Teddy Kyres is the founder of Groupe Orbis, a Montreal based mortgage brokerage firm, with over 60 brokers following the system Teddy created for succeeding as a mortgage broker.

Teddy is also my mortgage broker and helped me secure finance for investing in Montreal when I didn’t have much of a tax history in Canada after moving here from Australia. The banks wouldn’t loan to me, so Teddy helped me find alternative financing until I built up more history as a Canadian tax payer.

During this podcast we look at Teddy’s early years as a mortgage broker and what he did to become one of the most successful in the entire country, doing over $100 Million in loans in a single year as one individual broker.

We then look at how Teddy branched out on his own starting a brokerage firm so he could expand by building a team.

Throughout the interview I also ask Teddy to break down his own property investing strategy, which as you would expect, has played a big part in Teddy’s strategy for growing his net worth over time.

Enjoy the episode.