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I presented at the Web Strategy Summit in Brisbane. The organisers of the event, Adam and Toby, invited me to come in and do a short presentation of 18 minutes, then a 10 minute question and answer session.

The event featured panel discussions for about 45 minutes and several 18-minute “keynotes”, so they could get through plenty of speakers. There were about 100 attendees.

I blame TED talks for popularising the short presentation format. Since I didn’t actually have an 18-minute talk ready to go (my talks are usually an hour long) I had to put something new together. We determined my topic would be –

How I used my Blog and Podcast to grow my audience to 100,000 people and make $1 million online

Over the weekend I decided since I had the slides from the talk that I’d do a recording of my presentation and publish it here on EJ and YouTube. Here is the video and MP3 download –

The video is a highlight reel of the core concepts behind a successful blog. The timeframe for the presentation was a bit restrictive, and given the audience I was talking to I had to tailor it to them. They were marketing professionals working for small businesses mostly, so not my usual crowd of people wanting to quit their job and start an online business.

In the video, I talk about –

  • What core message and image I present online
  • What technique is at the heart of my success
  • Which tools I use to grow my audience
  • Two concepts that are especially important to creative individuals online
  • How much of an impact having a personal brand can have

Enjoy the presentation,

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