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Peter G James Sinclair, the founder of MotivationalMemo.com, a blog he created to help motivate others and also motivate himself, came into my world first as a member of my Membership Site Mastermind training I ran a few years ago.

Peter and I stayed in touch on and off via email ever since then, with Peter often sharing how well things were going for him.

To be honest I always felt a bit confused as Peter seemed to be doing many different things, which now after completing this interview with him, I can tell was very much the case!

From Jewelry, To Website Design, To Motivation Expert

Peter started out as an entrepreneur at 19 selling jewelry, then after attending a workshop with internet marketing pioneer Corey Rudl, decided to enlist his 12 year old son as a website coder and begin a website design business.

To market the new business father and son walked door-to-door in his hometown, the Gold Coast Australia, selling websites, and quickly signed up five clients. It was very much the early days (circa year 2000), so as you can imagine demand for websites was significant — a new industry was forming.

Fast forward seven years and Peter sold his web design business. He then discovered the world of personal development books like Think And Grow Rich, and became a full time self-guided student, living in the library.

Peter started his blog, Motivational Memo, as a place to track his own progress studying and practicing motivation and personal development, and help others do the same. His blog slowly gained traction thanks to Peter’s efforts guest writing.

As a result of the platform Peter built with his blog, he went on to become a speaker, coach and amazingly sold $100,000 worth of his first self-published book thanks to just one joint venture.

Peter G James Sinclair Family

Family Involvement

Towards the end of the interview Peter made an interesting comment about one of his big personal motivations – to start businesses with his family.

From that first website design business involving his son and later his daughter, to today working with his youngest daughter running a hair salon, Peter has tapped into his entrepreneurial and marketing skill to start and run businesses that involve his family.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Peter. It’s yet another brilliant example of how using a blog to build a platform for your expertise and authority can lead to some pretty amazing opportunities.

Yaro Starak
EJ Podcast

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