I’ve been busy lately working on the company I co-founded, InboxDone.com. At some point in the future I’ll have to put together an in-depth report on what I’ve learned working on this business for the last few years, however today I want to share something else with you…

As part of our organic SEO strategy — and just to be helpful — I’ve been working with our head of content Emily, to produce some articles to help you get more productive, and in particular, break free from email and other daily tasks that might distract you from the important jobs you need to do to grow your business.

To shine some light on these great resources, I’ll list them here along with a brief description of why you should read them:

The Top 10 Tasks Your Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

If you’re currently working with a virtual assistant, or you’re considering hiring one, it’s helpful to get a list of all the amazing things these talented people can help you with. In this post we cover what, based on our experience supporting entrepreneurs, are the most common tasks you can immediately hand over to your VA, including calendar management, scheduling, data entry, basic finances, social media management, and of course, handling your email for you.

If you really want to see a full comprehensive list of tasks to stimulate ideas for you, head over to the InboxDone Services Page where we list all the tasks our managers can help you with.

How To Outsource Customer Service

One of the wonderful (and sometimes not-wonderful) by-products of success as an entrepreneur is all the extra people who want some of your time. Whether it’s support for current customers, answering questions from potential customers, following up leads, organizing promotions, dealing with suppliers and contractors — everyone needs something!

This is why it’s so important that as you grow, your ability to provide top customer support grows too. In this post we shared advice on how to find the right kind of people to handle customer support, what support channels to consider, what soft-skills matter and of course, how to begin handing over the customer support role to someone else.

How To Get To The Real “Inbox Zero” In 7 Steps

At InboxDone, we specialize in ‘daily inbox zero’, which means handling all the emails our clients deal with so they enjoy the feeling of inbox zero every day. However, it’s important to know that ‘inbox zero’ is not just having zero emails in your inbox. It’s about establishing conditions so you are stress-free when it comes to your communications online.

To help people reach this mental nirvana regarding their email and social media inboxes, we put together this guide that explains how to automate your inboxes, what software to use, how to build rules to triage your emails, and most importantly, how to train your brain to have a better psychology around online communication.

How To Hire, Test And Train A Virtual Assistant To Handle Your Email

This is our biggest guide – a five step process to hire an email virtual assistant. We map out the entire process, from finding the right person, testing and training them, how to carefully hand-over your email, how to get them to build systems for you and how much you should expect to pay a virtual assistant who specializes in email.

If you want to go through the process yourself, this article will definitely help. Or of course, you can hire us and one of our carefully selected and trained Inbox Managers will begin work with you in just a matter of weeks.

I Haven’t Handled My Own Email In 12 Years

I’ll end the list today with the original article I wrote explaining my story of how I came to outsource my email on one of my very early businesses. This short guide lays out the foundation of the system we still use today to manage email for all of our various clients, no matter how diverse the industry (from restaurant owners, to venture capitalists, real estate agents and even a rabbi – everyone has to deal with too much email and social media messages today!).

I hope you find these article helpful. We have more in the pipeline as well, so keep an eye on the Inbox Done Blog to make sure you don’t miss out.