Walter Haas, who was the lead developer and co-founder of CrankyAds, and I jumped on to record what I hope will be a new and ongoing feature here on Yaro.Blog – a talk show in podcast form.

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We don’t have a name for the show yet, and in true lean style, we are throwing this out there to you and looking for your feedback.

The plan is to talk about what we are working on in our businesses, what we are studying and learning, what events we attend and people we meet, as well as what is current in technology, social media, internet marketing and entrepreneurship.

It’s basically a chat show conversation with two guys who spend a lot of time and energy focused on tech and business.

Yaro and Walter at Bondi Beach

Yaro and Walter at Bondi Beach (no we are not a gay couple – Walter has a girlfriend – Hi Estelle!)

The first episode is now up and ready for you to listen to.

We plan to keep each episode to about 30 minutes, which should be just long enough for you to listen to during your commute to school, university, job or workplace. We have it in our calendar to record one every Monday Australia time.

We will make changes to the show as we get feedback from you. Please have a listen and leave a comment letting us know any questions we should address during the show, what you think we should call it or any other feedback you have.

Thanks for listening,

Yaro and Walter

P.S. As I mention in the episode, these chat shows are not going to replace my interviews podcast. This is just something regular and ongoing Walter and I are going to record for you.