I’ve landed back in Melbourne, where for a week I am staying in an AirBNB rental apartment in Carlton North, then moving on to a proper 12 month lease in my new home in Fitzroy North.

I have to say it was a surreal feeling leaving Brisbane knowing that this time I was actually moving away from the city I grew up in, rather than just leaving temporarily.

I’m sure if you have ever moved cities or countries you know what that feeling is like.

I am excited to set up a new life in Melbourne, including the first time I have ever lived in a terrace house, which are popular in Sydney and Melbourne.

I’ll send you some photos as soon as I start setting things up. I will no doubt have a lot to talk about with my new life in Melbourne, so stay tuned for that.

Two Different Ways Bloggers Make Money

Last month I was writing the third Action Plan for my EJ Insider Exclusive Interviews Club comparing the businesses of two bloggers, Daniel Scocco and Joe Gilder (that’s Joe below).

Joe Gilder, A Very Musical Blogger

These guys have great success stories, using the blogging formula of quality content to build solid audiences.

However once they started down the path of generating an income from their blogs, they went about it in very different ways.

In my new blog post I explain what methods these guys use to make money from their blogs, and why they made different choices.

You can read it here –

How Two Successful Bloggers Make Money In Very Different Ways

This is an important article for any blogger to read because you need to figure out what is the right path for you to make money from your blog.

Are You Launching A Product Or Business?

If you have a product coming out soon or are starting an online business, I have a new video series from my friend Jeff Walker for you to watch.

You will have to enter your email to access the video. Click the image or link below to optin and watch…

Jeff Walker On A Mountain


If you have never been through the product launch formula training from Jeff, now is the time to jump on board, just as video one is out.

I originally studied the formula during one of Jeff’s very first teaching rounds way back in 2006.

Each year Jeff overhauls the course and launches it to a new group of members. It’s always popular, and for good reason.

I promote it every time it opens because I consider it the number one course for any person who wants to launch a product online.

If this is new to you or you are releasing a product soon, now is the time to optin and watch the videos from Jeff.

I just watched video one and it reminded me how important it is to keep refreshing this stuff.

I’ve done so many launches now but I still miss important things, like certain mental triggers you can use and why it’s important to break up your launch content into a story.

You can learn all about this in the video from Jeff here.

I have to get back to organising my somewhat hectic new life in Melbourne now, including buying a new fridge, so that’s it from me.

Yaro Starak