Platform Launch Plan
Workshop With Yaro

How To Launch Your Online Business,
Add 2,529 Email Subscribers A Month Without Spending A Penny On Ads,
And Turn Your Knowledge Into A $10,740/Month Income Stream

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This is my latest workshop, created because I wanted to break down my online business system using a simple 8-step formula.

In this workshop I guide you through 8 actions, designed to help you create your own online platform through the power of blogging and email marketing.

Watch this workshop and you will learn:

  • How to grow your email list for free just using content. No paid ads, no big launches, just share your ideas online, help people and your email list will grow (this is the tactic I’ve used for 90% of my own email list growth).
  • Why today in the crowded space we live in online, is the perfect opportunity for you to stand out by helping people solve problems using your knowledge.
  • What are the 4 phases you MUST work through in order to establish a platform (you can’t skip these).
  • The technical tools I recommend you use to build your online platform right now.
  • How I recommend you go after traffic today (hint: don’t try and be everywhere, just be fully present in one place).
  • I show you several live case studies so you can see exactly how these platform building principles are being applied by my most successful coaching graduates.

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I also present this training because I’m looking for the right people to take the next step and work with me in my coaching program.

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Enjoy the workshop.


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