening to your insightful observations is one of the pleasures I’ve enjoyed over the last year or so, and I’d like to say thank you as I feel that you have proved to be a significant milestone in my own life’s journey! If you’re having a thirtieth birthday party Yaro, have a good one!

  • Happy birthday Yaro! Wow, if only I could turn the clock back and celebrate my 30th birthday again. πŸ™‚ I’ll be celebrating my 40th birthday this coming December. You think it’s been a wild ride from 20 to 30, well you haven’t seen anything yet. 30 – 40 now there’s a wild ride (assuming you haven’t gotten married or had kids yet). You obviously have it together and in many respects are ahead of the game. That’s good. I wish you much continued success in the future.

  • Kim

    Happy Birthday Yaro!

    A great time to do a little reflecting…..
    I have to tell you that I follow/subscribe to many of the big internet marketers and I always look forward to hearing from you as you always provide something helpful /useful (not just a pitch).
    Congratulations on all you achievements and continued success (and appreciation for where you’re at in life!).
    All the best,
    Kim Doyal
    The WordPress Chick

  • Happy Birthday! 30 is a good year to be. I agree that when we experience suffering of some sort we are able to better comprehend what we need. Of course the idea of having everything together is subjective. It’s really a matter of priorities and what’s most important to you.

  • Happy Birthday Yaro!

    I feel as if I’ve just read a passage from your personal diary and yet, you seemed to have written this just for me.

    I thought my teen years were supposed to be the hardest, but my early twenties proved to be the most life-changing and chaotic. Finishing school, starting my own businesses, purchasing my first home – it’s been a wild ride.

    I’ve never had a problem believing I could do something – my issue is that I expect myself to do too much. I’m a classic workaholic and for many years enjoyed that title. I’m now 26 and starting to realize that as much as I love my work, I don’t ever want to be a slave to it.

    This year I embarked on my own blogging journey in order to help automate my businesses and free up some of my time. Of course, I’m in the early stages so my work load has actually increased. But, I hope to pave the way for a much freer existence. I’m excited and appreciate all of your help Yaro!

  • This speech may be a bit late, thanks for best article and you`re my best guru

    Happy Birthday !

  • Happy Birthday, Yaro! Congratulations on “getting” what you’ve been through…I admired you right from the start…I admire that you don’t take it all too seriously, that you’re compassionate, that you’re smart and that you’re not afraid to let others see the “real” you. Good luck on your continued spiritual and entrepreneurial journey…it just gets better and better!

  • Happy Birthday Yaro hope you had a great day and look forward to your adventures the next ten years , look forward to your blog post when you turn 40

  • Wise words of advice Yaro. Happy belated birthday. I’m turning 29 in a couple months and I’ve gone through my ups and downs too. Hopefully I’m on my way from good to great and beyond too.

  • Happy Birthday to you,

    I am now 31 (just become one), and i can understand what you went through.

    For me from 21 ~ 25, I was an elite solider in my country, which I am proud of, because I was living in my childhood dream.

    26 ~ 30, was a time of major change for me, and I am thankful of the change. This is the time I start to learn about doing business, investment, sales and Internet marketing.

    It was recently (last year), that I decided to go full time, and I never regretted it.

  • Happy birthday Yaro.

    I believe I first came across your blog early in 2007, and I sure learned a lot from you (both from the posts and from your Internet marketing strategies).

    Keep up the good work, who knows what we will be celebrating when you turn 40 πŸ™‚ .

  • Your Message

    Dear Yaro,

    As I approach my 65th birthday, I can say with all honesty, that it just gets better and better. You are an inspiration to so many of us, whether we have gone forward with our blogging or not (as in my case).

    You embody the ability to be a “Go-Giver” at the same time as being a “Go-Getter”. And even though I am not blogging now and may never in the future, I wouldn’t want to miss anything that you send out to all of us. You are someone to watch and emulate in so many ways other than what you produce for all of us.

    Thank you so much for what you do and for what you give.

    Sharon Beck

  • Sig

    Happy happy birthday! Yeah you look younger at your age. Thanks for the tips by the way.

  • Hi Yaro,

    Happy happy belated birthday! I want to thank you especially all these months for your motivating and inspiring articles that had thrusted me to next level to improve myself. I totally agree with what you said because I’d personally experienced this myself, “If I didn’t suffer the pain, I wouldn’t have gone looking for answers to certain questions either – you need the ying in order to see the contrast and thus fully experience the yang.” What I felt was when you’re faced with something so bad in life, you’ll then be willing to do whatever it takes to make it better in life….that is you’ve to feel the worst of PAIN to appreciate the best of LIFE!

  • Hey Yaro, many, many happy returns of the day. sorry that i cant u wish u on ur birthday. Thanks a lot for ur motivational & informational articles….Now u have turned 30 …… looking for another 70 years of FRIENDLY relationship.

  • happy belated birthday! A great journey

  • It is already monday, 6:25 PM here in Germany. But still…


    Thanks for Blog Mastermind and BAB and may you have an AWESOME life. (watch a little ‘How i met you mother’ to understand the TRUE meaning of awesome πŸ˜‰ )

    This is gonna be LEGEN…. wait for it….. DARY!!

    Again: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

  • Happy Belated Birthday Yaro. I’m going to have to come back to this post to read over throughout the year, as I am one of those people who do not look forward to turning 30 because all of my “stuff” (I’m not going to use profanity here) is not as together as I want it to be in many areas of my life.

    Your post is encouraging and will be helpful for those turning 30 or celebrating a birthday at any age over 21.

  • Happy B-Day Yaro!!! A day later, but I hope you take it :)!! To another 70 years of good living!

  • Better late than never, HAPPY BIRRRRRTHDAY and many happy returns Yaro.

  • Birthday wishes can always be made….. it is never too late…… because it is better than not wishing at all.

    Wish you a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

  • Happy birtday Yaro, good article and very interested, thanks for share with me. Good luck for you…

  • Your Message

    Happy Birthday! You have accomplished a great deal and most of your life is still in front of you.

  • Fabulous post, Yaro. Inspiring me to stop talking about writing my life story for lesson 5 – it’s time to start writing it! I’m making my promise here publicly that I will put pen to paper today and begin it. I’m very thankful to have found you. Your generosity is unparalled (however you spell that). I’m having so much fun building our blog. Thank you very much for paving the way for all of us to succeed.
    Boston, MA

  • Happy belated Birthday.

    Good reflections on turning 30. Your comment about turning points in life takes me back to about age 25, when I first read in “Success through a Positive Mental Attitude” a story about the life of S.B. Fuller, the son of a poor tenant farmer (S.B. Fuller went on to found Fuller Brush) where his mother said “We are poor because father has never developed a desire to become rich. We are poor because no one in our family has ever developed a desire to be anything else.”

    That described my family to a “T” and it was the day that turned my life around. I’m now 74, have retired from a very successful 34 year corporate career, had three businesses of my own and have written my first book “Yes You Can Start And Run A Small Business”. I’m now doing (mostly) volunteer small business counselling and just ventured into Internet Marketing.

    Like you I recognized my life changed in my mid-twenties, and like you, mine has gotten better ever since. Hope yours does the same for as long as mine has.

    Belated Happy Birthday Youngster!

  • Your Message

    Yaro –

    Happy 30th Birthday! I hope that your 30s and beyond will be filled with many rich and fulfilling moments for you.

    Thanks for always sharing your world with us through your writings. You are a very gifted writer…always sincere, always professional, always personal and always motivating. I’m glad that I found you and I look forward to reading more about your life experiences and learning from you. You have so much to teach others. Best of luck to you always!

    Sincerely –


  • Wish you a many happy returns of the day Yaro ..hoping to learn so much more from you in the next 30 yrs … πŸ˜€ ,,,

  • Ah, to see that you are stopping to reflect prior to your onward journey along the twists and bends in the road. You’ll be much better able to handle the ups and downs that are thrown your way. A positive attitude will be the most useful crutch you can have as a tool.

    Happy Birthday yesterday! πŸ™‚

  • Dan

    Great to hear from your personal life Yaro! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your bio and this post was a great addition to it. Make sure you include a link to it from your other posts that describe your past experiences, as I am sure others will want to get the “30 year old” scoop.


  • Jay

    Happy Belated Birthday Yaro.

    I remember when I hit 30, man was that an eye opener for me. I don’t know why, I guess just the thought of leaving my twenty’s or something. I really appreciate everything you do and especially posts like this one. Reading something like this helps to keep me in the game and understand that obstacles are going to be there and the best thing to do is to keep pushing and striving for your ultimate goal. Your proof that it can be done and hearing about things that you went through to get here really helps me put my own goals in perspective.

  • Chu

    Happy Birthday Yaro, really nice piece you wrote there… I have one more year in my twenties, and I am already reflecting after reading your great write up… Thanks mate!!

  • Dear Yaro!

    Happy Belated Birthday . Thanks for sharing your experience and Knowledge on the growing up and going for your dreams

  • Happy Birthday, Yaro,

    I just turned 30 myself this year (in March), and I appreciate the summary of your “evolution”. I have been in business for 10 years, and only over the last year or so have really focused on my self-development again. It’s exciting, and like you, I have faith that the best is still yet to come. πŸ™‚

    Congratulations on making it to where you are right now, and many blessings for your future success.


  • Yet another great inspirational post, Yaro!

    Everyone who has read your post has gone through some “rough patches” in their lives. The key is what you take away from those hard times. Some people don’t seem to learn from them so they keep repeating the same behaviors and/or ending up in the same bad situations. But others realize what isn’t working, therefore making the necessary changes in their lives or behaviors. It all has to do with the Pain & Pleasure principle some life coaches talk about- and it is so true!

    Congrats on the birthday, and I wish you continued success, Yaro. Thanks again!

    Wesley Craig Green
    The Geek Entrepreneur

  • Happy Birthday, Yaro!!!

    What a wonderful post and an appropriate milestone for which to celebrate your life! There is room for growth and self-improvement at ANY age — taking a personal inventory of the good and the bad really does put things in perspective.

    I’m so glad our paths crossed because you have made my journey so much easier!

  • A “Very Happy 30th Birthday” to you, Yaro! I am from the generation (I’m almost 62) where we were supposed to “declare our major” and age 18, get a job in that field and then stay with the company for the rest of our lives, as our father’s did. And, as women, the only careers that we were encouraged to pursue were in teaching or nursing – can you imagine? The only other option seemed to be to go to college to “find a husband.” I, too, suffered from major panic attacks when I was in my early 20’s (I wonder why!) which I eventually overcame on my own – a huge accomplishment.

    I admire you so much. Oh, to be your age again and to be well on that path to success and happiness doing what you love to do! At 62, I’m finally somewhat comfortable in my own skin – BUT, still wondering “what I’m going to do when I grow up!” That’s why I subscribed to your blog. I am wise enough to know that sometimes you can learn a lot from someone half your age! Keep up the great journey.

  • Hi Yaro: Thanks for that great, warm and sincere post. It’s inspiring. Happy Birthday! Margaret

  • Hey Yaro, Happy Birthday to you!

    You are so inspirational to many people.

    I love what you say about “changing your glasses” seeing the world in a different way, or seeing your business in a more positive outlook is the way we keep going. It’s looking ahead to the future of what your business can be, not what it is now.

    Even once you start making money an affording things in life, you can still feel low in certain times. Thanks for the post, and a very Happy Birthday to you!

  • What a wonderful post – every now and again I feel lonely because it seems as if everyone else is having fun on this life journey and doing it all competently and with style or they are simply not bothered with the idea of there being any meaning to any of it at all. Then I read things like your blog and am shown that there are others like me which is inspiration and motivation enough for me to drag my head up from the depressive navel gazing pose it sometimes droops into. Congratulations on being so wise at 30 – it took me a helluva lot longer than that and Happy Birthday too!! πŸ™‚

  • Happy Birthday, Yaro, with lots of health + wealth for the coming years!

    Chiming in with all the other 59 bloggers, so far, congratulating you to your big 30 and to the accomplishments we all dearly admire.

    Just a little piece of memory from my side. When I started my Hawaii blog some 3 years ago, I was lucky to find your blogger newsletter. We emailed a few times back and forth – yes, at that time you even did that – and I could not believe how young and yet mature and knowledgeable you were!

    Well, you proved yourself a real entrepreneur during the past years. Enjoy + share the further ‘journey’ with us. We are in for the ride!

    Aloha Pua @PuaHawaii
    Best Hawaii Vacation Blog

  • Gus

    Hi Yaro:
    Beleated Happy Birthday Yaro!!!! and the best for you in the comming years. Over the years you have been an insperation to so many people. Beware that you have changed the lives of many people, and formed many friendships in your journey. Your willingness to help people have given you much deserved rewards. May the road to your happiness be smooth.
    Gus Dempsey

  • Hi Yaro,

    Happy 30th Birthday!

    I enjoyed reading your reflective post today! I look forward to reading some of your older posts since I just recently found your blog!

    Have a great day!

  • Yaro, thanks for being so honest in your account, I think it’s very helpful for those of us who don’t have perfect confidence or the perfect plan to be reminded that we don’t necessarily have to have those to make our lives better.

    I am way past 30, but I have a few comments to make on that age: first, please tell your friend who believes you either have your shit together by 30 or not, that that is nonsense. (We’re on the web, so I won’t use a stronger word.) First, take a look at people who “have it together” early on – does that mean the rest of their lives go well? Not necessarily. Second, the thirties are a great time for setting your life on a new trajectory – you know enough about yourself and your own patterns be grounded while you start moving in a new direction. And you’re young enough to have the energy needed for the work.

    I am past 50 and I certainly do not look back at my youth with a longing to return. Pish. People who do this must forget a lot. Except for the physical breakdowns, getting older has a lot to recommend it, and I hope you find this to be the case, Yaro, as you continue your journey. The one piece of birthday wisdom I will pass on is : eschew perfectionism. Striving for an ideal leads to creativity; insisting on it is a killer.

  • Happy Birthday, Yaro.

    I have only discovered your site a few weeks ago while surfing. But the energy of the site and specially your energy caused me to just stick around and I am glad that I did. Top put it simply, I felt truth and clarity in your words.

    As I launch my own blog, I am sure there will be a few things to learn from you πŸ™‚

    Best Wishes and Many Blessings!


  • Yaro, you are so incredibly wise for your age. I have a few years on you but you keep teaching me new things. And you are so down to earth I really trust what you have to say. I’m just starting out with my vegan recipe website, not sure how to turn it into a blog or if I should, but getting there slowly. I did it the hard way learning html and css, but now think I should have just got a free blog. I put so much time into it though I can’t abandon it. Thank you so much for the free guidance you have to offer! I especially enjoyed this post.

  • Hi Yaro,
    Happy belated birthday, Having recently turned 60, I can tell you it gets even better. You have lots to look forward to.

    Thanks for the tips in your blogs and for your continually up beat attitude and writing style. It’s especially refreshing.

    Who hasn’t struggled with searching for the meaning of life, looking for purpose, pursuing things that bring joy, or struggling with negative feelings, even poor self worth? After all, the instinct to “search” is a God given part of the human makeup.

    You’ll be amazed at how much you’re going to learn after the age of 30….

    I’ve learned that it’s more important to become comfortable with who you are rather than what you do. We “do” so many things. It’s a precarious self worth that is built upon what a person accomplishes. And it’s a false sense of personal security to be identified by what you do. There must be more to Yaro than blogger and producer of product. What you do and what you accomplish happen because of who you are. They are not who you are.

    And it’s true that revelations are stepping stones in growth but sometimes it is just as helpful to find out who we are not, just as it can be as educational and enlightening to fail as it is to succeed. Our purpose in life should not to be to gravitate to activities that manifest joy, etc. There’s nothing wrong with that being one of the purposes but what about gravitating to things that test us and make us stronger individuals? The purpose in life is not so simple.

    And while examples from other people are truly helpful to us on our path, I certainly don’t want to find out what is possible only because someone else has already done it. That says that my success is limited by your ability. I truly prefer to look at what you have done and have it be the springboard to do more or to do my way. It’s OK to be a follower for awhile but then we need to be leaders and pioneers.

    Life is an exciting adventure. Freewill can be a bonus or a stumbling block, and sometimes it’s both. The real question is, if you were stripped of everything you own and everything you do- who would you be then and could you be comfortable being that person? Who is the real Yaro?

    And did you notice that I used the big “G”?

    Happy birthday. I know you’ll face everything in the future with excitement and enthusiasm and it will be a good ride.


  • Happy belated birthday!!!

  • Many More Years to You Yaro!
    Your blog has given me the inspiration and courage to finally strike out on my own with a blog/site. Thank you for the work you do. It is a pleasure to have you in the world. I am happy to continue to learn from you and hope to some day return the favor. Please keep coming to work:) Have a stellar decade of thirties!
    Benjamin 28-

  • Happy Birthday Yaro!

    Thank you for your encouraging words about the world of blogging. You share so much wisdom and great advice, it’s hard to believe you are just 30 years old!

    I have been blogging on and off for about a year now, and have finally decided to get more serious about my blog. Your tips and tricks have such sound advice that I know they will work for me. In just a few short months, many doors have opened to me. I know it’s through my blogging work, and getting the word out about what I do here in our digital age. I look forward to reading more about your good works.

    Here’s a birthday cheer for you; to a brand new decade of goodness and wonder… :o)

  • Hey Yaro, here’s to your 30!!! Every decade from this point on is going to feel shorter.

    To your 40!

  • Reflect on the past, know where you are going – Great achievement and congratulations on your success !

    More to come….

    Dan Gabriel

  • Happy Birthday, Yaro!

    I hope you have had a great day! I can relate to what you said about your teens and early 20’s not being too great. I’m in my 50’s now and wouldn’t ever go back that way again. πŸ™‚ Personally, I found my purpose and focus in life when I started walking in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. He has given me peace, joy, help in trouble and pain, and an incredible hope for eternity! As my mom, who also walked with Him, just passed away, I am filled with joy for her because I know she went to be with her Savior forever. To me, life is all about preparation for eternity. I also believe in free will as you do, and I will be praying that you use your free will in a way that counts for eternity. πŸ™‚ By the way, I always enjoy transcribing for you by way of Becki. I’ve learned a lot about blogging from you! You’ve done some great interviews.

    Happy Birthday again!


  • Happy Birthday Yaro for your 30th milestone.

    You have packed a lot into your 30 years. I couldn’t agree more about the headspace and self talk for moving onwards in your life. We do all have choices and sometimes we do sabotage things by thinking the wrong way. I think also that when things are falling apart around us, we tend to grasp at any bit of a hook to try and pull ourselves back up again, but sometimes this isn’t necessarily the best grab for us and if we just sat back and looked into our lives from the outside, we might make much better choices. I tend to find that my business goes much better when I see the good things happening in it.

    Thank you also for being there on the end of the phone on the Saturday!! when I got really stuck with Niche Profit Classroom contacts. I really do appreciate it. Keep up the writing, I’m about to forward this to a lovely friend who has breast cancer and I’m sure that she will enjoy your writing.


  • Happy Birthday!!
    I was SO depressed when I turned 25 last year, but I had a friend who told me – sure we’re getting older, but we’re also getting SMARTER. I don’t really look back on my early twenties with desire to return either. Great post!!

  • Happy Birthday – What a beautiful and inspiring post.

  • Your Message Happy Birthday, Yaro, from one of your current students. Any chance you’d be willing to share your time of birth with me? I’m a businesswoman/astrologer with a blog at I’d love to look at your astrology chart in light of your business success.

    • Hi Ellen – I believe I was born around 3.30am on July 19 1979, but I’d have to double check with mum on that one!

  • Happy belated birthday, Yaro. Even though I’m old enough to be your mom, I’m learning a lot from you. You are wise beyond your years!

  • I enjoyed reading your birthday post Yaro. You are certainly an encouragement and role model.

    I cannot model myself on you because I am twice our age and then some, but what I am happy to be able to say is that I would do all I’ve done over again, except for one big irrevocable regret. But that is an experience I have learned from and can at least use to help others not to make that same mistake.

    I wish you all the very best in the years ahead of you and many, many returns of the 19th July.

    Regards, Vera

  • Hi Yaro–when I read your post today I discovered that we share a birth date–not the year, because I’m old enough to be ‘your mom’, but the date July 19! So late Happy Birthday, Yaro…and I wish you many many more to come.

    I enjoyed reading your comments about your life journey thus far, and I agree with much of what you wrote…life is ia wild adventure akin to riding the roller-coaster at an amusement park. If you’re fortunate, you get to experience your fair share of thrills and chills sitting in the front seat while the car loop-de-loops its way around the tracks. Sometimes your voice will be the one that screams ‘let me off’ while other times you’ll find yourself smiling serenly and wondering what all the hollering is about.
    Enjoy the ride, Yaro, and remember that the view is always best from the front seat.


  • Happy birthday Yaro! A great post and a cool way to mark turning 30.

    It’s funny how the worst parts of your life can lead to some of the best. An unwanted divorce in my early 30’s was the “worst of times” for me but it led to 2 years living in Canada (Banff) and truly having the time of my life, learning about myself and experiencing things I never would have otherwise. That terrible event has led me to lead a kick arse life.

    Part of my kick arse life is my blog that I wouldn’t have started had I not stumbled across your Blog Mastermind course Yaro. It marries (pardon the pun) my purpose (ie helping others live a kick arse life) with my talent (ie writing using humour, which I discovered while writing updates to family and friends about my shenanigans in Canada).

    So thanks for your wisdom, generosity and kick arse course Yaro! It’s appreciated.

  • Happy Belated Birthday Yaro! Reading your post kinda of reminds me of the similar Journey I am on, I am 22 years old, but I can relate to alot of what you wrote!

    Till then,


  • Dear Yaro

    First of all happy belated birthday. Mine is also in July.

    I have turned 39 and have been getting “my shit” so to speak together for years.
    My twenties were a mixed bag of successes and failures, going from job to job – trying to get that elusive “success: and self acceptance we all crave.

    I resigned from my job with McWilliams Wines in 1999 as a Laboratory Technician and Cellarhand. I met my husband and became an instant family from single to a family of five, was a huge challenge. Also the best things to come into my life. Yes there were times of
    strife and conflict, having those wonderful people in my life is one of the best decisions I ever made.

    During this time from 2000, I found the wonderful world of the internet. I had some good succeses with websites – particularly about Australia and alternative health. Wrote about
    a diverse range of topics and became known as a editor, copywriter and business mentor.

    A huge change came in 2002 when I had my first biological child. That in itself is a miracle a story for another place in time.

    We moved in 2003 to the Mid North Coast of Aus, to be near my parents who are getting older and not good health.

    I love my life and the people in it.

    The last three years have been a roller-coaster of ups and downs, curves and blind corners.
    Amongst them, I have had three children, grown my business from print to online clients. I am a step-mother, a grandmother of four, a total of seen children from early twenties to my daughter who is nearly two.

    Two years ago my son nearly died from the flu epidemic, then I near;ly early pregnancy, to top it off my husband had a heart attack when she was a month old. There have been more episodes of near death due to the heart not being so good since then as well.

    During times of crisis you all find strength and resources in you that you didn’t know existed.

    I know what is like to wake up and have your world torn into tiny fragments. Security, yes it can be achieved. Life is something so quickly gone that we need to remember the good, the sad, the ugly all balance out.

    You are right with the choices we make to be happy or not, find a solution etc are all within our grasp.

    I got the shock of my life last week when I recieved a nomination package for The Australian Business Woman of the Year for 2009. I don’t know where it came from, I am happy to be nominated.

    What we give out we get back. Yin and yang – dark and night – like the sun rises and the sets as the night unfolds.

    I am doing your Premium Course and am Thrilled with what is happening. A New Dawn is coming πŸ™‚

    Anyways thats enough from me,

    Thank you all the best to everyone

    Susan Connors

    PS: Life is a journey and not a destination! Half the fun is getting there!

  • A very wise 30….
    You are certainly the whole package, not only do you have a grip on your outer life, you are connected with your inner life.

    or maybe its because you are connected so deeply with your inner life, you have such a grip on your outer life. πŸ˜‰

    Happy Belated Birthday Yaro!


  • Your Message
    Belated Happy Birthday Yaro.
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend to celebrate your birthday.
    Ready for the next decade?
    Thanks for the great posts, and also for all the information and community you provide with your online ventures.

  • Happy B-day Yaro!!! from LA. Great post! Thank you for sharing.


  • Happy birthday, nice post. I know some people who could benefit from your advice about overcoming panic attacks and will be directing them to the post you linked. Cheers.

  • Congratulations Yaro. I’m turning 30 too later in the year and so I was interested in your perspectives on your life over the past 10 years. You’ve accomplished a lot – it’s not the money that makes you happy – it’s the achieving and accomplishment. Well done.

    All the best for the coming 10 years.

  • Happy Birthday Yaro!

    Thank you for that introspective post … and you are ONLY 30!

    Having several decades on you I can tell you that with an attitude like yours the world is yours to have and to hold – in your hand. You have been tested in your early twenties and came out the winner.

    Enormously successful people are constantly being handed something that they need to hurdle … I see you taking those hurdles with grace and ever improving agility – the better to navigate we are all thrown from time to time, and to enjoy the unfolding journey.

    Many happy returns Yaro.


  • Gin

    Hi Yaro, I hope you had a fantastic birthday bash and love your newsletter. Keeps me hoping with my own site,lol. Yes, living through life’s highs and lows gives one wisdom to draw upon down the road and share with others especially our children. Keep up the great work! πŸ™‚

  • Thanks for sharing what’s been your journey so far Yaro. I’ve watched on for the last year in awe and follow your progress everytime you post. Hearing about your triumphs and tribulations helps me (and others) become a better entrepreneur ourselves.

    Happy Birthday!!

  • Retrospective birthday wishes, Yaro, from a fellow Australian resident.

    Endorsing Sharon Beck’s enthusiasm for turning 65, and other similar posts from us older ones, let me add that after 70 it STILL keeps getting better πŸ™‚ Thank you for your warm sharings.

    P.S. I am a “newbie” – about to set about building websites with my own domains, and needing lots of inspiration from those who have gone before. Hi everybody.

  • Yaro, happy birthday!!

    I’ll turn to 30 years old in the next few months as well, but I’m not as successful as you. Perhaps I’m too comfortable with the way I’m living now.. I just don’t know..

    I have been involved in the online thing since 2006 without much success although I do eacn few hundred bugs per month from my blog. It seems like that is how far I can go..

  • First of all, Happy Belated Birthday! I’m never particularly phased by “milestone” birthdays, but I truly enjoyed your post and found great wisdom in it. I’m considering returning back to school and I’m stoked because during my 20’s I learned that I should have fully embrace the whole college experience and taken full advantage of it instead of just focused on grades. This would have provided me with a more fun experience as well as the hands on experience that employers look for.

    Eh, wisdom. i suppose it comes to us when it is meant to.

    Anyhoo, that’s for writing this one. As ususal, you provide great content.

  • 30,eh? Happy birthday!
    I turn 51 on Wednesday this week, and I’m delighted to be able tell you that every age I’ve ever been is the best age to be. While I wouldn’t mind having 20 year old knees again, the truth is that every experience I’ve had, delightful or challenging, has combined to make me the person I am today- and I’m glad to be who I am. You’re very right that the way you chose to view the world around you has a large effect on shaping that world and determining what you take away from every experience.
    So let me wave at you from the road ahead- I’m glad we’re on the biggest adventure of all together.
    As they say, grow old with me-the best is yet to be!

  • Hey Yaro, happy birthday! I love what you shared with us here today about your journey…

    It seems as though we have quite a bit in common! We’re both Cancers and we were both ‘shy’ in our early years πŸ™‚ Personal growth is such a beautiful thing!

    Enjoy yourself today! There’s much to enjoy :))

    Love and Light,

  • Yaro, cool way to celebrate 30.. May you have more adventures, success stories and milestone achievements as the journey continues!

    Many happy returns!

  • Happy Birthday Yaro! Thanks for your inspiration. Keep on blogging and helping others!

    Internet Heaven

  • When I turned thirty it was the being of my life. So was forty, fifty and sixty. But what is unique about thirty for me was I have never seemed get any older.

    It never occurred to me until I was forty how significant thirty was. At the time for me it was a time when you are old enough to know better and young and silly enough to do it again and get away with it.

    After I turned forty, when someone asked me how old I was I found I would reply 22, 25, 26, 28 29 respectively as the years went on, always pausing to add a tag, 2 times as questioning looks get transmitted back. I never really bothered about being precise in the odd years either. Who cares anyway? I found that was the trick to ensure people got the message about always being young at heart.

    But I am sixty-one now so I recently had to change my approach. These days I find it easier to just say I am 30 something!! You can guess the follow-up tag. And I don’t care either about the odd decade or so either. It still works for me.

    I also figure I have a good bit of time to figure out what I might have to say when I reach ninety.

    But to make it all worthwhile my wife of 38 years and our three kids now 28, 31 and 34 never seem to get sick of me saying it.

    Happy Birthday Yaro and we all wish you the very best wishes to be forever thirty.

  • Great article Yaro! Happy birthday as well! I just recently became a member of and blogmastermind and am pretty pumped after reading this post. Further inspires me to believe that when I turn 30, I’ll be writing a similar article as well. Guess who I’ll be thanking first! Cheers and best of luck in the future!


  • Happy birhtday Yarro. Life passes us by so quickly as we get older and when we reflect back all of the mistakes we have made they don’t seem so bad. We learn from them and we move on. It makes us who we are. No pain, no gain I guess.

    I truly believe that we choose our fate before we get here and that our life is a journey to learn and grow our spiritual being. I wouldn’t trade any of my earlier years, mistakes and all, but I am looking forward to my future. I will be a successful online entrepeneur, I just have to remain positive and work hard.

    You take care Yarro and have many happy more birthdays.

  • Happy Birthday Yaro ! Thanks for sharing your experiences .. It really inspire me…
    Thanks again

  • I hope you blog for another 30 years. There is a lot of sci-fi anti-aging stuff coming up. So we (this generation) will live for 100+ years.

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY Yaro! 30 OMG. You’ve accomplished so much – congratulations! I was introduced to you by Davin Ogden of The Viral Sanctuary and have enjoyed and learned from your bog immensely. Cheers for your next 30 years!

  • Hello Yaro,
    Belated Happy 30th Birthday! The greatest service a person can do is help his fellow man and I think you do that very well. It seems that you are always searching for answers. I questioned life quite a bit when I was in my early twenties and try to find the answers. As you were talking about mindset, I highly recommend- DIANETICS by L. Ron Hubbard. It has helped me understand the mind and my life. I encourage you to check it out. I try to read as much about what Alborz, Gideon and you say on Twitter and if you are into self-improvement as I think you are and want to expand you knowledge about life, then I highly recommend this book.
    I also find that you are quite literate(the ability to read and write). You must of had a good education because it shows and you are able to write without many if any grammatical or spelling errors. You are able to speak with great depth and clarity on what is on your mind. I like listening and reading what you have to say. I have been following you for the last year or so and look forward to the future with working with you. Keep up the great blogging.


  • Happy birthday Yaro!

    Thank you for underscoring the relationship between the last five years of successful mindset and posting in your own blog for the last five years.

    I am glad that I took your advice to begin blogging this year.

    Have a great day!

  • Hello Yaro,

    Congratulations on reaching a marvellous milestone and doing it with such integrity and happiness.

    I have always understood the necessity for the correct mindset and have achieved many great things in life. Up until last year I was one of those people who “had their shit together” and after some heartwrenching, aweful events I am now a few months off 30 and feel lesslike I have “my shit together” than I ever have in my life…Perhaps I am doing things in reverse to most people.

    I love reading your blogs because remind me of who I was, and inevitably who I still am. They inspire me and remind me of my favourite thing to do in life…Set a goal and then don;t stop until it has been achieved…As I creep (increasingly quickly) towards the big 3-0 I am feeling stronger and more myself, with plenty of thanks to you and your similar thinking and life experiences…I feel connected to you, a stranger, and indebted to you for your upfront, easy going, down to Earth, Aussie approach….

    Wishing you a very HAPPY, HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY from Sydney and Melbourne (I was travelling on your bday)…May your success continue to grow and your happiness and joy be exceed all your expectations.

    Kind Regards,
    Lisa D

  • Congrats from Bris-vegas Yaro. I enjoy reading someone local in this global village we now reside in. Good on you for having sorted out your proverbial πŸ˜‰ by 30! May it always be that way:) (Didn’t really get my act together by 30, but as the next big one looms in a couple of years, you have motivated me to set that date to have sorted myself out to the same extent :))

  • That post was right on the money Yaro. Remember when i turned 30 a few years back. I felt the exact same way and reflected quite a bit on my life to that point. I think 30 and beyond is where most people can make a significant difference in their life just because you have learned to capitalize on so many mistakes and learn from them. Good post as usual.

  • Hi Yaro!

    Here is “Wishing you a Belated Happy 30th Birthday”!

    Well, I guess the older you are the wiser you will become after all the years of challenges and exploration in your twenties and then finally when you reaches your 30th you have finally found what you like to do and even achieved some goals.

    You are doing great and keep it up!

    All the best to you in your future endeavours.


  • Happy Late Birthday… I started to follow you only recently… in hopes of being a successful blogger between other things… can’t help but wonder where I’ll be in 7 years, by the time I am thirty and what would you have done differently? Thanks for all the great advice…

  • Happy Birtday Yaro,
    An Inspiring story of Entrpreneur’s Journey.
    Changing the mind set is the hardest thing.
    Once you start changing it gradually, and start living it,
    you start to feel it and gain the confidence.
    Entrepreneur’s Journey is not the easiest in the world.
    No wonder very few people dare to choose this path-
    a road that is less travelled.
    However if we can make it, it is the most rewarding
    experience. Freedom to Choose.

  • Happy Birthday!

  • A Big Happy 30th Birthday sent your way Yaro….and to many more wonderful times ahead now that you have got it together…mind you I think you always have had it together (just didn’t know it!!!)
    Your amazing words are an inspiration and just keep on getting better all the time.

    Hope you had a great day

  • Happy birthday

  • Yaro,
    Thank you so much for your post! It’s great that you have your ‘shit together’ already. So many of us are pushing 40 and just figuring out what you already have down.

    You are absolutely right about hearing God’s word, or reading the parables. It’s all very inspiring but until we take the first step it’s all rather useless. Your post had just solidified so much of what I have been reading and learning over the past few months. You have just convinces me to take that step into action.

    Thank you again and Happy Birthday!

  • Dude,

    Happy 30th. Of all the online marketers you are one of two I can trust. Michael Dunlop is the other.

    I’m passed 30 and 40 and heading for 45 and is fulfilled. Thanks for the blogging directions. I’ve been blogging for a while without direction. That is changing, thanks to your course.

    You have 80 comments on this blog post – wow! I garner none, strange people talk to me in person rather than comment on my posts…, but I press on as you are indeed inspiring.

    Thank you and many more happy birthdays to come.

  • Happy Birthday!
    As I said to you before, I watched you transform from a nice guy to a user. So your degree is in baffle ’em in bullshit or dazzle ’em in brillance? You started out a regular guy and now you are one of them!

  • Happy Birthday! This post really struck a chord with me – I’m 25 right now and the last five years have been very much as you described – ‘lost’.

    It seems this year though things are finally starting to come together and I’m making progress in the direction I want to be going. It’s really motivating to hear this story and dream of what my future could hold. πŸ™‚

    Hope you had a great birthday!

  • AP

    Hey Yaro,

    Great post Mr Philosopher! It is a good way to be mate (philosophizing), no thy self!

    I like what you said about experiencing life your self. I have put in this way – in my Health website I’m putting together (I have written a lot on goals, change and new habits-health related).

    The KNOWLEDGE we are given by you or in a book is not KNOWLEDGE – it is information. It is KNOWLEDGE for you the expert but INFORMATION for the trainee-recipient.

    In my definition, INFORMATION becomes KNOWLEDGE through EXPERIENCE. You could add ‘conscious experience’ to that (as there are a lot of passengers out there being driven around by society with out actually ever taking the wheel – that is their life).

    Yaro has the knowledge on Internet marketing and on how to run a very successful small business/blog as an outcome of his experience at APPLYING information – that is KNOWLEDGE.


    Take action people and get your hands dirty, and remember, KNOWLEDGE is POWER!


  • Heh heh, Yaro, getting all nostalgic and sentimental for your birthday? nice.. I’m at the turning point of 25 myself, though I think I hit the “life’s looking up” stage about two years ago, after my own bout with ridiculous self-indulgent misery

  • Happy belated Birthday Yaro … Luckily I already crossed that important line in my life almost a year ago πŸ˜‰ Hope you had a big party … Greetings from Germany


  • Cheers to you Yaro! Your journey is truly an inspiration to all your readers. You have unselfishly given yourself to the world through your experiences. I’m pretty sure that you have enriched many people’s lives if not changed them. Belated happy birthday, mate!

  • Hey, Happy 30th B’day, Yaro.

    Great post just like the rest. Truly inspiring to say the least. πŸ™‚

    Hope you continue to shine all the more in the years to come and continue to guide and help people like me across the globe.

    Wishing much happiness in the yrs to come,

  • Hi Yaro,
    Belated birthday wishes to you. i am very excited to see your life’s journey. you really induce me to do even more better in blogging as well as in my life. i am mow 23 years old, had lots of worries, step downs, negatives etcccc. after reading your story, i boost up myself, that one day am also become a successful blogger.

    yes i can !


  • You are now 30 and I have just entered my twenties. Surely I have a lot of stuff to learn especially from you.

  • Many thanks for your inspiring blog! I’ve been following you for a relatively short period of time and right from the beginning I could tell that that you had some special qualities and life skills. These come through in your blogs, web sites, and videos. Right now I am part of your Premium series and learning heaps from you and Gideon. I look forward to a long, prosperous, and rewarding association with you.
    “Many Happy Returns!”


  • Happy 30th Yaro! You are wise beyond your years, insightful, generous, open, congruent, live what you write and speak, know your topics and know yourself, which takes more insight than anything else in this life. Thank you for sharing your journey, your knowledge, tips and strategies. Have a great year.

  • OK so you made 30, being from a land down under – 100 is sort of expected. Trust you enjoyed the day, life is a roller coaster ride, sit back and have some fun, most of us forget to do that! Wishing you many happy years ahead.

  • Great story, Yaro! Thanks for sharing so much of your personal life. Thanks for all that you’re doing for others, as well. Greatly enjoying the courses. πŸ™‚

  • congratulations, yaro, on your inspirational achievements by 30! according to the good old chinese conventional wisdom, clarity usually starts from the age of 40. you obviously beat it by 10 years. no wonder! keep up the momentum.

    many many thanks for your generous giving of a genuine sense of increase and value!

  • Beautiful post Yaro. I love reading these types of posts from you. I wish I had something as insightful to say in response. Anyway, hope you had a great birthday. Best wishes!

  • Great style of writing Yaro, keep up the nice work.

  • The journey continues, and remember that you’ll never walk alone! Happy belated birthday to you Yaro! May the next 30 years be huge!

  • Thank God for you and you being such a great guy sharing the knowledge.
    Is a good think that you are so advance at that early age!
    That shows that you being well guided.
    Henry Ford siad “Most people wake up their mind after forty” Looks like you did it ten years earlier happy birthdate

  • I have to tell ya THIS WAS THE BEST BLOG FOR the world TO DATE that you have written. (hey only my opinion)

    This is exactly what I teach folks (cuz we forget) to be what it is you desire and not just keep saying I WANT THIS OR THAT. Oh god,

    I have passed this along to sum 300 folks I know that need this ‘lesson’ and I hope you all out there learn from it and BE THAT WHAT YOU SEEK. I’m today passing this on to my own clients and students.

    THANK YOU !!!!!

    This is better than THE SECRET.

    Hey Yaro, when you get 48 …it gets even better.

    My life is great and getting greater EVERY day.



  • Happy Birthday Yaro. All the best in the next 30 years :D… by the way keep up the great articles!

  • Happy Birthday Yaro! You have been one of my main inspirations thus far in my young blogging journey, here is to a continued connection! (Clink your beverage of choice here…)

  • Yaro,

    Happy belated birthday!

    As someone who has a few years on you (I turn 36 in a few weeks), I can relate to the introspection that tends to come with “milestone” birthdays. These are the periods when you really start questioning your place in the world, and (for most of us) wondering just what we’ve been doing with our lives.

    I’m not really sure that anybody ever has their shit together, because we are constantly growing, evaluating, and changing. (Or at least we should be.) I don’t know too many people who ever achieve a state of “getting it” and then spend the rest of their lives in contented bliss.

    Still, the lessons that you have learned are important building blocks for a more fulfilled life. You have chosen to learn from your own lessons and use them to improve various aspects of your life… so I think you are a lot closer to “getting it” than most people might ever be.

    Thanks for the insighful and inspirational post. I always appreciate your honest, straightforward approach to blogging – it’s nice to see someone who is willing to let the world see not only his successes, but his challenges and failures as well. I think this is one of the reasons you are so successful today.

    To Your Success,

    Lee Rowley
    Blogger’s Workshop

  • Wow wow wow… Yaro, I was feeling kind of depressed today, but your post just totally lifted my spirits.

    For the last 3 years, I’ve gone through what you said you went through from 20 – 25 years old. I’m just dabbling around, trying stuff here and there, buying IM courses but took no action… I was LOST. Really lost.

    But it’s only recently that I began to make real progress. And you are so right! It’s was only after I took action to experience and participate in the process by (guess what) starting my BLOG that I began to find real joy again. Just like you.

    And then suddenly, within the space of like 3 weeks, I attracted some like-minded friends to work together with me on some internet marketing projects. It’s the Law of Attraction at work.

    And now life is getting more exciting and enjoyable for me.

    I’m now the stage where you are at 25 years old, your transition point. God willing, in 5 years time, I’ll be where you are today!

    I will remember this post for a long long time. Thanks Yaro. You are a true inspiration to me.

    Happy 30th birthday!

  • Yaro… I’m catching you in age… I’m 27 years old and “don’t have my shit together” as of yet but I’ve got a lot of great things in the makings.

    Great article… I just recently found your website and have already bookmarked it. You’ve definitely made a great name and website.

    I wish you much success.


  • yaro you are fantastic and it is a pity that over one year i have been trying to register for your coaching but you refuse to help out. and i will like to know why ???????? thanks

  • Hi Yaro,
    I just started blogging back in Dec of 08 I am a graduate student of Alex Jeffreys first class. I did not know very much about the internet other than running my successful ebay business. Through Alex’s mentorship program I have learned alot . This post makes me reflect on how far I have come and where I want to go. Thanks for all you do to keep us motivated . I am also very excited about becoming a member of your Become A Blogger Premium site. I am so looking forward to completing these videos. keep doing what you do. you are truly Inspirational to us all.

  • Hi Yaro
    Belated Birthday Greetings from across the Pond.
    The year you were born 1979 – was the year I started my first business!
    14+ discovered GIRLS – had a ball!
    20+ got married the first time
    30+ got divorced – then married again (much better 2nd time round!)
    40+ started to get worried!
    50+ Don’t Go There!!
    Hope You had a Good Day (excuse the Aussie pun!)
    Your Blog posts are always good because you have a great flow to your writing(LOL)
    Graham in UK

  • Belated Happy Birthday, Yaro,

    You’ve done alot in 30 years. You are, however, almost young enough to be my great-grandson. My granddaughter is almost 41. So, in my 85 orbits around the sun (I like this expression better than that I am so and so years old), I’ve had many experiences also. Now I am starting, hopefully, a new one, making money from a blog. So far not too successful, partly because I haven’t been working at it hard enough. But, down the road, who knows. At any rate, your suggestions are extremely helpful; now I just have to implement them.

  • Well, better late than never; happy birthday Yaro! The next 30 year journey will be as exciting as the first, with a lot of new challenges. Keep up the good spirit and it will be a ball!! Best regards Robbert

  • Yaro,

    You are surely at an amazing place in your life!

    Happy birthday and may I still be one of your readers on the day of your 35th, 40th, 45th and 50th (and beyond) birthday!


  • saj

    Belated birthday wishes to you!

  • Your Message
    Heck Yaro! I’m old enough to be your grandfather, even so, I am learning so much from you. Looks like a lot of others are too.
    Many Happy Returns and best wished for the rest of your Journey.


  • Happy Birthday! It’s amazing how what you explained you were going through in the early twenties is what I feel now (I’m 20). Very difficult of times, but persevere and get yourself through the tough times. Amazing post and hope all goes well. Cheers, mate!

  • First of all happy birthday! Great to know that we share the same horoscope! Really long post but very interesting. I like it when you explain your past experience, especially before you reached 25 years old. Somewhere in your explanations, I could see myself….Yes you need to have that positive thinking to see the world another way….

  • Happy Birthday, Yaro.
    I turned 61 on the same day. 19th, right?

    Nice post.


  • Happy belated Birthday Yaro! As someone who recently turned 30, this post was very interesting to me. I truely enjoyed it.



  • I find myself in the 20-25 age when spend a lot of time playing with different projects hope to gain experience in something and set my path as well.

    Happy birthday !

  • Happy birthday! I wish I had been as far along in my “journey” when I was 30 y.o.

  • I enjoyed reading your post. I am turning thirty my-self here pretty soon. Keep up the great work!

  • Your Message
    Happy Birthday, Yaro, and many more years of great adventure and success in all your endeavors. I’m a newbie at blogging, actually, haven’t written anything yet other than my personal journals. I am reading all emails and training videos from you and Gideon that I subscribe to. Working on finding my “passion,” (and I’m more than twice your age). I really like your premise of the “colored glasses” way of seeing the world. It’s sometimes hard to maintain that paradigm shift, but I’m starting to think in positives, and see the possibilities. Thanks to you, with this new mindset I hope to expand my capabilities and vision for my present and future. Again, Happy Birthday! πŸ™‚ M

  • Happy be-lated birthday to you. You have been an inspiration to me. I am still learning and is about implementing some of the things you have been saying.
    You will always be a success as you are always helping others to succeed. Enjoy more successful years.

  • Your Message
    Greetings Yaro,
    Thank You for the words of wisdom you have shared. You have passed life’s initiation with flying colors into becoming a real adult. The one big lesson in life is that the 20’s kick ass from 20 to 29 for everyone. Now the 30’s is about assessment time about what you want to do and become. The 40’s is fine tuning time. Look at your life and put value on what’s important and what is not. The 50’s is about getting a new lease on life. What you really want to do and now being able to do it and enjoy every minute of it. From 60 on its about living each day to its fullest because you have earned it.

    Here” to 30 + 30+ 30 and then some of many enjoyable birthdays
    Njideka “Queen of StressFree Living” Olatunde

  • Lew

    Yaro, thanks for this post…I caught it the other day, and it effected me and here is what I wrote….

    ” Yaro has been one of the very few who I go back to and see what he is doing in the world of blogging. I cannot afford to take his courses any longer, but I go back constantly to past lessons, and to his blog for new insights and new inspirations.

    I find it amazing that at 30 years young, Yaro has accomplished so much, and in his accomplishments and through his journeys, that he has shared with us, we have been able to grow also, while following the path that he has laid out for us to follow, thus creating our own successful paths, while continuing the journey with him.

    Thanks Yaro ”

    Yaro, I turn 52 tomorrow, and I am still on the journey of discovery as far as being an entrepreneur and of course you are still a great influence in that journey.

  • Hey there Yaro..

    I’m one of your subscribers to your newsletter…
    When I heard how you would be turning 30 I thought I would have to come read your post.
    You’ve had one great Journey my friend..!!
    But you’ve only just turned 30…
    Well done …both for your age and your experience…
    Now you are recalling your journey in hindsight .. And you still have your life in front of you … imagine what you can achieve …

    I am a student of Alex Jeffreys and also Dean holland …
    I am just starting my Journey !!
    And I do not have any experience my friend … not the kind that you describe …

    But I am hoping that I will start to gain experience and success at my age…
    through the coaching I am receiving…
    and after reading your post…this has given me more hope for the future.

    I cordially invite you to visit my blog as a guest poster.


    I am ( 67yrs young )

    • WAY to go Malcolm….LOVE THAT ATTITUDE. !!!!!

      Great site too. !!!

      Tasha πŸ™‚

  • Happy (belated) Birthday Yaro!

  • Belated Happy Birthday Wishes to you Yaro!

    Thanks for the great blog. I am 59 and have used your bueprint and much of the blog tips this year. I wish you many many more productive and happy birthdays to come.

  • May all Bhudda bless you for your success and happiness.
    You always make a great post.
    Your newsletter help me a lot,even I’m still the same as the beginner.
    Thanks your your contributions.

  • Meg

    To a fellow Aussie and Cancerian – A belated Happy Birthday Yaro! πŸ™‚ Its certainly a milestone/threshold year. And thank you for your honesty, candor in the above post. It really helps to read this, to feel less alone in this journey of life.

    You have managed to summarize so much in that one article, than many have tried in entire blogs ! You are down to earth, open, welcoming – you interact and relate well. You are ‘real’ and that’s why so many people love/like you Yaro … Keep on at it!

    As with other great comments above – my little input! Am just contending with the transformation to my 40th year (on the 22nd July) -eek – I’m a ‘moon baby’ – 40th anniversary! – and just found a badge on my dressing table, with the words – “Just turned 30-Aaaah!’, after finding your post here- lol – 10 years ago, wow.

    But I am feeling comfortable with this now, drinking a cuppa, eating some rather rich, indulgent halva(!), and looking forward to my 40s – and its great to know you are 30 now and not in your very young 20s – hehe!

    But as you know/state, life is a journey – age helps, our learning, experiences – there is never an ‘arrival’ of sorts, just lots of little ‘arrivals’. We often take our lives for granted, especially when feeling happy, safe …. so despite your unusual self-awareness, wisdom for your years, please remember – change is a certainty – whether its for better or for worse πŸ™‚

    My teens were the worst – lost – but I needed to be ‘lost’, like you suggest, to move on and forwards!. I can relate to much of what you say about your early 20s, the less happier times.

    The 2nd half of my 20s were also probably the best of my life to date – I was a high-achiever, defined myself by what I did, how well I did, perfectionism, completing my BA, Masters Degree and PhD – moving on from Academia to Senior Position in Govt – I ‘had it all’ – the future, the partner … I was ambitious and at ‘peace’ relatively for the first time ….

    Not suspecting that it would change so dramatically and how hard it would be in such a short time, despite my ‘supposed’ awareness of life, mindset. Just before I turned 30 my life changed due to an incurable illness, an illness that hits people in their prime years, their 20s to 30s.

    Things can change in an instant. This quote reflects events/life quite well, although slightly depressing (sorry):

    – ‘It is often a crisis event that shatters the illusions that anchor our lives”

    Its relatively easy to have ‘happy glasses’ when life is good; very easy to have ‘sad glasses’ when life sucks! But as long as we are ‘aware’ of this – then we can get through each of these times – the changes…

    I also like Barbara Fox’s comment above – that we should define ourselves by who we ‘are’, not by what we ‘do’ – especially since I lost all that I had when illness struck – unpredictable, my entire lifestyle, security, happiness was gone – and it has taken nearly my entire 30s, or 2nd half of this decade to deal with this. Still managing, trying to cope with illness – and coming out the other side, knowing who ‘I’ am, and not feeling hopeless because I am no longer what I ‘do’ or ‘did’.

    I am now at a place again, where I am re-acquainting myself with myself – and as someone also said (in their 60s!) to not only wonder – ‘what do I want to be when I grow up’ – but to also ‘participate’ in life again – its both scary and exciting πŸ™‚

    I just mention this because 1. I am so very happy that you are happy, 2. You really are very self-aware, wise for your years, but 3. please remember, enjoy, but never take anything for granted … I don’t think you do this though.

    Define yourself by who ‘you’ are, self-awareness, and not by what you ‘do’ – because if you lose what you ‘do’, as I did, then you have ‘you’ to fall back on! πŸ™‚

    We go forwards, backwards, forwards and onwards! I never wanted to (or thought I would) digress back to a ‘sad glasses’ mindset, but it happened – it may happen again, but at least we grow each time through the ups and the downs….

    Your life, your views will continue to change – and with your insight, I am sure you will get through them all. If ever in doubt, just come back here and read your post and the comments πŸ™‚

    You have been a great inspiration for me over the last few years – for many people – as I have watched you grow.

    Congratulations Yaro – on your journey so far, your achievements, your wisdom and all the best for your future journies! Hoping that change, the future chapters in your life, will continue in a positive direction always !

    There is so much to look forward too πŸ™‚

  • Happy Birthday (a little bit late!). Turning 30 was pretty tough for me, but I agree with what you said- by your late 20’s you finally have your “stuff” together. The 30’s are going to be the best time of your life! Enjoy!

  • Thank you Yaro. I just turn 30 myself and with your help i am getting my”shit” togather! thank you very much for every thing oh and happy late birthday!

  • One of the biggest things I have realized while becoming comfortable with myself is everyone feels like everyone else has their act together. That could be further from the truth. I have noticed by asking several successful people in different businesses, friends, and colleagues that they too also feel not good enough, or their work is not respected by others. I believe that once you get over the fact that you will never be liked and accepted by everyone and allow yourself to be the real you is when you will be able to truly live the life you want. Life is too short to be miserable and worrying constantly about what others think about you and how you are.

  • Happy Birthday (a little bit late!).

  • Rey


    Happy Belated Birthday Yaro! I’m sorry I’m so late to your party. But our party here is an everyday event right?

    Thank you so much for sharing of where you’ve been and where you’re going. It was not only informative but also inspirational. You’re a real genuine guy. Just like your mentors you mention. Thanks for helping us out. Thanks for showing us the way to get our shit together.


  • …Happy b-lated BDay…

    i’m getting close to 40, at this stage i’m just happy i’ve made it this far:)
    Remember: Success is watever makes u happy

  • Happy belated birthday, Yaro, and welcome to the 30’s! πŸ™‚ I understand exactly what you’re saying – I turned 30 last year, and you really do start reflecting on your life, accomplishments, and your goals for the future!

  • “Mindset is, and always will be, the key to everything” – So true mate- Happy Birthday! when you coming down to NZ to visit? Happy to show you around

  • Happy Birthday (a little bit late!).

  • Happy Belated Birthday… my inbox was inundated with hundreds of emails… yikkk
    Anyway, I really enjoyed reading your journey, thank you so much for sharing.

  • Bob DeCeccobo

    Happy Belated Birthday Yaro!

    Finally read this post as your recommendation in your Blog Mastermind course in preparation for my new blog.

    It hit me when reading your story, we all have a story to tell. Seems to me you may have benefited from writing this even more than your readers πŸ˜‰

    Continue to live with passion and make a difference in peoples lives. You clearly have a gift for doing that!

    By the way, enjoy your 30’s, they go by fast!!

    Wishing you well,

  • Belated Happy Birthday Yaro!

  • Happy Birthday late! Now you can watch that show 30 something and understand it! yeah there’s no need to rush off and gte married or anything like that, heck you could wait till your 40 or older before you get married as long as you are ok with yourself.

    Cheers Mate!

  • Happy Birthday Yaro, Belated.
    Hey do you think you may be coming to California anytime? if so I want to take you to Disneyland.
    And the San Diego Zoo.
    and Seaworld
    and the Wild Animal Park.
    Seriously. Otherwise I am coming there with ym wife adn little girl and I would like to meet you sometime. Because I am going to be making more money soon thanks to you!!!
    Thanks Yaro.
    Larry C.

  • Old post, just read it. 30+ is the wisdom age. Belated one!

  • Hey Yaro,

    First things first, a very happy belated birthday Yaro. I enjoyed reading your life experiences with you age. And I am glad that you are succeeding now, its great to see. I believe that you have to be worthy in your eyes only then you can prove the world that you are worthy.

  • Belated Happy Birthday Yaro! I’ve been munching on your articles and posts the past three days and am learning a lot. You said to look for someone to model and I’ve chosen you as my virtual mentor πŸ™‚

    Seems like the down under is full of great internet geniuses these days- Andrew & Daryl Grant, Darren Rosen and Yaro Starak!

    Anyhow, blessings to you and hope to hear more of your work. Will join as a PAID member one of your sites soon.

  • Yaro, I just started following your blog and could not imagine a more relevant post. I’m at what I hope is the beginning of a similar journey and nothing is more valuable then hearing advice from someone who’s been there. Thanks bro.


  • Great reflection and Happy Birthday, Yaro! Your blogs are truly inspiring and life-changing. Yes, your blog is full of wisdom. I will be reading your blogs as often as I can.

  • Hey Yaro,

    Thank you for sharing your “life” journey. It’s educated and inspired me.. It’s given me lots of ideas on my next Action Step in becoming an internet marketer and more importantly having Clarity in who I’m supposed to be and what I’m supposed to do.

    This is now a resource that I can continuously refer to for more ideas, inspirations, and how to’s on living an exceptional life.

    Thanks again,

    Chung Tang
    Halifax, Nova Scotia

  • Just finished reading all those pages on here of your personal journey. Really amazing! Thanks for sharing it. I’m trying some similar things but so far perhaps am only at your entry level frustrations. Will keep plugging at it though.

    God’s best to you,

  • Great story thanks for sharing it, new bloggers sometimes get a bit down after a while because they do not seem to be getting any results from their blog, I hope that they can just keep reading stories like this and never quit, success may be just around the corner.

  • vernon shirley

    I just got through reading about your journey in life and enjoyed reading it.
    I am another one who has not got it all together yet, but i have tried to look at
    each set back as a learning experience and go on.
    I look forward to learning from you so i can try and get my daughter involved
    since her husband had stroke and can not work any more.


  • Just what I needed to hear. I like to read about peoples experiences and how they learn from them. Ive been stuck with time on my hands and at a crossroads. I was beginning to think it was just me.

  • Such an inspirational story Yaro, thanks for sharing – I’m glad I stumbled across your blog as I’m currently building a new online business and it was great to learn from your experiences πŸ™‚

  • Yaro, great article! Do you remember this moment when you discovered that you are writing something people want to read? Did you understand that by number of likes or comments?

    • By feedback mostly – in emails, in person at events, from customers…etc. You start to notice once you start to truly help people.


  • Happy belated Birthday Yaro! I just had to jump in here after reading this post and tell you that I too think that becoming a blogger was one of the best things that I ever did. I also love your quote, “Mindset is, and always will be, the key to everything.” And as you also say, “the journey continues!” So we might as well enjoy the ride! ~Kathy

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