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What Founders Face On Pitch Day To Qualify For Startmate, Australia’s Premier Startup Incubator Program

In episode #9 of Everything Entrepreneurship, Walter talks about his experiences along with his startup partner Brett Geoghegan during a five hour long “pitch day” as a finalist to enter the Startmate incubator program in Sydney.

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With 18 different investor-mentors to pitch to, it felt a lot like speed dating for entrepreneurs looking for backers. If you are considering applying for a top-tier incubator with your startup company, you have to hear Walter’s story in this podcast.


Here are some of the subjects discussed in this episode –

  • The differences between a public consumer startup versus a business to business startup
  • What exactly happens during a pitch day for a premier incubator program
  • How Walter and Brett are applying lean principles to choose what market to go after
  • The differences between owning a platform that other companies use versus creating a tailored solution directly for the client

This is very much a startup focused podcast episode. If that’s where you are with your business or plan to be soon with a new idea, or you are just curious about incubator programs, download this podcast now.

Yaro and Walter

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