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Mitch Wilson is special in my life because he was the first person I ever coached in my very first Blog Mastermind program who went and built a massive business.

In terms of money, no other client I’ve had since then has exceeded Mitch’s results, as far as I know.

He’s been making several million dollars a year for many years, and things are only going to get bigger, based on conversations I had with Mitch in Hawaii when I visited him.

What Made Mitch Different

Mitch’s results are not typical. That should be obvious.

I would never even begin to promise that by taking my coaching programs everyone can expect a million dollar result.

It’s not going to happen, Mitch is an outlier.

However, I do believe that minimum goal of earning at least a full-time income from an online business is within everyone’s grasp, including yours.

Mitch earned a unique result, and it’s worth noting he was also unique compared to the cohort of students who were with him in my program at the time.

Like most people I work with, Mitch didn’t enter the world of blogging and online business with any experience.

He certainly was driven, had a good niche and was providing value to his audience — but he also did something else that none of my other members did…

Mitch attended every coaching call I offered when he was just starting.

Not only did he attend every session, he always had a question for me. It wasn’t long before he was reporting back amazing results too, along with asking questions.

Here’s a quote from a post Mitch recently made in my member forums (he’s a mentor in the forums):

When I was starting I asked a question on every call, would write them down all the time in between and then pick the best one. I think I might have asked some dumb ones, I think I asked some that ended up making me 6 or 7 figures.

I can’t really take all that much responsibility for those six or seven figures that Mitch made as a result of my answers. He was the one doing the work.

I think it’s fair to say that having a coach and a course and a community of people all going through the same process to build a business, as Mitch did during his early days, made a big difference.

We all kept each other going, just as we still do today.

The Next Generation (2020-2025)

In the last few years I’ve continued to coach people in newest version of my program, Blog Mastermind 2.0.

One of them, Kathy, who helps people with dissociative disorder, now makes $10,000 a month from her online business.

Here’s a quote from Kathy when she first made $10,000/month:

My month of September has been absolutely incredible in terms of providing consultations, and I literally have had a $10,000+ month. Say WHAT??!!! Yes, yes.., you saw that right. Over $10,000 in one month.

I am shocked. Completely shocked. O.o And so incredibly grateful to @Yaro, Blog Mastermind, The Laptop Lifestyle Academy, and all of you who have been my support through some very dark days.

In 2020, Tien, another member of my program, who teaches people how to color-weave, was super excited to report back on her $68,000 launch campaign:

Final numbers from my launch!! Believe it or not, between sales of the paid class and sales of lifetime access to the free class, we netted over $68,000 from this one launch!!

I also hit another personal milestone, as I looked back on my numbers from last year and realized that I have now grossed over $100K in a single year (12-month period) selling online courses. That’s been my singleminded goal for the last three years, and I DID IT!!

Mitch is in the sports betting industry, Kathy helps people with personality disorders, and Tien teaches crafting with color.

They are very different niches, but they all follow a similar model to build a successful online business.

Like Mitch before, Kathy and Tien went from asking questions to reporting back amazing results each time we hear from them.

If You’re Ready To Learn, Get A Coach And Follow A Plan — This Is For You

I’m taking in a new cohort of students in Blog Mastermind 2.0, who will take my complete course and have access to monthly coaching calls with me to ask questions and seek advice throughout the year.

Blog Mastermind 2.0 is a comprehensive course, with over 20 hours of training, plus bonus supplemental training on choosing a profitable topic, podcasting, dealing with technical challenges and more.

I don’t have space to cover everything that is included here in this blog post, so I recommend you view the Blog Mastermind 2.0 signup page to see everything you receive:

This is my life’s work in terms of a training program. I’m immensely proud of it, and the people who have succeeded as a result of taking it like Mitch, Tien, Kathy, and many others.

It’s ultimately a course about how to use content to sell products and services online.

These are fundamental skills you need if you want to build an online business, so you can’t go wrong taking this course.

My Bonus Package + Discount Special

To make sure you join us for the new coaching starting, I’m running a special…

When you sign up for Blog Mastermind 2.0 this week, you also receive the following bonuses:

  1. Save $1,000 on the full-price tuition of the program
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  3. One year free membership into my Laptop Lifestyle Academy, which gives you 24/7 access to support, coaching and additional training resources ($997 Value)

To claim all these bonuses, join Blog Mastermind 2.0, then email with your receipt letting Alex my client care manager know you wish to claim the bonuses —

Sign Up For Live Coaching With Yaro + Blog Mastermind 2.0 + ALL BONUSES

I look forward to seeing you in the program, on the live coaching calls and hearing more about your project for this year.

I’d love to one day in the near future add you to the Success Stories page, as a result of the decision you made today to join Blog Mastermind 2.0.

I’ll see you on the inside,