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Timothy SykesI love stories about people making a ton of money with blogs, and here’s another one.

Timothy Sykes, as you will hear in this interview I did with him, is an excitable guy and he’s making a lot of money online (his most recent report was $100,000 a month!). His skill is stock trading, in particular, short selling penny stocks.

Not only does Tim make money from stock trading, he makes even more by providing training and tips to others so they can also profit from penny stocks. His blog and email newsletter are the marketing tools he uses to sell his stock trading tips premium membership, which accounts for the biggest chunk of his monthly earnings.

This is a great case study example of Conversion Blogging (blog + email list business model), where Tim is able to leverage his passion and built-up years of experience and translate that into a huge income stream just using some fairly straight forward online communication tools.

In this interview, you will hear Tim talk about how he made his first million dollars, then how he lost a big chunk of it, how his blog started and how he structured his current online business that generates six figures per month. You will also hear some strong opinions and a few segues as Tim and I take the discussion across a range of Internet related topics.

If you want to be inspired and hear exactly how someone uses a blog to make a lot of money, this is a must-listen interview. Enjoy!

Show Notes

  • How Tim made his first million dollars and learned how to trade stocks
  • Tim wrote a book and then started a blog to help market it
  • Why scams and spam email are important to Tim
  • How Tim created his “Tim Alerts” email list and segments his free and premium content
  • What technology Tim uses to run his blog, newsletter and take payments
  • How Tim generates traffic to his blog, including how he gets interviews on TV
  • Why Tim does not like life-casting (Twitter, YouTube, etc)
  • Tim talks about the importance of the money

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