Michelle Tascoe is based in LA and has one of the longest running private one-on-one financial advice coaching practices.

She’s now earning over half a million a year, but it wasn’t always like this. It’s been a long and steady journey to become a seven figure coach. The numbers break down like this –

  • Year 1: $8,000
  • Year 2: $12,000
  • Year 3: $15,000
  • Year 4: $20,000 (gives birth to son)
  • Year 5: $30,000 (second son)
  • Year 6: $50,000
  • Year 7: $80,000
  • Year 8: $116,000 (daughter)
  • Year 9: $184,000
  • Year 10: $284,000
  • Year 11: $367,000
  • Year 12: $530,000
  • Year 13: $550,000 (on track this year)

Michelle talks about her early days, getting into massive credit card debt, changing her habits to become much better with her finances, paying off her debt and becoming a coach.

To make a half a million dollars a year from one-on-one coaching you have to either do a crazy amount of coaching sessions, or charge a high price. Michelle worked her way up from doing free coaching to charging $700 per hour of coaching, which as you can imagine was not a change she made overnight.

Michelle shares how she was able to level up as a coach and attract better clients who could afford her higher rates.

I especially recommend you listen to the end of this interview if you are also a one-on-one coach or intend to become one, as Michelle breaks down her formula for doing initial consultation calls and how to structure them to convert people into paying clients.

Enjoy the interview!