So many times over the years I’ve thought back to moments when I just knew there was a business opportunity because of the emergence of something new that will change the world, or at least, open up new possibilities.

Whether it was the early days of the internet when you could have purchased so many amazing domain names, the start of social media, the growth of YouTube, the emergence of cryptocurrency (which you could say is still an emerging opportunity) or even the one opportunity I did take advantage of — when blogging became mainstream back in the mid 2000s – there are always new doors opening.

No doubt you have felt the same over countless missed opportunities.

You’ve probably heard the phrase before — the best time to start a business is today.

I like this concept, because it focuses on action, but is it really good advice? Is today always the best time to start a business?

Luck Is Being Prepared When The Right Time Arrives

I do very much believe in luck and see it as the convergence of action at the right time. To take action means you need to be prepared to do so, and that I believe is why there is truth in the statement that starting a business today is the best time (and always is the best time).

By starting a business you take a step towards being more prepared. The brutal truth is chances are you’re not going to have the right timing straight away, but by starting now you begin the process of learning and putting in place resources that, in time, will lead you to be prepared for taking advantage of an opportunity when it presents itself.

My own experience as an entrepreneur has reinforced this idea.

I was a very inexperienced young entrepreneur at 18 years old when the dot com bubble happened in the late 1990s. At the time, I as learning the basics of content marketing and building websites. Most of this experience was gained through my business,, which I later sold. This website was a content magazine style site and an e-commerce store.

I never got rich from, but I learned skills that helped me be more prepared and ready to do something else.

A few years later, when I launched, an essay editing company, I was more confident, more experienced, and learned from the mistakes I made with Consequently, became a bigger company and was later sold for a larger amount of money.

These two businesses took up seven years of my life, which provided the foundation for me to be ready to take advantage of the blogging boom that kicked off around 2005. As a result, I was able to start my own blog and once again ‘level up’ my results in terms of income.

I can extrapolate onwards, connecting the success I had with blogging, which in turn gave me capital to invest when a new opportunity surfaced, to purchase a cryptocurrency called Ethereum, back in 2016 when I first heard about it. I then had the fortune of good timing, and watched my investment multiply four times, during the 2017 crypto boom.

Without having the cash resources in my bank, I would not have been able to invest as much as I did and enjoy the windfall of a sudden boom. Previously, with only small amounts of liquid cash available, I always missed out on these kinds of ‘gold rush’ opportunities.

Each time I took action during a period in my life by starting a new business, it helped me to build resources, skills and confidence, so I could take action again and reap a larger result.

Today Is The Right Day To Start Building Resources

The beautiful thing about being an entrepreneur is you carry your previous results with you.

Whether you succeeded or failed, or pivot to something else, you’re always gaining experience, learning from mistakes, and building resources for your next project, whether they be financial (or capital), mental or skill-based resources.

Although it will likely take you several years, eventually your resource gathering will lead to the point where you have surplus funds to invest in other income sources. To put it simply, by being an entrepreneur you can build up enough cash that you can take some of it and invest in assets that will make money for you, while you focus on your business.

This is why today will always be the best time to start a new business. You need to start building something, even if you completely change what you end up building, or build one thing, sell it, then build another — and so on — just as I did with my early projects. It all contributes to you gathering the necessary resources and being prepared to take advantage of the next new opportunity.

The Best Asset To Start Building Today Is Your Audience

At first I believe the best asset to work on is yourself, as so many self-help guides will attest to. However, it’s not a smart strategy if that is all you focus on.

Eventually you need leverage, and there is only so far ‘working on yourself’ can take you. Even the biggest personal brands need to leverage other things, including technology, people and money, to sustain growth. The biggest companies are the same, even if they start with just one or two people, they very quickly rely on other people, technology and capital resources.

In our case, as online entrepreneurs who focus on content, one of the best assets you can build is your audience.

Even if you’re not sure if you intend to sell coaching, courses, write books or sell services or software or physical products, your audience is the door to taking advantage of all new opportunities…

… And today is the best day to start building your audience!

To get started I recommend you take my Platform Launch Plan Workshop. It’s 100% free and I reveal all the steps to use content to build an audience, and explain how that audience can be used to make money by selling various products, also all based on your content.

So many would-be online entrepreneurs fail because they never get the attention of other people. No attention means no customers.

It doesn’t matter how good your ideas are if no one ever purchases something from you. It’s nice to have a hobby, but I’d rather have a growing income stream from a successful business that sells something, and I suspect you do too.

The great thing about having an audience is how powerful a source of leverage it can be, even as you change directions. You can launch new products, test ideas to gather feedback, start entire new businesses, or simply indulge in your own creativity and make money from advertising and affiliate products.

Unfortunately most people are not natural-born marketers. Marketing and sales are two of the most important skills to develop if you want to be prepared to take advantage of one of those business opportunities that are coming towards you in the near future.

Learn how to use online content to reach people and build your audience, then learn how to use content to sell. That’s how you become well prepared to take advantage of timing.

To learn more set aside one hour of your day and take my free workshop:

After that, if you want more training and support from me and have some money to invest in your education, my flagship course Blog Mastermind 2.0 is one of the best programs out there to learn how to sell with content.

Today is the best day to start your new business, even if you’re not 100% sure what it is yet. It can begin by you committing to learn how to reach people online with content marketing.