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I realize you probably already have my Blog Profits Blueprint since it has been available for over ten years now and has been downloaded by thousands of people.

However I had never submitted the audio version to my podcast, so I posted it here to get the download into iTunes and on my podcasts page.

This is the updated audio version I personally recorded using my own voice of the Blueprint report. I was very careful to focus on the fundamentals of good and profitable blogging, so the advice stands the test of the time – especially the sections on strategy. It is being downloaded by at least 50 new people a day and demand has not ceased during the last 10 years.

This is my most seminal training that has been referenced and endorsed by countless bloggers as a go-to-guide for making money with blogs. If you have never heard the audio version I recommend you download it now and have a listen. Even if you have read or heard the audio before, it’s always worth going over again.

If you also want the text version of the Blueprint, you can enter your email address into this box:

Chapter Breakdown:

  • How I Discovered Blogging
  • Blogging Is A Business, Not A Job
  • Who Is Yaro Starak?
  • What Is A Blog And Why Are They So Popular?
  • How Blogs Create The Right Conditions For Profit
  • The Two Key Ingredients For Attracting Attention
  • The Blog Expert Model Vs The Blog Magazine Model
  • The Magazine Model
  • The Expert Model
  • How To Choose Your Blog Topic
  • Isn’t Competition Bad?
  • Competition Is A Traffic Source
  • Rich Bloggers Played The Long Game
  • It’s Not About The Subject, It’s About The People
  • That’s Enough Psychology… Let’s Find Your Blog Topic!
  • If You Are Completely Lost
  • The Three Mega-Niches
  • The Fourth Mega Niche: Irrational Passions
  • Now Go Find Your Blog Topic!
  • Content + Marketing = Traffic
  • What Is A Pillar?
  • How Do You Create Pillar Content?
  • The Money Comes From Subscribers: Your Email List
  • How To Turn Blog Visitors Into Email Subscribers
  • How To Convince People To Sign Up For Your Email List
  • Communication Channels: The Pathways To Traffic
  • What Is New Or Counterintuitive Cuts Through The Noise
  • Small Streams And Big Rivers
  • The Key To Your Growth: Leverage And Compounding
  • Compound Effects
  • What Traffic Technique Do New Bloggers Use Today?
  • First Impressions Count
  • Search Engine Traffic
  • How Do You Convince Others To Share Your Work?
  • No Blogger Is An Island: The Power Of Relationships
  • Find A Doorway: Who Are The Gatekeepers?
  • The Inner Circle
  • The Law Of Reciprocity
  • Start With Your Blogging Peers
  • Build Your Brand And Exposure Will Follow
  • What Can Give You Instant Credibility?
  • Your Message And Your Messengers
  • It’s Time To Make Money
  • Can Blogs Deliver A Stable Income?
  • How Exactly Do Blogs Make Money?
  • How I First Started Making Money With My Blog
  • The Blog Sales Funnel
  • Money While You Sleep
  • What Is A “Sales Funnel”?
  • Your First Offer: The Research Product
  • What Product Sells Best?
  • Design Your Own Funnel
  • Why Most Blogs Fail
  • Do You Have Enough Information To Succeed?
  • Congratulations! – Now Get To Work
  • I’d Like To Coach You
  • The Brand NEW Blog Mastermind 2.0
  • Thank You For Your Attention

Enjoy the blueprint,

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