sarah-timmermanI love this interview.

Sarah Timmerman is from my hometown Brisbane, she’s grown a $4 million a year women’s fashion online retailer, gathered a million followers on social media — and she has done it starting with nothing, pouring revenue back into growth, hustling her way to the top.

Sarah was very transparent during the interview, explaining each step of her journey.

She explains how she first sourced clothing to sell from day one (20 designers were ready to go when the doors opened on her online store), how she built her website, found her first customers, hired her first interns and employees and then grew to the multi-million dollar operation she runs today.

The Number One Social Media Brand In Australia

Sarah’s company, Beginning Boutique, was recently crowned the top social media brand in Australia. With half a million Instagram followers and half a million Facebook fans, it’s not surprising.

During the second half of the interview I asked Sarah to explain how she has grown such a large social following, which is a huge source of new customers for the business. She’s done a great job tapping into her target market by focusing on the people who influence the people she wants to reach.

One of the key elements to Sarah’s success is her early focus on email marketing. I was surprised to hear how clearly Sarah understood the importance of email right from the beginning of her business, but after listening to her describe her devotion to learning about internet marketing, it’s not so surprising.

Sarah Timmerman At Work

If You Sell Products Online You Must Listen To This

If you’re an online retailer or looking to start an online store, especially if you are in any industry related to fashion, Sarah’s podcast interview is a must-listen.

You will hear the whole journey from idea, to the first sale, to the multi-million dollar business it is today.

Sarah and Beginning Boutique demonstrate what you can achieve using the internet, if you’re focused and follow proven online marketing principles.

Enjoy the interview.

Yaro Starak
EJ Podcast

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