Introducing a new experiment on the Vested Capital podcast – a group show with some of my best friends.

Meet Nick, Mani (Focus Blocks) and Gideon ( Three guys I’ve known for years who I speak to on a regular basis.

Through our friendship we discuss all the topics that I cover here on Vested Capital, so I thought why not start a group show we can drop on the feed here once a month – or on whatever schedule we end up focusing on.

I’m a big fan of listening in to conversations with people who are doing interesting things. Nick, Mani and Gideon are running startups, investing in real estate and crypto, thinking about things like lifestyle design, balancing family with work, being productive, and of course, generating cash flow and investing to grow capital.

We don’t yet have a name for this sub-show, so for now I’m calling it the Vested Capital Mastermind, since these guys have very much functioned like a mastermind group for me over the years.

In this first episode I asked each of the guys to introduce themselves and explain what they are currently working on. We also discuss topics like real estate investing, productivity (also being productive with a family) and resource allocation.

Note this is very much an experiment, so we do appreciate your feedback on whether you like this format. We’ve never done a four-way podcast before, so even just learning the flow and structure is going to take some time.

If you have any suggestions for a different name for the show, or topics we should discuss on future episodes, or would like to send through a question for us to address (in audio or text format), email it through to

Of course this group show will not in any way replace my regular Vested Capital interviews, so it’s still business as usual there.

Enjoy the conversation.