Two episodes ago we had a reader question from John Paul who asked about link building techniques.

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We spent the first half of this podcast episode, Everything Entrepreneurship #15, talking about where link building is at today, a topic I am very interested in because I spent the last week researching traffic strategies for my new e-guide.

Link Building In 2014

In the second half of this podcast Walter talks about his experience listening in to a woman who was part of a seed investment round in Twitter. We then talk about funding and doing a pitch for investment as a startup.

During the show I mentioned a previous article I wrote about putting together a “pitch deck” for when we were looking for investors for CrankyAds, which includes the different areas we covered in our presentation.

You can find the list of concepts to cover in your pitch deck in this article – How I Created Our Pitch Deck For Investors.

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Yaro and Walter

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