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Podcast: How Leslie Samuel Makes Money Online By Giving Away Freebies

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This is the third in a series of case-study podcast interviews with successful Blog Mastermind students, where we look at what they do right in order to achieve above-average results.

First it was Mitch, who’s blog exploded in popularity ramping his traffic quickly beyond 5,000 daily visitors. Leigh’s interview was extremely popular as she explained how she went from making $20 to $4,500 a month with her online business. Today I interview Leslie, who made almost $32,000 working part-time online (he’s a full-time teacher, and we all know how hard teachers have to work!), and has an interesting story to tell because of the unique way he makes money.

How To Make Money Giving Away Freebies

Leslie’s market is freebie offers and rather than explain how it works here, you should listen to the podcast. It’s interesting that you can actually make money by offering freebie giveaways that other companies provide, and that’s how Leslie makes the majority of his online income.

Leslie has taken his expertise and transformed into a thriving blog called The Freebie Guy. His next step is to launch a membership site and in preparation for this, he just released a new free report called – The Freebie Report – which teaches how Leslie does what he does with freebie offers.

In this interview you will learn…

  • How exactly freebie trading works and how Leslie made $70 in his first DAY doing it
  • How Leslie experimented with different methods to make money online and eventually found something that worked
  • Why Leslie decided to start a blog and join Blog Mastermind
  • What were the biggest lessons for Leslie as he grew his business
  • Why Leslie wants to position himself as an authority in his industry

Leslie is not only a Blog Mastermind student, but he’s taking part in every single coaching program I have on the market as I type this. What I love about this is every week I see more evidence of how much effort Leslie is putting into his business and how much output he creates every day, DESPITE having to work a full-time job.

Leslie is proof that, with discipline and enthusiasm, you can juggle your salary job as you need it to pay the bills, while you build up your online income. I expect in Leslie’s case that sometime this year he may say good bye to his job as his online income grows.

Loving Success Stories

Can You Work Part Time Build Your Online Business?

If you are ready to commit part time hours to building an online income through blogging and develop your ideas and passions into a profitable asset, then Blog Mastermind might just be the coaching program for you. You can check it out here –

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