Joshua Scigala knows a lot about crypto (thus this is a LONG episode!).

He was there when Satoshi first released Bitcoin and he was unfortunately there as well when the first major exchange, Mt. Gox, collapsed.

Today Joshua is leading a new Defi project called The Standard, a decentralized lending platform run by a DAO that focuses on hard and soft assets as collateral.

The protocol will have the ability for users to issue multiple fiat pegged algorithmic stablecoins starting with “Standard Euro” then USD, YEN and more to be rolled out.

Before this he co-founded Vaultoro, one of the first platforms where you can directly trade Bitcoin and gold, allowing you to hedge against each asset class.

During this interview we went back in time to hear about Joshua’s early career and businesses in Australia, where he grew up and how he became aware of the emerging cryptocurrency movement.

We also dive deep into all things crypto and how Joshua setup his two cryptocurrency projects.

Enjoy the conversation.