Yahya Mokhtarzada, along with two of his brothers, founded Truebill, which was acquired by Rocket Companies for $1.275 billion.

We dived into Yahya’s background, exploring his first two companies, one started with his brothers that he left (but did enjoy a big exit of over $100 million) and an advertising company that was a true rollercoaster of rapid success and decline.

We spend a good amount of time in this interview digging into the details behind the creation of Truebill, how they launched an MVP with a very manual backend, why word of mouth was not their growth engine, how they switched on premium services, scaled to $100,000,000 ARR and then sold for $1.275 billion dollars.

If you want to peak behind the scenes of a unicorn tech company success story, this podcast is a must listen!

Enjoy the interview!