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How To Compete In A Commoditized Market Like Hosting, Should Yaro Start A Blogging Service And Is Buying A Podcast A Growth Strategy

Welcome to Everything Entrepreneurship with Walter and Yaro, episode #8.

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questions and answers - Q&A

This episode we focus on Q&A, with Colin Gray from ThePodcastHost.com asking us about his podcast hosting service and how it could be a viable business when hosting is so commoditized.

Jared Easley from StarveTheDoubts.com sent me an email asking whether you could buy another person’s podcast as a growth strategy, which we talked about in the second half of the episode.

After listening to a video conversation between Marie Forleo and Gary Vaynerchuk, I posed the question whether I should consider starting a high-end blog services business similar to what Gary and his brother are doing with Vaynermedia. Walter’s response was pretty clear about what I would be up against with this business, given his background in consulting.

Here are some of the subjects we discussed –

  • How to compete in an industry like podcast hosting when price is the only differentiator
  • What should you be prepared for if you start a new services based business
  • Can buying a podcast work as a growth strategy for your own podcast
  • What about buying a pinterest account, or tumblr blog, or twitter profile – are these other types of assets worth buying?

If you want your question answered on the show like Colin and Jared in this episode, just ask us in the comments below and we will reply in a future episode.

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Yaro and Walter

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