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Welcome to the EJ Podcast ‘Solo Session 2’, otherwise known as the Failure episode.

The episode itself is not a failure, but features business projects that I created during my earlier years as an entrepreneur that did not become financial successes.

Despite the label as failures, each of these projects helped me learn key lessons about what works in business and more importantly, what I wanted as an entrepreneur and how I desired to live my life.

Not Everything Was A Success…

This podcast begins when I just started out as an entrepreneur at 18 years old, living in Australia.

If you know my story well, the one I share in podcast interviews, webinars and when talking on stage, then you’ve heard about my successful projects – a card game business, editing company, investing in websites and of course, blogging and digital products.

What you probably don’t know about, are all the other projects, websites and businesses that never went anywhere, which I spent many hours on during the first seven years of my entrepreneurial life.

Yaro's English School

This was me sitting at my English school office in Brisbane back in 2002. Those pink and purple walls were also my responsibility – I thought they were a light white when I looked at the swabs at the paint shop!

In this podcast you’re going to hear stories behind my MP3 website, followed by YoungActivist.com, my trading marketplace Yaz.com.au and the biggest failure of them all – my English tutoring business called Aussie Tutor (a real world physical business with an office and everything!).

If you grew up online during the late 1990s to early 2000s, you’re going to enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Lessons To Learn From My Failures

Throughout this podcast, I explain each of the key learnings I took away from these ‘failures’ and how they led me to put the steps together to eventually reach the point where I am today, with over a decade of success and millions of dollars in sales of my products and services.

At the end of the episode I summarize all the key changes I made as a result of experiencing each of the so-called failed projects.

I recommend you listen to the entire podcast and learn from my mistakes. You can fast-track your own success by avoiding and acting on what I had to live through while building all these projects that never made money.

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I hope you get a lot out of this episode. As much as they are stories of failure, they are incredibly important stepping stones in my entrepreneurial journey.

I may have felt lost and confused during much of this time — just as you might feel right now with your own business – but I promise you, looking back one day you will see how all these failure experiences became the foundation for your success.

Talk to you soon,


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