What Founders Face On Pitch Day To Qualify For Startmate, Australia’s Premier Startup Incubator Program

In episode #9 of Everything Entrepreneurship, Walter talks about his experiences along with his startup partner Brett Geoghegan during a five hour long “pitch day” as a finalist to enter the Startmate incubator program in Sydney.

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With 18 different investor-mentors to pitch to, it felt a lot like speed dating for entrepreneurs looking for backers. If you are considering applying for a top-tier incubator with your startup company, you have to hear Walter’s story in this podcast.


Here are some of the subjects discussed this episode –

  • The differences between a public consumer startup versus a business to business startup
  • What exactly happens during a pitch day for a premier incubator program
  • How Walter and Brett are applying lean principles to choose what market to go after
  • The differences between owning a platform that other companies use versus creating a tailored solution directly for the client

This is very much a startup focused podcast episode. If that’s where you are with your business or plan to be soon with a new idea, or you are just curious about incubator programs, download this podcast now.

Yaro and Walter

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  • Oscar

    Could you talk about, what are the opportunities for markets that are not in English, for example in Spanish?
    Obviously the biggest market is the english spoken market, but for all people that don`t have english as its native languaje it could be very interesting to hear about other possibilities.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • Hi Oscar, thanks for the question. I’ve written about this – and you should definitely check out the podcast I did with Olivier Roland who blogs in French for inspiration. We will talk about your question on the next show too.


  • Hi Yaro,
    thanks for your podcast, but I´m a bit confused about horizontals and verticals. I often heard the term vertical for a similar product in a different market.
    Like a Community-Plattform in soccer, that builds another plattform for tennis on the same system.
    But if i google for vertical and business, they talk about horizontal if they have a similar asset in a different market (Like another Store in a new neighborhood).

    Do you have any idea, why a “new economy” horizontal is an “old economys” vertical and vice versa?
    Thank you


    • Hah, now you have me confused Alex!

      Definitely a great question though, we will respond on the next show.


  • Great episode guys and always look forward to listening to what you are up to on a weekly basis. I picked up Yaro’s latest e-guide and am plowing through it. I do have a question for you both and hope you might discuss it on the podcast if you think it’s relevant.

    I’ve been searching for a mastermind group for online entrepreneurs in my area but there is nothing readily available that I have been able to locate. I know there’s quite a community in our region and am planning on organizing an initial get together in the New Year. What things have you found helpful in mastermind groups that you’ve participated in? What did you enjoy and dislike? Is there one or two key tips that you can suggest that might help get us off on the right foot?

    Cheers and keep up the great work!

    • Hey Chris,

      Thanks for the question – it’s a good one! We will respond on the next show.


  • Joe

    Yaro, what happened with that Itunes magazine?

    • Hi Joe,

      It’s still on it’s way, planning a release next year once we get past the silly season. My original editor turned to be a lousy hire, so I was slowed down finding a new one.


  • […] You will also find out how Walter went with his Startmate incubator program application, which we talked about during the previous episode. […]

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